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Tue, 14 Jan 2014|

Odd Langvatn, Managing Director,  Widerøe Internet AS  looks at how customer payment preferences vary throughout Europe (and the rest of the world)


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-- -- being done there's a better fear could be back and their 2% song baba. A little aside old take do. Truer more hands on its history. Amnesty for mine that -- This coming up there I'm running a company at a called. Third. Who the us in short. We started actually back in -- N 97. With we're doing different locations for -- -- -- airline. Don't know what's Thursday's asset manager and and they in 2000 we is dinner spinoff from the from the airline. Unfolded what -- -- the -- we look at that time who -- treat people. Today we are twenty tree here not -- to a society -- -- as just higher next of one. Decided yesterday as a haven't really year added their -- go to work work column at. Yeah what we're doing haired is try to be very hands on her from the eighties that those solutions for daylight. There were -- in 2000 we had been drill our first on the customer that this year they're leader. The airline will work -- for less than 50% over already come as we sell to order all the clients as far. We do all this ever heard the -- bad for a board to look at fifth website and booking engines using Amadeus back them. We also do all the 24/7. Customer service still we -- we don't -- -- course of the -- all of the complex central. We'll use online -- their -- not the main source of of -- support. Yeah we do email with US amass and we also were hand on form course. Which are now going very -- adrenaline in numbers. We actually try to control the customer -- not use that. That -- from differs from song different Sampras. Yeah we're also the biggest talk all this equipment in -- -- business we say that we should -- Obama all trapped within twenty seconds email within ten minutes. Bond with thirty seconds then we also have all the social media -- like within one mile twenty points. Yeah we do indeed. We do and we did a lot of of Hamill where customer calls the loan losses. Yeah. The most interesting is so that it doesn't bode well -- hammer handed down seven -- calls from customers. Were for December 7 well by ailments that. And where -- And the -- form bodies have gone to 18%. So it's. Is really a big change in in -- we are we're dealing with the customers. But we sold 1401. Point four million seats this all -- -- term -- Yeah -- -- selling consultancy worldwide. On this concept spot we're doing it involved on the customer service ever and also for -- -- therefore perfection. Yeah. And we hope to do that only twelve people for handling all that turned their -- developers engineers doing customer calls. Then they actually had to pick up her old -- Rubbish they create soon directly from the customers for its it is -- -- -- price bars serve. When engineers they can make a lot of her fun and good things. But when is limited with customer experience then it's far too big to get into effect. And yeah what -- -- -- Bob I'll be just for the detectors -- resist. -- -- -- with us for a all the clients in 2008. We have ten people. Beer is having finalised in the twenty -- at the moment. Actually signing. To my allies in the weeks to compliment -- once we've saw its. This is -- -- earth as our. My guess is set to open my planet services by the end of the year over more people on the proper text value our -- they're handing over -- -- We're doing 24 sevenths to do that we hope to move to wear a -- Ireland instead worked in much of a long way that's not good. So where really twelve months of my staff and me myself attractive operational. -- bottom -- -- go to Taiwan to work from 6 o'clock in the morning till. Children enough inventory -- large shift in Norway looks fantastic. For visits to the staff and team in times just that small. Glimpse on that's. For the full analysis firm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. We saw that to the regular -- is far from secure. Dollar think that ideal for a safe move from the credit card company assess. Is outside his their card is not report has fallen -- -- serve you it's enough funding on the part. There but do you know annoyed if it is a former car. -- so we started back in 2002 and then we've got a responsibility for the year. Fraud a -- press comment from the airline and we still saw very fast that we had to to do somewhere something against that. Where -- so we have bottom up. Doing. Focus is certainly that very simply the beginning but no it's gone very sophisticated. And we do not have -- actually lost so we had a wholly on the wallaby have you had only sixteen charge backs. For the whole -- of more one point four million -- seats. We're trying up a term acute customers. Filed. Pressures on banks with -- but too early we we think it's a good result for the full wood river. 2008 as the as a group versus the -- still are part of we were actually sold last week. To a private. Man. We. Funding -- line so -- also on the -- below take bottle -- the airline. Yeah but we hear we were done in competition with. With -- -- players like father saw some -- limits and we -- -- -- this before for a say yes. Yeah. Then we also started to do. As window all their assets with alliance. And only came on the spanair. They're not with us anymore but term I don't think that will solve fault. Care and we also have twenty online travel agents like super saver where -- the biggest groups also do. -- this -- services from us. Yeah we had a -- restoring. And longer term. Actually cramping and Birmingham for the finalists present data -- ten -- -- so -- had this thing to do this total worst thing. Who are we -- -- What we see is that -- more solid is actually organised criminals. Where. The growth coupled with just a part of the business earlier -- guys forum but they also do. They -- travels for themselves this sells tickets on the -- fairness hurt advertising money mad giving. -- doesn't buy our ticket through -- for -- one possible like cash uses solid credit cards. That's oversee a lot about people the -- -- -- -- -- the thing to have -- a great deal. Fair. In 2001 -- that airlines lost four billion euros dollars. -- The -- in eleven to twelve was. Bad. I would we see that. Where. -- -- economic crisis in Europe we also have a lot of clients and travellers from -- -- are also more call it regular people are not getting into fraud that want to keep to lifestyle. And and I. Get into their very low risk. Part two getting aired -- caught by a further five travel. Having earlier you see -- credit card dump site on Internet. Scary isn't it. Where we have tried it does a lot that we have there been able to 2500 credit cards over 89% -- -- working. For further euros dollars. You know do actually bet Bob western union -- some kind of like bad because that drug -- on -- -- payments. Rise by us. There just Google the -- credit card dumped her and Nancy. Pelosi get list of early together basis on the number actually offering. Currency if you get more than 10% of the cars and hard working there is they replace their card number C received cult. Expiry date name and address gender everything on -- On the customer you can go -- and buy tickets and and travel. Staff at what we're doing here. Where we're has also seen after the fraudsters -- -- hopeless. This is. This is how many days in advance -- -- bookings -- -- -- clients combined. And today we're handling a well fifty told some -- So -- the -- promises one day to day through their son and on. If you break it further gone to learn to see how many are -- that the same day as -- -- -- Try to keep a booking engine sold -- want to hold before the bottom two to keep their high revenue of the year. -- valuable -- customers for the online. Saw this as a -- on -- for the last 24 always before travelling. As you can see we also have a -- some -- tried getting in her within one hour. -- but then -- have like half of them -- between two and ten hours before departure. And that's who we come in doing the scanning. Of everything of -- is doing it on the fly. With a focus with curb their logic we have with bottom mechanism and manual word review. We are -- being heard pulse processor. Yeah this is a charge by production on the spanair controller because they're not to fly anymore. When we Kevin they had -- had -- -- -- more than one half percent. There when we stopped her problem with -- there were less than there is zero point 5%. -- word the reduction was a tremendous. Using the focus here we are doing and and and -- methods that do. Loses all saw on the current customers have prompted some ten to twelve yeah better. The voice temp services through trust with great -- And a well there is absolutely on the chart right here -- to less left. Really. The deploy -- Fred Hassan on the steady year to zero point 2% investor that -- rate of 44 times. -- -- it doesn't really looked a year higher open moves stock to plant a number third evaluates. It's millions of policy for smaller us. And also for travel agents. I'm taking that course of their little -- what are -- doing there I'll be around him who want to put Malaysia and a aisles and better.