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Successfully market to the travel consumer in the new integrated age of soLoMo



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Tue, 21 Jan 2014|

Clement Wong, Founder & Chief Host, ´┐ŻBeMyGuest.Travel looks at how to exploit consumer data and Location-based opportunities


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know why my name is criminal law I'm the chief full stop be my guests. Prior to rule. Launching -- be my guest actor in Singapore I used to -- -- research will focus right. And -- monitor in. In Europe. At a high school -- strategy air travel -- for -- C distribution. So -- where fans Serb headquarter itself. You my guests. And so this could be my guesses. Online travel agency that very much focus on that were set activities sector so with a larger segment though off to a ten activities. In Asia where currently in the suffer much more back. During this period with managed to get up to ready. Slightly over 10000 listings just in the -- fifteen -- sold -- -- global still kind of like them Steve Fossett's opens a line. So not. Why are we going to to a -- activities spaces basically it -- -- 1122 -- -- what's the -- -- gonna look accommodation local states. But not a two bit locker combination -- -- -- You actually have to ever remotely -- Batman. -- when it comes to at all hours activities phase there is no need to actually have a physical assets or break. And if you look at the travel distribution landscape. Airlines over -- food chain hotels car adults cruellest bar pretty much relevance of the death. -- -- -- -- -- coming into the world last year to -- twelve. And so what slack it's actually a final frontier -- doctor Trevor this brochure. It's -- -- -- activities over the past day or so worth at 11 o'clock airlines a lot about off. Puts us back not really so much about to a set activities so this as well I'm going to talk about today. But a bit better how soon will not -- -- long until travel distribution. So basically Intelsat what we're trying to should achieve well I -- really accommodation. As a leading generator. For tourist activities. I believe does that give we had just to a certain activities and it's -- -- -- not stand people just can't get it easily. Whereas if you have a combination actually generate a people got into the search engines bring traffic to the site. And then -- bars that would do is when we -- comedy show we pushed the to a selectivity is the vice -- you can just I think class. Would push the nomination to. As a partner using salt layer social media is. Should you so let's say their physical market so let's YouTube further. Well aren't you -- your password into Q it's always an I don't know recommended to a skydive being are Pike River water rafting -- So my family oriented stuff let's if you could -- -- friends picture their worst just denied a be challenge really Nancy in Malaysia. We recommend -- the kinds of activities you can actually do all -- that destination in the kind of accommodations available by pushing relevant content. To the traveller. And so we -- -- is Richard Lehman you said the WB MC DC strategy. Nobody wanted to be the first to deliver a listing on the website so what we do this literally got out of the market -- Liquidity through -- so go into high street travel agent or tour operators. So I think -- think rated player in the travel -- be in doubt undercard caught our -- the -- put aside -- big trip to the floating market. Good today and -- packages from Dan Hubbard are up about -- And then as stellar as we have -- -- -- inventory the secrecy customers that to a -- and so that's how we actually. -- -- aggregate this content. Do you remember the days whereby. When the Fed is up Expedia booking dot com when we had ruled -- -- -- trouble competition but you do you would attract. Didn't see any of that slipping a brochure -- the hotel to have in comparison. And look for something. So this is exactly the -- in many other travel agencies across Europe across Asia. Whereby you kind of progress they have tended to hard Salamanca new border agency and is that's something the bush journalism -- -- this as the figures tended negligence on. You build a true -- vertical dip into the trend mining get different -- out get develop brochures are structured differently and so line. So -- probably is attributed to rising level whole process. So right -- archive system until -- week -- into rather like the likes of Expedia note -- GBS has some ideas into line. And distributed around -- clever but nevertheless here. So intense off -- -- marketing and travel industry how has it can enhance the travel experience right. Because of the -- -- trend we are able to boost the tech instances like this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But actually with the social media with the mobile. Users why is the actually somebody that's a combination -- Photoshop dot YouTube should -- -- -- -- mental. And similarly here as well not -- window view for the day actually just a lot. And yet our Washington monument actually set up a stunning star silver ghost or power off arsenal more in enhancing. The -- travel during. How well let me talk -- hard -- is very relevant Forex. Especially if oil the companies looking to globalise the product good distribution. Quite we had -- -- -- all we are leaders in mobile technologies. And traffic jams so -- that means that. About technology is -- -- revenue was the faster certainly no Manuel connections. That since that spending so much time in traffic -- -- We're using Lebanon well -- -- that traffic right. And Kansas one of the reasons why we see like in destinations -- -- now in in Jakarta are in the Philippines. Mobile bookings have rice alike closed basically people there spend so much time -- -- -- the would -- downtime -- media us. Look forward the next travel for electric. And so on your list is growing like crazy in Asia. Then it's not just mobile actually see it outside Eiffel not the end right. And smell doesn't have the best Justin -- feeder carrier Obama in managing caring -- -- the walking around. Downtown Jakarta -- Philippine should be -- in no time. He had sexually. Disney's -- instance a seller. So that's like paper play though no doubt the Samsung galaxy nor do so when -- were sluggish in Asia or kill story. -- much longer than an -- larger still. So -- this had been expecting a -- -- put pen tablet slightly smaller until I. So -- best when we're talking about having no barrel so a dominant Fairmont. More. Complicated tool. -- -- well being very. Yeah collateral finish a much nodding -- PetSmart -- open in the individual until lightly injured are well. In a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- very much so like in South America -- up since the social know what is very powerful. I like in Europe hardware travel tests over the years become very much of commodity. In Niger travel still very aspiration also lets you are unable to move. -- techniques -- a -- -- Europe should it be better physical absolutely. Any suggestions Fred and Steve what a sharp -- to -- fine dining and -- line. It's currently just even admire what will be -- just showing up here and we're in Europe -- That's how soldier. Comes into play for offshore wells. Deciding whether travel by the global. Call how is it empowering our travel distribution. So -- ever please whereby there is this in the bellies. Men who -- look attractive -- -- However he has snow website here yes simply photograph a few men whose clients so badly they would see -- Lee -- -- -- -- source. We -- -- from him. I'm on the website and email addresses taxed. After itinerary how well what do quite well but the -- going to be like it'll be -- -- -- and so -- in the absence. By doing this ten minute you processor -- this itinerary for him. He's become a global travel business so we've -- payment on the website through -- just -- history -- -- five -- tracker out. And are now rest. I wonder website and said there would plugged into the -- off on the dealers Galileo until line. So investors losing just 1015 minutes he's able to -- -- -- his legal. Travel activity around the world. So there's anything that power actually truly youths are foot more -- and and social network. Empowering them select the crawl around the will -- And. In emerging markets is very common -- -- debt people did not even have postponed sending more deeply who have the by the board of the -- desktops. Straight away did it first thing right. You know as a tablet. So we are very much looking at. People you get your first point of entry onto the Internet isn't this this up -- on the tablet. While more -- no longer the desktop -- so bringing Arby's together so sure local and reliable. Let my colleague here say you know it's just not easy indecent assault ship them all together -- has to be integrated strategy which is why we are trying to do. Would be my guest. -- anybody maker gets 50%. Versus 20% represent. So basically 50%. Is the demand -- travel bookings dead amid -- live here in Europe. And in the US. But 20% -- this in Asia. And -- Faber said. It's mostly booking air travel and beginning not notable mom book accommodation so -- still very much. And -- -- inspirational channel and offline fulfilment. Investing in in that sense in Asia we are trying to look. Reached a primary physician make us -- travel. Workers revellers -- in Singapore -- -- wife abbey life. And so we have such -- the -- our travel bookings right now. 75%. I truly women will actually bought the travel packages to -- activities -- birth right. So it is various and -- -- -- to make sure that whatever strategy you have done. To focus on the that the comparable women especially from the 25 to 54 year old group. Which is how we've designed a website -- a visual systems attract. I'll women browsers and a special U. Intel also travel planning right. To treat cancer minus reputation is that I think it would travel very often while the trafford in the past -- -- -- -- -- actually. My they have are hard to actually use the mobile asset inspirational aspiration device legacies -- sitting in traffic -- What would you do -- solidly. And ask about Whitestone but the travel. Downloading travel actual so what sort of time right now at this point in time you book your flight. Two weeks to explode you do -- our competition. And certainly try to lap when -- rich third inning maybe decide to -- -- to a sector at least. Quite print advertising reached -- if you wanna do this -- -- treated -- nerds who. Today that sub par value in Vietnam did not pay dearly departed Thursday dismissed about due to any would be dead -- -- self. It happens in terms of travel planning may still be able to put tribute to a selectivity -- violence. Is this essential. However I want to back up but that's -- are. People are not able to decide -- once they get anything nokkie weekend. See which that would -- out of the white range project. But do you have a look here longer be the -- -- like tree for -- travel agencies you from the I don't always -- worst about experience and -- That's when we actually bill which the aggregate this content. N a standardise them anyway we're able to add up the social elements of the where people gradually. Policy. Reveals the activities and then translation make the decision on which travel agency to -- in suitable -- to a since a one. So this is current -- -- right now in terms of social media how it's influencing shipping travel rate. So I'll be furthered that the triplets are popular but no physical therapy I really -- a break -- had a tough -- the office so I don't think I'm going somewhere. -- Lazard banker again Kennedy is a like yourself. They're staying on the physical him. Fact after they have cop bad -- -- showing a relatively limited that is a distinct from -- -- -- sold off so that's an inspiration not quite. Then after the big -- it does look get slammed. Local providers in the MRI so -- what do -- -- is such a fifth but less rosy a -- we shouldn't. Operator Richard of the FaceBook page and so -- by the comments on the previous travellers into oil and actually even find out what the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An affiliate black -- Twitter -- -- that's a channel whereby people out there. Complement the experience -- actually make a comment on -- on the trip itself. I'm joined -- set off what we believe the car -- -- -- advertising drives customers. Sahara Desert where. This matter and as a so don't sweat equity research a product life such a local information on the mall where I'm -- I'm Ed de -- Exit within 24 hours so you emerging markets like the Philippines and Thailand and so -- People do not have some black pay monthly subscription -- -- -- well disappears Google mobile. So what actually happens is that in Kabul absolute attract traffic to their best shopping malls or shopping Merrill's. Pro rate free more wipes out quite excess. Not to Adobe make their customer was accepting no Wi-Fi. Accept the -- So I'll let people more in Manila for example the global shopping sends search let's call it's clean it's got air conditioning. And then this year to ninety newswires I don't know Wi-Fi home where my man who -- That apartments sold compared except the -- in ended browse the Internet social life of your friends. And during this time people identify conductors of the shopping centres in the final shopping habits off. The consumer. And similarly -- -- able to push. The kind of outflows or piloted in the restaurant about 10% -- quickly -- C and so on to the consumers while -- in the shopping Centre. So does that -- the kind of -- -- I felt quite interesting having spent the last ten years in Europe and going back to danger that -- -- addressing that. The smart -- versus the future for not having a wide traffic -- up Internet home versus. Accessing Internet and the shopping -- And certainly having said that this -- a survey by now certain Ambac is about US android OS users right. So it shows that much debt the mobile -- it's main way that people actually assess their travel. Supplies and saw this in the US where but US iPhone contract it's like. -- the for the -- Asian. You have and by the time the slowly with Ryanair to download -- this very essential to make sure -- you -- website is more -- -- such debt. People who are sharing the Wi-Fi connection in McDonald's -- shopping Centre began very quickly that would be accessible website will travel and so on. -- innovative ways we -- doing this we have as some Telecom providers across new Jersey's. We speak to them without power right please for -- -- customers access to our web site for free. With every booking -- if you revenue share. So badly people are able to access limited website for three Endesa sending hardly stand for FaceBook in the Philippines as well. So can they definitely get access your friend's Flickr FaceBook updates roughly in bailout of the cedar photos and so I'm just appear for the -- usage. So very different models that being used in emerging markets. And so we're very -- putting it into its global would traditional media like salt aside power. Airlines Croatia after a full feel -- little while other packages -- -- in Asia are usually just done a brilliant job -- regretting your website over the past year. Harbour -- -- making sure that the message gets -- get through as they are not traditional media better do whatever time is being buses and so on. So stardust essential. To this market IP that we might be available -- society with more while televisions on by used to have dementia. -- tradition channels are targeted. And business right thing that -- -- I'm quite surprised that you don't see quite often share in the UK but to our core. Maybe that's because you don't have play you're not in -- -- excess underground. Beth Israel common across Asia on the tree -- insider on the -- this year off excess of the Internet. As Ireland apply my colleague from back and a stronger -- your definition this picture are families with. People on the tree India there was a -- -- Singapore so basically you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People get -- just watching movies on the treatment saw no human asymmetry -- the -- Which -- wireless drug court has proven to be very useful in terms -- -- -- advertising on the twenty. Elsewhere in emerging markets like a -- in here in the Philippines -- star -- -- advertising is very importers -- -- and in fact. Text messages direct mom after their open -- minutes. So it's much more effective media then you know the email marketing and -- a tax as a measure it. This it should be considered into a pipe off -- are your campaign if you -- expanding into emerging markets. As -- technology -- we are seeing this year -- ticking off right here. In -- in Europe bad debt has actually been a row in Japan over the past ten years until I. So this is actually a very exciting channel in terms of getting people to. Tool tool accessible content online while still awaiting a -- into buses into. And set -- case studies that we have -- foresaw more basically. Across major. Black people having physical procedures. -- Travel Channel dead website. So did a pseudonym protruding website a modest -- who would just create a -- pitch and better. Until initially have -- full details contact number Ursula customer service -- complement our things their addresses right on the spot on the -- on the FaceBook page. And business how -- integrate that saw more install that we're doing at B I guess in that of the social media -- -- all the trouble reveals a -- -- activities. The location is kind of activities nearby debt to inspire people who love travelling. Pencil and of course -- mobile optimised. So thank you very much.

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