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Creative ways to engage your customer and drive revenue via social media



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Tue, 14 Oct 2014|

Frank Cuypers, Director of International Markets at Visit Flanders, shares an example of a social media campaign which has brought the consumer closer to the brand, and explains the DOs and DONTs of social media.


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You're also too young forum that in the nineteen -- -- BT there was a Frenchman who won the Nobel Prize for literature in his -- us. John Paul suffer then he -- forums have worked in 2003 off existential isn't -- yes and that. Existential don't you know. Hall where my wife and -- on the narrative why do I live and saw. -- still totally wrong it was a big error of the Nobel Prize committee because they should have whole warrant the entire Flemish population. Because we -- entered. Existing -- -- two decades centuries maybe millennia ago. Because what -- read our read Belgians. Are -- region are re steed. Viral read the typical region we too much money into much ambition to less power when do we speak -- we -- Belgian. Do we speak Dutch do we speak Flemish. All these questions submitted through difficult to promoted destination so we have to work. Like jump with brand ambassadors we have to work on our awareness. And so we did. Now. If you Google Flanders -- giving us -- doesn't help. Because this guy is yellow piece very conservative. His religious freak. He's always come clean about almost every teen and is the theory irritating. Is dead stop a mind of Google about a destination you have a problem. So first thing is what do we really has to offer to do rural and we came up with the -- direct seedy -- now. Investor victims of course and forum that's all right come from. -- -- of Brussels the capital of Europe. You have -- brutish in a -- -- figure some view. -- bridges like Venice you know but without a noisy Italians there. -- who open university CD NUSD -- in -- is invested in treasure off of Belgium. And equity Mondays because -- weeks ago or something -- -- view. Fuel we use airplane to weekend and he virus varying chanted he said. We are in the region. Because of world famous for a the area and then as a marsh looking forum presentation when they give business -- -- we own -- the country of beer. And set a new leader to the Germans -- we -- a sister in unique. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are not the country off. Dear leader -- dealings with Kyle's spirit leader of the Czech people been -- bills you know in pills and we are the country are off. Brewers because. There -- more brewers in Belgian. There and in every other part of the -- we have more than 1000. Kinds of -- for every -- we have a different kind of blast. Is new Europe downstairs a ranking of the 7 -- then -- -- in the top ten -- in Europe times are Belgian -- -- famous Trappist -- It's about. Really craftsmanship craft -- direct Beers. We announced the session fifteen nation into we have theory quirky design knows. And Michelle Obama awareness for instance his -- alta care and month on the -- olive view test cancer -- -- a -- to -- we styled by Walt. We own ups definitely should we either country of chocolate -- -- the Swiss people with -- -- Barone mountains. We have not we're in the country part of chocolate -- using The Rolling Stones into Belgium the first thing they wanted to do. Is still needs big guy called Dominique groups on his initial quality yes we quality in -- a French. In he has invented to -- shooter which is at a machine that makes it. Possible posts in this chocolate in the running systems old people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A man who designs. Oh lipstick off chocolate any mix doctors of triplets images of workshops or around the world turn. -- So -- this what we have to offer and now we keep that came up with something totally different Flanders is -- steel. And we used to hedge -- should do off chorus. I never talk about social media. I'm very against it because -- always talk about social strategy and that's one of the most in Boston. Things there really want to fight for. And annuity every year at WTM are right to -- that the frenchwoman who is the boss of focus straight and then she says in her broken English. Yes it is you've heard a -- gone dentists -- -- I disagree ages agree completely I think it's rule when -- director pure signalling a Europe London -- -- and content is king. But if you are Hanover are if you are Rotterdam on Europe and to Europe or more per year or. Any other. -- -- Then you new community too convoluted -- -- content so -- community scheme on let's say that communities queen. And that content is queen. Our brands valuing Flanders does that. Explain to you risk getting S -- -- it's about the people it's not about the project is both of people who produce a prolific. N Heuer really a bit quirky and in their kids about their skill and the skill of major thrill. Now fifty -- fits in their brand -- we have the highest density in the -- part of festival's. You know. -- the Scottish in the English. The Flemish and the virtual like to -- -- -- is not seeing in my language but if you have three Dutch people around the table they start a conversation if you have three Flemish people around the table. This item or organisation kids and our ability now from a young boys -- we want to a denies something. Photo -- taken on my fist of all of course because as I've done festival for opinions only NASA can visit my little needs another way we bring -- our children in -- -- We bring them some kind of theory on to the -- -- We learn from them theory -- drinking heavy thought. We exposing too nice and so on and so on. And that's why we are -- mines in the rural office defaults. For instance. There is a lot of spin off around -- -- if you to do something like Katrina and sixty degree Toyoda is only one company in the -- that's good. Invented the crop at a Belgian company called stage gold -- -- -- rock lift a fifty evolving call please. Now seeing a -- going to -- again do want to do something with a mobile. -- and against each goal is only company in the graph that can produce that going to off stage. Some figures are supposed to minus 6050 false. During. Three months. We drink a lot of the areas -- number now but we invite the whole world to share death. Tradition. We have tomorrow lands you've seen the movie before this presentation. Decelerating three seconds they've -- every server. -- people from 200 countries. The and 180000. People who can come to tomorrow -- And there are three million people will applied for a ticket. We started to spread the message in this director festive well in the United States we just call tomorrow will not. In Atlanta ended announced that they will do the same next year in Brazil. So. There a lot of reasons to build brand ambassador shift around festivals. I would really want to do in Cree east awareness of Flanders and we need that community. To push through our content. Is our target markets it's the classic too risky thing noting that the Russians the Chinese Japanese Indian. The United States and Europe. We organised the biggest -- -- in the world and that's a good thing about marketing again shows we are the biggest and everyone believes you. Anyway we did what we could. And we came up with 94 drivers from thirteen countries we mixed the -- Brazil not only do music influences. The -- so people who write about travel lifestyle in easing people were interested in the social exempted itself social media bloggers and we need -- meet for every bribery unique. Program so -- -- -- unique experience. Some three years we had 7300. Mentions which beats the -- -- of the big festivals. Twitter -- didn't exist in those -- so we came up with this from engage -- monitoring to new C. What is expected -- targeted to -- modern America and Europe and so we succeeded. Inadvertently rare earth wind tremendous -- in Nigeria as well. But as you know Flemish people -- during -- -- in -- And -- we had about 1042000. Twitter users will receive a tweet with our hedged -- which -- as a potential reach of thirty million people. Now. News is that with only priority over the presentation -- the Seal Beach where we Flemish we -- and good people. And we are working our term power. Brands Flanders. But then there's a problem or maybe supply in the summer you know you have to state -- there's the people. Impala the powers -- be. -- -- Say yes to import into the social media -- in this is this it is simply put -- -- -- doing knowing Flanders you're talking on the interim -- series anymore tourism marketing is about. Posters and brochures and -- as a serious doesn't throw away our money. And we were really in. Big problems in -- sheets and term. We had two months to come up with something that could show to. The political -- call most of the public by means that -- it was really wrote interesting. So restorers. Building which we call that -- -- live realisation. Often influence. The first thing we did is -- what is -- -- off inaction on the intranet. And do -- something. That exists in the tourism -- -- another tourism picks for a law. That is called a eazy. A verdict it's. Let's say we have approached really quite of the page -- -- for -- -- -- -- -- -- 3002 euros so we have now -- -- and -- -- journalist and then you see this a 3000. Europe as well which has absolutely rubbish. Because people read it in a different Floyd and -- an advertising -- quite. But it's -- -- accept that damn America. Through a industry so we could use -- and could we do something. The same with social behaviour. Email -- Only commercially justice and actually -- impressions and actions and the clicks and the clicks through. N and most of you have heard of of course of brain saudis in his book engage end it is very interesting -- has retained both engagement is that there -- basically a four actions and that we can bring. Everything back to a peaceful action -- use means you see a post about your brand somewhere on a channel on the Internet. Beach fewer switches more and active sword of engagement people come to you own channels you own channels the things that you have. Narnia for personal actions for instance you open a photo. And you have public actions if -- for -- to share a firm deal and the -- Now I was of the puzzle there and it was a breakthrough in the reserve and -- on the Internet. Kind of white people or something like from a guy from tourism Ireland. -- always under suspicion in head north is that -- he comes up with all these names of the guys and in -- things them and was very happy. When akin to do this congress that he really exists because is on the list of attendees. His name is Brian from -- environment. O'Brien has. N he made this comparison between e-commerce. And activity in the Internet which -- vicious theory interesting so we adopted. In -- visit Flanders. In we have now at least the sawed off financial standards to measure our actions on the line but that was not enough. -- and housing house because we aren't really want that to have something. Like. What is -- a blog post on the Internet. And you know get if you'd -- Pretoria value equivalence is based on surface if you have quite a bridge. You have to -- -- for another there's going to sell your article would -- over that amount of money. So the first thing I was thinking once the -- What is service mean Europe we all have responsive sites now so the servers over tablet -- -- the service are -- -- -- The Smartphone the services of desktop is different so it should be something more relative. And -- came up with. A comparison between the number of keywords that you have -- that -- total amount of numbers. -- -- -- -- -- And then you can describe a function for every key Europe's Duracell -- Did so that as a percentage of the total amount of rights and if you describe the sanction. You know while you can calculate of course. The surface of it because and you just need to in integral calculation. So I came up with an integral on calculations. From for a period -- just on blogging. -- into Michael EO -- so we sitting here in -- -- -- oil quick thinking frank but no thank you. You can't -- -- known good to the industry read this going off mathematics. And a lot of -- heard documentation about pixels the pixel guys and you still believe zero I'm not a believer deceiver. The density off of pixel camera off pixels -- showings and seeing something neither -- a few practical. That command seated if you have a very deliberately low density photo or Barack Obama needed. Dating showed -- I think impact will be tremendous. M bigger than high density photo off for our field somewhere in the night off Scotland. Then there and there are a lot of tools online the conversation value. As I've spoken to -- is -- well and -- what to do -- -- -- For instance the most -- Though the biggest. Influenza -- on the planet. And we're talking about -- Aston Dutch Narita Japan for an no fairness adjusting the Barack Obama the pulp. In -- of growth -- of -- I don't know on nine to ninety in -- ended down -- the on the precision beyond the standard and then you can -- every team. Add to -- standard but I do not agree. Because if you have to promote Alaska. You are interested in that wine big influence in the rural about fly fishing not about Barack Obama your real influence who is a specialist. So we try to build something which is called conversations. Earlier that really good measure the word of -- capacity -- -- online action. And I told he'll vote which we see the social either to real value equivalents. Now the good thing is that online you can measure a lot of your birth -- of Google and analytics -- -- air and we came up -- -- foreign owner the still years ago where do we every step of the conversations fair value of the blog post is a territorial. So you'll perverse impact though you because we get measured up now. Multiplied by the number off real relives. -- So what is Victoria value -- I used to page rank. -- -- -- 93% of all online ads are based on the -- -- you know how you do -- -- you -- -- -- source -- -- you can have fewer page drink or use and the page rank -- produce even better. Now. People get confused you because you think. The Moran followed the more people read to -- return to the hyperion featuring -- always through a you have a website with a lot of visitors. And a low picturing because -- trick is also telling you something about your link ability do we you referred to on the Internet. So. We my student did some investigation. About the prices of -- Google ads. And we took the average amounts for every page rank. Nine and then -- mature up. These are things and do not exist. Or maybe the Barack Obama thing again and put up. Then the impact to show you is something which we based on Brian Solis and Brian -- that greatness from tourism -- as you know. -- -- -- -- -- a number of free use Google analytics this -- it is also changes the way you have to deal with bloggers. There is no bribery working together with three to 500 is moment. A yet to sign a contract that he will present is Goldman Google analytics in that amount of time. So -- that's the way how -- for instance there was a guy called Brooklyn -- you know big influence or from New York. Anyways -- at a credit of 541 of the biggest rock festivals in Belgium Europe. Anyways. On his block docking birdies so it was a -- after actions and going on the light's fraud to. -- weeks -- -- reads a conversation about outside to the hurting and we all measured that we -- to call to engage in a monitoring tool. And together we have 327 actions to get a 65 euros -- and as a -- value. Equivalent period based on page rank for him featuring six which has really big influence return -- 55 euros. We got verve by alienated a number of readers -- we cannot predict conversation value. -- 620000. Europe's. Now -- -- a top three euros and 94 bloggers so we have three big shelves L quarrels from a month. Something to -- from the US. When is interesting is that there's something like along deal principle of the isn't in the picture here -- Seeing that in two years something happens connected to France connected to festive loss. It's quite possible -- all this material that is on the Internet and -- that still available. We'll be reused again so would have some effect we we didn't measure. Not yet -- see also would have. -- along -- as we have 345. Big -- that the majority using the material material off. You're revenue. And they -- between 7070000. Euro us. Ben it changes the way of thinking about campaigning traditional campaign he -- Q -- insisted that kind of money. And a bit later. There will be a result. Then I stopped investing money and the result will go down social media is flat investment MD effect is going up up up. A key some. After -- we did succeed in convincing our listed call can be costly and is about thirty million Euro the cost was about 300000. Euro meaning. The money and the people so we a return on investment when Yuri investment fourth wine and a Euro free publicity. Now is is about tourism when does burst to your destination. Because people will see a super festivals and is about music get nothing to do -- tourism that has nothing to do with your brand awareness years in various -- over. There's the big success of L corals from onto was this picture in -- sticking in the city off against. And after a week he already more than 6000 lights off. This photo and -- is very interesting also for the tourism the business and especially the DM -- is because it really changes your way of thinking. We think geographically we see -- we have. Some people -- some people in -- some people in Germany some people in France -- L cool his followers are ET percent not Dutch -- are from what we call Angus eczema Canadians -- trillions. US people -- English people. So it really intranet is not stopping on boy does any really rewire nearest away you have to Oregon nice your company. Q how do we proceed now we're told this theme. We know we know project with a global company -- social media. M -- to numerous from all of diploma to investor money in this project. We re going -- Indian -- a procedure of retail banking our formula. Director Canadian. Companies the -- Three from Europe as a -- way we and -- England I think. The -- Once one of your claim third Africa William maybe you know him -- And Australia is zero as well Queensland. From the US we have also from the US at the moment -- a lot of consultants. Now -- is from Stanford University no one from British Columbia. If we agree on the still American now all we have an agreement with third European travel commission with -- to turn to do research places to agree you have at least. 4050. Countries that will use the same standard to -- of the most important thing. Giving something -- Taurus to -- -- -- can -- command it's worth investing in brand ambassador its direct investing in blogging. It's already investing in actions on a like -- thank you.

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