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Mon, 10 Mar 2014|

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good day ladies and gentlemen. And Canada with -- the turbine for travel about can't. And an interview from London today. David welcome -- am. Now with -- marketing distribution channel inventory. How we had over -- few hundred people lineup and fall -- common -- and inflation. Unfortunately pedicure about eco. -- allow the morning -- frankly am and will ill and important gaps that have become -- commitment that he had can make. But they've got people from cap railway financial and StarMine on travel bailing league. I'm -- going to be great term. Am really glad to have you with a morning. And a report doing -- if it effectively -- plan. Ed many view on the day and the belief that the traditional travel marker -- a region with virtual media and mobile popular -- communication. As a -- evident in the political prior over the past few years but their view of gold over. And in the how people interact in the travel ban which lefty could you fall for the travel the -- -- and the kid. Let me after saying -- I think you look at the market. And move. And paper here on the world travel and urban council. It -- -- thing -- travelled the air travel contribution GDP in the region. Will ride back it -- a 108. Billion dollars between now think you can kick me a pretty significant right. And somewhat gonna be had bad thing if you think that and came from my travel make -- -- And before we did after. -- -- -- -- -- introduce our -- the day. Ever get earlier and the chart -- carmaker which has -- real -- the big really highly engaging speaker and -- people feeling Aetna am. And have had had -- have come really kick in after had a -- and cut a couple of weeks ago though. Up a bigger story on that many unique and -- -- market in -- lucky -- have people have a gain and another -- Bernard. And we gonna keep propulsion -- morning. Peter is looking manager and customer relationship management the -- here away. He'd been with the people a year and then for seven of the overpaid about the e-commerce department. Am people I worked with an Wellman band black powder you -- people with a compound the media. Keep their pekka Eric Bentley common and a Beckett the capital more than he could comment -- -- -- -- her from the buyer. Across the board you know we don't have a hold -- -- man here they've got -- got the experience in the trouble and the -- comment. You've already Hewitt and in Papua -- order flow in the loft people fly and a little going to be very interesting. In the above chart main -- and whom the -- travel media -- -- If -- -- -- -- few years but she got about Linear before the end from the -- that you -- and India were left one media wished he directed the -- -- -- at -- -- near fort marquee talent to the publication -- bulk of the -- -- communication -- for the go in Latin. Am he going to be looking among some -- than in the effect that she should very am well there do -- Am I -- Niger cheer fund came from -- -- -- Report. You know -- -- -- -- -- for the -- month and the back amp. They're Big Apple travel social media and mobile and travel the depletion and -- -- -- -- the -- -- And the company's day in Q can you plan. Can think. Important. And -- Portman added one point. -- -- -- -- Who. The should give some background he added our plan. Big up -- man page. In the report and the need to contact the industry and for the year. Keep -- executive there vague and 20000 consumer survey. That the really am comprehend the report. And suffocate the -- -- Kay -- got American here land Indian hotel market and other. But going month feared among -- -- that they. From the report mobile account all twenty interval travel -- at -- global look the other way and they keep -- and end of -- human world -- I -- activate the Internet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Am 45 point we think would make booking on -- the week before travel. At eight yen only hinted they would be -- -- -- media at a lower number I think and -- thinking what people think. And came into common -- but make a purchase and a few hundred -- -- I'll let -- A word but should show the people are more willing the English -- and that up. And embedded in typical -- -- a bit more travel and -- people -- by officially. -- firm. Where it did some bold earn virtual and mobile change term I'd call you up if they can't keep virtual -- -- N Berkeley -- -- in the view now but they are operating together in the market channel environment. The plan an intermediary you know the critical information will into new I think their virtual media engagement declining year on year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Man and even for that who. High that -- mobile generator can -- people will caution in the gifting mobile article interesting. Livni to develop and Hillary -- back and Bana paid people then after weakening the payment are. A big issue is how how we -- payment -- on mobile. -- In the turning he -- market -- that you watch or hear that they will ever feared earlier would -- -- very adamant that. Channel and Iran if it didn't think eight billion dollar. And the engagement with social media you know when you -- heyday and I think the Mac that people aren't actual media. Or they ended -- compete again for the fund and active in infamy by -- copper added all up plan. At the scene there Dan Middle Eastern stock they -- the -- bad laptop or PV there probably aren't the I'm. -- 3% -- the London -- special needed to weakness channel plan. And a good word of warning they -- you typical cash and and -- I had number actually of the one and -- -- the -- achieved -- video -- picture. Of the big financial environment. Than -- -- watch out -- and then finally. We've got. Than. Just the Big -- that evil and the country could -- fed chair with likely -- partner man each at -- and Jordan and -- Martin. And and -- in the day up eight and in the -- click on -- it the they would end between. Album and 5000 dollar or more -- -- travel. And a similar mark for am from the number of people and the mark in the on hopewell. However -- the traditional travel market and even if you think little traditional travel agent. And the -- -- -- by Egypt Saudi UAE actually -- clear my. They're mad -- for the facial at well and let the -- collecting. Actually year. MX. One N that the -- Saudi Arabia incorrect and the that there are very fast growing. Mark that the Republican -- -- another country of -- Bag. Yeah and third that they can buy but I think the -- -- revenue and -- curve woman -- -- And into thin the ligament million birds -- -- and other Arab nation and the and an -- of the religious Ambac because -- leave it big there -- incurred property and Iran Mecca. But -- opportunity gap and be happy and developed on the fund the bid into the -- With any other development. Am OK but that at first you can the tarmac for travel and make report. We want you. Have to figure from the me -- the whole album. -- what her. And what juror who. Are watching your view about the thinking the moment. Term. -- poll coming up. Just what are you gonna -- -- on your screen shortly. -- -- In the phone maker. In decision making organisation. -- local -- regional global and large regional collaboration I believe. -- -- -- -- OK thanks very but 21 offensive from tiny local fifty -- -- mostly regional all global. And prevent involved regional collaboration elite and -- in the -- add that lack. And -- -- the whenever another another quick poll here -- Again the power plant manager hedge your organisation who. Develop -- mobile all have look at. -- landlocked plant -- fat only and come down on the Bob bacon Mac. Planned for. While -- -- fell about 17% of you would than developing have developed from a poll can adapt. Fourteen cent a mobile up market that elite. Three a -- a cabinet led brotherly and what people think you'll want the ban naked you and the done nothing kept -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when he -- the bigger opportunity in the -- employee integration -- mobile. -- -- -- -- Who. One. OK inflation fledgling mobile. Inflation special -- bile anything then then mobile the came fourteenth event location based information -- into other. And cable the Internet effort -- firm. That firm -- Will they -- -- what I mean really am going to call and keep the portion now from cap idea Lampard who urged a presentation. And -- be followed bash -- How people. -- -- -- -- John. I think it might envision. -- OK. I think everyone particularly. A quick all your real people like them you're looking at opportunity that challenge. I'm not. It fell on what -- let -- -- -- optic ball well. Already in -- -- -- the -- -- will auction off the -- who. All -- that's what people led to a stronger walking while the bulk. Like but what I learned a lot of their way to -- it well. I think a bottle or you're just what -- call. We -- the -- -- -- -- whether they all your way I'd let it right. Then what you'd be hard option well like -- well integration. Of the people all your. Book but while buy your ticket -- a well what quite a while back. Really what next. In the year -- you know. That he we've got -- much oil. But the -- at -- get -- A -- but that let you know what again what a unique look. But over -- get over that one location of the that the what -- Location section brick carpet that really market. Integrate that more oil or you know what in the -- Took a majority. But we're looking at what. Opportunity they're. One point opportunities going anywhere -- -- well we all old -- that if they get -- do you look at. What do you get. -- -- -- or what. You want well more probable well. That the book the link. Bolivia what the -- -- I give. Them -- model whatever you -- in the look you're gonna did get public childhood. -- big thing. Like all the truck went -- but -- particular. And what it. We got the U childhood wondered on the technology related. Any one particular what we definitely need that the that he had made it -- -- a group maybe. We're going to be more -- let's let the people that I've gone on there you. -- -- let them couple broke that if you look at what. Looked like a -- Look a what. Rebuild all that will -- a Blackberry. Or did you operate them. Alright. Good luck because you bought that. All the that led a broad view that being. What you owe you all that all. Auction had -- difficult the option but particularly the paper that that it all and it. Let did well. Ebitda by the bell. That -- get bigger. -- That equation. Which -- all you really have that -- might have lots opt back and people pick -- but what it. What did you would you let the -- again. -- happen and what they do quite well he. What. You you. On a built all of that is why. The -- but. What. You want what. They break it. Up with -- what people will. The what you did Loc location. Language that. -- -- Let me I bet all -- a little -- on that do you really want to cut more than either good or bad on that. All. What. What you. Which have lower. Touched a low -- -- them. The likelihood what what what what you. Get the juror trap. But there -- that line -- while you really quite a lot of the action but the -- look. We look should not -- well cockpit think that the without a death pops up right. But on the -- that the bigger hurdle. On the portal. What -- -- the product. An allied products and the shackle you keep it will sell more do we get the feel that what you but they urge you -- you better. What we view that -- do. You get better more well the -- you look at what -- like what the local. There are always multiple get credit. Can't pick them all the -- What led them what it ought to let the they're already on that -- -- the other category. -- would -- their. Pocket the particularly -- the beacon have about customer that you need in order -- offer. -- relevant. Hewlett -- block them. I think all want airline that bar majority of the troubled trade that if what the deal. Elderly people into opted not prevent their. Like you that wall -- what what it. That. A bit. More -- It what airline operated well. If you treat your local law and regulation. Lately what. We. Like what -- that term. That all will. Making deep -- Well what -- Challenge. But wanted to relevant -- what oil. All you want more -- -- did it all do you. -- EU. That took up the majority budget or print. What you know while pushing quite a while that. But that got it. Read them. That I should let the election one. Patient a big challenge that integrate cubic feet. That big picture really get what we tell them. -- really getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We look patient protection. And then I think that the a look at -- -- -- a -- added. Dimension of -- -- if you can talk it's your call. If you look across that -- -- -- -- that long and like. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- that at all that operation check. It all that bought. All of them that the -- like. What Bob white pickup that -- -- them all do it the -- yelled at by. Capture -- -- the update each -- the -- attorney got it then we actually. I'm -- -- -- out a solution that individual. Would get. What that -- but -- a big yet. By the open it up real majority a lot like. Off all our. That's -- the couple. I was a great it will look all action. With. But. -- get through -- well. I'll. The that. We all. Do quite well what -- -- -- -- Altogether. What did it great. Believe me a job -- -- Earlier that each each journey that. We've got that portal. That is what will be other -- -- that looks very quick way -- the U Cheltenham. Match people that -- -- department Alma Powell amateur cricket laptop could curriculum and and you mentioned magnification and -- divided -- the method number of act firm that we're there for the coming month. We did you actually power plan near where dual power plant Newington mark over the life of the opportunity mention if they're there. Do you think the English between mark further -- And then your strategy. Yeah I think we believe we have built a -- -- -- do -- yet what capital. Michael what about. Your -- -- -- on what you would have a lot of great divide what a lot of I'd like that the do you really bet. The forum you big period then ended formation then when you think a -- on a if he. It really good but it need -- the -- the outlook which could again mean that you're. Actually that these people. Develop that -- application for a bit with more information. Because yet to walk -- look -- -- -- that bid that -- -- not. -- -- -- We get everybody have a outlook while on a yeah but them that we will get. -- Campaign. Coming coming in neck stand -- than ever said earlier the -- Gerard van travel. And daily middle even can can achieve -- energy fund information -- You know -- -- -- highly that the customer further -- the Middle East and their hard travel intermediary Ben Kellogg company the drift away. And charming thanks very much for joining the morning -- and acumen -- who gentlemen your all your run your -- fire. About how we. -- -- -- -- My analysts basically going to be talking about -- this -- -- the whole social media and more than DC yield and the at least. Our if you do you see traditionally -- basically this market is a good mix of traditional worthless -- or blocked. And -- social media is actually used more expensive yen aggressively this region. However what see is that our hope -- league most companies even in this either the region. Looked a source -- out more in -- interaction cherry you can easily. We get customise and ought to keep them updated on any new developments. You know as you may rightly say that 80% against one set back down you know being used usually uses. -- research a company initiates feelings it's. Saw the social media has actually come about wines at its new -- lack a layer. Our customer stalled malts in -- -- get experiences on learn more about the put that. And now interestingly as you know sub asserted there won't -- I was really add a leader look at a 6% of -- -- -- -- more bad connection. Which has actually get laid at the same big you know in -- in the large stimulus -- -- stick. I thought we'd actually seen a lot of companies try to mix and match -- our platforms. The source of media -- -- legally argued the -- backed by what Siegel is clearly. Online booking is concerned Irish leader in the making of a pitched at what -- actually -- that its bid is about what -- and that they I'd get if you well. -- -- -- -- that you know you are ultimately what what bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are absolutely should certainly -- -- bankers actually saw the ever really yeah -- Actually backed up thought they yeah it's not ended it was. You know that the strong -- -- -- are elect botulism. Are likely that you truly. Believes. You'll have -- each entry. Our -- -- -- the interesting will go on despite the wine -- -- that our you know most of the pieces. If -- -- and were -- didn't -- with a local language Arabic and still had more what the are -- and adaptability of the goals of the fact that our older users and the fact that we do. About -- either and the court arguments actually got. -- -- -- Clinton added -- rather -- I didn't dignity dubbed the issue of -- social media -- back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just opened one step at -- of our report for all of the as bad bad bad facial editing -- -- changeable. Did this month it definitely will actually back it's more perception. You know that -- -- obviously double the books like if you that you could be too big link between -- Richard. I like there may should allow that meet our working on are either looking back. -- you know difficult market needs -- -- -- -- -- let -- get you look oddly we want to bet big on the academy in. I'd have a good factor. Still you know completely going on bank -- I think right now picture book mix up our you know -- the cardigan and -- -- I definitely get its potentially oil up -- -- -- one. And who wonder why you now -- and the -- before going back -- the traditional travel agent term. Travel agent paper -- in in them. In the middle. -- -- her for what opportunities do you think they are apple brand Lambert and travel agent from the U. Developing mobile jeopardy -- -- -- on a -- you have any example this year anybody doing anything interesting and the fact. A lot our have a base oil I'll knock on the act which is viewed shout out a at avatar you have either sub labels needed at a -- its bid for the third. Whether rapidly insight at nine. Are you see that -- -- up excluding a lot of clerk at its I'll you know more on the more bad it -- not let it. A bit -- -- out a little about the big that the and I think that it gets more. I'll you know -- -- and getting what you are mentally you looked in good or bad but I get that -- -- -- -- -- -- Am and then at one thing that there actually have had good market share with -- -- -- the he immediately after weaker than they are feeling they have an -- for the strong loyal local following -- -- at for quite properly people are looking good deal for Viv delivered big am and maybe people you can -- flow. -- information here how well. Am a bit they're looking a local deal and that the market barely had a public -- because they're the people. The good the L and F market very grabbing -- people how do you travel ban. And drive -- I asked being cut at about you know about all of ultimately if you make you'd expect you. You know -- is YouTube separately out -- -- -- by the -- But -- -- -- -- -- is that it eats into belt which lag effect you know up all. -- scenario illegally used its at least got it -- oil I think you'll. -- a way you get a better about it obviously saw. One -- wonder what will the that the bailout. With yard at Lloyd Eads added obviously I've yet a big figure. I'll -- the gap perhaps anger are -- bank. You know whether that get a -- K I am Peter and thank you -- term -- into -- -- the more about -- all for the poor little -- -- payment -- what we're -- need to have and therefore for people to start looking. Via mobile and -- if not bucking a near. Period. Triggered by an -- out there who for the local offering the FAQ could you could put a playful and opportunity are there. Opel brand. People here. Big -- again maybe the bigger hurdle for increasing the -- And actions already knew coming long gone. On what like direct shareholder and if it's a combination. Of -- for -- Credit card you look but the let me. Cuba and not what people work. But what -- get -- get all the payment option or more while it will. -- then -- -- -- that more oil on which that the issue group. Ended. It did not a very healthy population your knowledge on all that well look at it I think there's a well. Got a very well that the it. Not what you really a bit more oil. What got him. Solution if not trying galactic will look well but did you not -- you will allot action alright. The -- like it. Probable on it even more well. -- That maybe you make. Them or whether that youthful that -- would get properly. If users which hit the right let's look at the action but what. Will you get more oil -- that. Barely digital but also. Be. Able that he can dispute the lot people who got what that work. He -- initial public debt issue that. -- looking at that well. And comparison am then we you eager for the big opportunity and -- you talked about location -- Promotion plan into the creation for both the -- plan. I think at the think the big what I actually -- a higher number our -- and nothing but the integration firefly mobile think -- bigger burner. The bigger issue. And what will we knew -- opportunity for local location based promotion. It was. Definitely did what in the -- Well with each other -- -- then can -- LP. OR do you. -- It could promote old -- -- -- with a much more than you get him you can protect -- -- -- because. They -- give them relevant op then you can double that -- -- -- -- -- Abortion and the meteor. Or all along -- or whatever did a UK -- -- with the actual level -- they urged that. That we -- you had. A projection. That where -- are these. You -- your outlook. Should not all. Knew what your. Twenty minutes away from the gate but applied a part in the -- Well then a couple of modification very up your -- applauded got it very relevant that. -- -- -- -- -- We did quite. Possible that let them because the relevant yet getting -- A crude oil did not yield but importantly it but look at. Get the mother got a better deal them. The -- should shift. That I. It earned -- -- hope that the. -- McLaren -- month amid Ambac financial and mobile. At one thing that came up and our report for the yeah they've still if delaying you know for the hitherto are on the upper band -- -- heavily if not all bad publicly or plan. In indeed because they're not yet fleeing the fair value and kept -- become. And you mentioned big numbers than big opportunity but. What that the plumber the -- brand equity. But you. If you could mean. Play -- not bother the flow but. -- A lot of the digital shifty cup probably shall -- you -- you don't -- -- -- a football but you're more while. We view any -- yet what it would. Not incremental revenue came right out. -- future. Shortly. Yeah I could get really late on the game our pocket you can you -- -- on that Morgan yet on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Benefit of the -- it did what. What I. Think that. It will not -- -- you that. I think it will be more in the the more -- you. You creek copper like that even. Let me spend it quickly if even measurable. A well a watch. That. -- What I -- -- felt -- Eddie -- added had. Yeah hale talked added that -- you know what's companies. It let you know still -- board oil -- -- -- -- -- -- definitely means and the people absolutely yeah. One of the leading drug marketing strategy -- specifically the most affordable need to target no arguments. Our because it's what -- -- -- knew or thought YouTube get after -- much more than you would regularly dilemma is the extent. -- -- -- -- That's mark for the and teams that we needed that the Internet and add that back and say double that -- or -- -- -- -- -- get. Further -- -- into a lump every -- tanker project that would back above ten year they've been of British Airways. Issue recently where capital amount paid -- week. Because of the that initially the customer further and that for the -- Ambivalent. You know. Her weekly cabal of the time. -- -- -- -- -- People what what would -- -- how would -- our bond fund black -- than them -- -- actually impact bucket and the impact. Back in negatively the customer. Paper branded three. Saying that they you should apply by the way airline how how to should you manage letter -- What a negative impact. Yet even measurable lesion boldly and give them that. -- what a mile will ever get on that more. Medical you could get well again if people even even further I think more what a crock pot black what you've done well. Let it crop got so. If you in the future that -- yeah -- -- -- we'll look weak barnacle a bothered. While truck looks like you're really. Little. Reaction or the time you really offer that the duration over. It is. Difficult -- edge product that further. Eight years if the world you know that -- -- then you let a bit you know what the -- wrongful or whether. Back whatever it technically -- dollar if it difficult to manage equipment tried written on -- pretty much about Louisville. You -- do you think carefully charming do you think than ban foreign they've been enough and virtual media gift. Beat our. We are backed up now but you know -- your question is now that. I know its rules and that obviously it's 81 -- You could consider to -- opportunity. OK Gandhi entered a gamble it's some way get an infinitely glad it's better if if it's bad publicity because it yet the -- you'd like a mark. Experiences. I think -- turn -- start you know where fortunately gets enzyme is if very important I know adding that they did get what it would allow companies I believe now these. You know -- -- -- its outlook and yet ultimately get adjusted. -- you got -- -- hit its late -- the -- are -- get big and our best vehicle it's got a double act by. It's incumbent interactions our hot investment hand our research actually do we do developing back. L you know act you sure has not been boiling and that's -- probably alike would build a larger. Tourism board our a lot of on line up happily by investing in the fortunately get back. I think up until the public about the people social media becoming more further the high level playing rather than pumping that further down -- -- -- out there few creation that the come from the audience -- the after he won an -- -- of -- how many up in an eleven million Kaplan of the -- week. Where am fundamentally. I think at a higher at the high number in the well over fifty -- I'll give you them on their plan. But anyway at apple but not going to be -- on familiar China pan am -- -- that term. Could be head up acres. -- how -- really unfortunate. A plan -- the back bank. At peak and charming book keeping the discussion going hand and helping me end -- -- audience very much for joining -- will be defending -- -- and the audio. And yet once again apology or that we -- them. And a whole panel that had people have another one -- the -- that the future. Am you we -- lobby talking about the huge social media marketing upcoming and the and the end. Much of the debate but yet you have -- them under the applicable with -- in the adopt other dental work. And away called the -- -- social media and -- bunch of Asian report. Now which -- worth having a look at the -- -- on the wave market world which -- -- among both protect. And amp amp amp amp -- evacuate but more about the -- week by what my child about them. And more platform on the report than. Let that impact their their club and there are with an. Am and thank you for the audience for a poor handling. -- -- Thanks very much like.

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