Topics>>How do Air Canada use Mobile to add value to the customer experience and cut costs?

How do Air Canada use Mobile to add value to the customer experience and cut costs?



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Mon, 13 Jan 2014|

Louise Lanoix, Manager Customer Experience & Innovations, Air Canada looks at their mobile strategy


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Am outlander -- -- cultural media I don't like it humid -- Canada. My background -- Air Canada for a 27 years. Always been and the customer service flat number for the last seven years really -- -- -- managing. They customer service platform which had feared severely need T asked -- -- end the mobile platform. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not so where do we -- power here. When -- wealth -- customer service black and white -- needless -- the second application lift -- self tagging them more about higher iron powder applications like -- -- like -- and the angrily against the -- services. Well one -- direct nickel back when we started out mobile -- seven years ago we were active person. Beginning in more than we expected type via. -- idea executives say smart time to start thinking about march I'm always thank. Share. Maybe. So we're likely. The first things we live for a more buff like Babs mobile check in but really basic care application. We -- investment into this deal at twenty point perhaps it was a learning -- curve then getting to become the -- people smart thing to -- internally but. Yes I think if you think about the electronic boarding passes is amazing. Have you have to factor the -- securities you have to factor security snapped something you can buy into enemy attacks the yet again arsenal are security people to believe in. So key asked when he wasn't -- -- if I -- -- -- until today he barked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- need to tap its vols sold for a specific -- the last that the customer -- of the year to -- up by. Must look likely that they've done their web check in at more marching -- -- really did he ask the staff to. Printed Baghdad traffic back got to defeat itself a retooled to if you players in -- gas -- into. Italy this transaction. Value. Based -- that. Web check in is -- -- that -- what of these patients injected 24 hours prior. Whether mobile platform and you. -- -- -- -- -- that very very big strong due. This is that weight is about taking -- -- -- addition to well shall not only here. Out -- and Ambac viable mobile. -- Vicky had another vacation application. And the mobile booking a flight for is really -- it's related to flights that us. Passed late -- station and the timetable and immediate application. -- we have recently planted by very tan applications while those three are billed as -- -- -- applications. And as we go. With -- about -- select customer wannabe. Pretty much independent -- they are really one this year need to -- you might do when they do everything on the long end controlled trial experience. Communication Kabana nagging feeling -- flight service for identification system reacted. Always the battle and -- with some. And that platform became very important for us for the finds that senate has to be. Very solid 24 -- seven and now we have some -- -- had been down on his application because we -- it. We need to tell the -- review -- is the only can they rely on that. Just assure you'll -- about the mobile platform when it -- in 2009. When -- -- thanks for seven years ago we chilled to a person team today we're for Britain and the team -- enrolled -- -- -- As so really if a painstaking in electronic point that's -- bathside -- flight that status in 2009. Today -- I -- more about is. So we added a lot of fat components we -- -- the mobile check in mobile experience. To be it add exactly or even more Wednesday -- -- of the wet chicken. Applications -- customer can do. -- much when they want from the more about how. -- -- -- -- feature that players serviceman nicest people employed and we manage colder -- and the mobile platform -- back to life that feature of the big difference obviously on the web again. But a bit more information about. How important it is in the last arsenal Stanley -- that you can back me up one point one million -- click. That's search reflects versus deceive Fiat if there was some time. And today ethanol and other personal -- and -- -- fell -- to be here. Some might messages Monday at a presentation system was introduced finally if -- banner and mobile platform wedding -- is our messages. -- -- Going through what we target yen as -- go -- to the mine messages is if an option now national -- that. Allowing the to have on -- amp. NU everything goes their -- -- big question electronic boarding pass a house had been on the fight -- -- slave I've purchased at. Pictures that did had grade -- event request UCE upgrade to the to be upgraded. Obviously messages will go into one single place -- -- so you don't have to -- nine emails and I think. So everything that we're building now in the future are going to better interface with decent system. So doesn't add one have a single pasted up. So for years ago or weeks look -- -- now we want to develop -- native applications so we did an apple and the like very. Native application for a it was a -- eight. User experience. Add the development was given to -- -- -- -- people want. We knew that our application add to the easy attractiveness as soon turn down our business customers but -- the months coming -- there. We travel and we also no bad. Everyone -- chance to capture. You customer -- Europe at this is good -- magnate then young NORAD away. Where Howard -- We are also worried aloud about -- think fits very complex. Was a bit easier on the highlights by the by -- because of the different browser and a different. Found that existing western that very year. User experience to do we are six big their debt manual braces -- made it. Testing and even today -- its nano at a -- we haven't found that they taught there really. Meets our requirements. The last plan believe this and a specific on highlights was the as back up. It's been a success we know that 50% of -- electronic -- as an -- that actually. He -- we're coming from -- from the IOS platform but it -- -- -- -- And wider what we expected and that the -- -- this one is. You wanted down -- -- you don't need you can soundly downloaded are flying sold. We are on our debt in May were when you get to the upward pull out clearly -- bombast that. When you get a big day -- -- Internet more union to have an electronic boiling pasta shells fell. -- -- -- also more and more people are going down ways of France. People like less downloading the electronic boarding pass using just amassed a various. Cards that reduction there. And the -- that allows us just a better future Alistair Bil but more flexible in wet weekend shell and sense of you cannot -- yes. Backside of the -- so we -- and more information if we would have to. Saw another thing in our roadmap is and we asked us how -- people ready to deal mobile payment. Sold we stepped in to visit to demand but chicken -- -- Yassin had so really if they for baggage fees saying they changed end we created at the same time that whether -- mobile clients it's like a mini profile on the mobile. Whether customer again and Europe. That Britain I information -- planned numbering perhaps see the year you could actually seeded at sea bed is used most of the time. And alsop and -- of the name of the cost of -- passengers that they normally booked quick for particular. -- tin man. We have left hundreds of customers that have clearly profiles. When it does is allows us well to that to -- more than one credit card if you credit can't -- -- -- doing any payments insulated to work. Use with corridor and it's also very it certainly -- compliant how we can go well around this mining that was very yeah. Important that there was San. The better that the payment was situated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was a -- it wasn't something that was done. Everywhere. -- -- lieutenants -- and a series is and I heard -- in another conference yesterday. NC is if it's down most of the -- getting in Tennessee opportunities so we can do embed the thing is. You have to have -- the other. People around you have in Tennessee enable -- adds up -- -- -- continuous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's say to agree to -- -- installation sell it and I would be great opportunity. With kind of limited. Then afterwards OK mobile we're -- both of their needs for back end should the -- looking at mobile working. I think -- our executives. We -- -- a bit then -- map towards. They believe -- member. In net basis is just a shift is that yes it's working basis less people working on the where -- -- doing on -- -- That we added in its fourth I would have collectively can definitely sell let's not just a shift. Bad that it is working with -- sulphide -- on the -- West Bank. We get a -- business -- 900 poking. Average drifted up 300 dollars for picking. Really. That the six even -- recess except that we didn't we didn't expect it will actually put it on. I'm the them on balance it's amazing. Where weekend weather what is happening here so -- opportunity with four hours Agassi will bring the booking. And different -- other platforms. End various and we think this weekend in its latest -- signed -- machines and things like that and -- bringing the change and cancel flight. By that the more by about booking application. Skilling got through -- really to sparking about the mobile booking features but -- The experience when they did not -- -- simply -- that we make sure that. It was possible to deliver clean. With only six that we didn't want to view videos aware. -- experiencing today to be waking have to be quick. And efficient for the customs. -- when a customer -- -- -- -- information outgoing if you see of the -- -- in my fight they don't have to register for -- notification to the advice if you folks will add delete it picked up automatically follows the processor -- in place on power. What to do look to book is about one -- -- one -- which is. OK let those numbers and tip April 4 2012 but they just if we look at their flights which are Moore's bubble. In the last year. So all of this is that winning turn an adversary on the other say they -- apple employee mobile -- -- -- being give up for pilots for a ban the inflation agents they can now. They don't they have now where they can -- the bear of the -- they would work timing -- kind of things like that. And we -- results or people looking -- mobile -- people -- those things we can do about and customer mobile platform. Sold. We look at our back end from. We have to make a decision about where their mobile enterprise application -- we look at different option -- -- now. We we're all working in silence we have people working on the employee side of mobile. Assets -- the customer and so we kind of sad to get anything is there something can we bring our expertise. Together. And and work the same directions from our five people in the T -- Start. Real in looking back do we wanna go where I wasn't our favourite choice near if there was a lot of that give poorer developing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't -- -- you -- because we went with a -- -- their mobile applications. -- OK so we get -- diligent. We. But while last year we did installation on our servers last July. About 2 PM power. Racking enrollment can now French I don't know if so that expression. Yes it will be -- one we're comfortable with our well being able to -- up wireless -- for a bit different now brass ucits that one. -- -- You distribute to -- -- have to make some tweaking factor. I think that's -- whether -- weighted gold. The outside the -- bank decided instead of giving -- and irritable will -- on developing internally. So I'll. We've never done mobile development internally fell. First two added together it's quite an experience that sue will you'll see the result -- on something. Soft. It's thought Ramos there but I think -- that. The thing is so when you go that direction you have to initiate that paparazzi anyway west into. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ralston defined roles -- responsibility can see the on everything now we're trying to bring everything on our side. -- -- said -- -- -- -- Hewitt -- every -- and which is gonna move ahead with our strategy. We have we have -- and to hand with valley where does it make sense there would be part of the -- -- men and -- even the we we we when we -- you widespread personal mobile. Am I -- upper west mad at somebody that develop mobile absolutely right now you really need. Really need together expertise in the mobile love them. Our -- We also have to we didn't include architects need initially but -- wisely -- a look at our. Everything you do it needs to -- PCI compliance again -- all of these things. End to the executives say -- -- have clear if ever I get. Equally around the expectation. -- -- -- -- is that at all. Bob will be faster to market will develop license going to be available -- that the more about that plan. Eventually is going to be like it's. That we need to do -- we need to do allow that have tweaking -- expect patient needs to be very clear of well defined went down. -- -- I can say when -- can have various on the personal side. They're too because soon you're -- so now we have throughout the out of let's say fifteen different on mobile. Forward -- tablets. But when you are the testing relies on -- -- You have to be able much more than bad and the ability upgraded your mobile devices that as we know it did changes. Folks it's. It's something to think about when you go that direction. Care for a the next that -- buffer through rate. It took awhile but now mobile isn't the end of our executives or whenever project inspired love -- buys by the year's sale came on balance. -- -- -- Maybe we'll do something maybe would want. But now it's integrated into other projects and we're able to really do its strategy. Then and that -- we're. Which we've managed to convince our executives and everything is. Lombard should now be seen as a comfort base -- addition to our the other projects that I've been unloved by simply seen. As a different strategy at this on budget and overhead because. We at where can now we used to be. Paying you to -- that things and mobile few years ago when we're pretty much the first ones in North America. Then and now we're just like. -- bid behind. Then it. Things change so rapidly that even though you have something in India -- one of why now neither they would have a stadium for five years -- not bad for a system that. -- for everybody -- the reality after -- of -- areas energy every six months one year and -- be proactive to watch went into. Then passed away by red eyed actor I would just like the organisation -- Raleigh reminds. And mobile even -- speaking. More MySpace. And they're creating -- that -- -- looking at. The future. What is more buying. Aspiring to rented -- some bad standards. So whatever -- they're working in the same direction developing the same -- -- the amp. When it comes for example that communication if -- -- if you able to get mobile phone number. Into actually analogies that passenger -- liquid. Market and we share that phone number with the other. Yeah right if you have a connection very weak -- United Airlines for example. Well I we allow that assures that mobile phone number if the Euro -- patients on nano on us. So are these little things working together and having standards just gonna make -- broader mobile side with -- reminds her. Now have a better experience for -- customs.

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