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The importance of promotional scoring



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Thu, 23 Jan 2014|

Chris Crayner, VP Sales & Marketing Administration, ´┐ŻUniversal Orlando looks at how do your promotions or adverts rank in terms of usability and trust


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And so. I'm my role universe I've been numerous above Y minus -- My -- areas across all media and -- did you also uniquely. -- -- her responsibility and prospective to figure out across the entire over. The key issue planning cycle far more entertainment experience of the cycle. How do we impact people pay any white. I'm interaction with our business weather really is generating intense awareness. Our all the way down to. Our high value anyway householders who attended as a asked if any of the parks. I'm very very frequent basis self -- -- deal -- there in terms of -- nation in the world ruling customer experience self. Are there that the carmaker said I pull together today is down maybe a little bit different. Then they're what you heard it is a become a nation of my. It's furiously after this why I started out in retail banking running in politics and the management for large retail bank. Or eight use of data warehousing analytic Mark -- in determining who was the best. Thank you for that. -- -- -- -- Then I moved into consumer packaged goods sells in these sort of environment I believe business miles really really manner. You maybe. Steve said in a business there does not really understand how -- -- -- in customer. And so the ability -- -- hey Michael -- is very different than somebody who is a very direct business and has a direct relationship. In fact much easier when you have a direct relationship with much more difficult you know different way we have an indirect relationship. So I really do believe that this model in mariners as I would from banking women the CPG. And went from nine everything about everybody to knowing nothing about anybody. And so the different strategy -- Bill -- -- so much mining and an immense amount of data. But building the focus digital engagement programs they get people to join. My arms while Gaza and these clubs -- things like bad. Like compiling large things like that would drive engagement. So I can build a consumer database about those experiences and who they are. -- begin to learn about payment cultivate what I would -- early days of other advocacy civic groups in how to use them into influence others. I moved have to that -- to Disney and time when consumer marketing at Disney for open for seven years primetime and armed. We do you know. Built a lot of array pioneer Europe consumer marketing personalisation strategies restore employed there today. M that the difference there -- they'll wires something novel until we're here today. Which years. Become from a clinical background of dealing with deer management VMware data retail banking environment most consumers don't truly have a relationship -- the back. And -- years is -- manner are its it's a business relationship and transaction and there are some banks who have. Darn good Java trying to build buy and and trying to find a reason why they're different lenders than -- one across the street -- -- Kuala. -- trying to solve light bulbs and things like that the flow out of that Disney. Is the fact it is extremely emotional -- here. Seoul -- I sort of struggle -- feed -- will -- about personalisation having is alive and -- how we're trying to. Build these capabilities our France in BCU. -- You know it's the it's the integration of these things together -- -- -- -- go through this they -- -- -- these comments. -- type reversal will -- little bit about how we think about our business. So. Clearly we are in the -- team in business very brightly in -- -- Universal Studios. Universal parks and resorts we are in the entertainment business. In fact parks and resorts business side of -- of this business are any others. It's actually leave the blended 3-D it's the only place where you can actually -- off seven sensors. Engaged in my experience of how that works and how it comes after what it means to you uniquely. Is uniquely experienced within their environment. You can -- period prior you can watch transformers. But until you're building an M -- through. Third parties experience. In Orlando. You begin to succeed this must -- -- what it was like you can imagine this Mahler the person. The more radical and more quickly more emotive then -- comes. But what I would say is that while their team in business who really really any experienced business. Inexperienced business is very important in what I believe is happening in the marketplace with regard -- cars Asian. Is I believe we're going through what I was quite customer experience through transformation. Opportunity the technology of the day here. In the in agreed instead of the media change the value chain the media is now. Bringing that that flight. And with the drug's ability growing every single day is we're actually going through customer experience transformation I think customer experiences are delivery. Years one of those things that. I think has not recklessly around the much like personalisation of COM. And customer experience are -- at least in my -- my thinking here is very tired of the US UI design. So we -- solar panel here customer experience professionals who will -- -- about side experiences in things like that. What I really believe we'll leave that people -- saying years the fact of the either of these other tools and capabilities. That we are have our fingertips today. But actually -- and be competitive. Differentiator for customer experience for a transformation. Our events and our business by numerous earth they're very exhilarating. The other piece of is our brings emotional -- back into areas. We strive for what we were part inexperience that derived from connectedness. Amongst friends and family. So when you go to in experience our business and our hearts you begin to service C. The child likes a wonder come out you begin to see -- Our -- only begin -- -- certainly so we're trying to create emotive experiences that have a higher. And emotional charge of them and to me. If you want this season -- -- anything it is it is in motion and emotion fused with the rest of these capabilities. Is -- is a true differentiator. My opinion. So as we go through their us come this a paradigm and I'm using a period so clearly are the ways that -- sort of invasion had a white wine customer experience. A -- and an individual or personal rubble imagine if you're looking at this green. You're looking at our business in every -- did you see on this green. Here's an individual who hear us you know acting -- engaging with my -- my business and some way right. Imagine if you you know figure ever heard a number of customer current acting on here Ahmed -- you have my -- costing you take -- how many people type in Europe. Your business -- your key work you know into keyword or search -- and many people see your display banners. Anyway you have to think about anything wanna ask yourself is my bringing every single piece -- -- an insider at Haas leaking into better at every mom. -- interaction with my -- if you think about the -- constellation like this. What you really begin to see is that a true opportunity for customer experience transformation comes. And these point two engagements these stars aligning our biannual customer time to -- more. And so this mental images one that I used very much a business and with our teams to get them to think about. As I work across the business IC website being I see -- liner I see somebody walking in front gate I see somebody purchasing of Armenian -- fly -- and still yet all of the minute trade. And so everyone of those things as a -- a -- -- -- true customer experience a transformative -- you know can be informed by an emotionally goes with it. The daily but you might know about them in the amount of insight that you bring together so the way we think of customer experience transformation. Is through these engagement pointer what might -- might traditionally Europe as a moment of truth. Are in the way that well I think about -- and we talk about it is true engagement points. In the ability to transform that is the culmination of the bill you for media may manage data either on the known and unknown basis. The ability to -- rise insights. Any -- is -- research it is true. In politics with -- this context -- -- I understood in the times X with -- somebody might be interacting -- Are they in the shopping site got ugly in the experience where are they right now what devices -- -- And then how -- developed the most emotive design to make it simple. Any easy for read understand and for them to interact with with either myself. A war in our environment. Take a picture of global -- coming off alright. Save it for now on my own cherished memories but also make it really -- easy to share out of my friends and family were back -- -- higher -- you know. Watching this now come down -- -- -- -- -- amid -- brewer just a couple of things so you think about that imagine now open your we're customer -- -- is exploding with vast. India death herself among really really bring about everything had -- against a simple things have you begin to think about. So the way we sort of find -- is everybody so has a lot of that of aviation planning -- or you have not buying cycle oracle just far. What have you the interesting thing about ideas is that I'm shopping says -- line there is no Carolinas. It is not continue one. NN people can start in any of these things they can buy their product. Somewhere would you have no visibility into it -- shore up at your front desk Oshawa plant gate. Ore output is something. -- suddenly be in the experience so they can jump right forearm mining research Q the first thing I know where's their inexperience in the front gate. So how might involving the tools and -- to be order capture that relationship they're. And make the most -- on being able to understand. Could they are and what they did all the way back into the research in -- how they make your mind up to get here have a -- who influence them how they think about. So we think about us their us. These appointed -- action on this night continuance of this as the cycle. People injury and leave at any point in time limit but -- each point out that we have to start stacking our institutional knowledge. We have to star -- spinning my current exploration. And knowing what to do next. What are they what are they looking for so would you go through their us our I want I want -- the slides you know you've -- a little -- What's on the consumer's mind and then how would -- build -- billed as an organisation deal with the -- So what can apply any face they can be asking your -- sort of questions in you've done the same. I don't know who they are just why the jury keyword search chanting eBay are gonna numbness -- I buy -- a third party DSP. Right by. What can I possibly know about how by optimising the media. How -- -- in -- that -- exports that they capture or in building is stories of anonymous data and in building capabilities. To then. Result that they want to person makes himself ninety year so that you can build their whole -- although institutional knowledge. You do and social targeting -- obviously no way -- GC. Readings are opportunity here noted that half of the file for this -- are you building this given -- -- As people move through the class -- jump into -- researching. What people dealing with the research base in this in the -- -- base -- there's. You know what's really do -- they have time for everyone how might -- -- the channel personalisation how do we already talked about today the website. Those experiences. M I did that M I invite the ruling emotive and dynamic client where we start in seeking out our guest today has developed. Dynamic on the wiped out of the can be personalised and segmented. Very very interesting technologies in the space of the -- -- interactivity with a browser window just four email. Are you doing -- -- effect and then I'll you do mean open rapid immigration. While building social clients. In new signing into your arteries using your FaceBook sign maybe bill through the open -- Plus -- -- begin to understand who they are. Who their friends are how I've -- segment them as they -- their relationship with me. Was the best deal and we are once -- few questions right -- you know -- we're hearing a very digital online summer I would -- over. That every person who comes to our properties. Actually claw our cost and a at least once and -- -- closer. There is still much happens with an inhumane or action on the farm beating convey an initially encountered within an instant. They -- and customise become a station. In making build such interest and report. If properly through design. That you actually can make that -- would love to have that from the big -- engagement mechanism self. I used to -- overall online conversations about we'd get the -- that would possibly get command line. Any idea really is do you -- your mouth on that does it really makes that. Is expensive but in doubt but does -- pay off. Numbing experience like I'm here. How lifetime and I'm looking for a uniquely -- -- very large our reluctance -- wire two via options sensory overload. Kids knocking down it went -- with me. He you know how do we deal with -- sayings you know. -- -- for the day I need tax where it is -- now maybe wire I need in the union I need something rate now because I'm telling them Obama has -- paid. Unlike the deal with this. -- gap to post its right so. Do you honestly and contextual awareness so unremarkable -- do you understand where they are and what we're doing at this point time. They build an itinerary -- keep an eye on the fly to Europe Europe and the best thing -- you'd do next with the acts. Are you building customer services and we -- -- about we're immigration customer services of massive opportunity. To tighten down. The customer experience piece of this using of these digital technologies' new begin to build those relationships and you can build -- trails based on that. Well as fees Brian -- I want you to tell every bike -- self. Why would she were here keep these things in mind when going so you're building user generated review time there. You know we really loved XY CM what really would have made this very well as best. You have to build the somewhat our immigration with this sort of environment. Because this is exactly how you build advocacy and how you begin to understand item in every user generated -- am doing social segmentation. And how you build differential personal communication specifically for that -- filling in all the -- there are the best debt which years. Telling others about how great the product gets so are you thinking differentially better communication architecture and streams based -- -- just. Value -- they buy. But what they're influence and the size of the network is so you should have -- -- -- for a programmer that enables advocacy initiatives so that enter France -- We are always trying to think about us any continuum people can -- this cycle and leave this cycle any point in time. In the -- -- for us as we need to get them. To -- out parts and research applications so they can through their eyes are applying certification like unit. Because it is about how big issue is about your vacation and had you -- Heading personalise it for yourself. And how we build their relationship. Understand who you are and enable you to tell your friends and family sort of the you know the fund can continue so. -- -- -- -- -- --