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Case Study Korean Air: APAC's Most Valuable Social Media Channels & the Challenges they Present



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Fri, 6 Jun 2014|

Kim Junghwan looks at APAC's most valuable social media channels


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Is -- begin this man is Peter arm and MS took his turn out how many other you have a lot of -- Lockhart put Euro -- his inner peace yeah. That's a year and how many on the you have my people aren't up can't twelve face well for your bitterness. May 13. Vietnam many hope Casey. Analyst king because today whether I'm -- -- largely self made earlier about FaceBook. Don't look a seat on our work -- social media and face -- well. Aren't what -- doing in made up I meet her job operation iron of Facebook. Emanate -- -- but might be available while you like to face the point being get get the money and and I think it. At and wanna say you you don't want desire because our people -- funny tests show us now divested insight car. How many Jesse taste tour scored two pound. Get turn -- histamine turn hell would they no doubt. There aren't people as glut of capacity as their own. And the S got play the Asia regularly shown documented brand -- and everything. And the reason -- at this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have experiencing on the field AA have expressed working at the help poorer and sign a -- that. So when -- -- about -- -- -- -- can enter their own rate as do it will -- time it's very poor return. And -- -- taxes that are on. You need someone who really in a buy your product. -- that is fishery venue or running iron and S social media channel. Struck -- -- -- -- we speak at hand -- decide now on page recently appointed ease. -- -- which of course Cheney is now on M Monday in. -- -- -- Maybe you're covering the most top destination and I don't need over the estimated to. -- that we have rates aren't fair and eleven individual look at FaceBook. And automation and a Icahn offer at the -- S system easier fate -- you do we turn around buying everything. Aren't having -- to retaliate gray army can -- -- Vista customers. And night weekend -- -- which many kind of customer growth is biased here I'll eat the hijacked to maintain -- channel -- the same time. Aren't we have delivered a message to provide information and you seem menacing Taiwan and and their cost transmitter that come working resellers around to deliver. The message here -- We -- trying to give the customers -- seeing information -- -- bet at the same time does seem experience on Wednesday. Given a transmitter that come listing great damage does least in need backup around the right now -- tell ourselves. What you're doing his dad how we have our -- -- need to -- and then we have always tap. -- running the channel are -- debts being either test as an AK do in the Robert page you. And getting this -- because. We wanted to have the control we want to have domain power of the had quite rare now we want to have our. Business our affairs our view on a daily -- -- -- message to law of our offence. Arm and then the change comes in -- we knew that two -- power when you forked over maintained our activity and unlike many media. Make many -- media select keep your radio we have two. And so to. People where -- trading is us. As of you have to think about the publisher us and then at the same term you have to pick over the cost Thomas -- need of help. So later well to a committee shall we. So weekend that keep cutting ourselves but we need to -- -- interact -- fence. -- -- -- reason why we have to -- -- that put a plan and when you know expand our internal. When you enter any market -- on a eyesore they're -- maybe we are we us this year have -- -- -- -- -- You should considering about opening -- -- -- or maybe some W I already have the rubber pays you put -- -- well. But -- US entering a -- you have typical -- You have to opt out hold you wanna get dot -- resource -- -- -- and content and -- law. -- -- -- -- On the time -- you know that you have you have to have your agenda. And why so unit hosting gold laden I have to go with a -- -- -- died -- there for the long term. And -- suggest that taxes at UK newest if you wait listed -- and opening -- eight pending US which amid a ten hours then you can try Robert page views which eight kind of function debt. Our festival was started to provide from 2012 I think -- UK and have Europe. Our order the -- -- you or -- pages into one you can have one unified pay TST ten tiger -- her. Our cost Thomas F do you reach. UP going to a steady kept -- Khobar some tactics -- one inane. And again discussed about it I think but is sending out so well.