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Wrap Up - Going Direct, Human-Tech Engagement and Conversational Commerce



  1. Mission Impossible2:17
  2. Chubb1:54
  3. Wachovia0:13
  4. Troy1:25
  5. bird trade1:46
  6. direct distribution1:30
  7. customer service0:39
  8. car rental companies3:03
  9. buzz words3:35
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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Tim Gunstone, Managing Director, EyeforTravel


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This is an eagle three homes going on track for the content. And you can't buy dissolve freeways. So. This is Wachovia then actually just a few I think I've found that plays into the yeah absolutely a lot of talk whether he knows that everyone should be in the third paying attention. First thing. Chapels and I came in today. I thought they might not be that period. Then I heard Michael from anymore in hotels talk about it would his chapel it's bloody amazing mysteriously people flirting with this energy is. Taking the whole. Level of customer service to their amazing new levels driving revenues and crucified and loyalty and with has set at the end of the directors' right noises. About a year. Has 900 million Chinese people who are. And 90% those financially than people I just using we chat to buy. AI. Collars little commerce for these two markets is. Gonna happen is going to happen soon so I'd urge you to look at that. They haven't given any thought Pacific. Barb wasn't an industrial muscle today and actually I'm sitting only goes last year bosses speaking with Tim after the conference and I games something focus I don't know what the thing is vintage free tracks. There's always you know the choice like we're off Troy -- gonna clock the minute you're right up watch which has really interesting or you know being gates and his direct distribution. Heard discussions sell weighed in due you know wrap adopt open you know get sessions ago. And you know two things actually delta stood out from intraday high yield was paid attention money go to conferences is do. You know said marketplace after the bird trade China far you know it's really interesting this year does a lot of new companies out there that are interested in trouble space. Including Chubb was I wrote today a lot of balance. You know new trends subsidiaries durable surge idea currently work partnership much more glamorous couple years ago. But also some very interesting air quality I think started in the morning the per. Richard Larissa talking about what does having increased difficulties competing with term. Volunteers and it's almost seemed like Mission Impossible to get the first time customary yourself. And you know do what you do well very well. I think that was you know quote today. Not a done but also like to quote from her new role on. Depends Yong who all was not a great place to be when instruction can be voted. And I think that's also something crossed the food chain that serve unite here today you know URL. French. You're afraid image further in our go since the litigation. In indulges gets its Google. Does serve you know balance a very trying to ward and the rest in the today industry on you know of the spread to listen to. What harder. To have industries don't have just you know rubber presentation from an Arab but also from car rental companies. You know I think we've all seen to want to gone that direction I think of the example. Of of chorus talking about. You know in. Ha which alike. Us to fuel your clerk at this price looking at dollar metric of acquiring the know exactly how much fuel does in the tank. Orally going to do just sell a right to provide. Stations will relevance is not a you know key road today really you know. Have picked up on the I think if we just execute on the Scott all the buzz words we heard today. You know governor chuck Bob's got relevant and do what we do well very well. You know we're all better shape that you. The other thing like. Did find many talking be less the sessions like a lot of time talking today. There's the desire to great product. We may not make much money is for us. So this useful it creates loyalty and then from that you can make money by selling our products so this particular conversation was about rail which is. Difficult to make large glass money on but if you're so useful because they knew that to sell I think Japan I think actually. A model for everybody deserve the advantage of their hotel on is there. It's possible. Yet not just shopping challenge something rubbed her guests were down for a sculptor of the business done. And then in us but talking to the customer but not just showed you know by the spiders got a twenty icelanders can't usefulness as a good thing Q of the literature. If you're gonna have a good deeds who tomorrow it's going to be brilliant. Good effect that if you start rob Cox but he's out there because some champagne and were never able far five chapters I think we've made today yes yes yes play off. OK thirdly fine and the unseemly agenda looks great tomorrow. This and any other thoughts or comments on stage for anyone else want to make comment on today. Think it's time for brokers who thought they never got they'd never. Got value for money today want their money back. And we have. A but here we are we doing good jobs in thank you very much.