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Case Study: Create Localised and Personalised Content Marketing That Drives Loyalty - Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group



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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Remy Merckx, VP Marketing, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group


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Once I'm not passed. To discuss about Otis and how hotels are fighting your view about which I'm very happy because now I can really talk about something that we do. Every tool now seriously and it's creating content and actually am very part of it and I'll I'll share. A bit of our best practice a bit over insight on how we deal with that MM and what we're doing. Ten M ha we try to create law applies content because obviously we have customers across the board. Anyhow we do to try to throw some light then ready not to do doubt we have at all. Rollback will be in the past two. To understand our customer journeys and end we. Marketing was looking at the customer junior in Killeen in the past before that. I just wanted to share with you an interesting qualities. Dad dad says and easy is really the reality of today is is there before work. My getting used to be about making myth in coming out. And today it's about telling the truce. And sharing it can from these very important. It cards. And I'm not a traditional marketer in that matter because. I've never been building up stories on building up stuff. That I was pushing to a customer I'm always into all the favour of sterling the tools to the customer because at yen two. Begun experience your product and if your product does not fall into the troubles that you've had in dumbing them just for talking Grachev book that product. Dander perception will be big. An off porous the consequences also will be the because big on the start sharing a bargain it's gonna start taking for those above it. And that the negative aspect of it will be even bigger than all the money did you spend before to try to get these customer into your shop. So for need it it is a reality off today and we need to build tools we need to sharing that's quite. Content my getting is about I believe no we fix. Do you would acted like I told you we came back a little bit in the past. NN look at how we were running marketing. Specifically in our company got I think that that's also drawing a lot of other companies that are in the room. Poorer orange indirectly endured a leading points is used to look at the traditional. Marketing funnel and you're not by the fund on the is the top of the fun on the bottom of the final. Who goes from people looking Iran then looking for our products to people that knows where to go whether they want to walk which brand want to stay yen. A week's slide want to take. You know other in order to trouble NM we were trying to respond. To those different league years. With different marketing tools a different marketing. Activities. And obviously. Brand to direct reach iPod brand director witches of deliberately took the product sort of all of us of any product not that intermediaries. They were ending are still. In general very good at the bottom of the fund because the eight day with a booking engine and they try to convert. The final booking offer customer wants knows where to go or which brand and one predicts this is again and out popped a little bit bargains. The big story between the distributors annuities and hence the hotel's old allies. Or the provider of the cerberus is that. If you nobody want to stay in the Radisson blu hotel well you've gone right some Boeing will commence in the because that's what you want. If you Knoll you want to trouble with gallon you're wrong Kellerman new book or calendar plucked. Where beauty as I very good at market themselves. Of the top of the final to try to get the customer much earlier in the bucket front so. That that's. That's an analyses deadly need to do in your own business do you see. Where you a good out of anywhere you can wrap Frederic. Opportunities and we'd be debt. And we end up by. A decision that actually we need to get away from this traditional way of doing Marguerite. Oh we offered this final because we. Think back its own it. Heidi sitting in English it down L it's it's a never ending circle off deep well that are reaching you. Paired its you have to do again the afford to get them back to you. All the time. That's how the consumers are behaving today you know less and less loyal. There Reese saw many options hold dear. That each time even if it's a regular customer a wreath at a customer that knows your product and lights a product. Well even there you need to do some reference to keep them on drawing and have them coming back. And we have B. Working and collaborating also we who goal. And can be found peace that is broader marble very interesting NN we made at Morgan model. Our is inaudible to change the way we work on building marketing activities. And we went to a lease circle instead of just the remit of the period as you have seen as a top of the final bottom of the final. And then when do you do with a customer while actually the customer come gongs and put a circle so it's not appear immediately what it's acerca. NN whom we have. Bomb that into ending Google came up with these four categories where the behaviour. Of the customer. Is very very different. You reach. Time of birth cycle the customer is before making a booking off work of a product and as you can see. It is deceit model or deceit time period of time the think period of time the do very tough time ended Geo Group. And we talked about really as a key. For work parliaments of building marketing clients. Turns oil saw. Building content to feed our marketing activities. Across the different channels off course it's all omni channel. Strategy because today it's not only one channel there are plenty of channels where you can get. Your power your customers and as you can see foot each of them there is a different behaviour. Why the customer is at the bottom. Earlier at a wider customer is either think. Very good of his journey you need to know about you need to understand better and push the right east of content for each moment of is. Joining. So this G. Power is the first one is build awareness its bid on the way to go. They don't have a precise idea on where they want to sleep or would with whom they want to travel. There you have to build awareness for your brand. And that's a particular way of doing that you have different channels to do get in you need to post particular content and culture we've you'll be more details. Afterwards. We have. Decided to have to focus on our main areas even. Der. C segment obviously very social media liaison rate C Berger got some moment. Where you can share a lot of stories customers loft story today that's hardly get them. To engaged. With with your brand a lot of people a lot of companies consider social media on the ads against opportunity. Where the product has been consumed. And where they go to share. Bear activities that's true that's how they do you can offer you saw some media fossil salty air awful customer care at a broker channel could still. But don't for get all sorts also media today is different that channel will start the jointly offer custom. And share interesting. Stories about your abide your wrapped so we try to. Increase do we really using social media. Way or the beginning of of. Term. The consumer duelling. The blast Hawthorne that's perfect place we're. To share stories. In spurious and also actually today. From my guess your traffic my branded website close to 30% of that traffic is coming from my blocks. And when you have a great job into your blogs you blocked in really helped position your brand's. In two search engine and specifically endure again park hopper on the search engine. You dig leading C also on your branded web site that is something that not a lot of brands are doing is bad. Yes in the near dollar a booking engine clearly a booking. We know you can start in degrading stories and content you know between Eads even for a third. Laura your customer and of course the quality is is very important. The feature. Moment at least is very important all talk because there you have to engage you have to book. The customer not at all. Hold that they will they will book your product or buy or buy your product. In the area there is plenty of stuff that hoteliers who got a top part of brands. Cardinal brands can do to increase their engagement and particularly find your pop on your horn branded web site on your more while. I know your fact there are plenty off. Moments. Where it is a good moment to inspire into reprising engagement with widow with a custom. Destination content is very important. Building destination pages and NNM died in city guides is that he's agreed to all tool. Meek. People think about. Going somewhere I mean again the choice to de Lucia wider and wider. In the travel industry any need to inspire the people. On where political explore hotels specifically for our business. We need to far then do discover all saw. Places that they wouldn't. Have thought about before ending up in one of RO one of those pages a new brands that you're launching this is a perfectly solve saw winds by then. We've new rounds but URL. Luncheon. And engagement interactions again it is very important that every where. Where you can your increases engagement with potential customers and that by building content. Higher user generated content all sought to. Makes it an opportunity to drive engagement. Seoul. They do in general like I said we are very good individual. A moment that's. Where we're ready to book and that's where you have to position your booking engine and that's also where. Yes you have to book's content but not that much content here. What is important is the conversion right price right moment right room exactly when they were looking for and the way they can booking. Why booking dot com source trial it's because the other very strong indeed of sol. There really. We expand and easy. Booking process we have to weigh that we do supplier and specifically the hotel industry. We have to adapt our strategies you know the two deep. Do you really focusing on the bad idea to bush to put your booking engine at the right moment in Durkin the customer. Journey. Example of our home home page for riders on the web site. Where you have a booking engine had a drop off her off off off the beach S equally for the moment where they know where to go nowhere toward the that's where you you'll have to convert as much as possible including on more wire odd example. By the contents this reform was collection different brand difference. Mormon for the consumer. There you can see the booking engine is not as Framingham because it's not same category it's not the same level of content you're pushing but still. You can make your booking at your fingertips this is how you need to adapt your content follow we needed the Golden State your hat would also follow wean the brands. That bet you're running. The last part of historical east care and sharing. Envious need to be OK yes centric I mean why these amazing in our industry. And that's probably true for all the brands that are here. If the volume of content but you're getting from your customers and offering. This is amazing I mean I have seen this January. About fully around the mid fifty parliament images but we got on mr. brown on physical just from our customers from our hotels from. Where they are in the bar where they are around the simple and the loss of disputes off content is very good contact. And off caucus poll saw you need to be ready. Do you bet on turned into whatever content to other consumers put that you have to fight with your run people because they got LaSalle which range standard if not for the win off it's not. For red not after the button isn't there. Nor the best for reality this is that forms of what the customer has experienced regional truce were not the customer annuals look conversion rate. Increased. So probably it's a very important. That per. Opportunity. To post a customer to work or to book is sharing what are the customers do wink and very offered he was even better content. But you can build. On your oil. 11 example another example is a pre arrival on email. They you can sent to your to your customers can sell the products then just your. Rule park. Salt. The recap of that and that's probably the most interesting part for rice and I'm sharing view a little piece off are part of our strategy which I'm happy to to share but once you have your consideration we chief receive fees due in yeah. You have to define what type of audience. Each of endorsed consideration can draught. And hear everybody who ever travels all want to travel fourth spots for being here everybody looking forward thinking. Are the next destination travel experiences do the book bureaus once got ready for book and care actually everybody all all your customers once you have. These audiences then you can find your marketing pockets. Which part of marketing activities that number garenne. And you did in the end they have to be different from one consideration. For your. So what then can you comment on what those are very particular for all the considerations then. You can define. Your content tight because of porous. Merck marketing focus they visit different content type it's not the same format is another thing imager some of them are on video or some of them are on on on followers so you have to define. Our content type. Burke micro focus and for a audience they do want to focus and finally when you have that. You define your keep your eyes you know the to measure success this for me is the perfect content marketing. Scheme a matrix if you would like you're not at all really. Gross on the lives the content to specific audience what was basically. Got consideration. Level of where the customer it's. So we have been doing that and you're looking instead we have been doing all saw. Is that you saw the hotel industry is very good at segmenting. And segmenting different competitive rates later. And business soc is. Till this. This is all over. I mean you are letter biz unless a customer 1 day this same evening you can become a corporate big a deal that we run you can view corporate. A traveller reviewing your bid which I'm going here but denied when I'm going to sleep in my hotel room. I'm one my letter I want to have a good time. I want to have a good experience. This is not cling to Mike brooks need to solve the whole concept of putting customers into what boss is all. All over. It happens to be. Back Eads following your behaviour and one do you can be won in the other day you can be something else you'll be seeing quite the same. Customer it's just good job he can. He Europe has changed or is different so we have data mined and then that's asked what I would business we have it might indeed. New archetypes of custom. Now look where I want to got you take my previous flights you take this right you put a better get a U shaped. And you get. Your content marketing plan because down you know and what do you define what type of content you need to define new tribal once the program. I have my peak years I have some sort off. Our opportunities what type of content that I would like to all our post. You evaluate if its high if its medium you'd see if you if you saw any believes you of the plan to built. Content. Towards your customers and how to push it will look estimates. And this is exactly. Our top. How would come to altogether and that's specifically for a scarf and retinal. We have now are three different team looking after content. We have I digital content in. Which set the scene build the strategy making the planning off all the marketing activities that we have a price quite different channel. And they said also content strategy. A brand because of course. Talking about Radisson lord talking about what was gonna channel by the writers and red is not the same. And you have to adapt your content following your brats. Can we have the content that I'll talk a little bit more about that in a moment we have creating. Reared apart and glad. That builds exclusive content now for our hotels that fits that archetypes and actually its. The that the marketing plan in this do you think do here. Period of time. It's a source media team whose day to amplify. To make sure that a piece of content are pushed to the right. Engagement level to our word to our consumers. And this is the reason why we cleared of the content that. And affords me an the first once you know the hotel industry. I mean I'm sure you all know about the might of studio. While not exactly on on on a very similar model we have to build content uses a saw probable dot supply Europe. A very important topic to differentiate preferred bite us peoples' third parties is all about mass marketed in getting cold beer and mean brawn booking on Expedia. The way you look at the forces and hotel all the way you look at these volatile. Not the same. Well actually aren't it's begun walking it's exactly the same is seeing way of looking at pictures which is fine that's a mass market that's when you look forward to a super market. And you find copper collar and and and either on the brands. Exactly the same in the same way. Backs backs Harlem he addressed the vast market you can make a difference in building content specifically to your channels to address the consumer. And that's it you're have to make it simple you have to make it engaging. About the content and you have to make it memorable because that's all saw harder customers. Will. Engage with with your brands involved for debt to make it fun because. That's all saw a very good way of engaging with accountants thank you very much.