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Wed, 2 Apr 2014|

Juan Pablo �Larrain, Director of Social Media, �Latam Airlines talk about how to excite your consumer with good social media


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Well many -- by -- if Bristol well sorry for remaining lease -- and property -- and a trader made this. And represent being land and tam airlines we recently merit. We're from South America how many of you have heard about ladder that. Well that's great fit. -- referred for a less hands so at and feel more confident now. Well. And the director of social media we've been sold -- for a like for years now and we have lots of different markets we fly domestically in studio in Tina who -- -- I'm -- well. And now in investor Il sole we have special needs he needs in -- of those countries. So that's -- -- well well for a land we have a global leader FaceBook. And put downward we have the same thing. And we also have a slide viewing insulin -- period -- novels push on the they're bad. And -- as nick said today when I get -- goals rule are our. It by commencing how do we have a stated Desmond and some quite yet we've done it. Seoul. Just for you to review it -- -- -- in terms of volume price and foreign because. We really want to have. And argues for type two. Hair and and as you know FaceBook -- doing so might especially if they still. In terms of -- -- -- said Russell. Having our our wider audiences is -- for you because you can target federal you have different. Takes up communicating with we've built a specific targets. -- 2.5 four point six million. All the countries rather -- from twelve or fourteen or fixed. And for a -- its monthly Brazil. And we're doing a big Everett also line customer service. On social media especially -- this event Twitter. And local -- we've we've got into the sort of the board of brands in. According to social -- We have a team that -- serious and we have -- our. I'm response average same response and point your questions we S. Well and in turn internally. Well we wanna do it's nighters miked thinks it'll cost consumers but also. Make the company understand why we're sort of media and it's because of -- clients. So it's very important for us late. Obviously comments there are coming through Federer -- faced with the Federer. Off people pleadings fee on whether planes are in Europe worried. For a us we really take -- -- mean have joined the company. What are people forget about how how can we improve and it's really good because materially -- with are asking -- -- -- -- -- -- you had anything we do very. And that from me if it's it's something like that makes the wake -- had during the morning. And in the other and now when you work for an old -- it's it's a fine because forget the travel -- get to. Connect with old -- different stories -- are very going from one point to another and and that's one of the things we do we. We've heard -- point means from -- this from when origin to a specific destination. So that's when we -- tells a story and the stories since barrier and the consumers. Then the kind -- strategy is key and and because your customers will fall -- social media. And it infuriate you Europe from meeting getting their -- you know basically you'll be next to their friends. Dictating that leads -- in the cinema -- -- -- -- Euro won a friend they're right. You can you can have the annoying -- boring and it is really quite. Sure. Actually need to protect -- restrict enjoy reading relevant client and from brands and you have trade humanise your brand in trying to be like how a friend. In that feeds of news. In terms of Oregon to the end and better -- that -- -- first six apple view is we're all obvious that America. We have the widest network of destinations there slid -- -- six countries and we really Barbara region we really are a lot of our region. South American Warren. Food. Meeting places and we really like that and we want to assure -- the world so. And then show your complain that we did put by the US market. Hours -- on these -- America and it's all about basically buying -- in this region. And end its standards -- -- -- now it's like a way of communicating year. It's it's. As a -- has. -- destination experts that you can ask questions of them. And off we have that's led unions took them with. And nine branded account that's got add bombing South America right -- Lan airlines it's -- -- America. We also have other companies remember this -- only about destination two still a -- well. Still. The talent Q was to position us ads and South America as a destination as a -- mine for the US travel. We can add that there we're -- very people don't know what is -- -- working you find it. -- we had a bubble talents to miked. Our brand or product glad I don't I destination. Well do you stand -- M because the army fell America itself well being -- unique things you can -- their. And and you need to tell the story Brian and more human side. In that period same people that -- actually run the place. -- travelling to a place to assure you -- in real life and that's the -- sort of media. Hobbled used to when pictures. -- -- -- -- -- -- states that you can really use well Euro they're had been really useful for a Saud -- mixed there is. A big concept and social media while you to -- -- And you can -- various actually underweight side you see that our brand is underwrite the main brand is -- South America. And you can bank insider via thing if you really planning for well there you have to this that this -- -- they have they're asking questions you can -- west into an insider in your reply back to you. And in terms of the social media platform we have this into your account -- actually in inspired you. Two to travel their -- -- this amazing views about other destinations. And also getting used -- -- client then that's really important because. Now people want to see this. Really nice making pictures that when C would people worried going there in the streets in the leads rate. In the sense it and -- big tourist are our. A real because are useless have been starting to use that aspect of pasta -- South America were going to suddenly. And the -- this year and the -- meeting here. We need. Really call -- anywhere in in -- restaurant chain in Bay Area in Auckland. Because too wide to generate awareness on the destination and invite people to generate that's about it. And actually buy attempted to visit that's still so can you help me with the first video. Community. Hillary's vote your silos or simple plan and download music rooted in the US. We are at what canola vertical and client email only -- check email and -- email us here and here blazes in the final half. Time round trip ticket today -- nine gases who -- Unfortunately Hillary -- in -- -- now heads. The premise that it was likely -- Aggressive pricing hollow -- be treated as South America has no one else that we're living -- Is receiving into our three year round trip ticket. -- night. So about. The -- have a big campaign because you can have things happening in the online world but when you see something in the offline world and then take -- on line. It's more real you know it's it's for people that couldn't be there is -- well those -- are likely and our likelihood of that this native. So it derisking treat. And we we we've done that twice once in Bogota via EM. The California State and then in Europe in another Peruvian restaurant so. People are already interesting. In the destination in the food you know they are -- the mystique around it. Soul one of the things that were recommended to shore things that they tell you -- -- in the real life and bring them to the online world because people were -- from the online platform. The other thing -- that create aspect that people will actually use because with this generate vast and once you travel. -- used bad that aspect that's that's happening in real time. They -- to South America our on these other Mary -- can also bring disobedient take pictures and things might -- -- there. And also I'd user generated content if you if you -- with -- now we hope we have almost 3000. Messages using their hat sect in six months so it's alive and and even if -- the platform is -- brand that people have started using it because of the bloggers the insiders. And and every attended the rally the -- had. And it's important for -- -- -- into revenue to be worth. Because that this insights for a -- people read -- reports -- videos and pictures -- well they're travelling big deal will. The 3% of them will will actually help helping contribute to this content. Anything you -- aspect you'll be generating material by itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you if you consider their people take -- -- 150 times according to will will. -- day. Your best player we get -- see you. Across their because -- And also it's important -- parolee your company fewer available like all there is social media selling whole -- how much does it -- -- I don't know all about engagement. -- thinking it's really so it's a really why we're. You have to understand that people have. Different gadgets then and it's not about that they reckon version it's about. The whole experience and how they get in touch with Europe -- so. -- in points -- an old bad for -- 7% -- in -- device and -- broke out there still probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aipac conference and -- liberal -- -- solids. There's -- falcons that might just under direct compression that understand the assisted compression system for -- -- -- -- Sold off their first and being -- lab that 5551%. The uterus. What you used to get inspired by the patients we lost Europe model we sell this issuance. The hotels airlines that -- -- and anything impressed in the 70% on -- weather going when this -- and so you have a huge public. 12 well I -- a -- in South America and and if you fly there. Yes -- -- stay in double dip or you can get is paid probably one of the it's 70% of the post again. -- This might. Might -- -- aren't there specific local reality. So -- in South America. Where we have six. Practice with domestic operator surveyed told the and we have a phenomena that last year we had more than one million new past passengers blame for the first time the at them an airline so. Bit on your how particularly in bid on law what's the play going to be about. Would like -- candid take so it's really challenging to expect educating the passengers time. How to bid by online. How seriously is gonna be. And then social media still important to to tell a story -- to explain then -- -- gold prices. And also it's it's been great -- might -- since 2006. The airline industry's other very hasn't gone three times their GDP still. Is then its -- were really. Travelling song right. In their client -- and not only for a tourism but also to. Boosted their families and in a book the focus a really complex in terms of geography because of the mountains. For example -- is demanding any has. Mount teens. North you have very guess it's in the -- you have. Really coal but ammonia in the cell in the Salman. Calls to. The Antarctica sold. Why it's much easier because it is you you would take three days from one extreme to another buyback that's -- Air and and then you can take -- plane and get them. Three hour flight over -- this by itself. Old people really that Bally gaming -- the here. And in terms of the that troops bring added then you have wine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There we know we have -- ability. -- old ones we started with our whole online. Price -- everything. The -- say we create nearly 2008. Character quell the -- I think it actually doesn't have any. Meaning him vetoing -- Tina giant had differing needs and and we have a whole family your fingers and what's -- about. Because your finger has the power to. And lease of the things you can find in Europe and travel. And with the thing you can click and ballet you can take in you can do everything. And nowadays it's it's it's still allowed because more well you know -- you still -- your -- so. Also what the people just -- advertising campaign and is you're -- an outstanding year for something wrong with doing just think. Fell. To address that. To address bad objective Bechtel Europe of bedie keen -- passengers. We created website at section special section in the website. To recommend people -- of three stages when you buy. Went -- we've you be appropriate travel -- travel. Although you have although the finger family. We did different did and it's always associated with tips and things you have to know. -- what that would have been committed by area where the benefits of web -- in. How particular flight that was. We have a web sensation and also social media company or sector. So unless so you showed video that's buyer of of the Kuwait in that we made and you do. It's since -- is I don't know that I just explained so probably the volume tend to be bad but had. -- -- Verified I think for the analyst you don't need sort of laid out in these ads have -- that end of the day they look like maybe if that's. Here too cynical mean the inner city -- intended thousand. The girls -- -- our view that the burgeoning needs allegedly -- Spain. There have been good will legacy telling them OK and -- -- client who didn't ultimately I don't Maryland with the planes so. History. And -- now by Warren. Both got a -- -- still got to a web I don't wake up from his nightmare only memory they've got special whether they're -- and let's look very good period Lander via. And and the fingers were going to help you still had -- fingers all over. Sometimes TV ads up prayers and also saw some media Ed it's really useful to generate client then because you can put ads we feel we're never -- it's gonna. Useful for a different situations. So that the second one. And the learning fuhrer you social -- to explain things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An offer privately knew -- to reinforce communication during peak seasons bake for example. -- implications in South America lots of people travel by plane -- Probably gonna have longer lives in Europe -- -- things like that sell. The fingers -- you know prime way to explain new. About the things you have to consider for Europe -- And then you -- the year itself late that we they're the other Becky. Evolve over the following terms of content it's really point to -- on that the yields increase people's understanding of your product by selling a percent. And also got if people are looking for a things once are going to travel like free sample Lan airlines. Bicycle because they wanna bring my bicycle on -- have -- probably else -- spread out here I'll. Up -- global Laura probably -- cancerous from a source community very going to be that. We'll probably video fell in terms of you to -- reduced really pointed to have. Kind of strategy do intervene but also to education and led -- message is. They protagonist. So you have different challenges for example in the you know status so we have the challenge of communicating its other Mary. The destination ended ended area where there. Then in teal -- Argentina Colombia up our objective is to teach people how to fly by. -- playing -- weather considerations the -- you have have a better experience. So -- it's really great to have a global ambition because you have different challenges every day and -- -- by. And actually social media has really good tools that they told you -- the faithful will -- it was a really good solution. Any durable will brand used to trade understand that because you can still have local content that it's really quite. Bad with -- well also DN NUK -- -- -- are they putting it yet. And then generate -- client then -- where the planes are Boynton of the hotels aboard the properties and -- pictures and generate pictures. Because it's gonna bring you. And allow us to have time -- we're ready. OK. And the last act in -- -- -- it was made -- -- rule. We read we're going to reads oh million bands -- 2013. No way to share this with our fans and and make them practice -- -- so we created the first face the -- What does it mean. -- celebrity need to travel to different destinations based on this month. So we had a teaser campaign well we have a we had a policy -- December -- we published. This Monday from -- -- you can protest too big to win one of -- 100 double tickets that we're giving away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And people -- win 100. Double figures still in domestic destinations in -- all meant to be -- Lehman etc. oracle or any other -- with native. So the objective was to generate -- about that the million fans and also well. The destinations we flies again and get people to understand the -- -- domestically with us and elsewhere internationally. If the Webb -- to the Korea Vienna of the State's review rope so. Thought that we'll know what's really barrel but very 7000 lakes does one force this is organic. Huge reach for the account and and lots of comments I don't really expect -- about. And I will have their obedient son Nana gold was really showed -- -- For a whole they then we had our fans -- to a FaceBook. From eighty M to twelve yeah right now eight or participate and they would see a time table. With -- unknown destinations -- The users had to wait for a specific time and once -- destination -- they had to evolve with that this -- if -- -- -- They waited to vote to will throw I'm in the past. So the objective worst but -- back of this balance in your password for the -- -- and then you could well and pretty -- it. For the weather. -- -- -- -- -- summit but both people what for example that's through -- it's domestic destination but you'll bad. Lots of people went well there to see their family for example sorry but the -- the necessary votes to to a purer and understand. And and then you had other destinations like canned corn -- remember the very -- for differing objectives so you can generate on people. And and -- them that -- land you can fly to see your family to through a distant domestic destination you can go to Europe. And a team that dream of knowing Parris wherever you can much of the caribbean's saw it -- then you stake. The marine awareness about this -- so once the president completed Q his battle with people again to food for the letter. -- insults wearer. People stayed alive they. It was a mandate so far within bid you know where that might this they'd rather than it. In the computer. In -- nineteen minutes claim that the 3000 people were connected Bobby. -- receive a lineup of reeds based done on and baked in the region. We both -- take 2000 fans in just one day. 27. Thousand registered users that -- get contact with us yet email -- And are -- -- under employed thousand box only when really back. And that -- -- -- total -- we were the most attractive airline in the growing -- of people taking about itself. That tells you when you do builds action saying you get people still generate. Awareness and new face -- bid. It's probably you're famous Fred -- bed -- -- but played to a thousand new fans that are there for a travel whether -- again promotions and engaging with the brand so. -- don't have to think just about the actually sell bad about their long term relationship -- people were there that day. And probably that's profane -- that the highest intact the rolling back. Bradford -- deeply we have -- 2000 new people they're gonna follow us and and -- British media about our relationship with that. And the action worth a lot of with the Internet and in it was -- -- local -- new sites. Because. By that time Lampard or worse when that up then airlines are based on. In the country. And are far employees proprietors salary to we created this fake FaceBook page and they could. The big curious as they weather copper put. We'll take that its think.