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Wed, 26 Feb 2014|

Simon Bradley, VP Marketing North America, �Virgin Atlantic Airways, Jérôme Hiquet, VP Marketing North America, �Club Med, debate how to improve the marketing function in large travel companies


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-- contributing. To the launch event we were getting them involved from the very early stage which which works really well. Social media was -- used FaceBook Twitter throughout -- -- -- that's -- nice -- kind of magic moments are on social as well. And the first one was -- -- do all. A global hang out with Richard Branson. In the clubhouse which was way back in early 2012. And speed up delivery ArcelorMittal was still on hold -- debt -- -- and it was a nervous moment when you got Richard Branson's that there are you trying to build out with. Ten people. It while Bolivia people -- all our New York doing doing sort of contest -- things but that that would it was a great. Launch platform and it went along with social media. Trying to build more engagement. And we've read about the concept called high clubhouse which was. -- Edward way of tapping into what our customers like about our club houses and they used -- -- Gramm and Twitter to take pictures of a -- -- -- possibly in the week. Brought back in is a feed it into one of our -- so we really co creating without frequent fliers and our customers. To make. Really great content and also provide driving a lot of engagement and then. -- the end of the year. When -- -- frequent flier base. And and we got them involved in designing a sequel cocktail. Which is now being Serbian -- houses all around the world so there really contributed towards that. And actually then. Drove the experience. Pinnacle perhaps itself. And so if you get into a -- as a soon ask for a golden girl and -- we get. And -- so then I am confident said that with. The digital -- and the mobile campaign. And and that was really. Aimed at driving what we -- surround sound. With the target audience which has -- business travellers in New York itself. We wanted to rally then in going after them in -- very fragmented way with advertising we wanted to try well with one media partner. And provide. A 360 approach across all of their touch points so that every point during the day. And we use that's how we use a mobile devices. We use their planes. And we now we've used. There in the elevator advertising program so. At every point during the day we were present with those key New York business travellers. And then we complemented that would -- activity in in the newspaper itself and that was that was -- -- and -- that works really well this is our brand favorability score from. Wall Street Journal. And we essentially doubled our brand favorability with that reader readership during the period of the campaign so that was a tremendous. Testament to the idea I think of working with one media partner rather than spreading it across you know multiple channels and and fragmenting and diluting the message. So that was the results just -- the immediate campaign but then. Have thought that -- run through that very quickly but you hopefully we can see from various -- we tried we -- we multiple teams multiple groups of people. And and also work very closely with our sales team which -- talk much about but our sales team were integral. Toward this and were repeating in using the same messaging the same collateral. To really drive the deal be at the end of it. Sell what did you do in terms of results. Well by the end of 2012. Familiar familiarity with upper class products that's are limo service barb barb -- clubhouse there's. Our up on -- services us -- our inflight barnstorm. Familiarity with that product in the among -- business travellers was 19%. Up. But even more exciting for those words that brand commitment among New -- business travellers. Was 45% up so we really saw a shift in they perception and the commitment. And at first that's a huge deal because. In New York it's so competitive for a little airlines like Virgin Atlantic you know we got these massive. Legacy carriers with huge alliances and first -- that level of cut through was really a really big deal for us. And awareness of the new products and services among our target audience reach 80% by December so really pleased with that as a British technical chapter bets. I was very -- bets when I saw that call. And then I'll collect. -- early November but our revenue. For upper class was. Significantly up year on year. So. I think that's -- ten minutes is and so. That's -- and now handover to the next. Speak I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- So. Another British accent borrower of previous won't. So word go on from Northern England. -- -- they're while they're at my background. So I would call Avis Budget Group right now I'm responsible for international marketing which really. Involves me -- three different parts. First is around drop in business in bound into North America. The second is around try to globalised what we do as an organisation. In the world -- England and driving more well a revenue. And a third is with Canadian domestic responsibilities really with the first two hat and speaking today. My background before Avis Budget Group involved working for British Airways sorry. And also with American Express and a bullish troubles were also up -- would -- troubled introvert. Outside of my year. Professional -- on the music obsessive run up our ongoing -- -- look to -- about the blast our spoke -- -- trouble conference was in Germany at. Revenue management conference but I used The Beatles in the history of The Beatles to explain our revenue management strategy. Really didn't go down that well with the German highly analytical audience lower hope hopefully -- -- they'll be quite different. So scepticism. Will face it up -- perhaps a -- will be to be that person who's achieved so much yet still faced doubters. That's familiar. And the world where not necessarily get digital marketing it's hard to talk common language about common across some kind of alchemy -- snake oil salesman. -- -- -- -- some numbers that the showed us and tangible benefit. Just over necessarily believe it. Pretty proves a success peers are the problem. There's certain of a weakened slightly quarters of those digital marketers which were out there essentially. Handed out -- people are -- -- already walking into the store anyway. Sites that difficult thing to challenge. And in -- multi -- world where where that the messages are increasingly fragmented. It's important that not all we get the message but also we kind of -- internally how effective. Our progress has been. But get copper. Causality is really tough to measure prove caught -- causalities talked about it well can estimate with equal with. Predictive statistical models that can show some kind of correlation. Book but true course relatives almost what the holy Grail. -- -- core probable I realised that a speaker seraw always told bill but controversial solicit my -- -- -- property. Over the past fifteen years or so I think we have conspired together -- -- industry. What -- oversell how profitable digital marketing excess. We can tell -- -- -- -- message and and we can tell you about the revenue that. That would but we've been generated -- two when the two together as fact is incredibly difficult. All we can really do was estimate. So bring investors back to avert the topic of the session how -- -- sceptical world where. -- tracking is incredibly difficult do we break through the silent. I'm gonna talk through how we've done some -- -- -- Avis Budget Group. So were a global company we're growing fast. And my example who's gonna show where we've been really try to break through silencing and develop this this world of integrated digital marketing. I don't really is -- world -- -- -- So where our silence. -- silos are really based on geography. We've got a regional. And those regional -- -- necessitate that each of the regions C but so. Relevant oral -- that they need so I think each region finds investment for digital marketing. So it needs to see the benefit for example here now. But -- As we spend money on one market to drive business to another big consumers essential will do what they war. It's clear that the consumer. Who we invest to drive money from I won't go from the UK to the US it. Quick. We can't necessarily find that the perfect intense brawl that consumes -- of the solutions out there so to help hone in builders are still gonna be. Any central what will he do business with goes elsewhere. That that the court this free will to prop up. The consumer is always gonna do -- frank. Advertiser. AUS rental message to a two UK consumer and you gonna -- not -- business the UK. So to our power and I'm using a picture of the Jackson 5 instead of a picture of the People's Bank. I couldn't resist -- so before I get into our bikes that tends Jackson 5. Essentially are -- solve what I believe but a relatively consistent problems all -- businesses face of the system -- scepticism. And there's the fact that I think we've oversold how profitable the solace and in my -- in particular I trust -- that with global silos. With a consumer base that really doesn't care about my business goals so -- five steps. Step -- what directional is good you know. -- strive for perfection. We don't operate in the per foot retractable world that was touted as a digital marketing started to develop. Therefore striving for perfection in this imperfect world measurement is it's just a necessary. A directional oral like it's good enough. To -- up with -- perfectly robust numbers award I believe conferring -- five strategist inappropriate. I'm OK with that. Step too conservative accounting. As we know that this isn't -- 100% -- -- In in the spirit of the directional laurel like. I always low -- I think it's important to be able to look myself in the mirror and say that. The revenue but I'm claiming visible leaks that China claiming -- it probably were even definitely more. I always apparent side of caution. Step three. It may be true but -- to diminish the powerball were the best way to abusive. Maybe the same condition truth silos. So my -- -- work within the silence. I'm actually investment from the market with the specific return but it generates. With hugely conservative attribution. As possible to demonstrate the retrial of each geographic silos actually generated some success the key is to ensure. -- that where where possible everything's working in concert with each other. So by that duplication that should be removed agency relationships on the global patient should be followed and where possible the marketing message should be online. But the results of all what I can still be seen through silent during Perot -- won't. Tamar well this just really involved -- from the beach market and respecting that they've got grown business to run and grow revenue should generate. What are my main principles and then try to drive this global revenue has really been did not change -- a -- -- -- local market well. But instead to work with each the market and find out what works and took harness that. Expect show it's about showing that -- model can can really operate in the relatively point -- manner as long as we all respect apparently some rules of engagement or other. But the silence kind of imply. At its core where all this is about mean not seeking to change an oral white population. But -- to recognise victory. As each region invests so we need to demonstrate the -- region struggling term success. -- to show the bigger picture. You don't have to -- in global revenue but should so we talk about it. So processed this means that we acknowledge at least tangentially. That the risk of Contra revenue that we drive that we don't claim on both the -- like a collection. I expect revenue that goes to all the markets opened up which was intended so for example I know Iraq I invest in certain activity in the UK. To drive people to the US and it drives a bunch of revenue for the UK. And that's OK as -- as for me with a set of US investment volatile driving. That the US oral -- required everything's OK -- -- But absolutely. -- talk up ray dvd and employment for the entire organisation this unintended revenue that the work whatever. And I'm mark my final point just collaborate with in the silos and I was gonna make that applied those -- European onstage that sir -- should be -- -- with the US audience talk about social -- -- there's there's actually. Three obvious on stage of so maybe on the OK. So that you know social and kind of pointed. Ultimately. -- we can work within silos and we can demonstrate the broader benefit of the revenue we -- and we do need to work together. So pull in our resources really enables us to get a better so about what's so. -- -- but it's always challenging talking about. That kind of concept that numbers based and not -- -- share any of the number so we're gonna. -- what -- -- say the country has got two million dollars worth of investment and it needs to generate twenty million dollars worth of return trip to Jeddah to justify. -- B has got a million dollars to spend with a fifteen million dollar. Our expectation. To get back for -- 35 million dollars we -- country needs its so we treated to get -- the three million it spent together. It's kind of obvious. Book but that's what we're we're working towards doing because then there's the mix that we trimmed its world well -- -- counting revenue which which is actually driving the -- -- that the country needs. Pull in everything together enables us to do that so what so where possible where whether the silence of -- presented themselves as being ripe -- challenge him we're doing that. And it's a good start to generate some great success poorest. But still the end goal is to -- look at the investment to respect the source of that investment showed that the -- Thompson returned as needed that. So let me just remind you -- the five steps but I'm suggesting that more oil. Use a directional is good enough we don't need to be perfect our measurement. And I don't believe that we can be perfect. Step through these. -- we're not perfect but the conservative. And and then we would -- which would result in the mirror and know that -- we're not trying -- -- revenue. Step three is work within the silos. And over are Seville -- the best way of reducing the powerful -- -- abuser and a natural would leave them but also the case -- -- out. Expect for sure the bigger picture so so there maybe some other revenue that the -- generating. Talk about the don't climate. And -- five cooperate with the missile strike about. Common good -- the end of day. So I'll I realised that serve -- as well -- appearance Beijing and try to talk -- Some answers as -- how we break through the -- -- know that this isn't the perfect answer it's just certain. Perspective on how we're we're doing just assert certain baby -- So hopefully that that's been -- some use but if anyone -- has got. Any ideas for the five different pictures showed us -- -- cultural reference points to 22 point five puts Conseco like. Flights were not. Good morning everyone. And -- -- are they had a marketing globally for the -- car age from happening here rob Harmon you. And Q3 things that we believe quite critical of where to -- breaking -- the -- The first is really going to consumers well. The second is -- I felt very well finding the truth about ourselves -- and through its strategy -- battered. And that we're is. Devising a strategy for VoIP market is planning consumer returning much like word Simon Brad -- verify. That let that go ended to let. Rwanda -- engaging with bad versus how well and that. I'm taking it grew about ten minutes there is but preserve liver T live -- work better health will be interesting -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- The first actions that knowing our customer. Sell our custom -- global hotel company -- wrapping around the world -- lever up. Software and this -- is they really need your hip breakdown strict adherence upbeat. So by 46 year old than you with the review. About six months ago buyer reporter -- TM -- you know what happened while handle what occurred. Total languages being spoken need out of twenty choice of which just what business between US and for an backed. These -- rabbit head -- all the -- somebody who speaks English as a first language in Q yes. Perhaps -- look at the global economy this as a -- -- picture of what that actually means. This gentleman is a real estate developer. N Isaak the doctor building hard sixty philanthropy at 5561. Which is. Could create. Condominium building in Europe which has claimed the theme is that it sold 750 million hours. With the -- -- in seven weeks. And while we ask one could be asked especially -- they had you find customers. You know -- -- now -- of his customers are from. Breakdown street -- -- from China the fund the Middle East here. Buying into the concept of buying into -- -- yeah but not buying into something functional within their buying Intel architecture and are something that. They personally -- passionate up and keep his successors bring that away. Interesting statistic about money with the apple. You know where it. In 2007. When money market accounts or somebody the argument that -- -- trying to -- -- piece of business E*Trade -- -- up that time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At a better time people their 461. Billion hours in the tracking cap and over time when it really did something what. Now when you look at without quite how their money. That number in 2013. Is 816. Dollar and ended nobody really knows -- getting -- -- -- checking out. The point is that people have their money anyplace where they're gonna spend -- field where it's pretty easy despair and and the number one category when you look at where -- -- on the gonna spend the money is travel. That's good news everybody in -- And the other thing there is important about travellers -- is if it's a beautiful category. I think our burst you know -- -- -- I would -- but silos -- talking about online marketing that we can never forget as we go to market we'll -- how we're gonna do our marketing to a sales are worried -- companies. But as a category of people out when you think about. Would you give you more narrowly -- would you do if everything was perfectly travel I think that's true for almost everybody it certainly is with the consumers a weaker after. There's no point in added recently that said there at the affluent -- as well as regular people. And -- -- are the only vendor which has been getting -- part of American Express and there. In -- say there's absolutely not the case that went back in midday internally said the apple can actually afford to be loyal to more Bratz. You think about -- 1 PM in Evansville -- a bank our power. What is going to be tough but you're gonna back I think you really are passionate about that you think whatever reason this is that the power -- I want -- -- again under. If you living in Greenwich Connecticut you're poignant for nine hours the year. Spread your loyalty around their -- -- your favourite -- carriers what your favourite sports areas. When you -- -- yen by year's end each of those new answers may never get a -- deal -- does the media that's why I'll just that media the capability for. Spreading a wealthy wider. So not just a snap trapped inside -- that interesting everybody. Statue was -- ourselves so we didn't reset with this our entire bill well Mac -- markets North America Europe Middle East. China and Japan we looked at the Ritz Carlton brand like our new show -- -- key constituencies and we're back from every angle would benefit the story of who actually -- -- -- -- what did you hear. Look -- through this story. -- -- -- And we look out through their their lands have had people actually feel on our hotel -- -- -- -- But it never fully years about the Ritz garden which is now like most vulnerable now -- What I have people. We're now and outdoor farmers that. For three years -- -- curious why these as either you know find anybody you interact with in the hotel has versatile bigger part. And the posting net sales managers like bill strong relationships and create rich for our guests alike. And we look bad we position ourselves. The idea of creating gas -- life is really about creating memories about how to keep -- -- room engaging with year end knowing that. You know Simon -- said virgin believers in the authorities British -- of America. In doing something special -- -- -- who think it. NAM and that's something that when you look at our partner Charlie Ernst these these global travel areas who have a lot of money you. Kind of would be welcome anywhere and that we can -- the great brands you know potentially at risk on March a theory couple married up four seasons -- wine Cameron. We have one notable competitors but -- we uniquely well it's -- -- that's because Britain early years thirty per barrel and with government of the -- that -- deal. You gave the gas in the way they keep something in their father of online. Now we have built up their hotel and acrylic galvanising ID F wraps around the power memories. That led us break down the silos and do something very lucrative for the put up. We look at the customer joining don't want a different way to with the -- -- plans. But I think it's a applicable alternate the most Brown's. Ended should relieve. For left right in this case goes from -- awareness. There being its Barrett. And I have to take it for about one ticket for a -- Asian business. To planning the trip. The booking that trip. The period between new -- you actually get of the Papua new markets. We pipe awaiting and then they hotel experience. And then post -- and Simon's point. Adapted this -- with which we want to get people rate back to the beginning -- an efficient -- What we -- was we organised around how -- attack each of these occasions from the consumer push -- -- With what we have -- -- working out what -- ER -- CI. Partnerships we start. It's what a lot of wellness and say how we as a consumer awareness how we as a team attack inspiration summit speaker Chris -- what we get there. So like any good company we paid an average -- this is advertising that captures a moment create that the risk rather and it's a story about. Couple was unaware that we are able hiding their -- that string ended in outlays beer hour at tamarine dot Graham her toddler pleaded. And -- why in no way for them know. And this is -- supposed to depict. Day that the woman now obviously they're sitting down Cathay and having this. Eight -- -- add up on the table team want to prepare -- out by reminding her that leverage from experience here. We give a speech -- this advertising. And that I feel I've actually fell fifty I went and therefore if there's some of our closest friends -- a valid. Italy look this line whether stay with you being the -- that they read about but the bigger rip up the power memories. And this is one Obama idea abuses without written this is that by Richard -- even travel -- Wrote about a experience where he was in Jakarta coming out of there. Coming out of the jungle heed them and some big have been -- show that average branch front -- out. Yes -- be my leave and was treated like a trader like Brent. We've said from -- I'll never forget that -- I'll never forget how ladies and government triggered -- -- that. You know when perhaps to do their didn't. About what the expectation rich Barton that's right. Now as a great way of average -- better advertising group in the market environment. Partnering with. Inspiration. We did in -- -- gas -- member of their the -- -- -- global brand with some places like you ask where. The brand image ubiquitous that other places like China where we're at the very beginning about turning. -- we did in inspiration was actually show how we create memories. But -- slavishly to turn their idea whether -- you bet with the idea of what really goes into creating. Was -- as well as a similar. -- which we live every messrs. The letter exactly where further. -- -- -- Ended what we now has one for a housekeeper or one -- gap one for Somalia a shoe shiner Forrester now -- But are the different craft were in the red bar that the degrading memory is. In Japan we take a different slide four we took the idea power memories and what between. Well we actually give them a very different -- than -- took -- -- our refers. We said just show last three your -- That their different memories of the Korean -- Japanese hotels Tokyo Osaka and hopefully now I need the power for a poignant of these hotels. And capture memories that we actually happening. The way that they -- DiCaprio and the -- that they actually exist that. And we created this -- and now magazine. Bad -- came actually aidid's exhibition where we took their views these three different -- the first day fund. Travel memories and exhibit -- -- into Tokyo -- now. The planning stage which everybody in the room is focused done. When asked is really hard at with -- -- I would side I think no matter what business our running into -- that's where we're up things. You know young the hardest of the hotel but web side is that choke point dad. For every year asked whether Europe coming to step at a time coming for -- -- coming for wedding avoid erratic drive. The website plays a key role self how we get -- an eye on their end and make back -- turn -- a team that. This is the hard -- -- activity whether it's social or public relations. -- -- -- -- -- -- The other thing we do really well I believe is with the planes is. Language content and wonder what again what that is the Ritz garden magazine mr. -- -- -- four years will experience to deal would add a perennial Lanza. Great because they can't and that our -- -- -- magazine. Inspired spreading now around how to use that indeed work in Twitter. -- -- that can't and a number of -- create better brand experience apple users on the web expect free market outlook looking. But at the emotional side of experience. Instead we partnered with revenue management. And this was way of pulling the idea the power memories and -- spirited away forever remembered strategy. Well we clearly packages look for each of our hotels around the world that allow consumers to block an experienced -- memory. So out of this why now the discoverer -- packaged into by allows customers the broken experience. At about financial work in the worrying they can expect company -- executive -- after the local space through. And quite -- spaces with them and have a really unique experience that is decided by a notable obviously. Just over which partner must -- falsely. And truth be told it's neither incredible expense for us. And the reading between when output and actually get of -- hotel this is for us at social media -- river and. Power you. -- Cannot be as we can really bring to waive the non Linear part of the hotel experience the personality of the public that Europe's failure did go to you imagine you book a room and capital well. Our hotel are absent when debt is. You get to see that things could have actually happening in real time and. Furlough this social media team as a bad habit they work with other part of the business. Like apparitions figure out what client and I know -- years. -- today that bring you that idea about the memory that they can expect to have a Key Biscayne we're rigorous. The Taliban's denigrate shah with ladies and gentlemen certainly. Bad marketing had Q will become chairman Alan Labatt operations of -- wire. To create a more curious experience and drive what we're out of the part of the power and therefore forward experience. So perhaps want in the McGuire -- or are we really make the experience that people -- -- Ritz -- -- and more -- that. We created on the open -- -- -- -- -- -- unique experiences out if a guy island. We're -- -- -- -- -- stories about your reading up a scavenger hunt that up pirate themed patrol -- around the hotel. In on -- that are -- in the wireless pump life where you can look at the wine less than. An inquiry is ample I'm -- apartment and our partnering up -- created unique experience. We Arcelor had a week we have a big program with their. Those work well concierge which is taking the concierge steps that really value for risk front and bringing those defaults where. We then took back content -- user to populate this well on the bubble alchemy get a richer experience that consumers could get help better. Picture of what during the destination mark just with than there was of the. And then lastly post. -- We we will get -- as away tears danger if people want feared. -- Key -- let's say in the back in Europe. This is an open door and -- thing I'd say about -- the gradually given internally years. Now we're in pupils pockets -- that use that over to make -- we're doing things that -- genuine value the people not just massive we've got it off but the message that they won here. Thank you so much. So good morning I think in the now wins about quality excellence and fresh. To fund new -- from the US are. -- I want to share with you years. For us as a background and there's been enough marketing proclamation asked America. And Charles Brown. Because America. As a you don't distribution and the progress in the US and Canada and before that words -- about get off -- and Internet. As a rule but what well -- But the more I think about what does this morning's -- I've -- that I am still weaker. Most of them have been done on -- The problem is nice treat. Is -- so we've -- it took about eighty per page prices. That -- -- is not make again a story which is easy to tie up. So why I want to show we view is more. -- -- money and I know that and on refutes James -- -- so I don't have an answer about. This took beach -- I have a prospective and I want to show your poll we -- in med. I've met with data that the -- another project to joining -- because we've on our web can be yen. -- -- -- -- But before that I just wanted to share -- resume some articulate just read in the last months -- during my friend. The marketing community is under stress. If you could get -- governing regime where fine -- that manages a few self -- -- by year end that -- that -- scientists. If you get in their minds up tick up we took about do its job -- -- -- -- to -- trains on the -- -- brain. -- -- -- Did you -- channel ends of Russia where funny season premier yes so just to -- that's. Zero it could sustain these challenging and for us either market -- no matter where -- industry. Its main change. And -- and that I recently read -- as to -- farm -- and Europe is this year miles inside Syrian and re Europe we say that's on must optic ports and obviously more fuel and preference for new change. So what I'm -- particular any advice for me how we -- that -- -- -- Our. Knowing -- When we can't try to to who gets. Adds high we truly integrated changes should one not -- ago. I try to find a statement will define -- well as a particularly climate and I'd get one of the best games -- marketing means that future is. -- -- eni said it seems bigger pensions -- we duration and we must know how to disrupt any weather might simply took two years ago. We identified three main changes. And everybody took about -- customer July before but also -- because -- -- channel year Europe. And if the answer all the people 134 answer relationship as a -- any front of that we try annuals that we use a lot of what try. To define. For the customer view your hot weekend shift would touch points strategy. More than -- channel one. Falls on the channel -- we shifted from a minus train. That plant -- -- screen platform. And I'm Bob Brown. Asked people wanting frowns around. We shoot from the Brent spread to useful web because -- brand experience -- Q where does it -- to which bring under brand no matter what. U sure well before state during this figure does that. -- -- to you and then they've got about that. Recently remains -- -- will -- new -- like campaign as a wallet or entering as a license to Europe a story. Ask your doctor -- statements. -- packing S visa what. -- -- Europe as a new dimensions any it was a mentioned that would appier like very small -- -- -- -- question. What's your idea of -- -- -- as we seen that guardian of any changes you around happiness. But after a sensitive is that we are like let's -- knowing more Y -- -- -- enemy government claims instead of a penis so we have to change. How interactive event Louisa brown resolve that you resolve units was that. So this comes from Asia. Car -- done. We is -- don't go -- about -- roadmap that went well we Russia always is nuts -- bullish run is not enable a shambles and marketing humanly. We -- is quoted ex bosses Johnny -- around but what share falls -- bank. And we wanted to integrate. White people off assets as of and -- And -- you -- sixty you're all brown now and in addition to -- for four. 78 results and the war but also our planes that -- -- you know. M is based on that's we try to refund refinancing is of them agreeing to a so rising for the management. -- we should evolve in time of communications. Was due to a -- What does -- -- them off content whether -- opt off more for the social media whether the meaning come up. Redefine result -- -- on the value the second point is -- we could change. Into come off. Customer strategy to a more at that point strategy and -- -- -- -- K Dan we -- gets -- quite the same way knowing that there is the first. The copper chase but chase -- states they have to -- -- -- we should integrate. Some taught us some communications strategy some channel on marijuana -- some channel rather than as a one in his policies. The -- -- is. Just similar anti Dutch firm should be integrated not products. We -- some key new show on by the -- up more than 75 million results. Furniture line we're endowment for running every scene is much more than -- -- You don't force. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And of that point is because we are now -- duchess you know facing. How we can maximise. The customer lifetime value knowing that yet viewed more and more relationship not on the transaction. But on the long term joint. But we have to college and when we -- answers your right as the first one is. I'm just help us achieve just imagine they're OK I'm Shannon in your pocket in France a pocket. But young is that better known musician -- -- paper that -- addition we -- of as the main -- well. -- to -- what we face as a backstop we have to inform -- due to manage -- better. Outcomes is one because. Ice and do seem that -- -- liberals by every CM and -- that we regions in the either direction only better than perfect until. So well we already an asset which was unique white -- but -- in what. So it -- offer -- unique twelve white papers where our mini countryman percent of on the funds. Defunct country. So we just rally as the first tranche two would define what -- is is what and if -- that -- currency. Harvard that the best -- user can use is a bad bank you know -- -- to -- -- energy. So the first -- west project. And it's a real question today. If we want to -- -- -- -- double -- from Asia Louise on suspicion about big get up tomorrow we are we talking formations of the -- would be to manage it. So quickly forest unleash months that they -- in it is an ongoing process. The second point is well to make it was put amazed how we analyse information and how we finally chip yeah -- As a mid treats and -- that what we want to buy let's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's passed. Why -- sovereign wealth fund which is hard -- chairman exploits -- formation is that the up on the -- -- existing. Development -- euros -- information but what's on your number and I want to share with you two example very quickly is the first one is. Stoically as the -- strategy West -- led by the order management. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now as a -- scenes I think you won't be calling in North America as a platform will volumes I think he is -- at least put -- that. Between. Marketing away and -- moment. There was an example it into its investments in the result we're up in Jean -- runner. -- -- -- -- -- You earned a month. -- section we should -- investors aren't you could you will keep the activities. But we integrated perspective on that answer Purcell OK on the customer best picture what are lots of items -- -- -- -- to -- And an ideal type not a straight from the customer could be around depending on the -- on the nationalities. It could be so activities -- integrated information visit -- -- we had a small evolution them off. On the -- and easiest and better than the results. To substantial attention. While -- Paramount one is Harley maintains as well want to mention I was information. And we -- -- across an option future. And was across cannot insurer went onto say is indeed it is -- -- Together on information in December Dennis M and that's it's very tough tool. -- that's why we have -- that they know is could you -- -- -- follow us. What you an example we spent last. Rest during to a well -- -- -- integration not altered information about it could turn Europe into action with us we email. By changing the towards end buried things about that those reasons is the mantra well the answer very bottomed. But -- that's this archer financial which is to Oman is in include higher what went -- -- meet monthly guest. In other talks with the that they are anti -- suffered this year. The first one is. Actually more knowledge. And I don't -- that's miceli is of exactly formation not exact -- that you're -- you have made something that isn't descriptive but. Could the action would follow up four department -- marketing. Can't quite see -- quality management H. To sit on points. Is just -- language. Because -- still for. -- -- -- I'd feel on the alert in May that's true Euro above its repeat should come with an evolution from your perspective. That you want to engage if you want proper fuel which is not in the same mindset. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This past Eads were -- market -- we need more and more and more. Is your desk and not entered from the -- winner decided was up tomorrow but there's an honest. And effects. Is ever more -- of the marketing Stewart is better. Better better chances that the mindset. -- way to integrate -- that mean I saw how we integrated chippewa. We're up six per basic in -- and -- But also as a prop on pronounced on the marketing team. So very quickly everybody who was an example of what if -- -- -- that's. Get the first why is actually a -- -- -- of the first -- months in just will surely your -- -- on Reuters screens -- -- -- -- Very quickly. Too -- we are either related co -- mindset among that -- off my back refuge on the -- amid growing. -- we'll have run then put -- we see now stand to shift will reduce principally. And the second step is when we implement -- And I bad apps. Smartphone apps a website -- by president pursuit website. We started. Here's the -- -- -- why that is a more often talked. So that grow best we know Douglas -- all of the Smartphone means that although China processor is a brand awareness in the biology. To sip elements -- -- -- to Donnelly today each other fury the wrong sense for reopen a teaser rate one. But just to touch her -- -- When you're out and you -- answer customer -- -- wanting -- purchase spreads. And banner -- -- only that -- we score goals of Barnwell either you know address. We he's got other -- any email address increased by more than twice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Best and twelve more email we had one -- -- -- private and open up responded as a result. But -- we -- -- and gauge support to talk about originally T -- -- bed Eckerd chain on people wine from doctors to not only along. So minivan -- saying hey guys we -- increasingly precious freight. And viewpoint is not going to say -- and -- -- -- -- OK well. So hard to change -- -- to talk about the that they cannot be sure that they are going to be -- the -- falls upon Ben. So we've tried to find -- way up. And -- down more in the process -- to refine needs is -- put Marines -- -- who I think maybe because. We and yen it was easier for borrowers to save every Daniel winter gets an email up and -- one there's new induction therapy. Eads won that -- for the company. And -- on -- holly -- is changing -- of communication. We increased by 25%. As a breach -- -- that they get you get as a result what. -- -- is a -- up. I'd like to talk about should -- -- media should -- and more than made up that -- because. Implement what we. -- -- getting good research -- whether it was a tomorrow. M -- -- have added -- team and reject the location of -- you've seen yet is just an example off. -- -- -- To try to identify toward a huge your. -- use add up those investors is yen user consideration set by new confession -- Russians at. And we are many cloning we have finally that -- unveiled -- -- -- have -- -- quite see. Could vary in Babs as a number of Hugh without but where cigarettes to fund 10041. -- you up. We're just fine that's if you combine you're -- to increase the consideration. Can you need to ask does this first phase he diluting. Unique -- while growth. You wonder what effect of conversion rates at GM so just enough running -- pop on first any some -- -- time. Some saying that's. Need to clearly as a UK who -- us to merge its N yen before and -- -- point is always know why you possessed. As a -- and then we do stuff. But nobody -- knowing white. And mass quantities. While gains that is new or to put their heads up -- -- -- -- it is. -- changing. And is changing because I was and to demand shown particularly Colleen mentioned -- is changing because I was an -- articles mention. So this is -- one better Chancery off white formula drug use the next few years. I'd assume that's up to Boston we've seen on marketing as a flocking foreshore. But we got to integrate. Its utilisation. Is in Dallas musician. When you manage a website anyone -- Dodge Ram ram device and depletion. Come to you because I have -- -- change boys versus dilation and pulling back marketing. But -- that marketing took more time was seen about. How will I Europe hop to rethink how to reintegrate is gonna do what -- could be better tap it could you run contents we -- the -- social media. The second axis is actually I -- scenes that we are. We are. Either I used as a sea yeah you're zones -- -- because we get more -- -- reflect the original vision we got what went. The seventy's and -- eighty's I don't believe in the -- -- That's up is a DuPont announced because even if everything we -- -- racquetball and do we with that's. In -- -- -- have some -- dish and direct -- all you know why is very strong yen. Waiting will be stronger and that's asked is why I think -- -- in -- to weaken going club -- is admitting that we have to become a politician. Because when you talk about dollar change when you talk about us. -- all just a market insured. Some damn you won't run much what our forward adequately machines splitting with the right -- -- -- three off meeting. But you have to get a quick commission with a robust and direct moment -- -- he -- assessed when they raised -- as you know were shown. Is housing pop dance as a to a -- components. So it is -- act met is not over and on the initial I'd -- -- -- -- And the media that's. Our -- -- -- -- is that follows a difficult of the this year done in which relatively -- our business with more than before. -- -- But thank -- -- -- to weaning away other data point there were really -- -- so let's start off now actually know what that means that I heard across the board is is. The way to break down silos -- really get. Cross departmental. Or. International buying in is really showing those key PIs -- showing. How or why everyone dies affects the others. Two highly communicate this to -- market that's how do you yeah. For storing customer -- -- different things to two I don't know stale and the value for example of an email there are high interest in how you've shown back to individuals but. Do you. Have regular meetings with the other -- do you educate them as to the importance of marketing said that there is some sort of the eight. A stent showed a way of doing -- how you communicating death. And getting especially. As quickly as things change so things are changing. Many people don't even know -- and global strategy as a social media you're trying to educate. You're trying to explain the -- PIs are trying to explain the importance of why we're doing things get -- by -- Make sure -- both GE. Universal experience in touch points -- you're working with different partners -- -- I think it's of that sort of push simple strategy I think the you know we have. Kind of internal audiences that that we would want to. Educate about marketing and unfortunately it's actually merely asked us sales team and we you know we. We have a right here on the others but a move that -- internal clients of them so it's less of an issue. I think it's more aligning with our sales team that -- a key so we spend a lot of time with our sales team doing that us -- that's under the put -- The bad luck on the downside I think there's a lot of said bridges doing really cool stuff and and you know there's nothing drives the interest in organisation then success and shared vision and and people achieving against that well I noticed that when we're doing great things you know what I've got people. Back down the door wanting to to find out more on how they can get involved -- -- we're not doing so it's good things innovators to go quiet so I think I think just. Did a great job is is really really valuable. Internal division -- So while I say set. Kind of interesting and I probably gave birth obstruction -- -- my piece of real talk about numbers that marked by much offset -- And but that that we told you that. Achievable so a lot of -- or my team often hear me talk about developing the narrative and becoming like almost obsessive. But that we hope that. And using the numbers and I've used a lot of our external agencies to hold and then showing -- We're -- we've actually really cold. I'm and usually people like Google to help visitors to take that through as well it really useful because then obviously internally we want -- period. Your take on the story can actually hearing what they see there's been a role be independent -- even know we know who would be agencies not independent or solar. The -- that's really how we achieve a lot. Six that's what we is getting into the apple but -- unwilling to wait. We -- waiting for the V now this third acquired that emerged -- like that of a litigation -- so I mean. -- -- -- -- In starred in -- and backing up their copy of the statement this we at -- world and how much they're paying. Fan turns -- -- but let's look at the specific data for the this demo lets look at the devices using. Let's look at other engaging with -- was -- get -- -- Acting with the Ritz garden and extrapolate. The big. A strategy from their home because our hard work company -- operators care and that away with the -- -- them. The best and tell the story through that -- -- have a factor vast. -- -- -- with their marketing and then driving out of their. So do you -- do you want to -- you have sun's growth runaway hit a community being a grasp your entire organisations. My reckoning is doing in the bloc into currencies like there's a new solar outlook visitors globally per -- -- very impressed because it's fantastic bet internal eight. How will week is therefore analyse where they you do when I get a better -- -- were to buy ads that. Because their hours and going back to the numbers in the KPI is -- -- -- areas. Our Diana would be better. So. Any similar dynamic. 6100%. Improvement as a perfect. So there's so they can tax two -- then with what does that look like and whether the expectations. And especially if -- says direct and how about how does that mean trade. Battle to. Haven't -- your -- -- how the rooms are great you know what the sales side usable -- -- -- week. This is working -- or abolish Rio. Neither one directional well I don't know how much did this -- so it's that communication -- of that -- pine of their kind next. And I ask this because we are also will buy -- now in this new age of bargaining took -- All these different apartment seeking -- parade individually in just you know do media buying power today. We really -- -- by your partner into your presentations today. So having hinted -- internal. Cell -- when they need now have a full understanding. Of the changing. Our values of the KP -- changing -- -- -- market today especially when it comes to engaging them helping us collect the data that we need to do a jabs. Ice things that we add. On -- -- Asia and we believe for a host. Every Euro reviewers I think than we -- Coming marketing bad and why -- -- around -- communication is at -- -- to be sure that no matter where you're going to talk about better. We are going to be want to make -- It was a -- for public Q -- -- -- no -- agencies in -- -- purchase straight into be sure whether this year and we offer our line aren't. No -- -- and on the slots on the marketing -- all manner finance -- we -- not immediately due to these. Small furious any of the -- was -- fewer week -- only -- -- For music is for reserve management -- -- -- any way trade trip to -- and they -- these. India. To devalue and I'd point this morning Tories. -- The last months -- all right we what about Reebok policy -- it wasn't just a symbolic -- But whether Reebok would obviously I'm on the good people -- -- more. -- demand for -- -- -- reason. Is for a -- why does not necessarily something that -- for a better quite clearly the growth. We. The president then how we can have -- we around the clock down. You get us and we wrap up for any -- -- -- Tories. That this pattern would get yes you found these -- marketing -- -- the BS. Marketing is off what. Ended December -- a -- not the -- example zine our -- is. When so bad we only will we -- Stewart her injuries and say -- -- vulnerable to trade today and our hobbling -- -- on those failing to manage just America it'll get. But -- Thursday. If you get an email you are going to -- to a -- of -- -- upon -- you run into -- on incentive around it. Present his -- on language so this there is. As a strategy and we should lean stickier Pierre its ability to strategy every show they're -- open to -- waiting list of important. -- that's obviously into strategy there is the falling credit -- any -- you can convict. Icing. These people financed against at what point. Eight -- just one point picture. Couple. And the question also budgets. -- favourite. They sell each group gets their own budget to -- -- -- -- I'm constantly about all of the IT group because they've -- their goals and their things. I'm united any anti did everything they need to deal. So close by to visit you know both our -- because back -- this whole question of silos. -- talented person collaborate -- what I need them and I need the budget -- program to buy yen. Interviewed here were -- -- into question some money where they're doing and also bureau than happened in terms of prioritising might need to Mike getting. -- to -- know how -- -- do -- then dovetail that with with my budget and make sure whether the the outcome of that became PI disappointed. -- their goals are as well because. You know we're still looking in N trying every -- speak the same mine which has. And that's a challenge now especially you know with marketers -- he's encountered anything without RI TT. I think it's in its in the planning -- when first we have a very clear planning process won't be the year we set out our. Revenue goals for our. North American point of sale and and those are our business goals and you know marketing as a C around the table. When we talk about how we're gonna achieve their business goals and we will allocate resources accordingly and you know you win some of those discussions and -- -- some of those discussions but. And in the -- marketing as a C around the -- -- -- and a very marketing driven company. You know if it means that we do get that integration so as I think you have to go halfway through the year say here. An interview budgeted that project. That's a failure in the planning for a system he uniquely view it's about. Setting the goals upfront same we we need to achieve this revenue goal to do this we're gonna need to do XY and Z. And and get -- into planet begin the year with the resource allocated and everybody behind it that -- so integration decent start really early for me. The white -- was fighting in a pullback. Which has greatly -- our. -- around the table hours via a gap bad saddened that we have goals where we have to increase and improve the platform so that -- -- And make the booking process that -- zero we've -- improve the you know on the booking engine. You know wells were two different things that we have to now integrates -- -- just saying. But and I think that's a much better M I think my way. -- increasing and improving the booking engine either widgets aren't doing theirs is the way to get that revenue now you've got some. Your -- venue ideal buy down now with the -- respect. 10% politician. Renewed campaign rally seen together and discussion with my advice. The right thing about that is. -- -- national strategy in a way that inclusive Searle for some. We implement our strategies like the power memories of the media Bob. It was something there was a -- thirty years operational strategy has failed strategies -- -- a -- comp. So we'll find first it was as meaningful as you being otherwise for an average as a -- so -- Peninsula now. Here's something that really did. Gap they have really regard and that makes there was discussion you just limit our they have because rock boiling point this thing. They right -- and how we actually delay that particular -- I think -- be different than appellation but very clear that the company either July. When I heard very clearly with the Ritz -- story is -- you have said. And even their long standing. Brand power versus an experience. Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen said that -- pioneered and Europe. Because the entire organisation. Director -- -- -- and created a menu. Are you execute a plan and to propose what happens with brands they don't have. As distinctively. Value wore a brown promised by our. Actually changing a weak reading. -- burnt our brand -- images are going from one thing to another. When marketers to do about that because now there's some confusion within the entire organisation but -- week. In his right yes and -- we're supposed to -- the special a lot of mergers and acquisitions if this thing if you keep you got that right there. -- Transitions you know we -- right away now would be I don't mean a great example -- now obviously its target in in down retail once allowed us. How marketers hearing if we're not -- is. Distinctive shall we say as experts can't we're going through different changes. Get bad buys into to execute marketing campaigns where silos when had been publicly Europe. Even by the message whether brand experience really is typically their first. Tie up I think there's still around galvanising behind the common goal. I'm you know -- with very careful in the boxing -- be cheap. -- -- -- -- to -- topics that we communicate. 100%. Aligned with sales isolation. -- and in doing that you know you've you've you've kind of got much bigger voice when you trying to get things got and that ruling doctors -- in terms of but most of the changes that we -- as an organisation as well -- -- frustration was with their positions -- the that you reference as well. Having not a common voice and -- -- galvanised behind yet you know what revenue is -- rather that we need to be getting into here if everyone here is that they know that. This kind of common view profitability of the different segments of the business and -- can -- that yet but the people ask infamous driving -- Segment but house client profitability. Coming up -- you keep your -- -- the outset even if we do anything you establish those. To dovetail with sales and profitability it's a completely align client absolutely OK get -- but. I even wrote -- sales picture that's how like. We do so -- we -- -- -- sales agree agree we get a revenue target economy gripped by. -- -- The other additional damage that we we think the there's -- goals and drive you into our partners our agencies are our. Partners on the same thing will Barnes partner a few years first partner. Active people. Now cascading gold name just keeps their how many in around -- a buy here or shall hear and are -- entire teams and departments. Are focused -- -- the bonuses have also anything else so focused ion a cascading set of goals -- the traffic goes with -- -- very we have. That what you need to deliver and show those keep your -- Case down -- -- an -- I get that -- very larger acquisitions. And I -- think there's any questions out here to what am I do have a question asked about some newer discipline shall we say marble social. Doing your win -- again. Is that new guy who knows -- -- liable nobody else you know was about mobile and nobody said. So -- with with governments that do something just because it's called let's do something because 2.2 -- deal. But our available people worldwide where -- -- with -- But did you know so how do you get there. You know that that the new guy with the new team challenge today. To really unjust they -- now go up and kind of -- a silent type of approach because they know the new technology new applications. The new wizbang kind of playing. Aren't that great yellow line with well everything else is in really understood the Antwerp earlier this either in -- Lawrence social. I think -- visible has -- target -- that the biggest danger of that word immigration is that -- leads to people saying. Let's -- all of this let's make sure we have now let's make sure we have unveiled a slight but make sure I'm a relatively -- interest but. And -- it is. It's cancerous clear the bar because there's no way thinking about whether the Euro added to nine are about 4999 budget. You don't happen -- and how -- you -- the time -- out there. -- -- -- will keep body took a figure last fell -- in the next five years of the big think will be part of that is having priority. The cares if you need to start -- -- are outlets and saying no market gonna happen China because nobody knows who we -- -- the IPO download. You need to start saying they -- interest -- of the -- of the -- either are those of the rate activities -- -- now while we strategy -- -- We're currently on leave for effect but I think -- -- that's a big thing. Very interesting issues here by the way because every -- inside bail out it's almost like he. The -- into members are chastised -- -- you mean you don't have a novel things in place you have sixteen people either multiply -- And every -- already Dunham budgeted boring now working with every other department -- a -- nine. -- consider -- sitting there at nine seriously and just finally -- line with the -- -- at this point so it's interesting team here. Observe a -- sends it back. Out west here -- something bad. It doesn't everybody stays at its social media right right business and I cited market I want -- say something. I'd just say that fox -- based on our strategy on the question and that other tower and identify aren't liberal you as. Is not bother us that is the most efficient better integrate efficiently run and run alliance could -- very comfortably -- our. President Norwich and achieve into very -- -- their risk management anybody show they -- we've done a pejorative. But I'm sorry for me as a business is not automatic pop -- that maybe volume is. So it's always need to your strategy your on here on your end you are not quite right. For this channel now because sometimes we get more banks -- coming up but well indeed the sale. -- wish I knew that EM -- you -- -- but we have come back along robust strategy. And then to make a -- offices so get their raises you're seeing are we dealing directly with funds that it got the Brent because demonic entities of these names of products backed up. Stock is also aware easing off until we get you -- -- -- -- and -- -- had done between -- rates. And just dynamic of the papers got other social media whether what -- to a peak went a risk manager. Three of whom were coming now -- asking what was something -- I'd never doctors policemen and -- might make it happen. -- your pocket we want something you -- we get in the coming -- James said something earlier yeah he's dead revolver restore. Power track of what we think you know -- -- online bids. And this is something that I think -- so kind of that innovation negative ways if you just look at -- why do we bargaining. Bond market debt and appliance yeah well we celebrate your own business now -- social media as -- right a lot of -- But none -- through direct revenue. The threat. And that the spread 13 to drive a challenge even -- my advocacy occur while wealthy. Nuclear work out for OK let's put it is -- can we in gas you know backs under its belt guard under what are we getting hourly the world. And it works holistically at their roi -- -- has gone up. -- -- What -- influences -- they're -- -- right we get outweigh. Its awhile I think that's what it. What end recession we're having her car -- break out just. With each review kind of summarise things they're going power with the average which is said about -- grade being in need to break -- where did -- have to start with -- again. Get -- the. The other department kind of -- buy underwear bra burning dvds the greatest opportunity going -- said things are working well it. Were moving -- immigration not there yet. Where those greatest opportunity and ended ended the flip side of that of course is rock -- -- tracked by could make. -- go into such a -- type of mentality that. It really bad and derails the type of work we might -- would be -- things are really. Are. Changing -- -- -- -- breakneck pace and get away from us sell our signing maestro within. -- -- -- -- -- -- Boring -- in. Well. -- -- -- -- areas that I said -- would pouring. That's the right media -- outside. Arteries that -- slightly more traditional outside our time. -- I'm I'm really excited actually buying B rejuvenation. Of email email is is becoming -- hot again and down. And I think there's this I love this concept of the new -- box where you know you you get this kind of melding of hot. Above traditionally male social. Ireland and and and big data driving tremendous -- personalisation -- and I think. That is -- and email the shops in the land that it badly needed in and I still -- a lot of a lot of opportunity there and it's an exciting space again when anti as the Dow -- excited about a -- and really excited about now so. I think. And is a big welcome tracker I just. -- there's there's a lot of talk around how far personalisation can grow invasion of privacy. Of so you know we could see something there. And of course you know the rate at which. Consumers. Are changing their their perceptions in the end their demands you know could make -- I'll be seeing here saying. But -- so sell last year you know and unit -- -- -- -- feeling really good about email. OK so I think that for me that the big opportunity to address when you sit down with -- with a major supplier -- -- Ever that they frequently talk well video and and mobile and -- For me. The big opportunities actually international and by the I'm very specifically mean there are feels that we deal with consumers. In the troubled space in particular. The oil -- definition international. And you know we think we can talk while social media strategy -- how attractive defined within a regional with a country and kind of doesn't work our high double. So I think that the big opportunities around actually working with intermediaries in the with agencies. -- have got a true global footprint and of -- in the can actually. Tied together I think what people what got. Regional expertise we need to try and -- boost up crossover move beyond it. In terms of the the challenge is -- You know. When I I talk about. This this will not -- inventory -- -- truck -- I think it's actually in some way to get worse and what of the big challenges is around cross device cross platform -- So you know more and more we know people searching on the -- mobile search number and iPad and then going in reserve in something on the that desktop. All vice Versa just I'll start that cross device. Activity continues. It's really difficult -- know what's going on and it's gonna grow. And I'll I haven't senior compelling answers to how all that's going to shake -- That was concerned. I would say tactically. I have recently that -- save about the other -- the physical mail as we've seen our. -- parties get more flooded and are. Physical mailboxes that used to be -- -- for -- -- buying -- argument now account right now empty. We're seeing real opportunities they're breakthrough. I think the physical world is something that. As everything becomes more digital and some really interesting creative opportunities it's just not being focused done. I think the biggest connected trip -- -- -- transparency and lack of transparency. Everybody is company does something wonderful -- over the is working very hard the -- we can just -- -- that -- white is. Truant. Work is. Unique about Europe sultan -- company the better uphill bid. Because people are gonna find out anyway since the truth will set you free of potentially the truth will get physically place -- -- Exactly what happened -- you said there. Ritz garden has had this ID a smarter way and governments -- government forever. We have -- We didn't unlock the horror that until two years ago this story of -- off. Internal they would things ever share every week had nine. Every hotel with a bra first. And that tortillas -- do we unhappy that today. Let's use this test is creature everything that's happening. -- Work. I've seen in them of authority T our understanding on the -- fund. Media must use online you know management areas and -- free falling housing got to blunt the email event comes -- mobile. -- social media we start will. Yes indeed moral element we talk about us is to feature -- -- we want to eurozone -- lead to a strategy. Three other runways and friends when doping conference about Mumbai especially as well as. We know -- let me afterwards -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- general -- into. I'm -- assessing the main channel we now you know consistency. And I do -- that the consistencies -- channel income of contents. Endowment annuity at all misery it's. -- When you Hilary -- because it is there is some in writing down laugh. Content online between misery to -- should we have content manager. On the -- -- there's meaning Dunlop of -- because this notion of consistency of running at a two point risking its cross channel. We need a real we're -- -- -- will respect to -- -- -- -- if one to respect a nice -- one prospective customer relationship again. -- weaken the currency stands. -- internally we are going to be worried to maintain -- and talk about eight. Our pharmacy and -- percent of us and work. Of course on through our injury results any trivia challenge. Not only on marketing for the -- companies will -- -- -- life event the plan while I wanna bail everybody to come to where -- debate now. And patio which is a great -- lap and the it is going to be a real focus next. I'm gonna grow during the three screens so we've heard. The bright hope prospectus here now we're gonna -- down to three screens -- I thank our panel damage for sharing stories.

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