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KLM Delivers on the Promise of Personalisation at Scale with Data Management



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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Kevin Duijndam, Cross-channel Marketing Manager, KLM | Tomas Salfischberger, CEO and Co-founder, Relay42


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Yuan the start of a very short production is nice. Click here. Yep flu cell. Our decide offered over a great very quick introduction of whether you said today that really for me to dance just give you a little bit of context of the worried Iraqi deaths in the very short concern. We on the order too much wider listen to their two Geffen has an actual industry extra Thomas what K lender would risk. So. Diskette steps that conduct a little bit in in what we set out to do and what we do it's that together with with eleven. Green critics who is today. So for a platform and we have delivered at a collision of killer uses to humanise marketing and what does that mean to us well does that means we Hocking LM connect. Every channel into launches a look at their digital interactions with consumers have from any seeing in digital marketing to email. To web platforms mobile ads your M any dish fines debts large brands out of there would clients. And Democrat forum as a raw nerves that a restraints and personalised dialogue and I realise. That sounds very abstract for third worry given a make does that much for a concrete explain what I'd actually means how B. For a slide of dialogues across our technologies and platforms that bad consumer users. M and as a last point forum at me. And I do stress test fire a court of hard right brands like Eelam. To take equity ownership after they had to make sure reference are already in the morning sessions and discussions on who longs to customary worried a relationship. A vision is of that relationship is with you actually in the travel industry. And with Kevin. Tell Everett on getting parallel unity. So I would do. Not we're Geller a man who. Think myself to people lined room probably Lisa for the past. We own airline of course we've applied to quite some destinations actually does not result I think should correct this something around fifty at this point in time I think. In quite some countries around the world. And so we also just for quite some passengers but we do have some changes there because for instance in the Netherlands people now what Geller mess we're in airline. We we have quite some passengers were enough from the Netherlands and printers are free Malaysia and what country you see this. Get them. Well you're probably not directly think of scale them as an airline with investors who companies are one go to Geller and the cons of the Medicare because. Cern number gonna get my flights. But actually we're. Aviation here by nearly we think better power really we really tragically Dutch. And we bring customers rob basically so product we sell sexually reading night because we can bring you anywhere. And in principal that brokers of course really easy will we do this with like people simply from a to BI should fall and general. Sell in that sense the product is really easy. Consoles sold back in the nineties really long time job. We are which has spread in credit website so there's actually from the ninety somewhere our website. Could really employee could actually booked your further pick up online. Mark them with up of Diane. In our get Smartphone app maybe Debra. They get fun what. Maybe do something FaceBook is sentiment emails and in the end yet some in general you can reach customer Rhonda it's actually really complicated in the end. This other three simple product. But. It did work really well we start turning more and more domestic us that we sell online by our channels. And of that we're quite proud. But we still have quite some challenge germs to get those customers tool our channels to tell them that they can come to last until they get. But to be able to do doubt we have quite some some turner channels Hurricane Rita customers. Probably from large people in the release are. Mike Mayer thinks like a consent which messages on the marble bar and we can send emails. We can reach people on social media asset FaceBook Twitter or link in anything. That we can also add backs in search of course we have measurable and being young anything Alltel. We worked with a failure that met the search side this later re US. Much channel so actually Goliath and felt customers that allows not only to a company you can also actually booked your flights with Geller. The sometimes at a bit difficult. From our perspective. Cause really logical your friends as our largest sales campaign Seville dealmaker editor dutchman Ben will be weeks in. English. Sell if you're responsible for FaceBook advertising operative kind of felt people were fed talk about these campaign. But if you're responsible for display advertising not of course you can tell people about this campaign you know display of the items. And if you're responsible for email operative understand the most everyone you can reach. Telling them that this campaign aside and if you consent which messages will of course you're gonna tell people fired us push messages. This campaign started. However if you look at it from personal perspective this of course ridiculous that. Probably with this campaign in the past before it was in the new whatever. Down twenty messages or something from Gayle land that this campaign is down of course can still be united after one message probably. So from a customer perspective. Doesn't make sense adopted S. Then we realise this and at same time as a company. We really think we should focus on Gus Richard centrist appeal as a strategic focus throughout the entire company. So we do get in now on whatever planes we develop. We track do everywhere. But I challenge was I would get online and especially in digital advertising. Displaying arrogance servicing gets maybe easier to really help people. But when in the end I mean I'm in their digital marketing men and acquisition teams and yen attractive sell they get so had we do know that we. And the one hand remained customer centric customer friendly with the error and still. Well one asafa flights much. So well actually quite awhile back. We started what we call humanised advertising. Within really want to wish a flight any moral one of the with a name your organised way. And we but we should do at that point in time is really combine our data source us. To really get rid of those are relevant messages if we thought of that campaign started probably you know we don't have the value again. And if you just booked a flight we don't still have to show you bene items for instance because probably just booked a flight you know one and book directly and I want. And in no way of course we can improve or media spend and we're also review because then we can actually spend your money where it makes sense yourself. Simply telling you people think that they already know. And what we saw also of the year it is actually the best advertising we can do isn't really advertising is going. Feels really popular online and this of course manner law aimed at selling out like because it is really help in getting Gail M brown grass. Numbers when you'd next like is that technical. Four effect. It's but I think it's important that what we get through they're humanise advertising program is when people buy out there disruptions there was really the important thing to do. So a couple of important elements here we have a central point which is essential data management platform. We try to bring holidayed together from the platform we dish alluded again. So a not a really important thing I think is set for next door marking Germans. If there's one word if we just connected to maybe display advertising to make a display of items either because then would still be sent emails. Two people we've already reached from display Clinton's. So really connects everything. And then secondly in also connects to a Galen Michael Miner apps that we also now not only what we are actually pushing to customers but also what we're doing. Our backed point. So we now officially looking for. When your book Granada and the thing. And then therapy also connects to our internal systems because of a lot happens online and that's really important. That same time what happens offline is really where we are actually would have. And staff butterfly. We're flying maybe have a lot of their death benefit from Asian. A things we have internally. Which really makes sense to combine with online data. And shrewdest. Mark complicate a slight upward said the question fan to really build everything we have a clear first injuries that then. Freddie get more complicated that can't. We could really do simple things I think. Sell printers and assisting. Everyone knows about this like emails we've really. Sort of this really work well for reactor emails with. Maybe in again then we just show you decimated you is looking for an hour now actually promotion which is of course good to know. But also Asia booking for like generals we can also combine their then they're much earlier this legislative just books. Because you've tomorrow the white fell again that now actually there were marginally adjustment if arrived right Clinton's. But what's also nice to I think mention here the true story. We are always really. Our we should get more data in their release Morin area where more predictive models things like get. And a rotary well in than. Mark here from a team for their bad good idea that serve was smaller game in their. Saddam yet. This really smart predictor of more law telling you which destination she showed that anything in the MD games much for funds or people actually too smart user game. Nobody has a predictive models and maybe say we should send an email with the game enough. Linear and real good marketing doesn't really. Get replaced by just better model actually need to really combine who knows what's on this kind of thing. And there's also a nice one I think everyone knows about personalised Ben actually if you search. For flights online and then go to my website you'll see them out. But destination should just looking for I think. Political thing we've now set up is not only a slight benefit would also first life videos sell for instance. Can pre rolls or within articles is sometimes of those videos we are also have now set up a mechanism to personalise them basing your previous BA here. Which is much more interactive and then much nicer to look at institute standard banner. We're we also see that interaction with this kind of things extremely relevant just showing a better. And this has also won I'm actually particularly proud of this was really what we get things sense we're actually has also really easy. What we've been doing in their campaigns now recently. We use a sent emails that the campaign Steiner and uses twenty push messages of the campaign side. Get whatever person responsible for push messages and obviously sent a message. Emmy people fossil free emails and of his lead or send a message it. What we by combining data we saw that we were actually standing by to push messages of people going to just open Daily Mail and seen actually the message about the campaign. And in make sensible to again send them push message that the components that. So we did now in some previous campaigns. There's only sending your push messages we noted in Goldman team and in interact with campaign. Because then this new information. If you open jury no doubt where we're gonna die you again and especially with push messages as fighting Christopher you don't have a telephone. So people will probably never really like it difficult for something on the farm which they're ready now. So by removing those messages with a lot less messages so quickly sent in gold will still be almost exactly the same commercial results. Which really gross I think that. My door unless we can have the same resolved but probably in the three item may report. More customer satisfaction because we don't annoy them. With specific messages they already know that. And then the last thing I want to mention more we ought to do now. Is also really combining. With real time machine learning this is something we've been. Talking about a lot and I think everyone in the room. Not probably knows a lot of our machine learning I did decide against a either kind of thing. We've been doing quite a lasting research and in data mining machine learning that never really putting it. Actually in practice in real time for advertising. What we now serve up this. We have real time get today that from a dead amendment that's for until we know what going on. User on predictive models and machine learning that we've created the current because we know our flights. To combine for instance which were looking for with a lot of activity fly to previous BA period can have models. And then provide that context who marked here because we felt still feel that in the end the market fear should. Think of what kind of messages to their shelves when US shall wait and watch it messes look like. And by having such a set up in real time we have much for. Information for the market actually base decisions on. Through that we ushers in quite good results in. What we are advertising online so that's also really nice one I think that we actually have this set up. So are from does things we felt well we're actually doing really well really big. Until you've first start looking around for scale M a form we're actually really this dining. If you look at FaceBook if you look at who raw wheat we're really just. Really bang on line so we can of course tool when everyone. But in the end for instance what happens this article will start offering flights search within. Moral search result lets us something we can control something where matter it was a separate channel from search engine advertising really combines the one thing. So what do we do their. No clear. Or also here where Reseda really interface as a shifting from. Not really traditional screens at 24 oyster vaults. Are we going to advertise their what are we going to do here still open question I think. But at least it's also really good their message I think because senator completely new blue ocean we can really do new cool things. We really believe that if we keep their personal grudge. Where we combine Yuma and marketing. With technology and algorithms. Will really get out. So to summarise we just want to be. Customer centric from an impact company when few and advertising isn't always customer centric it didn't used to be at least. Soul of what we did as combining on the data storage has inning getting rid of the relevant messages and only telling things will move really feel we should tell them. We. Believe also that in the future. Whatever happens in terms of into faces a either anything this will still. Join your chart Tom's you may well answer this. Feeding into your data measurement platform was second and third party data could you tell us a bit about that. Promised him then this would. Oprah has given no answer uttered those kind of questions so good. No well we earn and receive data sources is that as a branch on a lot of dead and you have your loyalty programmes you have purity around. But obviously your boss had a lot of relationships and this ties back into the last two sizes get the shield where your groceries not only. Typing in Kaelin does not decides argon fly Yasser night skies again parity tickets he goes anywhere. He compares prices he may even start forking out of first and then get tickets. So in the index complete ecosystem it's interesting if you want to awful lot of journeying. Said a deal relationships with on the price and in some cases double B. A commercial. He has put years. And in some cases it's there it does the relationship where it is now. Not directly commercial agreements with various and which will benefit if you share they inevitably in. I'll tell an ally for example which have complementary. Products. Pick a fine so is Kaelin actually if he knew the second and third party data him into DP was just a box on the diagram. Perhaps don't think we can except to say which ones you've. Now today we're not. In general publishing London and OK here we. Our flagship. Really OK one more point yes do you you should set of 32%. Cave in that was a percentage of tickets have now bought on line. Do you have an objective the you're trying to reach UK eleven please do best you care. Through like there's not one specific number. OK fine then all of a question like fast yes. Addresses the Helio users as well. We'll resume work in Berlin by. Who does. While living is. Israel. We might as even if it leaves Russia needs. Morning were right alliance that it or you are really is very case I'll unit he shared. While specific data actually I think we've done. Alfred element. But in general that we do try to offer that kind of products. Where. We want to be like relevant and personal and we saw with a specific product it was a done. Used up much so world. Would be better focus and other products instead of this. One to be more action. As interesting Kevin Kelly and what has all been willing to experiment. Doing new things we've seen a few Kaelin presentations now time is that there's a been some quite interesting. Quite interesting experiments going on. That service retract them. Yes yes but more questions at all. A list of analyst thank Kevin Thomas very much for great set.