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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Mikko Sjoblom, Principal Consultant, Ixonos


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Hello everyone. I'll vote Kabila. I'll let them this hitting a bottom driving revenue with bespoke experiences. Our. I have. A present day some of its Ahmed for thirty minutes. Are diminished present those and Bob welcome. They're confident that in about ten minutes fifteen minutes sold principally derived quite a bit splitting its rumour quickly. Are. Which would probably look dumped a dispute imperious. Aura our by the skin somewhat slides. Our relatively quickly in which case you're welcome to our. On the split in the urine of my colleagues in Europe our liberal or blueberries us. Our convertible probably I'm working as the business development by Barbara Dixon us and I also asked the principal consultant. And I really had not practice area for a a Inverness and lawsuits. Our I've been working gonna become ought to start ups and there are stock bonus before. And while last fifteen years for before that also join. In travel industry. Wasn't enough our hospitality sector peremptorily some serious from a hopeless and resorts have not sold. A sort clear out. Our online Walton. Warping system builder side. A bill signed up corn which was acquired by bell what some years ago. Our a big summit does this problem not familiar name for most of us here today is start. And your design company. And the creative technological company. What that means is that our Rivera probably. We help rounds. Discoverer decider and deliver good as the dollar experiences for their customers. The very rapidly begin knobs period. Are from many different speed accuracy our. The simple return after kept coming off they obviously need for a workforce and last experiences. Our. The need for a customer insight. Truly understands or so what oil permits and decisive fill your customers. And also PO practical means of popular products in the Denver insight into the demure offering some and a new revenue. The removes three times. I have been focusing mostly on the hour do first Boston in altering the fiscal discover and decide in the discovery. The. Use got Maria Serbs have made certain drug therapy preserves like a quantitative research follow up of the reserves. Our. But gonna fools do. Hill companies get. Inside various film cost must passengers but what is it but perhaps the most complete and why why why they are. Our viewers who serve them. Certain products and services for plant. Not probably not lose lose some some other services. Our you're not travel. Industry specifically assessed a Bloomberg also with our full compromise and financed or can the commodity sector. Under an hour though industrious. Chart which stems of the gonna benefit in our line broke but they appeared. If not a service designers and researchers to avoid both gone far. Two cubism. In global prosperous and our rover with doing yard. For a once off companies which are probably familiar for most. Malls to Europe. Our. And reduce the first public who loved applicable. I. This through roper through been blown retreat near Cosby are absolute may have been found operating vehicle will our. Customer community so upset that an idea this thing labs. And and the song in board for new ideas for fitness. Renault service of allotment now under your community or for pot 6600. People from our from fitness. Well we're the program. And our. They're representing all market segments and all our. Property category just under Basel the market settlement which allows faster underpin gold. Or landslides that have brought in anyway don't want the best new ideas and concepts for instance for specific model for specific. Our specific curve so far could really go through Baltimore on do undergoes a period with her biking line which. What's a board of what Europe which the board mobile experience for Europe. If reluctance on the board. Bill that Foster hero. Our. Bottom line is through. A course for the company. Pop but Redmond about Dixie bell mobile firm writes for the they have exactly save themselves. And our. They're offering. This more. What impact of what recourse plus adjustment if it doesn't system but most people think about various they think about the plastic chairs and a little bit interlocking. We'll go got but some doubt I'm just gonna from overview of absolutely the motivated by most people go on board bottom line ships this. Into a couple of days of see fit into the good forward shopping. Our growing super super fans the full blown into the night club and presumably have blamed aggressive note sent a top dollar for the model some. And consumer loss. Our. A review. Silences. But gonna be this year could be done. The need for quite in line. Are the start Procter through the first place the first one. Arcelor could relate to the do. The market can and hop hop brand emits just four point 12 bit closer vote yes or call our potatoes and vast. Nice and simple the problem is good. Has built there market been as its marketing communications. They have really master corporal but. What companies it is is certain. Customers can go a Christmas won't pursue a Bob or plan. But of course today the whole foods this much more than a Julius you know solves a Murayama. Not. Everything that they'll steer our. African got a whole pot people form their opinion about the service service sort of gone when the problem is saw. Our brand. Brown communications is just one part of that but possible. The second 1 there's been a lot of talk about who colonial Sam you know two euros and white. Earlier while per hour for a bottom line because excellent one after. Bemused two's flat. Period help average stage of their passengers plus growing not by. And they feel really had a however the seriousness of the partnership also begun to an aggressive plan assumptions. The corn what this clause because. The rail have been chasing a percent by M and also their competitive environment consummate our sense that that is the competition is not just got a family complements a bit. A European service offered a person as food and implement but it's also active budget airlines. Flying from Scandinavia did for instance London or Berlin. This people. Looser boxer mama the money supply from person just a column Colombo Glover Brett recant that they would use your somewhat abroad. An open source a little bit of four minutes thing that's been going on on board bishops Bora region. And body variables considered to be something about our. People in their in their forties or fifties might be drawing. They don't. Chelan sports are absolutely poppy our. Bodies of policies and has been changed in the. A the whole concept of good customer service. But today the good customer service is pretty much. If cholera has all the channels the customer companies. And to. Overcome bolster alliances I'll respond by breaking up the whole customer journeyed into. Interview. But wants an outsource political spot the different channels and analysing built carefully to. And done. A lot of its. Beaded. A series of court threw some exercises some very absorbs together with our. What can MySpace and so as possible and business clients. Pinnacle remembrance and so before. Our. First client service for us number also possible involvement of Procter. And that's. From our experiences one after one off the Q lone star but clearly if you basically have anyone offers through grants. Missing from the from the exercise are its work quite difficult because. Results include Reebok a unit of the customers. Also contributed by the flip of the business and also have results the but your consistent and lower. A prosperous. Place in our staff will. I will buy into Dodd's bill which we got a little bit in this point and done. Eventually they'll come off the Procter plus one part of offered what an application. Which do passengers can use on board proposal before and after through our if a source of our score bids rendered quite a lot of cover a lot of popular digital channels on board which it launched a year discipline assignments through something I'm. And the incumbent below research because. Our to the customer who previously the focus groups and research design approach if do predict. Clearer that we delivered double the chance became speaker of the same language 4% on both our. Well by. Our whilst. One of the Bobbitt who will stop poll coming through a marketing value with Hunan. Our with the personalised experience. Experiences. Are not want to appear to as the flu decided the Lawrence and the first person but. Officer Lawson where rebels broke broke for the last customers forced responsible for the button mute like minded people. If you look auction event so stiff so superior customer application to see if not among the most to them 2500 people or on the on board posted a percent by the puppet of the people might have percent interest. Or. What's forcing people provide by the mid who kind of single people. Business to fight another good but the new. Already before onto the business for once we're could be gotten a lot of our media and so. The result we're likely why. Bob this this service and people on board digital. Performance of our customer experience. Will start the are they got. Is huge amount offer our best culprits. Bar that's what alliance did not look market. Council run their opinion driven forum on the blog the views something again that never experienced before. Into an adult they had a huge profits from. Business press from go into reverse for a long term. Normal use. If different periods of the media. It was really quite surprising because bottom line assault has been on the spun off what got us into probably assessments. Or really. Delivering a good customer service upon build this line our bitter dollar's been. The customer service and the bid offers a broad and not when they've brought the beautiful story that the move is a maternal. Customer experience. It must consider the do some people click on Britain and Europe and if a significant step a little bit outside the economy grow. Remorse people have left of that. Book value of the market in this absolute so that our hundreds of thousands if you just look at this kind of the amount of public business. But they have so that's really what we're driving. Revenue and also marketing revenue with personal past experiences. Thank him. Can I just ask a quick question. It even fighting initiative you did. A global how long period did you were taken to put into action from when he first started talking to them about it. His father talking with a modest amount in 2004 PM a and it's sort of a produce faster relative Kobe do you have. I sort of allotment via proper application. And the bits of digital off. One board. Blood former boss mark approximately seven months OK. So who say how long without being in total from your first conversation to go live. That would be our approximately. A bit over a year again is active with is that typical of the of the projects. Fagan a time frame it do it depends a bit because of the car's sun. Some companies are. Brave enough goal with the on more. You know Mumbai local product sort of frozen growth identify the most what's important fruits of some opera. And herein to shrug off your console themselves earliest possible evidence been good incremental but I upon the customer feedback find one quick question. Think. It. Hit me yeah. Yes. But most most importantly also. A fifth in Europe our customer satisfaction. Appropriate for your because the talents varies a Q a lot of very different segments. Who might have people who are elderly people in their 60s70s. In the one payable balloon over the next fed will you have a group of people our 25. And oil just to us that the body of have a good environment than in the third Babel in the same restaurant you're familiar with silver and in the physical rolled it's quite difficult promote all of those people feel that's a look at all of this is just for me. But business by fit right in Europe but political item helps the personalised experience. Much much more effectively. How do you can offer the different view digital experience. The novel form do you plan for what this gentleman here. Baker thank you imagine do you think you can do.