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Destinations Go Social & Mobile: How To Create a Digitally Savvy Destination



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Thu, 5 Jun 2014|

Faeez Fadhlillah explores ways to create a digitally savvy destination


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They just delivered a myself signed CEO and cofounder off -- -- dot com basically serve Minnesota engine fails -- sit under research. N development committee for the nation to was in association which. Regularly advises the -- of the tourism. Body in Malaysia. So this is just. A quick graphic view of how we travel. In past five years ago EU if you travel within our -- -- on -- but nowadays. It's possible to actually travel much further than that with low cost airline sector sell. This is where -- the M -- come into actually inspire more people to actually travails. Beyond immediate. Right this is just quick glimpse of social media itself so -- If it's quite interesting to -- -- every seven that we ourselves -- posting. Update on FaceBook for example belief that every 37 minutes well. If I'm standing outside right now an M -- in the room and by we need to be taken nor what is exactly was happening was discussed in this -- so it's it's quite fascinating how. Social media has actually taken over our life NM. In away help us as well. So social media actually enables consumer with better travel alternative which indirectly causes high expectations. So imagine what happens if you have that experience -- that the business gonna go back and talk bad about it if it is its. Really hard for the. Now this is is. It's been sharp our destination online on -- it was a -- it's it's a very famous talked about destination it's hitting and how we. -- If you can read it says how awesome the place is how how you have to this -- everyone goes -- you got about how you always end up displaced. Supposedly because of the story behind it but if you look a trip advisor. The review is horrible. Every single -- that you read it's. Tremendously horrible self as a as a person -- when it before you travel nowadays you don't actually gold -- website -- -- got a tip that. So in away. This kind of affect social media affect how. -- decides already got so it's. It's quite interesting. So what is the role our Byrd. Now traditionally the DM -- always. This sit outside -- double cycle sell their their their -- the -- before. Steps half. Travel solicit outside but. More into the new age should actually be part of it should actually been able. To to inspire -- to help their travellers plan. To help the travellers -- in decide in the sector. Now here's an interesting fact. What percent of family use social mediator actually shared experience -- is whether the -- had said -- levied in this. -- social media -- 60% of families -- Smartphone to book trips. And 85%. Of travellers consider. Internet as their main source of travelling so it's no longer just. Ideologue but also other website place. -- -- -- Now tourism Ireland's example these -- receiver hired 20000. Class today. Now is the only received 10000 so it's it's a clear example now. The overall is diminishing. And down interesting fact that. People actually look at the -- 150 times if you look around you right now most of you're probably looking phone. And is willing to sit back. 80% of the mark on FaceBook today are actually. 14% to be just deal -- on social media so this is very. So adding away because they -- not leveraged -- full potential point 8% -- on YouTube for example. N YouTube is an important channel to actually promote and inspire people to travel. So travellers who rely on digital fall travel story share and on this -- that 70% of people say they actually -- search before the actually -- took place so this is where. -- As many were seeing the content more relevant so you wanna go to. That stake to the -- you wanna -- about. So your first obvious destination would obviously be to -- opens lender first website so I have to be very relevant. That the people would be inspired to achieving a bit that the first step is all we only did dreaming up so. Before they actually start the travel. 59%. Is if that does. Search engine. Just some quick facts. This shows that. The Internet for example is very crucial in now on the planning step off. A holiday. Just your set these some -- that shows how important torture media has become in tablet. Sector. -- -- One in three travellers actually watches. Is Iraq for example I want to see how it looks like cut is is it worth my visit -- this is aware. -- the market actually start posting my content or more viewed yields actually inspired people to become in the sit in and spend. 99%. Of travellers extend term. -- up action after viewing. The deal with that it like it whether the actually decide to go there. And 62% of travellers. Indicates that. The deal actually inspires them to actually go to place. Some back on their -- your that people actually watches. -- -- -- Is interesting. Graph which shows that. How some of the tourism. It was a board actually spends a lot on -- Phillip -- look good in innovation in the year but down. -- -- a -- example spends a lot compared to. Tourism board. YouTube also will be backed with might not get what are the key -- -- -- the year Mol. Model. No more is the collaborative economy so we're looking yet. AB and BB actually disrupt the whole. Bell process -- the whole business of the tumult because in yen now -- people themselves decide degree -- ecosystem. But travel for example. Are. Ice I want people to come to my house and state my how -- can make money in -- that posting an everywhere so. People actually inspired to come to Australia for example because this -- so beautiful and this works -- In decimated cities by -- so -- has a lot of them. AB NB destination we've really beautiful villas will really be for prices so people actually wanted to go to -- -- partly. Just -- that the accommodation is amazing. The rising importance of sharing economy is social media so if you can look at it. -- that the that being the which inspires people to actually travel now is it sort of media sell. I got -- as research. A -- -- destination -- the first thing comes up is. It's a -- -- -- -- this nice place like this decide my plan my next holiday to -- here example. And a change this division let's get so traditionally didian Motley is due which will actually distribution. In terms of ample -- in the sector but nowadays you have. Booking dot com -- You don't really gold to -- mild to actually come. Find accommodation in in into suffer for example that you go to booking dot com we've got -- -- you go to any of guilty speech. Actually. Supplies. How is it supplied the people with accommodation. In no longer. -- the and lastly -- that now mobile as a very interesting thing knife if you. 44 but for example if I go to Australia well we've I don't have Internet that they huge problem for for me sell. And they show you a simple example how. Singapore for example has -- initiative to actually solve this this. Problem. So what -- video -- -- do. So as a do less that enable more enable other people to actually do do work for you. You build and share social media and you promote less but you attract people more to come to your place is less about. Is not about how much -- -- unseen in how much is spent on BBC did did the -- to. Promote your destination but it's about attracting people become your places -- spending they if you look at history -- the only could well -- you'll really well. In in -- area sell. The attract a lot of people. With comparing Italy this spending to either country so it's it's an amazing. Effort them. And lastly. If you can't beat -- We should joined up with some partnerships -- If you -- get said the destination where. Traditionally you have there. Face it accommodation on the -- mall website. -- but where bets that the destination -- it's -- smile that is relevant that we'd actually you know you can work with booking dot com -- for example to. To inspire -- people to actually go to the place sent. Realise that they are beautiful accommodations lot so it's it's a way to actually. Promote the place as well us make money. And they show unity example laugh out there -- -- Amal within in the world. -- done really really well. -- what are the way that you actually. It is important as well -- decreed -- responsive. Website with the usual in images nowadays people and really interested in text so I think they got a website which as a by just -- is going to close out. But if you look at for example an escape from this picture is that tourism. In Germany. So did your -- well -- Did really well in the sense that -- website is very appealing. To to open young people as well as travellers that he has a lot of pictures in a lot of media was. Can look at the media's begins by two -- of the places again -- too good to Munich for example. Any work some more but I'll not just that you have as a means amounts if -- away. It helps the people to actually. Understand are decide better for -- when you go to Germany. The basic usual is -- class integration with multiple social media sell. I'm choosing its case Australia city Dooley could do really well and themselves sort of media have. You which stands in FaceBook -- the sector in -- -- really great destinations are. -- review now only had mentioned that 88% of the people actually relies on -- to actually. Decide place so. -- -- mile you can actually work together with example in this case trap that Japan -- -- To inspire the people -- to -- if you upward with content to -- because it's. -- adviser is one of those website where you actually goal. To get inspired him to read about a place self if you work together for example with we view was -- -- -- it's wonderful way to actually. Encourages people to actually come to a place before we -- minimal spending. Unique deals that this is. Visit New South Wales website so they have section for deals for example. Newsletters so I'm thankful for me for example I'm I subscribe far. This Sydney self billed as the largest listed but then so periodically deal so any deals -- -- which -- which is interesting for me sell. In away. By every time we fly if I am decide to go on holiday. It's sort of inspired me to actually visit with gonna get a visit Sydney for example. They usage -- map and search editors one of the week to meet the website more. Interesting in. Relevant. Trip planner now this is the web sales to ism or Asia so it had a section whereby you can actually plan your whole trip. They provide you with activity eased in stuff to do we need unity plan in any Internet sheering with your friends. OK now this is -- well my favourite viral campaign. The best job in the world -- -- sure a lot of you've actually seen of the deal it's basically by two -- Queensland. Now on the advertiser for a job which is the best job -- -- -- the thicker -- wreaths and amazingly. The campaign pleaded. 200 million dollar worth of exposure. Sell the investment was very little -- -- is huge fight. All around the world it was Nijinsky in in BBC Eveready received 35000. Applicant from 200 countries. So the ad campaign was very very successful in actually. -- -- Encouraging people to actually goal to. -- The gold at a -- visit the leaves end. Me that it's a lot of -- in awareness campaign to assure the big the world how beautiful -- limits. One my other favourite campaign is backed Philippine certainly -- attack line. It's more defining the Philippine and then encourage the people -- their citizen. To actually post pictures. -- there and doing things be cheap it is quite common in the Philippines but which either people outside of the world have never seen before and how it's more fine. The way things that than in the -- so for example. Right inside conceded to. -- chicken -- so angry bird it's more fun in the Philippines. Are. Did have this campaign in London for example maybe to the hurdles on the. Ending right its meaning in London but it's -- beautiful in its more finding the -- be makers -- law. Sector and like for example they're -- look at the number three pictures. -- -- got -- get married in -- in the water it's more -- in the compared to other places. OK this is a very interesting. Campaign so it's gold. Back in Belfast. So it has two -- correct it's either your back in Belfast or you're backing Belfast. Still Belfast is as of. Had a problem we have right in earlier time that the countered the negative effect with people actually not coming any mind is that the campaign called. Back in Belfast sell. Equally it website it puts. On Thursday worked together closely with hotels and suppliers. To give the people off those -- -- -- It's got backing tougher sell. The campaign was the real success. End to dole campaign -- clearly done. Twenty million impression. 31 -- via -- impression. 400000. Page view -- the survey after the campaign -- comes to -- that 80% of the people. Actually has seen a sort of a third of the campaign -- The campaign sort of change the perception of the people from a negative arm reception of Belfast. To a more positive. Anyplace -- it's fine it's it's the place to be -- the place to visit. I will link here for the -- simply -- -- -- can show you how. It's. Inspiring video can be a if you think it's not. Those -- of fun back into our vast. From pub grub to Corning is convinced big and small to -- short term at all Belfast. Is full of offers fans surprises then everyone's can't provide. Tell them are part of a place they can do right as a very very right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- you know. You'd like in Belfast to -- back in Belfast dot com what bra Brazilian real are hatched tie back in Delphi. Last so this is an example of there. TV campaign. Data shows that how Belfast going to be a very fine place to BN with such little. Marketing spend on it he went viral people stop becoming the Delphi end. When it recorded a 20% increase the next year have -- -- so it's data it was a success. All right this is how Singapore as a destination solve the problem off. -- -- -- I believe if -- oversees the problem which I have is that I have no Internet. And have to search for the next hour work so the next MacDonald plus 444 -- so Singapore be clearly Ada. A concept where I think it's called -- and be. So what it does is basically you can Google today to the nearest on -- sharp. A fifteen dollar a day you can actually have access of the Internet on your mobile -- and interestingly it also allows you connected dvd also offers some cool destination N offer as a set up on the mobile phone itself so in away. Sort of in the inspire the people to actually. Well this is a quick way to dinner. Our. Three dollars off. Ticket to death -- -- so Ireland for example -- is await actually help. The provider the supplier but also encourages people to actually. Travel more in Singapore and in return -- a lot more revenue for the country itself. I'd have -- to -- quote from Eric -- We don't have a choice with a -- sort of media. The question is some how well we do it itself as the deeply major media role in actually. Encouraging other supplies for example do you sort of media as well as themselves these social media as a form off. Viral campaign for real spending. Together -- question. Any questions for trains before the end physician. On -- what would be. I have one question body player's father. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From a list initial market investment billed as a -- our map there's that he got an ongoing basis and bailout for example both. -- -- Why are they would have what the decision would have then they don't really commented bingo cards. Actors in the field all our what did you reverse our polls over the decision Thursday was not just information looks leaders Elena block blame. From a bottom -- outlook was that there was no borders any money in the destination. Our -- do have a question mark with the currency's -- what -- there so hold by Lan how buddhism would have our deliveries or those. Harbours that deserves broad bill. Our -- the better the situation. I think adding it's very important for the -- -- actually conveyed a message to sort of media for example to. Sure I'll say it is -- -- beaches are all in any means possible to -- indicated of people that actually it's -- deal we receive bad. I think the bigger role differently once the military has transferred or the rule to civilian to actually encourages people to comeback attack. Now add the negative you have the negative. Basic deal but Thailand you want -- talent now is still adding that's where their social media played a role can mean cities. They showed earlier. -- won the deal be for example it's it's -- campaign actually recover from the disaster of work which you actually. Faced and then bring back to a city -- country means allies. Physically destination place an F will feel very disappointed if people are coming less -- the talent for example. -- -- -- Our top -- Playboy shares in -- the last legs though Pagoda which an award handy though not done a good job way to -- the -- again not a man used for the board. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so you Phillip -- our. The investor should -- those up in clinical development remodelling just faster than any real and that ended estimation as a way -- and -- Eight to amend the as the Dow eleven looks really good meals and an MB -- ended position way -- no -- because -- Ford because a Medvedev U haul you away -- debut game actually Texas oil. Bid tarpaulin -- what really develop applications lake who can actually can't foresee -- -- in. Open the application -- the love a bell labs are revealed the editor of the stimulus to -- -- -- struggle it's a drop. But you needed only needed the revelations or what your way -- give a position Lloyds. Buffon -- then people on the dollar -- as -- a vote. In the future of their -- that happens -- Hollywood think poured billions wounded Africa because that's. Are -- bit of its avoid another bid that followed for me as a -- -- I'm getting a benefit fodder for the -- as an economic here. Coming then -- given permission I would aboard -- let's spend money. -- there was another set of business as a giving -- good because of -- the portfolios mean. I would say that the hoteliers would be much affected by adding I think as a will tell themselves they should provide free free Wi-Fi and B two places -- tells where. -- you have to pay huge amount just to have access for 24 hours by facts that I think personally it's a much. For example of this that the Tokyo we have a -- when it yeah. It -- it is bridges and what you know -- I think -- Italy will cost of their but it did just that -- touch. People. For something which is still -- -- then just because it -- make money certainly if it is there. It's something which should not have happened but seeing that adding a lot of the hotels are moving -- words giving free -- for example this is that our. If you have a membership if you additional membership get access free Internet start it's no way it solar collector compensate. The loss sort of let lasting income but for but in attending get ya you know legitimate. Bond -- -- more to. To -- -- it's also how they see. And the hotels see there's a cost -- who recovered is possible we can put a marginal make proper here with I don't see it as a marketing expense. It's a marketing expense was above what free Wi-Fi. And communicating to -- and everyone. The retirement having here in Singapore. Probably -- the biggest. Keep their -- view was when I wrote either applied to -- -- self into Margaret river has growth online will FaceBook page that. Now unfortunately is there there wasn't the free Wi-Fi. Particularly in in in places like down -- -- which the council to supply. Always been even -- in wineries that wasn't free Wi-Fi. Because I wasn't able to give me you know -- toppled by the but -- give back to where outstanding. Bills to like all the -- that I've got from the industry. You know it's expensive to run this you know like I you know had a quote is going to be 20000 -- and I forget my recovery. Where I keep saying it's a marketing expense that would need you know you you don't expect. To charge one we advertising other then back room it's a marketing expense who will become -- market it's. Per City Council just my free -- within the C. You know fall on the -- is perceived that. The reason the leading coach company. Is it was a sprayer that is why -- leading -- company must. Now provide on these buses. And it's down like seven likely I even with these in the region where. He gets the free -- -- a pick up. It's a sophisticated system -- he's done that it's not charging these diet but he knows that the Chinese and South East -- market. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sharing a valid Islam like if you had if I have Internet or wire I kind of bus for example double Decker -- and does that shale. This is a great services bus had been that great and they will be shared across my followers in at least that's chairing -- -- is in no way. Make many overseas so basically it's a small investment for marketing but in retaining getting huge very well with the we thank.

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