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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Tero Valkiala, Head of Digital, Finnair


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The governor everyone on my name is that what you're up I'm promptly in the amount of stock buyback Bob examples are. Politics for borrowers with examples that we have with their different lenders along they. Here a different area CE commerce on a soft outside their normal ancillary. Horror. Pick any view adjusting the warrant for the right now. A good. Saw growth archival quality what cleaner Hartley a medium sized airliner are obvious on our traffic between Europe and is yeah. A best in Helsinki heartland are we have been some eleven million pounds of plastic 2.3 million euros revenue. And are. Withdrawing we're thinking fifth. Sol really hit that we are the sort of between Europe and Asia and that's. The euro's the map and that assuring that actually housing is mean a lot of well. Between Europe and Asia and us I'm joined Bismarck because our these ex apple star. I don't like surely this power goes like this Jason really important worst I've just fine China other Asian markets. Solve important in a modest that we want to parole panels floor alone from these markets. Like Diana as a good example that there are so many. Salt. I think there's been a lot of talk today already are bar holders term. Customers with the right services at the right time and that's really estimate saw as really a tussle for the airlines and models to serve are. We bear direct channels and services saw web has gone on raw there are some service like. Like a plane could be their hearts want to travel so sell. Us how long raw for a rise as a for other customers and then you can so with them with by working retail. ABBA and hilarious I. And also increasingly Dave like comic David solace we have this call that nordic sprite. We have now ointment that for our. White quickly thunder Arab what if is coming next year. I'm and it it's really since all the and the standard customers what are they need some pain points and worry using your services on the journey. Before the widely deployed after the flight. And also our coastal oil toward the Dax lost customers back your services. It is really essential that's been unlike Europe also many banks that not not just Europe everything to everyone. Of by. And our. As a as a malign you need to understand what our most easily cancer yourself on what our post. What knows that you define appeared almost and it's now like a couple examples. Like that. Our Randolph type base of services are really goals. Wanted to do need. Either save our. Inflight connectivity will become really if you Borland Hyundai in the future of side that. Traditional he implied in the day meant I operationally there's been a more we've done. And DB showed stronger whopper. It's included bombing coming e-commerce environment but we don't really sell because oil customers Iberia. Piper deceive seat belts. They're really expensive by Boston. To commercialise. So that harmed by the doctor Bob are few examples are some demand Paula Ivan brown Europe saw a top. You know this non ancillary uses. Salt miner growth that design corporation but we have seen still doesn't eleven could still successful. Are customers like remarks. And is personally important for a power base yen as the which our Chinese customers loved the nordic decide. So we have paid the couple were planes with that might make the design and also of inflight experience that food. Some offer yours and I am and sees RR. Bed with the design. And it's really important commercial a massive sell off lobby staff. Eucharist at laugh them and they also are based on much better with your mailbox cops welcome more so are slight. Lot of them a lot of them lost. Never ever play. That's that's a master alternative non brokered a dozen ideas also legalise I think it's a world. Especially to upper right up while they're there solve fans fans of this. Of them walked Barclays the bar. Nordic designer and we have mentioned bit ago might cause a lot of the good thing is almost what nine. Are then are we want is in January that holiday are so we began the first airline do. The boy while eBay. In flight sales and more a high and up. That's really important because China's closed markets really important for us are. So of whole web URL family which are paid. This they're 500 million users in China are using mobile payments are. Is the primary our channel were banned for use for a bid you delay eighties and that retail shopping. I'm definitely. Recommended do figured out. Otherwise we chuck I better buy forms of enjoying a barrier bass in more bar payments of we we started this filed in January and now we're expanding into other awards as well in June size of the more well utter that. Chinese consumer can play dot. On what else is not big business wire right now when it's our way disabled Chinese customers better are. The basket size has tripled to what source Verity is sorry to it's really important. So of course high margin products and bought. I'm dark we're gonna really good are obviously a rather Bob our announcement dark Wii remote even top three topic in in wheat up. Doing that day when we announced that. So what really really big thing in China and elsewhere international media coverage that pretty well shop. Now as the giants are. Their common view you look mark and are they want to serve thought and is minutes of China's got to wrestle promptly Europe. They're only something that look forward. I'm and it's not oil while other more well payment but it's also a lot of opportunity. To get access of the Chinese equities down. Are like said about the so why had been inactive monthly users are. In China using the mobile web and what their support while Bob what ecosystem icons and why men. They have the biggest albeit in China are great times. The shopping spot. It's gonna would probably different world of so then our. And that a third example. What our point of its last with slices of us are either not just our conference. In Helsinki. Are it's not bombing but he bandits also overhaul of the system. Aga even so on the year smaller ones by its sister bought paper system. Community. Of startups invest a score operates. Students' and lots of things happening there really are passed information and it's really. Are we need to be forced to dot startups do you understand where the more well as drawing a sought after a travel industry are. A lot of things added and utilising operations or customer experience outside Japan is injured. Normal web and mobile. Salt mark. Leavers actually car. We're much different for a last November when. And even worse felt so of a lot of a lot of are people out of work hard hell we're going to organise that's going to be ended in Helsinki. Are yeah it's really the worst kind of be in Helsinki ivory Dora. Slots on the street parts of but it's a great time do organiser. Even where. Smart people get together ran and really share. Important topics and corporate. So a lot of our whole I'd give some example sub what are born out of that. Theirs is really are behind the normal. Business is what we do so it's really an eye opening Lehman's fifteen Arctic front people back white said a big corporations meaning startups. Very investors. Are the nordic look at our starters finished really power. It's is getting big likely stop and probably again coz again following on from behind. So. Are naturally we want to work with startups are. Like produce more projects men from ban even utilise their solutions in a our commercial operations or our operations. And really are. Get something done really in a fast way. Now that's really that they operate never pass lean more saw. That something could face alone in very fast way. For maverick that's that's one part recorded operations. Then we also added that's what quite directly from San Francisco to Helsinki last remember. Over one trial within our budget again this year are. That worst mark. Feel we're back at Silicon Valley. Investors and startup. And dot keynote speakers will get into the belly of the Helsinki the event. Are that was really a great experience really individual blog finance stock in the airline well everything sordid little if it's outside the normal. Operations or said this sole source of great great learning buy out there a couple of examples what happened are outside our. Hans sudden say so on the on the right outside those that might in chance that happened on on board are. Then maybe garlic and then there was there was the band and then this guy going to shot the video and we would just like mess up here. Ha interesting comment there were doing and I'm amber weighing what. Falloff. Silicon Valley people and bigger than hours operative you do to network and and this doesn't bar. Different different topics and they generally. You know realistically get half their like appointed Bob waste. As a sub classed. Really like. What's the what's the feedback day bigger turnout dot plan. Really share a wealth thinks and then of course they would show that there is a media as well sol what's marketing for us. As an example. Are and then also got was organised events in nine AC up seeing or talking on China my we have been happening there. Being wealthy are marketing. And also getting inspiration on its and a mean they'll start ups. Different warrantless there's some pictures off fast start bitching and then discussing with these guys doing. What reconnaissance search for a part we tapped by Warren were alliance mean those other companies that you want to doctor and really it. Try various Wilson's you know a fast way. Now those one million users in weeks or so you need to be here if you want to sell the ties into. And really alone funded. Moral depth it's really something that we understand gain Europe's lead devolved area visit companies RC hardly causing much behave. Are they use their mobiles. Or purchasing everything solved it is really are there are some interesting things are a reminder. Are also saw we have just last quantitative do so. Transform our comp money Jan knowledge solve really can't run mines and up. We wipe 150 people called the events and we also in organised events are wrong office. So really divorced James. And under this off transformation with the gone when he saw we wipe off course of exalted tightly. Excuse well saw. People from on the organisation there right mechanics while its cabin crew members. Customer service agents they're sovereign like. Utilising the also acting as patents to drive your. Is a transformation agenda clearly warrants of that was really it. Good for Forrester utilise that Warren issue. Really opening eyes and minds. I'm done. Of course there was like. Michael when you do so interesting bond and do you and your media are those that picture off reads a question from CNN interview mark C OPEC oil not. At last. And now we have wanted to try their. The European so we had a we are power source Vera. Demonstrating their Airbus a 350 experience and so this last picture where is our. Do you push ups on the on the flying. Here when queen and just put the greatest I've got them done. So that's Nazi announced a lot like what what a lot of interesting stuff happens when you do interesting things and that. It's part of your hands sometimes by that just need to do think Sam and faster do you want to do right things right things happen. And that saw highly recommended to wine whiteness foresaw are outside the normal record businesses. I'm doubt. There are a lot of activities happening star world so that's like one think look for an hour a source startups here so of coming. Find ways not divorced jury innovation. Review with just more so.

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