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Marketing strategies for the Chinese travel consumer



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Wed, 22 Jan 2014|

Jenna Qian, Deputy General Manager, �Qunar �looks at the importance of segmentation when marketing to the Chinese consumer and their expectations when looking to book through social media and mobile


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-- -- lender alliance and Janet Chien. Eight. What about the company's forward. Our. Move is. Does -- live -- and social media -- end Dan. In other Vegas down -- -- my kidney and their media channel -- any quake in China. And today -- representation will be more focused on more what can't. If life diet and just that big splash out about to enact. Chinalco is China's largest oil there was largest Chinese channelled -- one. With sound monthly unique visitor. Visitors and -- endear you might care scenes 2000 yen. We won't unveiling and Beijing China in 2005. NS after Q2 this -- and -- employing -- -- about Dan. Seventeen balance. And across China -- we are still a newly public company name. As dining trade -- on NASDAQ on November dressed. -- How laureate Paul area. Value proposition for consumers. Which K have been with which I had been sharing less than a -- -- -- in the industry is bad which would put back consumer mayor. We've seen master comprehensive. Pilot -- rich. Our search covers all their 120121200. Vans RT eight. -- layer and 125000. Down -- about L nine rounds. Yen down about down into a fine -- 60000. Cutouts. So today's prevented your well being may mean contracted to parts. First and Nissan and finally -- got heard and China's most popular channel marvel -- and -- -- deal. The latest plans -- big Chinese small -- travel case -- Macy's. And then the second -- -- beat hard and then they're about how -- Nat gas mark that small body attitude. And to lead this market. Clearly we are entering a more boy aged sons gas and -- yeah. There -- more than 600 million smart devices -- week. Enter Elias had already sixteen million 6% for other -- gets. Nowadays America's the end ad media band added ornament heads aren't apps every day. Which year that -- end of the Internet use extra. Industry's talent while -- while S app downloads were over four point five billion. If we look at China there are currently. Albrecht who I'm Jen merely end marble Internet users 13% of the total population. With sixteen million eyewear Tuesday -- wonderful -- entering UZ. Marble where Australia six time now Bandana. Chinese marble Internet usage is now spreading Fran distressed tier cities to second tier cities without end job market. Actually have -- -- that had 60% of the total market share. The more boldly increasingly popular marble unit is changing the award of travel. West -- 46%. Down bad channel -- avenue this nick purchased through let. 43%. And using search for travel had my information. With my advance. Yen down if except -- areas act taking photos while they travel. Indeed found it had -- golden week in China. -- our way om and more or more what -- using this day out. We're seen as cheap as the global transaction for decades were all worth 13%. At Babbitt average daily M announce. -- -- -- -- -- Our Akamai nation have played here our eight. L blanket have all offered to our attraction tickets can -- their local server log book location based service as. Which means that our consumers and -- -- Add doing the -- bucking the mob by -- are also using more -- its view. Locate -- on the rail service -- Beijing Asia higher as the other demands the popular destinations figures which is quite obvious. Anywhere seen up alive -- ads -- for touting nine. At man leader travels which has -- -- the majority have actually nice user. And react you don't. Lax about kabbalah a idea budget travel act or backtrack case when it comes to. Hotel twice as leverage this luxury. -- which you could tell us a wide rage Hughes -- tells a package came. The -- -- must consumption of travellers don't come -- -- -- first tier cities in China. Such as Beijing Shanghai -- joins -- -- It anyway same ads leading man on earth and our flights. The end of part of the Serbs and mainly coming -- Charles Harry N Beijing respectively. Pendency -- Chinese history as the other -- yes the type traction. Dual green. And during China -- week. The tough for the main airlines deal done in the might get. Yes your unmanned -- fluctuate says other consumers. China -- ten. -- is bad then air China AM -- finance out in -- -- The nadir commercial banks. The model and -- and more transparent consumers. In more than doubling mob would transactions -- -- -- -- Founder and found the -- about are we Yang -- labs. And Chinese consumers have become meanwhile said -- can -- where -- while France type towers a higher -- VA. Am big cajun checks are ready. N based -- bid to this yardstick to with a major destination. Marble is changing the way which -- long. -- we think actually now an eighteen point economic trade up online channel is Dallas -- said -- -- and free checked on their relative cost shared too big fall Anders checked. Previously we've done more Bob we're saying planning and booking and lastly -- -- please see but today. And you can do it anyway any time on Tuesday and more while. If fall. And added Tribune knowledge are now all like Sierra Leone viewers. NN now you know this it's it's. It's -- the process band inspiration. Big first serve more -- wiped -- more anymore I. So sure sharing. Tallest ever coming up. Social media and now it's closing America's. Bad considered -- in sharing. Our previously with our mobile. You have to organising share -- jobs easy parts shared but today Ken do it. And interact with your Faneuil. Travellers as you go out. -- how does she had does not by pursue. And -- should be able to capture this huge up -- China. China -- -- -- Dan -- -- cannot act in China. -- we and number one last sixteen years travel marble adding to -- to a wedding systemic. End we recently we we received over 400 million downloads ad ends up shooting this airplanes -- research it will that I sell. Frequently had -- add diet have Ed apple App Store SE recommended travel at. -- -- nightstand was seen as more -- -- web creating a car sector that technology. If you look at the difference ages of travel while. And execute still make you Ken finance -- like tabloids -- Asian ID nine -- ran out of trouble for the sharing -- Once you. Wonder -- it is fact that you have to keep the -- -- UK use -- -- -- -- forced to. To identify where you learned owl which places you last year. Our once -- -- your destination you guard -- he -- side or aren't well acted -- but your hightower. Yang -- market gets. When you hit rallied UK use of various tools that we provided a consumer tip but alas -- -- -- -- -- And location. Destination take cared so why big -- package to war in the old -- place ads. Not quite UK and UK share your act and channel flight hours with -- higher -- takes photos with different down. With risk risk unique feature is -- to travel pick -- using our way travel for the sharing cap. -- active finished a trip you can come on come back on TC. Or mobile U. Who writes your hotel reviewers all out tax breaks -- radius which is their unique -- at about. Our web strategy is to meet consumers' needs as comprehensive as part of our third cameras. Fool it's -- now which have all it -- for Peggy. On the -- ticket in France. Where are offering the largest price contact -- a comprehensive price comparison and booking function. And flat sales. As well I add back ship's doors for -- the media -- -- China. And S -- answer there's -- up -- -- down fights flight standards attacking. -- yen dad out what wiped out vital week. End Dow up ways you can myself and see how -- CC. Is the airline tickets. Pricing -- -- that hands down six -- actual wind at -- -- here. And using our big -- dad exploit -- Talladega. Other hotel grounds we have plan we -- react very much location based. We know we are so from Baghdad and -- -- that -- inaction as -- lowest price to our consumers. We are through and upbeat company instead came into places to ease peoples' transaction. One thing west -- irony is that we are so pro Baghdad last minute deals are now -- cap. With the bank plan. EBay is candidate -- -- hotel rate every night -- 6 PM to six yen. This spanair we just alliance today cupcakes have been -- service search engine. We -- -- on the major taxi booking services including DD backstroke -- dacha. Enhanced here either major players in this -- -- Yen daily now with every chair Italia up what pickup in job path -- very well against. -- we see consumers -- that France sell we provide down out what people having jobs are sellers -- the weaving with the supply at ballet. And -- service that. Have Serb supply is into money -- cities in China. In -- -- booking services in sturdy bags that is. -- last week has now live nation guessing what ends. How we -- -- one new features to allow marble lab that we have about twenty kept looking. Go -- the LCN dedicating crowds are increasingly. Well indication. Rats mobile. It -- IM with introduction no doubt that China stand -- -- channel like -- entering an. Intuit with -- could.

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