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Case Study Korean Air: APAC's Most Valuable Social Media Channels & the Challenges they Present



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Fri, 6 Jun 2014|

Andrew Stanley explores APAC's most valuable social media channels


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Later joyous today we. We're gonna change up the -- will -- in -- -- covered this so -- type of of a presentation today. The may -- I think for a for repeal what will -- cabala today is everybody knows the importance of a causation importance the importance of reaching. Your potential customers in -- voyage. I think that that that is that there's an obvious thing that that most most of us of -- are familiar with -- for a long time. I think what's different now is that the ways in which would hardly news sports. The view. Haas and end of -- number of a lot of different you know kind of ways in which the supplies the different peoples businesses. Has changed -- drastically so so I think what we want to try to do today and what what I like to do just from a just from a general perspective. Is give up your -- From from president and a review -- of not what we feel. Translations that calm. To be an important analyst said of the key components for any successful -- -- strategy now -- to -- will position. I'm talking certainly about about website but -- tightly run all the other things from social media. 22 where -- to mobile tell what apps. M everything I'm far neither side in -- between. Now are what -- all gonna do that has also -- -- -- -- -- -- about. I -- what we've done for a before friends and partners Korean area. M I think Kim Jong -- what -- speak specifically. I -- -- he goes -- in the social media -- are on the regional and an informal well. -- -- -- -- -- So we're gonna -- -- cover covered this already. Five tell where we're on this their desperate better. So yeah entrepreneurial. Tradition that calm and the travel solutions -- our approach. 22 engine technology and in some components. -- to a successful opposition strategy. Played into the future work. How do you decide word -- inverse -- -- to invest through -- how to I don't have had a go -- -- -- into certain markets. And that again top -- oracle America. Our relationship and partnership -- turn it over to Tutu John -- So this -- covers other graphic that we feel we've basically come up with that has again will position these fears -- -- just mean. Localise your website -- that the travel through six. A photograph securities as a low before -- is. You know from Paul -- and immoral applications. IC OR multicultural marketing -- everything from the social social media strategy creation. I'm putting as a local physician online Chad. Imperious -- which has. Customer physical barrels onsite. Are a remote interpretation. Social media monitoring all these things your loyalty program will positions Alpa aren't -- digital marketing campaigns. All the staff is now here these things didn't exist -- five five to ten years ago. MN by implementing successful coalition -- due in early dinner in new market. That that's. That that I YouTube you're going to be able to to do those things. A lot of times. People I think it just by China anymore because going to be -- -- -- really expensive to to do that test -- what does. -- irritated a bit with some new technologies and that with some new solutions. That are built oil market. It is possible to two -- to new markets into us markets without at any huge upfront. Expense. -- avert a bilateral relations -- calm I'll get what era employs. Globally 86 offices around the world but -- business for twelve when years. I would do -- and all right and sell an additional -- -- -- we work with this really has -- put an 80% of fortune 500 companies. We're the largest -- -- -- -- solutions and -- would step larger company in the world. For patients. This is just a snap sharp of a number of clients for whom we we Curacao. We have a very unique in the strong footprint in the travel hospitality interior space. M this is there a -- -- for whom we've we've executed enterprise. Kind of solutions for localisation solutions. -- of the runway was a technology. What are the key thing is I think that there there is important here because so many different repositories we're can't tennis stored. It it can sometimes the overall -- MM dancing has to manage all that content from those report repositories -- -- is different languages. There are solutions available while we are is how one got -- -- but our -- void but -- -- solutions billboard that regardless of -- content lives. With that we can actually help with a -- solutions can help. For that can't turn to a fund -- Tories in odd image that price has -- -- so and in terms of -- with counter -- systems. -- with e-commerce systems initial back then file may have just systems that can be done are obviously fuel. Who -- through various technologies. -- but what are the main thing is I think that that's that's real important when you really get down to two local station in the this idea about how do you keep a parliament would -- roadmap Audi Q4 calmer voice. Our -- -- -- -- -- -- included all over the place in different part of the organisation. Whether that's some -- whether that's on fit on FaceBook where law. Or indeed any other -- Channel that used to reassure European customers. But it. We advocate joins a very specific price us before we mean do we to a translation is developing glass Lewis and mine which. I'd developing -- guys -- you look at things like how you as a Brian preferred here and things like. Currencies abbreviations acronyms grammatical conventions. All kinds of things about the need to be sold in this -- was before you actually enter into -- somebody's market. Our bread daily guides who is your target audience argues -- an active voice for a passive voice do you use -- for hourly. Wayne which reduced -- of -- more as the couple language. That that's that's on the that we will want to establish here at the very at the very beginning. I was doing -- airports. M providing you with the Brent happens essential leverage of these individual -- which has but you are above that that you're targeting. And then of course we want -- -- European countries stakeholders -- them have some comparable prior -- but do you is you're being. I think we'll all but with some global oversight and I think that's something a lot of people forget -- things get out here because they give you much about local control enough retired from the from the HQ -- -- as a as a but there's there's issues varied from Amman from either by. So. What the -- -- Ford that those that so many different. Some ways in which blended in with the with the customers over the web content. -- -- sides view user generated content upfront collateral Ian social media booking engines. Video as a commercial all the stuff. If it can give -- darted past and if you think about having to -- for a translation of all Icahn ten. It becomes past cost prohibitive to -- junior market fairly quickly. So. What what we've actually done and MM what we have targeted in -- to a lot of are our clients. Is the use of of machine translation machine translation is now really know what it as a really dirty word became because a related out of assumes machine translation if -- give Google translate in a finished. If anybody I'm sure -- is -- who will -- -- -- something most of the time becomes our complete crap. So. So what we are able to do. Is is is to actually use national relationship transition. Capabilities anytime soon render a much higher quality. Translation of book with that a fraction of the class so this enables -- to deal that didn't do so in your -- new market dip utility. How much your how much actually did -- how much company -- a certain. -- from from for a certain industries -- -- from certain countries. And then you can going to decide who showed you from from their. And this goes -- admired my next point which is unassuming economics of O of your clients. You know first -- -- is -- -- -- that's what you wrote why are obviously want to have. You know up really -- plunge even. -- highly kind of crafted and polished -- look -- that will look quite part of a part of the team included -- in mind which. You know -- -- descriptions if you -- your for five or six we're is down into aside. Some somewhere outside so that we -- and M and what do him -- -- orders millions and millions of words -- -- for a few years. If -- human trails with all that. Who -- huge expense. So so either Syria economics of what is your most a high earlier the highest value can't turn what are your -- -- accountant maybe -- that -- value. Kinda like the use of user generated content not. You've FaceBook away but first I do want to have machine fairly good. That could be done a much more cost effective. In my forecast -- the way so what I'm saying is if there -- -- -- as a analyst sliding scale. With quality M MM price. Other other ways obviously Tutu planted as a player for the future. -- -- we're monitoring in M and dancing. What you what you trails -- Business -- up our clients and in the audit trail zone from user generated over -- down content. This also can help you to identify key new markets. ML -- see being out in front of him Hulu over a potential new competitors. -- in these individual countries that you Aram but you do business. I'll on the durable two. 22 John Wynonna side. This just serves to arm to to set the stage Europe. We've already with Korea over for quite a time Ahmed -- denigrate partner for four -- M -- all we -- all like a different types of content for their own NM we've helped them recently to two. I'm gonna centralised that will pass us we're gonna do with their with the medium content management system. Are all VoIP solution and -- that. This -- a fairly significant. You know kind of improvement in M energy now that that whole -- us from from the from is do you. Specifically social media we wanted to bring in John want to because he has some very very interesting insight on what they've done as a company to. Attitude to get some -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- the maybe hasn't worked. But regardless a little bit of insight from John once thought I would love for the launch of the original -- --