Topics>>Keynote talk by Amelie Malfoy: Global vs. Local: The rising importance of localisation - Understand how to effectively target global customers by adopting a local approach to your marketing campaigns ...

Keynote talk by Amelie Malfoy: Global vs. Local: The rising importance of localisation - Understand how to effectively target global customers by adopting a local approach to your marketing campaigns ...



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Tue, 14 Oct 2014|

Amelie Malfoy, Senior Marketing Director at HomeAway, explains how customisation and local knowledge are key to capturing greater market share and building trust globally.


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Am very sorry have a call Sawyer have to bail with their very. And -- -- -- today and but over the content will be going already. The voice of the -- served. Think you know they're selling their family their marketing director for a yeah our -- on -- -- Out adjusting net net -- followed Dulles. Is -- -- working higher. -- Internet sales star of followers by about ten years ago. Day our farnborough -- chapels which basically was island travelling with east Germany. And as a lot of entrepreneurs who between different business -- case. End couldn't find a place one single website where he could book all of these holiday rentals all that would enhance well disdain because. She travelled for six months a year -- actually diary defences staying in hotel -- for. With your -- sell. Key gain -- that make you vehicles stadium when he went back to the US and basically dead sweaty stack treats and that's her sat Holloway -- -- As. By his background merger and acquisition it was a big things sold you legally say. And does enable -- buyout all the different local mayor's dad doing year to year. So where owners property owners are making houses available. And that's who people -- one rent -- -- sell. If you think about your local pantries did -- had been in their local newspaper. You know the backs where -- -- maybe he was looking for a property to rent for the summer about halfway -- winter wedding -- Outlook in any mutually went online and then we now aggregated all of that -- global platform right. So -- why do you view that background because it's actually mean -- cents to how we look at global versus still well. So what disputed PO means for our fault for home away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That means that basically we have a lot of property minus ranks. Out which had super passionate about bear CT -- -- sound that bad yet he -- the -- morality and bad the region. NBC's. -- a lot of value that will be delivered today travel -- right. So it's really key in making sure -- we share that knowledge. That all these all that Imus had. Where will get their way into Rio -- dead MN said that with the trapped -- so that. The buying -- is lake we don't have to -- and search for their information is -- readily available to less. All the -- interest old debate that point there as what are you might be -- -- -- around the places where your properties -- where you hotels act. We have -- readily available because that's the reason why these hard -- actually breaks if -- home. Is because he loves that carry out his passionate about eight voice passionate about the golf course next week that the saving will. Or any yet media -- Euro -- rates. So -- left it's late. It's -- -- that at the thing it keeps. And that's really important because by using that local -- down we actually able to read. Have a very tremendous local relevant experience for the travel next rates. So. We are leg of the largest identity look commendation -- Yum! Brands and its routine -- for need to mentioned -- your brains because again. You'll see that's why do you element of that strategy will then sustained alcohol. -- locally relevant. But this Sunday so we've -- aggregating we've integrated all of the local sites into one platform rate which -- debt. Every 300000. Property available I looked at the local sites and available to everyone after sexton. So what does it mean all dead you know we have our -- one million Unclei enhance their available flight video rentals were all very -- -- 390 countries. Sees 80% of those being located during the year. -- That means that we know exactly where the best -- this by Tariq -- 190 countries. Because normally your property or where would not bank of Roberts -- Isn't supposed to be. When self freight and I don't mean from a commercial standpoint that he would not many choose to base I'd do harm. Where these eighty something interesting to deal for you standards. The second -- its employees we have like -- -- do you rooms available then the four biggest hotel chains altogether. Apple's wed -- -- have made eighty meaning Joaquin spelling out where travel S 590 countries -- to -- -- twenty -- And mentioning awakening -- out because such a -- -- -- but what I'm trying to say here as just without a lot of interesting -- week we have a lot of behaviour -- black youth. So we know -- steam adding we -- trending and we you didn't use all of that information entering former marketing -- -- Rates -- following. Yes good. So where do we do we buildings dating sites have we did he create -- trusted -- -- Our -- by -- the locals knowledge so -- that we do is we say. You know -- -- -- -- -- in these bad -- The UK you know at least area very very well -- -- that information available for whoever traveller. We're elected to any Darcy -- he would delete reason neighbouring oil UK rates that we make that information available for anyone. From anywhere in the world. Still these dead in local insights. Fallen -- you know get -- for less. -- locals would have available to absolutely. Said anything he's he's always -- they effectively -- aura. You events except travel most -- -- is that bad -- will -- sites they have actually the. Also going down -- they still sell most of them and other professional. Most of them will put their a couple of weeks Euro rent a couple weeks a year to beef beef with the charities of the Howard saw just make any incremental income. -- being lonely at -- a lot of information a lot of you then -- -- -- things that are happening because they have their -- again. Thanks isn't just -- a business but then it's actually a -- that they T happy. To share. Ireland -- the last thing is we have all these notions of the properties and again that -- that available either all the trusted local brand still. You know an average daily Frances -- non then none other -- that the web runaway favourite elect well Germany is more annoyed them home away. -- so -- that local relevance. That looked cool with -- or exceed. But we added levering this year these -- global. Bargaining position making all of our offerings available to everybody. Eight. The second thing is we get enough we try to keep that relevance of the local search -- so. That's that's also something really really interesting so I was trying to put examples -- lake. -- -- as swimming is debate between -- rates. So that differential -- dalliance I'm not happy with sewage filled day that -- -- people. They want to have heated swimming -- separated from not -- between Opel. Because they're happy to agree to a halt if it's not recently teen -- rates. While the restocking. Bank last night. We also use that for their relevance under region naming rights -- anyway then that would come to the south of France will want to come into the French Riviera. A French -- does that -- -- -- to that is money back. Or any other you know spaces each CD EU -- a V leads except -- We have kept all these local relevance or our search experience so that if you search for that same property. France the French side of front US banks. You have a -- the information available but this Sprague energy fields is made in -- using at relevant to you -- as real calling -- the job. Do you see sometimes you might have that I mean if you -- some. Scored better dissecting your have to search for bank -- like Watson -- external -- whether buying needs. You have elect selling -- sent the definitions of those someone markets abate with -- out defence. It still having better local relevance is he's one of the driver of conversion flights. Sorry to -- business works but that's -- -- So do you see really what we're trying to do their local property royal still reader look what you -- -- ending -- -- ended local search field days. -- -- -- And then the last thing is obviously we use a -- nine -- stole -- looking for any help people. May get this season's Fulton self where -- gone only days. Where anyone -- again next property. Start. We visit he sure did just average destinations. But we also able to showcase you know this -- which have a look relate to use their. -- -- back filling out there are either that the it doing of the deal we basically no longer look at lake. Properties -- this and eight cents. That have seen their criteria rates so endeared herself but how big of late but also spotlighted today need to where people want to do. So we have got to add this -- that offer exactly what we think they want us rate told people elect them once but we also able to -- -- You'll collect -- bad as a surprise levels of -- will likely be double inspiration. Ford made that they would not have considered that people looking for the same thing in neighbouring country -- -- we used to -- marketing strategy and then the last -- is really the how do we bring all of that -- -- calling say it'll turn -- We'd -- -- OPEC meeting when he dollars during history. Eight sold all of their outlook on our late frowned on their had a -- -- we bring back a little tool. Our finance and then there are very good travel again though -- doubt all that local relevant information. -- travelling soul when he's around under French Riviera a when he 048 holy day low green. -- doesn't even have to have a conversation we Yana. Now he doesn't have to be by their ballet. Somebody that wants this year that's -- that he wants to have points out because the reason -- teachers -- -- rental and other -- -- -- because yes he doesn't want to obtain embedded. He wants to be in a private environment and not have to interact. So that's that we -- while we expected that we itself it's our. -- -- It's a winning strategy for less -- eats away we actually -- global versus local. We have while global product lacks foreign. We have numerous trusted local brands. Out of with a global convergence final rate because these some best practice better player crusty then all there was dedicated business. -- based on local user generated content -- that's how we elect our travel next. Sell that's as we Maxwell air out when he do you see weak UD sees the -- -- balancing new I think. It keep buying for any injury -- -- localisation. Paxton the I don't think Yene. Isn't something you don't just add as a layout up -- something unique to building of the total user experience. In -- off.

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