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Bring scientific data best practices to your travel business



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Thu, 6 Mar 2014|

William Beckler, CEO, looks at the role of data in starting a successful travel company


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OK -- builds up next. And -- -- probably ten -- of one minute. -- -- -- services assist an amazing group of people to be in fair enough I can just feel the brain waves -- -- emanating. I into the state. I think let if you really quiet you can -- here -- the brain waves coming. Do you without. -- so I am I -- and I take as a story -- Head of quantitative marketing -- travelocity. In rare event in -- office -- -- discipline into travelocity. It was huge transformation for them. They were very happy with its -- the only teams left at travelocity. And I blew it than in the prices of having an edge I had a very transformational experience. In this exclusive no initial review and hopefully you'll be transformational. For you that was. As well. It in our study when I was say. In May -- parliament in London. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The foreign car wireless how -- I've got the media when -- Barcelona looking at the three point you made for me. -- says that. My. My number -- you and you know it low -- -- from when they actually. Profundity just you bullet you did a really badly -- People of the Doha Round in -- prices Skinner as me why -- up three times during year. Four of my performance and -- a -- put the speed again. This inevitability thing happens all the time I -- complicated travel. The travel industry deals with -- -- -- put -- will make them any other industry out there. Now there's a lot of very happy people down the street and main street they're working with Lansky didn't react in making you know a million times whether we. -- but there's a reason network double what to do best -- we're very lucky we get a -- industry -- transformational. We get to work an industry that makes people happy puts Mazur pieces in calculating insurance policies in that. Cattle into -- now wrecking the economy -- changing people's lives in making people happy this is why we do this for well we get paid. I buy this car as global bear the -- is only 7 AM headgear to work faster median was attend due to rule -- -- get the officer minded. And so I had to run. Put that may -- -- the government computer so diluted. Running the line ended next time my opponent the suspense. This -- -- about. You know -- handed out between by parliament in the road. Ended the road to the train station. To get to the transition I have to go around the Spencer begin -- that. To doing it and -- get to work a few minutes versus economic front today I'm gonna climb that the offensive -- that -- about the star after -- As the iron fence. And had -- had ironworker you can step I'm inclined line. So climbed up dispense in -- morning landed. Ended. My foot slipped on homework. When they went out of the break up -- the fence about a -- very tenacious. -- spike. And -- defence a big spike in winter -- body. Now as impelled them tap this bonus. For the cars -- travel analytics. I took -- get a lot worse case I was employed in the top of this -- I had this burst of adrenalin. Superhuman strength was it -- to get myself off the -- -- -- nine to decide right -- they -- the pavement but -- percent of our free base. A 200 under the deadlock has faced down the blood pouring over bad. Ended -- knowing what part of me just add impaled. -- put some urging him on run the said rob anybody mean enlisted your rate. And said no. Intel gets out his iPhone in cases. Ambulance. But that does that play gets seated in such as soon but -- weighted inverse -- -- about a minute and then. And -- wireless side while in heavy -- -- life but -- few people get to have. Moment where I was wondering if you imagine a lift how do -- Spector wiped out -- it -- begin immediate through this. You know. A -- thinking about why we why you -- on the situation it. Why it wasn't aware. This with primary about someone's performance included in those search engine marketing channel you January. Is now worse by around it. -- I'm so -- -- put yourself that you I'm gonna flash back into peak above my family and I -- pointing to melee but first here's another step now. While -- into my head was work. In the reason you don't work was going to -- -- is because in industry -- in. We work life and work with it hide in the -- most about breaking our gross. In our wireless we're working on the problems that we don't. Starting today. -- -- riots this is that just a -- this has Dallas markets developed trouble here. -- the -- making companies more efficient. Making a customer experience is better is what we do in this rather more than anything else whether we spend -- families more than everything else. It -- it's are waking life we are going to work work work quite the way home from a quick thinking about work we're sitting here in this conference today. Talking about the stuff this that's why that was going to my mind. A fight about work in the question as myself in losses it this is the absence of -- Wagoner today the question as myself wireless. Is it worth it is that effort than I'm spending on all of these projects worth it. Is the added -- above. Our amazing in tweaking in coming up with Julie -- in letting them in looking at disparities in I DN surfing tubes. Is it worth it is worth my short time on this planet well should be doing something -- would -- time if anything out better. What -- every week where would that so. I want a husband a -- precisely Centre to -- correlated said the -- they go through lay is survived -- silly. Didn't actually take -- -- -- nothing Baghdad brokerage you have to -- -- but their -- I go back to work N -- I really -- life is different. People were expecting me to do the same -- reports. They expecting me to work and the same kinds of project and I say. You know web based -- changed. This is the new -- We're going to only do projects that -- -- that somehow line every single thing that I work I had to -- -- easing factor. Everything everything has to -- -- effective and easy factories is this amazing what some indices were -- working and say wow. Have things I was doing without and that had -- have to things hosting. Happen to be sort of the -- adequate but affect food them insight about revenue meeting this prospective. -- figurative-f-ih-g-ax-r-ax-t-ix-v. Eight could justify makes assistance -- so -- demeanour when Arafat was amusing wind. -- capital while write down. So we wheat pour oil into oil and complex organisations. Reported data together from many sources say. Would come by in this bidder with through their efforts in support of a -- into dependent processors. In if what you're doing is nada meeting. Companies simply one that. Operate you won't be able to inspire people were better things to do with their timing. Their -- responsibilities within the matrix organisations. Do what they won't want you to succeed but if you doing as a meeting. If every single what are your creditors meeting obviously due project -- rate goes from 10% to 9%. Because all of the other people around -- fuel energy began fixated and they want to be part of something meeting the reason people working travel. If they wanna make a difference of people left either -- would you attribute your salary though few miles down the road. There global diversified our -- -- it up as soon as France which has is where would do with it. Is it life changing is again making huge difference. -- -- You know and before at this point we did a lot we've had a wide emphasis sense we're testing and maybe testing. Afro mainly using revolution -- product you end in a Briton focused ion. Business change gonna really change the -- customers look at us isn't going to rule change the -- -- you still with us Evan M and a conversion rate improvements work. Visible -- these protests. To figure out whether well we're doing is making a difference you can see because -- were -- 20304050%. Better. Only do these bold changes immediately -- just. So. It's you know it's great to see all these projects are -- -- people. But sometimes we forget. That the reason that we where -- travel was -- to make money. No we do the hardest work we did the most analysis and indeed -- potential to be debt. It snap because who -- -- money is because we want to change people's splatters because you one quick smiles a transformational. Experiences for people. -- we need to -- network -- what are we doing to transform our companies. Is everytime we're giving. Worth it is that I make your are spending. Justified. By what we're discussing whether we're really pushing ourselves to create amazing experiences.