Topics>>What's your story: Create quality content which has a common thread across social media and mobile - Claire Bilby

What's your story: Create quality content which has a common thread across social media and mobile - Claire Bilby



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Tue, 14 Oct 2014|

Claire Bilby, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Disneyland Paris, explains how creating content that tells a story will engage customers with a company's brand across different platforms.


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Sees them fighting -- available -- some played the voice or hauled out and anyway it's a pleasure to be here this morning at the session in really appreciate invitation can share with you. A little bit about how we approach clients and when it comes to marketing and Disney parks and resorts. So my publicity is really helping get the perspective -- how we Disney -- basis chat lines and how we can blend a storytelling with our strategy. Our share some of the stories examples that are great teams work I'm here and then I hope that your -- walk away with a bad error. Our perspective on how we create -- any kind tact with sap than as the -- three Democrats are the platforms -- gas. Used to engage with our -- Sell -- -- a renegade thinking how well that's going to be really easy for a Disney urinate -- company you have cancer -- tax I would say -- back halftime acts. We do have an incredible -- story telling whether it strikes with Mickey Mouse and -- well way to our most recent. Hit with NN -- -- -- -- it -- the DN AE as well we partner at the Disney branded storytelling. Bed easily and had so much and allowable -- -- our gas six back. We are having did -- instantly learn and think about how we raised the bar. End with the sheer volume of stories that we are blast US we have to choose which -- go as well as web strategy -- This part obviously requires latter decision making the Chris I think this has a -- part. Sir -- Disney parks and resorts we have easily communicate met our message of magic is coming to -- a place where dreams come true. So this is really -- massive Z is the common -- rats but it is interpreted in many different way acts. Our aim is to deliver climbed -- that both -- -- -- magic -- whether their planning and visit while they're here there's habit during a visit. When -- harm reliving it Simon guinier coupled exam boss. First -- give US state peek -- the blended Disney and -- website we just lines this last week in the UK. In here you're gonna see a new homepage. Is really in three factors now tablet PC in marble. Each shows that gas through the ebitda target -- -- brand comments why they would can experience a -- impacts. The wheel loaders are obviously a climb and lock in the offer -- -- -- says. This is also a global look and feel. Because we know that our gas six back when no matter -- destination a product they visit. They want to go into steel the baking and -- -- the same type of experience this really is where helps as yet. Earn that trust from a gas. The arsenal -- -- that -- harmony information is the most appropriate to the device our gas using. So on the tablet in peace leverage ends the primary -- action is really powered by a full package inexperience. The park. And the more -- it's more about purchasing -- gets. Now this -- -- very simple Bob which has -- -- players to a gases were -- to better really comes down to as at -- ourselves two questions. Are we making the decisions that allow our client -- to shine. Are we designing experiences that -- when -- gas what work everyday are. We take this same approach for the rest of our marketing to adapt high -- to the gas situation it's now up our acts. Sell -- -- -- does destination what does -- Ronald for an we engage our gas to web sites marble lapsed. A mix of traditional and digital campaigns. Of course PR -- or media an official barked commands panel. And unbiased travel experts on less goes aren't. But each pieces and the Arab -- -- as a specific objective. And we want to be mindful of when and why are gas might use. So that our moms panel. Was created as a forum of future gas king as questions to real -- about while that while -- preparing for the trip. About that experience they can expect dizzy -- what is embroiled. This -- has been a huge help propel it took -- and have very specific -- sets. The new Gilligan -- -- which has -- like Disney experience. This eases the transition between the planning and the -- visit. Eight year others are why not going -- what does -- -- they have over a different theme parks a -- -- other experiences so it's hard for a gas to keep track of -- -- So this -- helps our gas created how winder or their activities. So that they're sharing back to mr. -- Then when the gas -- now get a magic men where they can use this as their key is this basically -- likes everything what does Iraq. And they -- really have them enjoy some it's more -- open arose they campaigned for a thinks everything is loaded into this magic man. Now. That's the -- this ticket we hear -- -- Iraq Disneyland Paris. We -- just recently lines to new game that we have done that you can only play into Q of press closer. In this is roughly one Obama's popular Arab rights which you can imagine they've been the most popular attraction in arsenal can mean he has a Weinke -- many days. So this is really great way for a gas to get engaged to the story of -- And the -- in -- really helps time pattern very quickly align this has been a huge hit the gas. And it's something they can only get the part. Once they retire -- gas contract out their photos were Disney -- pacts. This is where they can -- of bowlers with their friends and -- media -- insurer -- met with the world through my Disney site show you -- -- This is an average net advertising campaign we're doing in America animate our about double bit more -- touching about user generated kind -- -- -- really the moral of the story is -- Nardelli did a ballot touch points for the gas -- engaged him to put out the training travel planning process. MB nine to -- fully consider how are these parks will work together. It's also important that we makes Euro at these different parts in parliament match up with the blame. Back its Arcelor even more important that they are also support the story that you're trying to tap. Them. -- -- tightening gives us on new ways to interact with our gas there's no question but those -- we have DB judicious in what we want to provide our gas. Tim -- giving that continuous around in again in our case. Our vents and magical -- helps -- to trust -- we certainly now that from trust comes back -- And so sun media's regev -- these same alliance rather Ben imagine cup. Now -- stay relevant to our friends we produced -- -- -- in six languages and nine different FaceBook pages. We cheek tweak daily into different languages -- reply directly to tweet. We will offer exactly thinking tracker there's a posting about. An upcoming trip to Disney and wish them a great time at the park on that specific day. Let's just -- attention the magic begins early flag gas in a surprising and the like away. Nine days -- we'd -- -- we will play it out of their love of the park -- end -- by quizzing them and find that sharing things that they main act now. But Barbie -- nothing gets more like sir sharers than a beautiful picture and a sunny day a one -- hassles. A price the blood -- making in many having about a -- as a reality make sure we -- finally -- unfazed by. In addition to the daily timetable we Palestine must also media week create very key campaign specific kind -- regulate. Now -- may we try something different here at Disneyland Paris we create the special event celebrating children's imagination at. This -- that was part of our advertising campaign with -- last year they grow up so quickly. We buy tickets are priced from your accretive to send us dryness and the -- -- their imagination. So with the help of architects and designers the winners. Bryant was selected -- M and we actually wrapped up like a kid size -- and the Tories garden to empower S. Now -- used to do for a variety of ways to create this kind -- About this -- that we added user media alliances and making up our online videos and very special Barbara bets. For example in Spain we brown Armani whitehurst who are our best in Madrid. And present at the -- embedded them in their children to actually derive their own -- -- posted it weeded about just about -- by any adverse to -- -- peck. We also produce five short videos showcasing the pride takes different phases. Viewers an inside view of the production from the moment we alliance the kind tests of the day we -- -- the caps off with the Mickey and the winning children. So out eat. That was when -- -- but we also know that we have a lot of opportunities -- the season's. That -- can also inspire great time -- So buying the success -- recently up -- percent their team at Disneyland Paris decided that this Harley that we will have the Disney bill -- Have to start reducing when -- are harbouring. So our communications seen as you can imagine that very excited and produced a very fine show at video that was lines unwind a few days ago. At the end of the video or gas are about it into -- quick quiz to determine which gained Babel Martin and which whether -- as their leader. Our leading members are included in the kind test because we're gonna act perhaps. So -- when -- They're gonna come to dinner in the black -- -- -- -- So take a look at the video. Guys travel but the humour. So our analytic. -- -- about libraries in user generated kind tac as I know these are obviously hacks have fixed rate now and they certainly -- arrested -- -- Now for the past few years worrisome gaining increasing importance and terms of communication with consumers. Sometimes quite frankly even -- preferred to traditional media. We started including Barclays and our strategy back actually in 2008 when we actually invited twenty French and UK -- -- To discover the tower of terror. Premier -- design studios. It's appointed integrate these worries into our global strategy the same way we in -- and you put any new players we listen to them. We learn what -- interested the end and whether they -- -- -- perhaps -- -- that we really tried to get to know them. We also saw -- barbarous based on their interest in the subject -- the day. So for example -- therefore -- -- libraries in Miami whitehurst who really wanna catch up I'm certain prior expert seasons like following a Christmas. Or just about a visit to Disneyland Paris. Then we have there trendy buyer -- a better fit for the more grown -- -- offerings or programs like our create a partnership. With our mind to celebrate Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse is -- The cooking like personal actually huge chapter has recently when we shared the new ratatouille attraction because with their contractual Carson had a brand new restaurant. A bidding can't lend these through idea Ramey. -- technology -- -- were fascinated by Disney dreams shout and -- find behind the scenes Spain got to our marketing efforts a batch out. As employment as a barbarous really out of one attraction to a store it -- more intimate and personal then that -- media. They've actually communicate on the product with a really a total endorsement in engagement. Dairy they're more emotional Bob harp about from their perspective and your family's perspective. The -- -- -- -- we -- -- -- very different then at what we do to traditional media because their aim is to be more important informant -- End of Jack depth. But this does ours so while -- line to whether we think is our barrel after which has again that very emotional and personal approach. So there are some more instantaneous. Than the traditional media they can tweak and personal lives. Where then when they're living the experience they have no time constrict its. So out this -- component as we are now can create competition between Barclays and traditional media. So we want to make sure that we couldn't balance that in house and actually old -- we -- the coverage -- traditional media. So we worked very hard hit 382 am very specific talking points for each group. -- for -- -- with the fiftieth anniversary. It's a small rock. We included some -- in the celebration we actually picked out some fashion designers and three famous French -- -- Who were provided to design cost GM for -- -- -- the attractions start. Through the blind bit -- -- the type -- white dark they chose. How they were absolutely coming up with the -- what their inspiration wise. In really -- -- about it there the experience of being involved with this anniversary. Now we are also included the traditional media in this less smile rather than NN actually gave them a bigger drivers -- Of messages -- about. So in addition to creating these -- dispatch saw locations for a -- as we do invite him throughout the year. For individual visits and some of them -- included even in Arabic cataracts. This is key because we -- make sure they understand the prior neck and that they endorse that and -- they feel poorly included in our medium -- Now I think the same fundamentals are -- generally being relevant a magical apply for a gas generated kind -- Because brands like virus we adjust -- in complete control anymore and that's OK. Up where levs in the -- -- summer gas is important that we acknowledge in wrists back and their lab for a player. Now alliance of the -- through its traction really to -- -- user client -- -- the most unique area because we have one thing and that was so excited about -- -- -- Eight Lederer late produced a three minute video. I'm around the posted and you -- it. We don't have time today -- charity about what day it was as good as our -- I would -- -- as scary even better as our commerce opposite was real with a passion. About the they have for the prior. Another great example generated user power intent is ongoing DLP forum this has been a great learning for us. So on this platform future Gaskin has questions to stay and who know of the park by heart. It's Arcelor fame pitcher Garrett. We will post your pictures posted online with -- hash tag Disneyland Paris. Now go -- 2000 into while. In periods -- by acts but in practice we have never had in a fear of -- into the questions incorrect Brinkley moderate the -- themselves. Now you may ask what's the difference between the forum and demands -- that I talked about earlier. The moms and dads and the Disney parks moms might actually recruited by us. They initiate their independent opinion advice but we also give them a seal of approval. Contributors to the go DLP forum and -- selected by acts. The -- 6000 members cancel over 8000 questions -- -- about DP out of their love for the Bremen apart it's an amazing to law. We will -- -- Darren Barr made in express our thanks to them by acting -- really buying the most active members of the park. We asked are creating some special surprises for them in an upcoming -- So why keep them very engaged. I spoke earlier aren't you about show you Disney's site which is a working campaign debt analyst idiot America is running. And this is one where the gas can post pictures online once a back home. So this campaign focuses entirely on -- thing -- -- of the -- and it illustrates the growing importance of user generated contact. In this campaign Disney thing and I'm delighted to share their Disney site and social media platforms using hash tag Disney's back. It showcases their own -- tax from salsa media right under our downside. So real against the aliens who -- we have a sense about ownership. About brand the exposure that quite frankly they free they really -- of general and really ravel. This campaign Arcelor shows the diversity of experiences and memories linked to Disney. You can imagine how -- -- this is -- for our apps. Now there are finding ways to embrace user generated higher tab because the reality -- -- the user generated content is going to happen. Whether he'll like get are now acts so you might as well make the -- that. So we know for example that our future gas can consult more than one site to find out more about our destination. So either the net ignore that we decide make it easier for a gas. So for example one of the things that we've done in America will be soon rolling out in -- sites is we include -- provides a review is directly and a slight. We -- we feel that this is an opportunity for them to really see how -- -- gas. Now you rate our product. We are also won a major victory Tamar site makes it very easy this has -- something that I guess -- really really appreciated. And it's really helped alike making -- will win win for everybody. Sell everything we've talked about over the last the amounts. Are getting a couple -- US three Q take away its. Have a very strong vision -- strategy and fortunately we came out -- -- every get idea no matter how big people think -- sour. But we do have a strong brand strategy helping us focus on which ideas to activate in which went to tweak incorrect -- and which ones that have -- We are also -- say listen to your idea at discover how your gas experienced your destinations. Find ways how you can make things easier for them. Be brave enough here cred ex -- there necessary adjustments on pass -- Bob. Your friends will love you even more for a incorrect frankly you'll begin -- -- more -- and by doing now. Use your location. Many about separate locations was spectacular -- points Nardelli allocations amazing background -- the arsenal provide great stories. What's happening -- location. Either changes new products and services -- show their mark especially from the gas prospector. Include physical expression of your current act as a destination it's important for oil that's. To trust our initiatives to drive gas to attracted to act. But that reason as we white digital activities to include a physical Compagnie. -- it's very important seven -- need to go see web as seen on the screen because we are now the ultimate. Our goal is to get and actually come visit our different destinations. So out we highly experienced business. We really appreciate your attention and help these examples of players can give you some. Now -- strip today I look for a -- empting any questions during -- Q and thanks so much.