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Webinar: How Can Travel Brands Evolve and Integrate as Fast as the Technology



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Thu, 29 Jun 2017|

We bought together experts from Hilton, Google and the Travel Corporation to discuss how, in a fast changing technology landscape, travel brands can evolve and integrate, keep up and thrive


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Good morning and welcome tonight couple web not series mining akin Gump stone and the managing director by the travel. How can elect Al Wynn gets compared Patrick industry insight into by a panel backed a a topical the web mark is the right attacking travel and our brand and make the most of the change. Now we want to make question that possible commitment to the plate not Gannett productive discussion. Please do used to question ability at the bottom module grain. And bright. I think we need little produced a panel we have. Dana he had been director digital product innovation to help. Michael amr. Global mobile book wrap departure traffic for Google and finally bank Christian chief digital officer of the travel corporation. We're gonna run the three presentation. Pretty quickly backed back. Poker but that timing of the low the question and then it struck at a particular they debate. Dana it correctly can make you. DoubleClick. I imagine that EMI claim. Caterpillar. I think you and I came to a head in. Am again and Kentucky of the director added the product innovation in health care. To pop The Hague eight million that the key had kept argued changing. Isn't it incredible. Ambit easily get hacked at the Weinberg added our. An act you have to know if new technology that at a bit clear erect a day. And panic panic carried out new technology. ME feeling that their due kicking wreck bet you're hired back at that our direct stake. The troubled company F ram it should be our mission to eliminate action forum on the part of the gas trouble during. Making travel more approach align it can watch out. The technology can chat newbie and illegal torn enable a forgiving act happen weekly if we think about it that we look like when it. I would the next ten men have a Q I'm gonna she'll keep her legal foundation and the gag reel. Eight you're keen your English league Q quickly -- you at night adding technology that you're down gas customer and well Matt. Because that drab technology stomach at hand went back knack that could mean that chilly wet trouble should be a part. Collegiate about how do we creature could industry. Industry exploring anybody think in action packed at technology and the guest experience. End increasingly member company as drilling create a wave. Technology and other problems. Cut a conglomerate beat when they travel. Had we go forward and Peter Cooper player and in our industry. It began put the proper infrastructure weaker put out at a rapid technology growth quickly add memorable clean. A bar with the changing eager respond including a that the case can any be collected ill impassable. If you happen how well the outlook for adjudicate weeping tree in integrated eighteen structure crashing pay here company. It really well weekly back warrant having the ability to quickly scale new technology. Increased streamline market rally their experience. And we report collect nearly ten years ago at helping our leadership kick we're gaining Bahadur no matter over hard bike infrastructure. It really was one of the better agenda without money. Am however a welcome here are expecting bring out across our Hannon by country. Outbreak and the unified into trash act and that correctly clawing out neutral debt Kilmer tubular pasta friend. And I would add anybody it infrastructure. Weaken the ad line we put in a bid headdress as gas or Barbie introductions. Am in how to put together tradition could seamlessly adapt to a changing digital am gay where a lot of the bankers are the primary will. A pattern right after our actual member and a look at now. Incurred only about Becker crack or little cash directly into stuck in channelling. It all the alibi your infrastructure. Beg your people and the company culture made even faster. Including how he can accurately implement it had been embarked on quickly adapting technology. Goal when we recruit we cannot get QE trade. When empathy and pushed out when our cash directly going to. Earl and ultra premium car way of thinking at sixteen screenplay men pactel and published away. Still we think there is picking grounded in the keeping. Every initiative meant we did little creature they Eli at a repeat accountant eat create predict it going to end that fit their cooking up one block. Ensuring the cal where it. And had a bashing campaign exceptional experiences when they interact with your bank account. What could aid connected Cabo wine and we have to get ballot but what you get. In Turin Italy collapse or you hold a keen bring climbed back. Had used. A hackneyed technology. They had held went the M got. Do we know wicket they connected trouble or really why not go that our hard questions. And intact. Amber at Campbell did leave the medevac or met their expectations change and a daily beat fed at that had been do we have to think back. More and more working technology becoming you know I'm a global index. N technology now makes it easier recovered to capture real people M I'll buy around about early and mid or back here. A couple of after a quality that we building would actually get can liquor. How left with a wire act with every cap in that we have to reckon we have analysed the Minneapolis had again. Am adding EU there Obama had we hear it cannot illegally blocked by nature and we delay any airbag gas refined well the technology helped him feel. What connected. Inhabit experience. Internet destination methyl like a local and when there are on the go out. Collapse whatever we have won a mission to cannot camp wamp. How it father Lambert trouble pinpoint how we did look collect less in complied fully in control. And that call really are work on the cap package came in big credit book our heads held end when you get away from her account. It hammered today immediately year outlook remembered you back at an adapter bigger gain. They can check again kick into account the revenue they can crack I don't can be delivered to build a patriot a rival. They came out you'd think lap band at -- and keep in the likelihood they can get at and battering gastric bill ram and a wrap. Big enough now trapped when I hope help cash out at about location and in that deal happened had attracted a publication with at how. Ignored or write to Deborah Macon export destination. And the immediate access worked at. Puck restaurant and night I let you get what you Adobe. Am new at Beecher we Carl Icahn binder equip their name implies into renewable technology limit catalytic Edward black. Until binder accurate period adjustment that went to jail. What cricket figured Rihanna jab by your PM and a at destination and a properly. End big bet before have to grapple big and had a crash and said. Inco is correct gamble their ballot for the acronym weaken and then a mascot could at either black predict how bad hair happier Pak help. If there's no way kidney area they'll act Aetna weekend am absolutely am I am the best rap unhappy get everyone about complex were not properly. Could things like that the industry Edward I more rapidly merely protect our technological literally make travel more rash at. Atlanta buying Schering African Packard little experience. And we dedicated Q connecting me with gas do every gap that have moderately. Can only dream about where they wanna bail out of the Paladin pack rat end of the panel that they had her. Add additional experience and a crucial aspect turning to oil clean. In that if have to be nimble had the EU GE is that gives little support allowed a cab white interactions with our plan to give them a break information. At a rate high when they knew it man. It in really get how could how early in the pack a special double bird at Idaho power. Illiterate of one they have vacation at our cal calculate gaps. Our we think back did not have the power if our industry. It now kiwi calculation. Began had a league. They look at whether the bad even Appleby intellect a weakened target before they get back. If they shared. UAW. Huge big sport the only marker power amp at the well ahead. Bieber came create their future daily. They held a we cannot get added that more bank. Am M that we can click of weekly yield better revolt and the we have gaffe can reinvent the future count on one client add. And we've Alcan the cash and cut back approach leopard help line at Lambert added Anna and everything we do. We have to. I have an idea of including am Healey U pan cat ate our am our flagship happy act be kept ahead quarter they have helped McQueen. In peddled on the regaining. I'll elaborate. And our power pretty cash actually had they come together to capture real panic reaction. Am I knew I geared into contribute to daddy and crashed at. Can now be back capital helped inform and Hawaii geared toward web what I'd be a good scale across other properties around the globe. Enter when we get that we look at like a game that are capitalised actually had a meeting that wheat deal I'll be innovation we put up care. How it makes it why and that much like dragging in let me plot. And we think about I Libby can ever happen perhaps some guard rail. Or email account chemical fire playback technology that make travel easily add more capital malabo market moving again. Bet we have to let bad real potential bit unique well intentioned idea yet actually have the direct impact. Amtrak capitol a minute can keep fresh amp. Intel really whipped reaping the picket line near the padding wet or play your ballot or hang. The great thing is purposeful. Doctor innovate for the fear prevail happy Afghans held that the technology have the potential make the majority of our gap quite easily and will help our employees by key members give their capped at act. Do you have the infrastructure. Q played it and it easily gets scale. Look at an event of the day that it had no idea what a well about had held a lift when your point knowledge of one crew ship. It can be more destructive then beneficial product. Huckabee will be the web at scale. Especially. The fact checking a partnership. All we think then it makes sense to partner with like minded innovator and it would be a little while campaigning there can be the best Emmy from the pink and the travel industry elite league could be better about breaking down period to weaken our permanent out together and collaborate. Am anything that really keen for the time being debt limit for. And the there might have been pretty accurate or with Big Apple is clear and technology it when it went whitby back. We technology enabled you should know where your customers wire act that Jeff could be getting at air reeling intuit share. At the rate makes a quality dead qualitative feedback mechanism for your company inventory that gave their informed we eagle ash can. And capital have to share with people there happy gebel panoply peek at how you attempted. Clinton is partly a grand am beginning Callaway debate better web technology can upper. Would add packer Becky ten. Thank you very much that will incredibly vital and we got several questions come here which will will get weaker the end. Or we've. Part of the power broker banker should. The chief digital officer for the troubled corporation damp either we detailed screen. You know him well they do remain claim that it no. Longer I would they've you know I'll let I'll have helped render. At period what she's literature review it organs aren't directly. The more important inaccurate or added brown beige and yet law how we built a corporate beach. On the hard briefly about how well we will country Dietrich had a reality used oil. It is. My teacher what do you like a power from. I believe you're probably wondering could weigh what I do what it out Asian editor I'd actually like people. Get. And you'll get your. The biggest travel company Europe and not a victory where it all people to view your call what. The travel actually citrix. Updated. Looking at a regularly review all work he you're neutral application. If you deal or people who into work early Laura will struggle connection. Which. I. Apple technology shouldn't rent rather bearish if it right it could literally working on the yen that we can keep in mind when you know when you need a European instantly yeah article. We actually trigger packaged together absolutely yeah. I'm really looking back awards dinner. Media building battle model should look. It worked with mall correct opera or ginger and working. Our distribution channel grew at an image or get Joe consumer will give a name. And we look hot. So I think bright incredibly weren't we rebalance so will. We want to make sure that we build a local going to be huge rocker. And we do we get there is contributing obviously city like I will require a weaker. We're quite quality of our. I wonder what will definitely be on the hawkish line will get the rate. For a warrant. Been people in QE Clara people can buy and ship particularly gap. Not just little deals we only people they're travelling as well. Particularly. Bring together well if I. Get. Are. Hot. An era Africa. We'll make your people as. Good argument he can work really we're gonna allow the dishes for a everything vertically tubular in Abu look at each hour. Deliberately kept away no character or so. At a kettle Bradley was featured just recently Microsoft. And really highly likely allusion or how we had. How will working we'll keep you like technology triggered a weekly. And a little brighter because it ultimately better picture that everyone will feature internal regret it we hope will. Because as you know. Let it be introduced you block a deal will present a 29 hubs like lucky spot in Asia. We need picture will only need work the luckier. I partners in many adult member from brown line here when all gonna do quite well I. Robert I hope you go our children into words it now. By introducing you potential rivalry significant. It'll work will work will keep all contributed interviewed about. And had been palliative look at what we'll be if you look at your get what you could Rick and I run efficient you know. Yeah here at your I'm just getting ready. What is legal battle a picture people in. Which. And told me it would weaken we won't even locked in the did you all they should've been. Incredibly relevant U and worker adjustment I am. You know me each of the children and neater and it'll certainly again a significant changing your for a us. Yonhap brain platinum play which incredibly important we know what you're. Nectar will begin work. On the economy is technology. EBay apia. Under her leadership all right I keep reading what you've got to look. Looking west like. It you're trying to make sure that you were online and credit union. You clearly get an opportunity you you bring that aid under wanted which we use capital into a reputable aviation. NW correct are now going to innovation. Happening. We look at the that neither apple Google and little else did yeah. Really enable that you identify how can it well I'm not at all and liner QE leadership mall at which we on how it got. A get a legal union and you know join. When it hit the web played Nate Gerhart. Nickelodeon ensuring that our. Higher. So what we. Make sure we do it but we're more or any website if the power book on building will now it will wrap. Weren't you absolutely can't not. Eight continue allotment. To having her bid bigger. Is a essential. They're important corrupt you commensurate Q or eight. Ensured we are yet of the yea. We look Al-Maliki. Should look at general. When a player who you gonna get a just a little battle trying to make sure that the how rapidly accurately treat any future data relevant to me. If you look at the Big Apple will. Would attract a greatly contributed a huge car. And our hard work will end you can do you. By getting legislation that she got better enable M website which were oil will not look at it more a hot line. In a horrible particularly in our tubular operations. Acutely contributed Westlake equally particular it I'll get region and abolish the regional make sure that it due at Britney. And you'll see. If you look at you know what. He's like hot under. Under. US were our strategy. We need a that we ink incorporated a young people who booked or you're gonna require. And we're typically look back hard to picture that we're gonna quickly does correct down Q. It plain that information next you the buying power book how we know absolutely pretending we aren't. You know we're not doing at. And right particularly the cattle feed and look weaker. Hollering route we get with it added Kroger is a hot market what we. Prior public we know the work you roar across hall where we grew at the outwardly appear ethanol. When you grow in the poorer it'll rapidly deployed it. And in Asia YouTube. What we what had obliterated a about the Obama not only do we particularly claiming no abrupt cubicle life more oil so our new destination where couldn't I. Ithaca. About. A week. Applicable that I like you how it while hauling your. If it. What went horribly feature it again relevant due wealthy Europe if it. You're really looking likely a local gap. Keeping it continue to accelerate we need to make sure they're not getting our worry that we actually treat a little what you're going to be sued I'll look at each. Or whatever we can begin a broker you look at that period could make you then did with exactly what it. I'm need to be looking at and not immediately make sure the right figure which. And hopefully that it California where epic due Eckerd. Thank you down and great now adapted by Catholic industry. Analyst Al without going on do that Google. So Michael Hammer out any detailed screen and by the probation. You know actually Andrus confirming new gas consumer screen despite Sarah. Now we can do and do. The reflect pass and so pressing my name is Mike armouries and work. Accurate Google iron did easing team which encompasses everything we do think as a mainstream A our added yeah. So I'm it's actually will bitter about kind of what we're doing to scale these new technologies ordnance reality virtual reality. Well I we're investing so have a link. And then more importantly how trouble companies trends direct investing in these new technologies as its sector due adoption. Adoption sprung. I'll watch it against in particular. Sir. Darius wanted it about virtual reality just kind of second stage where we really care about is tell what which. We care about told a news service. To write their new worlds that picking bits it exists today said teaching took great care REIT in Australia. Sit insect Cisco. A told a need to imaginary rights protection what's that exists. Out at like so thinking. Like Bob the Greek debt particularly active and actually complete admission do you like. M apart or that rocked death. Up one week into that Ivins reality we did about chicken look who were up that we'll get in and enhancing that worlds with new information. A new interactive. Again it's now ticking away from the world's itself and reading it's a vision. So these are really important to Google little thing about. Why they're important should compel it it actually inherently you know our mission statement so I'm mission since organised Brockton nation kick you sleep sets a and useful. And limited to words of that statement backed them. What you know much success building new storm that's. I'm one thing about these new kind of meat and technologies are don't necessarily have. Them millions of users are attached to them yet it's speak hands out lack of excess I think. And racquet useful next year is really work what at a competitive in an inch and will weaken structure brings new technologies to the market. Answer to gain traction. We music's. So we think about where the the art market is typically included about folks like each choose scenes I've you can bring back jealousies. That's very good thing about. Playstations yeah. These wild salmon is quite quantities here shooting inside PlayStation accurately at its niche music. There are other platforms I'm Lindsay TX still on the talking about. Will ceiling abuses at somewhere between ten to twelve million users who added. In June intake can see machine can run that I Caracas. Where utter shifting millions except oaks apple PlayStation. There's folks who just mainly due looks at you remove yourself a different jets beginning industry gets a instructed they were abruptly and then how you actually increasing adoption rate and anywhere between ten and 59. A Tudor three plus 86. Perhaps mapped out its case in particular. Almonds are gonna usefulness or their content isn't very spotlighted its dam wall. And liabilities keeps not necessarily useful as the population which isn't going to be chubby engagement. So for a global it's really thinking about and we give people access and and how do we make that counts and that they can act sets used older or wanna go back. It yearly basis and major repair lights just say what happened model. So to a global way we think about bad. It's utilising. Phones as a natural where it scaled. We're obviously heavily invested with an injury operating system and aim in helping ecosystem. Grow so 790 bonds were up now. Replace or enhance my funds so we naturally believes that if he calls the driving nurse virtual experience while driving up. Experience is when we get along computer maker already happened arcade snap requiring him to buy new hardware. Down. Over. Utilising the she seemed out which you know treat season nut on needy what. And the performance can really genuinely scary bits are what you had been the upgrades you credit. So for a nascent we strongly but even we are heavily investing in the iris scanner that a generation of clinching game. It seeks do you think back to the supercomputer at that you need is followed by the options considerably early ninety's I'll bet that supercomputer in your pocket. We remotely debt virtual reality and I've met reality and a generation computer. Really driving users to ask new questions. And Bewkes added about the world around them. Aren't necessarily eighty insults at. So veracity with virtual reality we jets marched Friday dream which were really excited about. And financing well I don't know about the Chan. Aids adult speech in the smart device and headset can control itself was down celta she is a company. That's our only worried out away died in each virtual reality. I'm an only just launched four I'm into reality. Name. Sweetener software cop ten go which has built directly into its screen wipes out the middle you know. Datuk growth to announce Ellen remlinger. So you'll continue to see us aluminium group prospective working. Warwickshire we happens and curious should drive out did you ready. And ten enabled phones so users can take it NH ER ten here are in its us. Again needs when you think about each unit sits bolt having its bonds as well as the X. Greece's meeting about tango it's just needing a fund. We bit software Oregon built. So for our us. And Anderson at the June period in its efforts and slides I hideouts when we think about. You are in particular grass or investing in the concept. So we just launched Google versus which has L a I'm bike today we're again you can tick or actual war or anywhere. Inheritance and the like going back to city related absence will hit arched who will work just as she C. And we're Murray C instant Tucci engagement rates and books going energy's taking bets on what. Doesn't match Google's street you know argued tuned at. Happened last month where again you could start she explorer and tell a around the world. Around the world ratcheted it gets to reach sixty studies periods ended in building it took. So we think about. The travel industry in particular will really thinking about a number of different ideas. So were seen acting traction. In the world back B 360 cap video ads. Aren't as a way of driving. Arm or whether that's ads went a better be really anything but it's really about strings attached epic new due. You know 36 Batman. And driving distribution. Or that concept. Insurer made your points are well as the 360 video. So word and seamless as well so here being used in. Those big brands a sector ticket and it's best reason yet yes we succeed I'm using to drive consumer excitement. Consumer awareness so having met your website particularly water dragon bit your consumption. And building act can't accurately. In addition of that thinking about virtual I had a hotels and space sport thinking about you know where expects. And how can really drive additional engagement with voters contact. Deputy manager who won't let you 612 all learn more about what it is that you add a bit. I'm you can think about virtual simulations act what each. From a deepens. Opening hadn't released. Bring one or annual iron ore and really trying I'm your hotel in Europe and it's allowed. And you can do that in virtual environments rapid acting general. Person. Connect exchange rates. I knew consecutive averaged a current year edged an again Mary acts are really saying to do that's where you can you can had. Virtual currency should be part where. We could not have ucits sucks why. Area wrapped and tell your location. Atkinson since the site X exactly when it's actually got explore. I'm a you can start putting hardware interview routes allow for a net teach us aren't we get and captains Wayne ensuring each. It during Carolina railroad can start to build the I'm really excited which has just when you have that aren't what its chairman. You guys use here why didn't see. Some ballots you can give and AdSense partner. That the product opportunity to go into print or not tell what. Around a you can start thinking about nab additions and learning about the world around you. So were building navigation to a Arabs once a again you can star you Tamar. Inside and outside warrants scene notes and you can huge advantage right. Next spreads really interesting things you idiots capped acting or driving usage particular ditched its. Or you can spectrum hints that wild rally by learning more about. Throughout this year. A new market will give people do you start you can actually sent to learn directly and by trapping used X aren't that which which. As a result wider and things that we're doing chiefs in oil horribly technology out to get Indians ucits. And adds parker who Richard since ads have access the hardware there's a lot of interesting things and contents active travel companies constricted due. Due drive excitement. And awareness of beer brands in these new kind of media speculation. Twenty grown ups. A red taking very much am radical lot of questions coming out and my first opened for her Dana. I'd like royalty what are driving your digital strategy you have. The experience we look after the a difficult period a non law customers. What what is driving it is it get loyalty order bookings revenues a mixture of both kit can pick up that what little. Driver. And it doesn't apply in particular and innovation energy Hanford Haley and hand you know technology better than I make. Explained what had an eye network connected. Absolutely it is am it unique event you capture more world peak. Am I. M wed the beginning McCain either crude or about labour evident and in growing you know. Meanwhile I am working member do an ad experience than natural they would accept. Rightly or can't get more people could help more people com or non loyalty to loyalty outback. How different is big and kick in order a member. And what you do added to upgrade and notably. Yeah Phil and it hit the area than any kiwi don't quite add any add back any consumer can use our apt example. And their annual ebitda nearly he had a decade have to wait and becoming a royalty Lambert head of the pack enabling it create giant. Any I have to have a unique basically am enjoying had amp amp remember back loyalty program. Bet from here at the ad that featured on the benefit and we are increased ad you haven't got Q&A luxury car brand still. Our alert remembered get access Q I'd get double check in with brand collection at the target anchored keeping what you can mark an ad here we keep. Am end our am you know when mentally acute care marvel forget things like free Wi-Fi Mac had been Beck. Am. And that the court the app experience of the Bill Lockyer bedie. Am collecting that we enable likely Billy Q outlook had publications. Which are at an actual ad attacking the app of the bill Bob you inhibiting either the act. Or the ability keep have to manage your cake we am. By ordering rabble IQ at. Today at ordering am I honestly particularly around Acura wrap up we do am I glad that I barrier Arab anger hate you speak at. Bet. OK thank you or your last flight because there were a couple of other analyst Neal Butler is a partnership will want to that the key. Part additional strategy. So who would you. Like to partner with if you could deduct the code name the company that level cover copper belt who are you looking to actually partner with. That particular weaken. I am IPO Ababa but economic and the fact is he did you get it looked like all had a that I didn't yeah. Yeah and while we feel we we're glad egg cooker packed epic and the development amp amp amp. And let reed planner reed and partnered with Adam Burke. And M and a member pat and I am bring campaign hidden. In remember king met for an arraignment had nicknamed bet. Am added that lack the traditional right now they share Iranian back Al ham partnership had available at. OK and of the a dam had acquired a computer becoming a and oh let me get this correct. Please hopefully getting data from over thirty brand that would be how the club itself and you couldn't have driving conditions. You don't adequately was saying you gave your the one off the mobile. Be difficult is there any other action because you make more than they becoming an order predict how do you deal that could've gotten so much information. Yeah. Were Illinois and yet there can do we want to put dedicated grant would be working in my team. M a direct digital. And debit or what work. Many report on a deal that we're gonna be a weak weak or not get periods as a reason we do it just one month. Absolutely we look at the leaders we all play. Out big time consuming you know how does a used. Completely food or about people in need in order what way. Altitude difference you are worried about it article double indirectly I actually you look at. Track and actually what you'd get a get your questions. It has clearly been put. Recently we've identified. Him rouble. I think it over every month holding back away at each month. We had a particularly when I might herein this yeah. All. You gonna require what people were. We look at how. Will you. A total client here increasing. It look like you're certain you indicated that I'll increased. So and so it if it has in the online bookings which team I'll request a call request a brochure of ore. So we again delivered. A particularly in use you that it. Or more. In a particularly good if you look at which should. You online website. But get over our core market is we're well. Me yeah available and then give everyone a reasonable accurately. How she. Acted in a retreat in. So that we can you know attracted more accurate follow on care and make sure Google Cheadle you know by red an interagency. I'll get here we need to make sure that. What I L a look at what those changes are upbeat about just a year. OK so gratuitously. Picking hammered the regional couldn't because that I would see local published cute when. You you say who they won granular this will be that. They might have not be difficult to do that how long is it reasonable spec compliant lately had great training comb through. It will be months or weeks or. Yeah will typically be an aggregate within that accurately gonna due ahead total crap did actually you know I don't quite. Why we're prepared that we inmate work applications. That would make it grow you and we at eight. And get down to a culture yeah I'd like that we hit your. Typically an aggregate of indeed maybe I'll not be at least. That's not. Input line. When Cheney that they can get a couple weeks but what will end at your way home and now right under our Euro offices. And while quick recently gone broke culture where you're really different is it. Opinion you're putting pressure because people your life better initial. Oracle will end it really out and explain your ability improve the law and so it. You're a worker who get line get the feeling the benefit of collaboration. And get tighter and used under accurately our biggest market. OK fantastic and we have a question brought all of you to be able to convert people but a track of if you actually travel booking global customer service. And after after pressure on Prescott we implemented you know could give cash and we're looking we have any had capped her allies Karen. Am entered into manner I did black directly attributed Q am and measurable para bucking other you know get upper mid market version spec. It more a ballot at rye bread get had back then. Am NM Natalie good satisfaction about getting after hiking in the dark age enter it looking interact with our accurate in the wake. Am we're working how do we look at those gatlin at a bar had tried actor they can be scaled back. It will look at concern this cool your claim yet to build added yeah yeah. OK and I was talking to a particularly in Europe mostly. A client revenue quite what the click that in the built with the open. Glamour and a product I'd add on didn't. Yeah can I add think that am cap Cana abducting campaign correctly I think bet am you know we've with blankley federal time. He added creek steak and the arrival experience engage it had been that high at the couple Charlie. End and we we've done without their ad campaign of you look at athlete gasket can captured cracker wrap up. Could be your tree how lap why back at weaker falling big head it and girl alleged that had been about making trouble keeping it more efficient. Am impressed quite strongly dashed bet out of Lee Clark you have to have a clue about making revenues for apple it. In hell am giving you get big get bigger not cannot mother apt is prior came catch pry it bought back and enable that how gash. Girl Alley dock for an ad world three hour lap more at hand go green chemistry it. And the bean after you know for a and I am you know broker cheque Patriot Act. And therefore. Yeah and then weakened level question about partnership thing I know you can't mention company. Can you give any kind towards a company. How do. Clark added I am. EIA added all we hear what kind of learnt apparently with some of the best companies am in the industry. And amp actually paper company Beck and some way help add. Antley cannot eat even your. Anybody hammered the friction at McAlpine Geffen and show our great idea and concluded Beck and you know the very of the credit gamble that we integrated in the at. You could request a bride am clear cut parker act. Am NME had little they would ban we introduced kid erect clean. So there am I Gaskin explore at a cap nightlife and cash strapped amp amp amp decided back in Blida. Could be a bag back neck and we can Patrick Bateman lake and Hackett Gilad held Aguirre did action at a travel any mid cap on what an enjoyable. As of the partnership bell creek it. Public. Competitor we have looked a question for Michael and we were ultimately ensure faculty presentation. Is people familiar bet that the art. It maybe marketing and AI contract with which you agreed. So. So yes or no Simon say Europe is DR can be used across cycles you can use it or it's bringing awareness of the on the I think about I think that an intent research. And you can user per share eight experiencing great because you can go around the well. And when you're actually I'm trip you can take it energy -- developments in the here structure works unique trip better. And then our basic premise sharing prospective CR it's gonna be huge currency such. And there are a lot of companies like ops it's not notes were already working it I'm happy you brain. Chat and how do you bring appetite picks and why are attract such experiences together in real time. Indeed exact figure out socially sharing a lot of those experiences S. Nicholas A our. Gary is definitely going unions and consumer spending and researching strung it. Should I book we're action network what it's a black to an actual booking an energetic looking assess what Alec after its to have. And we opt out so I agree with the latter part of statement I think there's a lot more at a woman under statement. And were only up one point oh oh entre nous we're gonna continue it's not yet reached that due. OK button down ordain an opinion on a bill where would you be putting money. Anger at how they have a place in cab block. And definitely yeah I am macro perpetrated fans at within the booking and drilling in clapping experience Dell. And we're getting here amid could be feedback I globally there's a place. Yeah idea and it really think we're looking at technology. And make it should it Arctic. National so. Having great beyond your highlights worked a lot why. It hurt unit. Eddie look at the market. Our low altitude Antarctica. And or if you'd read your hotel in the you can usually rude. That Iraqi good. Gates who will make you were around collision happened or will it during if you kept it like Cuba. Completely have been eagerly put your egg given inaccurate or so. That didn't you actually put aura for a yeah or an end were literally getting no wonder what can quickly may not. Archer added we're again you consumers trying to do you Rahal will help recognition it. I put my attitude will end to make sure I'm a little comparable YouTube like that. What you're brick accurately culling out there will. It look at you with that would ouija and how people like apple will sell up and abetting an important under a however while cap on the web eight Forrester quite legitimate work hard cash prior what we did you. Like Chad is YouTube for a whole caucus when it didn't work either and packing it up what you actually buy it even if you don't think it illegally converted inaccurate due. And consumed you know what kind look at you you we not offer a wholly. It has a look at where you're a new customer we can help you. You know it attractively. And I'm like capital all reached a unlike. What we will. Not produce it did. Either way your chair and added location bit. You're gonna like. LOP. Did get away you that. But later here we had a fantastic like showing who bid use of put number booby users. Because a hundred million per month and let me had played a magnitude of the 900 million a month and added. Demonstrate ordered it implies that we should we be investing in mid gap. Comedy little commentary messenger at a that particular failed or how debate play into the whole having your about developing a cap on your website or on a map button going through. What did you. Already very well. Up up up up current their act and the decade it. It'll really important. At 7 am even making me holy week am. We give up in apple heading for a am and manhandled paprika a cowardly act. Any especially in any have to power anywhere Carly did not hold our. Am cannon alimony income for the traditional Pat Quinn we'd had the Catalan. We haven't I knew we'd create an Kory packed week that we can interact with our gas and engage with amp. Big I cannot hold ad they while enacted early. How many of them haven't had sent back include only make plans should they be able to quickly act and you know during the if you apple aren't bad guy. I'm in be able acute hacking real time queue directly mamet parker cal whether it had a special clashed. When they're commissioning of that working India where I need YM PM recommendation and abstract. I think it'll be very important at the little. OK. And how many people about. At what had been remarkably few you think what you get there and and global market given their OK yeah I really challenging back in the process. And at rouge figure. No I'm talking about it that more people keep. Eight Richard yeah no collaboration. Or borrow and for a national corporate culture your lending out. I'm to make sure that whatever could not immediately cayenne and then what are we need. Human order. And I will do so either you or someone who's looking to a total. Have you someone dramatic. Made a Big Apple can. Work. We're at a point today we were there people end. And that knowledge and being able to commit more. I think absolutely yeah what ultimately a lot more that. YouTube. When you're looking. And how lucky number can be not to cut it I'm really just one minor compared. You not to ship with a EE and absolutely. Not really you know Richard alright alright. But independent attitude. In dollar yeah I think that vary greatly aid well. Eight a lot of attention due. Because the expectation now is it a barrel and the date if at midnight would be what. Copper coal. Traffic via a web. Now a fundamental really not that there. The glory people click in later that night and stranded a whole but then again it took a hit the where corolla. You'll learn just. What the judge didn't do accordingly suffer. I'll put it. A year but yeah that incredible case of mad. OK I think we're almost appetite I kind of flat this a debate calculating and all clear that the lender will be taking part in the large pickup that particular comment on the twenty important quicker the papal in hotel Nikko capped at go to please. Do cheque out an agenda we have compared packet thing going on and and finally we will be handling the recording and the applied to anyone who's find out whether mark. Not without around the for the corporate or can't do that but other pan am Michael thank you very much to a time and I look what meet you in San Francisco. Pity or Japan. It. A key.