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How casinos are using mobile and social for marketing, promoting loyalty and driving revenues



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Fri, 18 Jan 2013|

Eric Petersen, Head of New Media, Caesar s Entertainment looks at how mobile and social will continue to transform how casinos can drive more meaningful and profitable bonds with their customers.


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All right so today I'm in the -- about. It's going to be more -- case study are and how Caesars is actually. Showing our -- and social media self we recently partnered with Adobe we've. Purchase their all we put so Adobe social for. And -- suffered the Adobe summit on the numbers bigger -- high right now self. And I don't actually turn off -- -- gonna be salesperson but there's actually really really exciting stuff. So. We are so we use Adobe's prize award by the biggest client we. On what's every Friday off for. I'm literate person foreigners. We just build a new website under -- of platforms a very very tied into Adobe so that we -- -- -- -- to -- -- reports. So burn the big question Europe as everyone is -- ranging from Europe you've. Neuron brand what does the value of the council for what is now what does that -- a you know is there other quite a hard dollars you can -- from from of Bora for a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- available -- -- -- these places. And we think then we know the answer is yes now so are switching over to this video and have you seen as -- -- pretty funny takedown. Showing the value of of -- -- can't get up thank you do you have any rigid now. A stupid thing you said -- they're measuring barrel while social media as a met here better -- Maybe you can measure -- -- and social media but. I think you can measure our white answers -- -- it. Just. You can get an early measure our wide uncertainty here well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- World. There's -- -- a little bit about our mission -- -- is serious. And then our new -- -- so. Why are we engaging in this new media space. General of the primary objective is to engage with our customers are won. Every new digital channel -- Overseeing everyone has a more -- devices out in the -- snapping pictures everyone is -- right now -- above the brewer stepped of those as the on the screen but. What were trying to do is engage with those customers. And in which we believe -- -- drive more world into a full reward program. Or increase ticket sales -- sales and dining reservations that us as the ultimate goal of what was kind of -- Ends you know we have some other. How well -- objectives so we want to build. The relationship with our community itself we have -- -- is -- pages with hundreds of thousands spends. We use that to communicate to -- with them to get feedback about their experiences on the property how to make them better so rosso and not to believe this is. You know I feel like well all your friend you review on Branson and -- -- new. Anyone. So through this business I don't want to talk about how to for measuring social I think now and then how you should be thinking about. Measuring social. Today in and then -- so what we are doing. You know before we had. The bill resourceful platform -- very much sort of in asylum we would have oral reports we weren't. No measure of the number of comments and whites and -- that we -- -- -- -- -- -- retreat we had in Greece we reported that administer the -- NN now more able to sort of put the law into one -- rebuffed once a measuring social measuring paid search. Measuring you now all of that in the top 1 morning. Together so I think further big take away eras persistent -- another marketing channels -- -- in agreeing. With your alluded above once. -- this is the only course of that though we users and we moved over in the early Europe. We're sorry the view -- -- track directs revenue from total and indirect which is something we couldn't do before so. Resembles a period so we just open the first ever -- -- hotel within Caesars palace. About a month ago ourselves. Next time you must biggest pleas for more than visited serbs' agreement property ends. So we've been revving up really how would likely buffer the volatile and generally showing -- we've done that through obviously just benefits for boasts. And we are using. A -- club location which. -- videos in some victories. Involving back to a novel website so you're -- would track. Derive revenues rule Adobe sold short end -- -- it made big. Western euros made through tagging. Or lavalas. Emissions tracking them. In a drug traffickers coming from a was coming from this would put -- or an -- So as you can see these numbers are. Big because on the novel form. And GM -- years by me but. This -- but the revenue they're actually showing opensocial. And as you can see -- -- B. This has put this has broken out around an enterprise perspective but we are able attract some risk is that. So avert the indirect pieces -- one world will release -- about so if someone. Visits are office for periods visible -- application. And then -- leave. And then become back -- Europe. And that they use this search on Google for no abuses -- in the coming in that channel will -- the attribution itself. While we've been saying why do we have these operations. Is actually doing anything for us. And we had this feeling that paid search and display -- stealing of the -- we actually. You know have more refined than what we could track so the good thing is Euro now. The -- social weekend. We can track credit for visitors interact with the opposition as lasting comeback now from what -- -- proposal -- -- we saw. Something -- Poznan global whilst we can actually show that the suffocation. Is driving -- or so to provide a 47% of revenue for more -- class is 47%. And 26% were -- coming through this indirect. Indirect -- so that is and as -- figures a view. -- meanings in thinking about how to market something when you have these application -- -- Reuters -- their output -- its -- is apps -- graphics show. The real value of the another example Huron is. What we did for an -- property in Cincinnati. So we just open -- a few casino. -- three weeks ago so whoever is from Cincinnati area. Visit the -- and speculative real return votes so. You as well as a similar situation. Where. Martin -- I think. Gold you know are now Brazil's -- -- do something that was going to generate some buyers and we've done over the past couple years discover spender of so -- active. And now we can surface that we view we're giving away -- hundred the IP passes. For people to enter the casino on -- -- -- -- M we supported it rule what -- the media a lot of work on the year end -- -- before work. We -- added what it doesn't -- the page and we had. And thousands resolve that's operate but now we can actually showed. This out droll. This has again big but. The numbers actually -- So -- coming -- this out. And then leaving going back in booking out of property in Las Vegas a robbery in Atlantic City property in your own self you can sure an indirect. You know as in Europe attribution to an application we've just had porous and save -- itself. That is free call for us to -- will track -- business things. Once alas Z four we are walking with. Ticketmaster reserve wearing so. We -- sure Stuart green is in Las Vegas and so we've done a lot of media big things around as a -- and obviously -- kind of to track. Tickets at ticket sales and insure the impact of social and so now we're taking this -- just this but insisted. And will wearing. Organic posts and how they impact ticket sales in the not so far we sponsor possibly some -- -- of you have that's impacting what. Why -- the effect for four Mossad -- that rather have. Your wares and trouble you probably have more forward tells you have. Hundreds of of marketing teams you have to. Generally showed falling and so one thing here is there's obviously. With with a bill resourceful was agreed dashboards dash warning. Given abilities and so for us work we're doing a lot of about the trouble shoring what revenues coming in from -- thought to weaken. Communities that are biggest marketing teams are planning nothing seems -- I think things said. So on our wrap -- up with. Just a key take away so. We can now really track. -- alliance -- minister what we do so just. When you when you come back student teams internally. You can sale -- you know now we know all -- always is driving -- -- dollars for so. What are we deal we -- -- that and so woods. But duplicate. -- -- -- -- -- I think it's really you know four out of -- pretty exciting because now we can. We can change you know and in the more important to what were some -- for what -- -- --

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