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Content marketing - Learn how to enhance brand recognition and differentiate your product



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Tue, 17 Jun 2014|

Danica Boyd, Director, Content Operations,�Wyndham Hotel Group shares how to enhance brand recognition and differentiate your product


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The mining everywhere. I am academic and wait and AM a senior director kind of ten for Wyndham hotel group. This is mainly in -- I think our day at ten and other industry -- or perhaps it's my first time speaking. So are originally initially -- think he's being kind and generous laughing at my -- ads. N am listening to Enders said. But then again. So apparently various. -- -- Cleaner now waking. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thinking to. Sell and about our organisation and I think. You know we have partners in -- -- we have am competition -- the -- we have. Tells people are interested in hurricane Ernesto just tackle than about a three different segments that when am I get sick in their hotel group for another. We -- the world's largest hotel company in terms of size. We have -- -- 7500. Hotels and requires -- 700000 rooms. So really have the -- and -- and global organisation to do some things we're doing. At the same time we can there. We mean I have actually do things really quick panic Dimon in a very Agile in same things has been done an attacker bad today. But -- -- -- -- he added that last year embedded a really big deal for risk has -- marriage. Yet -- Anne's sister part of our -- entry indication ownership. Their low -- in roaming a Florida and bear the world's largest vacation ownership developer and marketer. -- we have almost 200 vacation partnerships throughout -- either American -- Canadian and South Pacific. And then Hamas carried over our and channel protocol is a grain exchange and rentals. Essentially you know they work with other warrants our -- exchange company is how we heard from -- -- yes today. Where somebody -- trade -- Their time share anyone just dominant -- week's key Asian ad ran -- and doing a tower. They'll do that -- the average. Palmer -- -- this may had this is circulating need detailed. N am. You know benefit Charlie say eight boys and I think reassign. At a time headed selling general -- for a -- start ideal and have been in -- hotel. Industry for twenty years. Asap the first fifteen years collaborations. -- in -- in 2010 M -- -- marketing are so -- said today with wind down. -- -- yes Susan Hanover victory earlier it you know by each of our speakers having given -- have to work force first becoming tougher -- everyone about. And payment Heidi press now reside in -- -- all views as well. But have -- been interested greenback and. I -- hijacked. It's my final and the. -- -- So game. Being here. Start well it has attacked you guys say now and hear anything brand recognition. And how many differing. So while I'm mad as experts. Do you live and breathe this everyday selected take you through some of the things we're doing -- Wyndham hotel group. As well as some initially batter -- the says. An Indian news briefings or take back to Europe team -- organisation late you can deal regardless of where you're tied let's. It's our -- frenzy. Needs to. Our professor Reno said unique presentation yes today I am great minds think alike he -- use the same analogy. Andy just like this has rallied provisional is back. -- and a intentions then -- goldfish is lines sac yes. But the entry humans if -- -- gets him. NSTAR. Why I say dad is because we white and we. Am just in general -- were consumers as well. -- lack less and assist Castilla and the words words words when a blocking air travel when you're looking for things. And it's really now engaging visual power of self iron. Most of due out -- that may remain out now how Wyndham hotel group lines huge -- -- is actually airline just came here with every down. In May its am. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am so ruling -- engaging our consumers of that visual. We also have a very foundation ran under the lane. So we've tried to detect that individual way the area and our website. Our answer stats because they think -- -- -- to help tell the story at according to global 2013 travel Eric. Pictures and image -- of the place. Amylin -- three features travellers look for winner during their initial research. Men and reunite our direct and actually use because the -- and now had a really interesting stat vulnerable while. The end of 2013. Where they spurred sales. With consumer is Arab booking travel they would get a minimum of ten images -- nearing -- -- hotels. -- -- Another -- is badly alas named -- I have on the walkway is Fauria. And I assume you know gives -- -- bad debt in Serra well intact free hotel images we view when -- satellite saw when you think no mystery gets. Fall when Australia. We have our -- S Jackson -- -- is actually -- recreation of the poor traction there south hotel. -- -- -- The -- did announce. -- -- Amount banks. Here. -- -- -- is a hotel restaurant marriage ourselves again if they're looking about a it's our mining Seaway Tampa pretty -- line. Absolutely it's the gas around and the -- -- It's really you know free -- as -- both have been so you know told you have to have an exterior imaging us -- warrant picture Armenian heritage site. It's number nine -- big panic -- -- that won't happen in -- Mattel learns. The OK so -- weekend -- -- just take you through our January when hotel group how wary then the last four years. When I am I -- active over -- high tech team. He were in a place where. Am a -- we're just panorama towers sending -- -- it this way that way they're breaking out a hotel descriptions. We have little to no -- now -- now -- when he came to reining. So I'll. We quickly star -- team again you know just -- -- whether this again straight from houses back. We quickly -- -- collaboration this huge steel to get as things stand in cornerback for the other teams of the -- is Asia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Despite all the money in themselves -- they -- -- and their easing Daytona Beach. -- -- -- ton miles from the beach like that's the wrong for the consumer prospectus we put those kind of power -- procedures in place. -- -- we really had a focus and the need to -- -- today and the BBC was kind of a -- be debates now -- we -- engaging kind tech. Partly distractions that would allow time partners as our sector consumers. And so there really aren't for a 7000 hospital how -- victory here in Geneva as step up deeper kind ten may -- Have integrity. Hernan -- cenotaph for the worries. -- -- -- -- And then in 2008 -- -- team now we're shifting our fell get so now. And later -- teens do today just three things that we really felt disparity. In I think these are things that you can hit back today amp. Your earnings patient again who just happens several really -- it's really Harrods in the -- Agile and make changes quick -- time. But these three things that we dead we can't do get a phone -- us we became more casino family were as it came to digital assets. N annoyed after nine iris finds a designer and I've tall helium or born with a response or desires are at least are things kind -- All winter -- -- added up assets we just going to be different approach him I don't know adaptive design not happen -- read about that. South keeping a fraction so many women also see great. We -- going to find out star hotels on June 16. That effective 2015. They have to update debris in fairness and refresh ten every five years. Most of Wyndham hotel -- a senior family segment and it's my now larger -- of our -- compared against -- comparison around the insider still. Our we have you know we don't -- ended -- -- -- data -- of the dollar is professional fatality. And that's one of the things that were moving to sell that -- Is now and that. And there are so -- -- -- hours. -- why -- we are now calling for -- appoints Kim -- for hotels but our partners have been asking us you know again a happy new high risk -- -- -- -- to -- appropriately. So moving Torrence twenty ad space. Toy Story so we have a wonderful partnership with our preferred lender denied the saviour active now. Stop that from -- -- -- When active on the relationship last summer we have a place where we had been -- a fellow us -- anyway -- bar -- amp. Here's the big gassed during various big breakfast area but -- attention to detail. The original purpose -- telling the story. And so now I have for racing post here I am taking frail. So what -- seen the big breakfast area you know we're focused time went flat consumers when they see that you know this fresh fruit Ahmed and their backers. And so we -- quite breeding back. This family my favourite this -- -- day's -- in Pennsylvania that -- recently was on the -- issue for a break new construction. But what they did -- careful when you listen to the consumer. And they -- -- now nineteen areas that traditionally we don't have any canyon mid scale segment self. As a practice area they have many in the tech now -- where people can go downstairs. And practice. Instil beware act actually costs socially isolated because -- -- sparking a practice that be around people. Am the next -- this -- may favour and carried out send anybody knows the brain in this -- happy -- -- gel. Happiness be -- leader -- underworld characters have -- And yes just a simple that consumerism -- I'd -- if so would fall -- Us they -- -- -- the end you know that's versus -- how and -- going about doing things a bit differently. And their math they giving away from the dealing and breakfast area there has are the tables for real does Douglas Daniel -- is assuming -- Mandela -- they now have taken their kids will be happy with the breakfast area that's number one man really quickly foul by Wi fi in the economy segment. Sell it's really important friends to -- again have any attention to detail minor failures. Are on hand -- brain character comes. N and N again have a high towers are. Having a -- fresh way kind of -- the end of so our. Time and -- -- sold is still in the hotel group is doing a better Java becoming find -- Bob. So where does that mean -- I'm you're familiar with their double corn -- -- Principal. Looks like and -- -- something tobacco stocks -- time. So how am. No doubt many doubt initiates early in the late nineties as a bank Judy you librarians -- -- Dublin Ohio supplies can't -- and -- Dan initially then can essentially that was when you now their -- net was coins released hours ten -- as a going out then we. That the group was like we new have a higher -- endearing characters of how needs how these -- in these assets have now on the world wide -- at. Inside our armed this fifteen basis garments domestic ratio -- Roddick happy in this and the sideshow savings having taken back. Back when you keep things that -- you know minimal the last couple years is we made hefty investment in precious new content engine system. Will that mean -- -- rally robust -- and in -- -- into digital asset measure -- excel -- classes of taking power. 100000 have preferred shares. Tanning -- and putting them into into -- -- -- -- syndicate our partners -- our. Just mad is that something we don't -- sixty -- isn't gonna take a six man's but the real moorings at -- and we feel I gonna be profound. -- But just quick -- caveat up interviews businesses across different industries and specific to hotels. Is back. He may reconsider enjoying one and -- for solid cans are -- email forum where people can be searching for. -- -- People are looking for a honeymoon suite of people looking for a stay -- suites. You can can resuscitation tag is -- -- -- fields within -- digital asset library where you can then sneaky back. To your partners and they will pick that out. -- if -- -- now fear their eight Yang. -- -- -- -- So -- -- on the left before about an adaptive design -- Again this is specifically your brand image -- and when it comes to designing a tab -- -- -- marble -- to a borrowing responsible design. -- well with us to -- imagery big house we don't know what the next big thing areas. And then maybe why choose maybe classes may be something Hillary for a jury heard. Am we signed into Dow adaptive herein this has really where you have the wind source file and then -- -- images within pressure within -- with an idea. -- am. Can -- out of that first -- so -- who take this first file with Canadian wireless -- -- depending on which divides in what I'll gladly. We decided to do sex we'll pick -- nine -- crap that's sizes here -- using the devices just something to think about their. So we're doing I'm there and image -- France and -- -- money -- -- bothered about video. And -- -- to keep power and any marketing three and -- should be anyway for a -- this year Internet sales might have to do some industry stands as wells that were doing when -- -- area. So in DR. Your -- that reunion video climbed ten ism are almost rights table of travel related video viewed by US travesty -- This yes. I felt profoundly in came from a time when my favourite -- -- get announced gift is is here today south. And -- -- if you dance subscribe to their daily news analyst please go back can subscribe. -- -- -- summit out -- that just industry was going nine. I'm not attack margin related videos in Q3 tiny. A -- Q4 2413. Chapter more than 270. Million years since I think MB announces electronics which have acknowledged. Meaning -- and and a -- debt. -- people -- -- video there now really in the current ten. -- -- during the high temperatures said Jeremy now depressing that the -- Last year. -- from a -- -- senior us again -- another great reason I say recommend -- EU army dental dam as well. Is and know -- we Aldous doubts on the screen just a couple -- denounce me. Why minute video out Eagles and wind point eight million words. Now with very high bar high this year many worries among many. It's are left our -- of the visual of the video that can stem. Sell palm -- traffic 50% is really aren't -- -- surprise. Our nine leverage standard Internet traffic is video current term began having no surprise that this group. Can -- folks back -- Am I think does the founders could sit in the current 10% -- you know we want people engaged with our web say in without -- break its best -- working torrents. M. -- -- -- -- -- Oh do you resource day and the website analogy five minutes and fifty seconds -- that -- is pretty profound that how they pass -- different very season -- just. Point out that. That there was an interesting stat that no money this year. -- Does silly things that Wyndham hotel group. My friend serious fine how only -- dominant player on the bailout until they -- for these. -- airliner taking 3 L -- -- when they are. We Lulu. -- -- -- Early care and. -- -- -- -- -- pride themselves on being an urban locations in really -- email you can call -- -- plan. Bring you know she'd usually be lining to many C white shark though -- vignettes of people can get our winner with the brain is about. -- interesting -- as we see happening and what weren't working with our agency -- is a peak and the bringing videos have a whole action so what we're seeing. Other I don't have analysis involved is enjoyed and -- you know stay net you know but now I -- 20% for hightower here's our. You know our -- airlines now last minute deals go to this website actually -- -- promotions within the brain really down refiner to be highly effective. And hospitality industry. Let's bring in video. Next our coalition USA involved happy baby out. This is a win -- and hotel on these are actually in Lake Buena Vista. So things are reviewing whether hotel this year is that we've said -- -- -- -- so they can actually pure -- so making though whether that be six side show how. But Israeli appropriate for our am currently segment -- for a false arrest you know we've given them time mine them. Well how they should look for free in the video out now. Voice here's where am foreign Zurich. Am people as speaking. In cell white -- -- when -- Italian we'd have to learn about the -- -- our budgets and -- safely -- 435. The number alliance thing I'd tell voters they need to invest in the power pretty digital assets they should be thinking about video first. They should be thinking about -- we fresh as a day of nine Dunlap known as fortified here is. NN -- -- -- -- about how they can incorporate the last example here Hatfield. Next user generated video out. Arsenal -- hot eighty EU well baby out so now let's play this for a few minutes -- have about a few seconds unhappy about that. -- -- everyone -- resale of oil we just want to show you around a police during Kissimmee near Orlando green messages -- of the women's -- farms. So here's military emergency continues to higher -- -- queen so fell almost. Particularly a couple of people in this firm Merrill fired 3-D Maryland foundation courtesy please people -- -- women employees. I'm you have -- This is from the second hours ago a -- -- -- format along Versailles outside then. Found out here a burgeoning area for efficiency Siegfried -- additional actually. Family here you have -- flying and so that's perfect especially in areas like Disney -- -- -- -- and fun playing really well you know the fact. The -- so happy and in Syria's how many people -- when his videos on YouTube -- many vacation. OK so -- may have buried and white who makes these hot video so unique and why they resonate sell well with consumers is because they trust that. It's -- Korean video that we've seen that hotel to -- -- the perfect Ahmed daily started nearly L -- human it comes to happen at -- pretty. Ideally out. And but essentially some many hoosiers taking their marble provides a marking around into sharing with the masses. This is my experience and I checked into various rapidly. It's also really interesting until is that you know user generated antenna to a wealth referred hours. But they're still well -- hesitation from consumers out there -- foreigners can be craft good ulterior change even Fram. You know -- consumers now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DL is really profound -- -- still trying to figure out when -- they've had on a breakdown Arab Arab web sites because we feel like if there's one thing that. In my opinion that's really gonna take our next year is how we incorporate this with announcing announcement et -- embrace it break -- You know five years ago opinion merger advisory views of the way they were today -- -- -- -- so people trust that other people's -- OK. So now. And into -- allied attack particularly year 33 into the secrets outside our. And -- happy -- we -- that -- see here and age adds Ed helper increasing conversion price remarkable team itself. There's nothing revolutionary here but just finally -- -- -- they -- So for the -- Pullback make sure earlier digital assets are thrashed. -- rallies fabric we've had been -- -- -- where they show here from a for a racially investing in video -- just one type you find inappropriate -- and ourselves. You know friend -- post an airworthiness also spaces -- bad looks Seaway user generated content. -- -- viewers around their happy new embrace them how can you -- we'll bring back in -- upon. Inherent in house. In mass lay and if anything there hasn't resonated around the time Frentzen teenage Justin making sure you're working collaborative way. -- -- -- -- -- -- How all the brilliant story the -- now it appears thing here now yen commission steamy again -- team together and identify when bad years. -- in for around six. Work really well in fact when we've -- out some crisis changes to our hightower also we did steal info graphics anywhere is it was. Embrace in welcomed. -- two times more say how an actress traditional lamb now. And while we you still. And major and that was Tammany cars economic coming into our -- support doesn't mean -- the new initiative. Therefore -- 5% alas we -- -- info graphic versus really just minor -- Marcel. Thinking program -- that's -- by -- -- opening things and a place if I'm either thing I that will react there was a nine point new -- -- Dorian. Our commanders believe they employ -- today from the general men. And who gave lately and -- -- asking airlines image your pictures resonate with consumers sell. The idea an airplane now yes they think they're going to -- -- eight -- is breaking Zanardi us back. Information that your pictures for whenever minor business during resonate. -- men who mass way. Am I have here is team back -- tower began just this kind of worry stand in my presentation. If you're wearing a kind -- had doesn't necessarily mean a senior tied up in your Oregon is Asia. You're gonna have to work out what -- -- carried an enduring TOT get the other team members engaged NB -- -- your team. They can now also tiniest on the must -- -- things we knew first hand that -- -- rolling something out -- and everyone is excited then you have everyone's buying into their. Am it's a strong foundation for eight Lehman. The -- -- is appearance needs around this town centres around collaboration insiders hold directly during that back -- -- -- -- -- --

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