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Panel Discussion: Mobile Engagement and Marketing in a Multichannel World



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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Daniel Wishnia, Digital Marketing Consultant, GCH Hotel Group | Ghassan Teffaha, Global Head of Sales and Business Development - Mobile, Amadeus IT Group


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Pay here panel discussion now. About mobile engagement and and marketing inner multi channel world. And I have three. Who's global head of sales and business development mobile and that Amadeus IT group. As I said before I don't actually is part publicly but rose between two thorns as an Alcatel. He's. She is three. Customer pick it up with every click here. And expect until the customer engagement pipelines don't we help brands connect with their consumers via messaging digital messaging is now also include. Social media to our such as FaceBook and Twitter to messenger acts like passenger and we attack and enhanced channel searches and so we've powering their one on one communications to our friends. Thank you and daily note of course 25 travel Danube which he has been if you like traveller fence now cause you've also got something good to say. These additional marketing consultant cheese each hotel group. So what I thought I do for the debate is over may I ask each of them intern. Ticket here initial thoughts on the subject. And then from there were weak in the you can ask questions we can ask questions and will pass a pleasant half an hour of good information. So. Her son would you like to start who your thoughts on on mobile mobile engagement. Over support thank you for having me than my name's Simon too far higher sponsor barnsley had before obviously as a business development for more violent and Amadeus. Over this as my for an iPhone probably vamp and there. I have been witnessing how many times more buy list fork in them these events over the last three years. It got some mentions reusable. But got much more attention. Last year and almost every citizen to own pastor mentioned by at least 56 that. Salt or some trucker fly if we're living goods we see yet. And more violent government hours old colleagues earlier from our annual over trolling is seen a tremendous growth. And strong that. Our job ads and ninety provide affordable for alliance and the global community. Is somehow Wyndham again on one side we need to. You make sure that I would airline partners hold them partners through partners have the product Orleans. And on the other side of the distribution side. New dawn some ensure that our customers of consumers and the and consumer of the problem has always saw the collectibles. And took time off balance between. The provider. The consumer side. While at the same prime hedging north side sleeping with customers. M earlier where there's very limited space. And it was very look at a bid is extremely. Advanced competition between the fifth place. Fine thank you allow your your thoughts. Jack so arrogant interesting statistic Vienna oh paid back eaten billion messages are sent every single day around the world. And mi5 about bashed fat cat alive messages. So. Allow consumers want to engage with brands in the same way engage with one another and I think normal market does have to think about. How do you actually make yourself available to not just rite has Maceda out there but ultimately will engage back when people ask questions oh. We work with alliance Japan airlines around their messaging actions and have been looking at an interesting statistics and our back end of of their communication and messaging channels. And I ended. Messaging unlike Messinger and twenty errands on the other hand answers overheating Ennis a public mention the very even mean. And imagery of the passion and I around service their house about inquiring about. What kind of like availability do you have a minor you know there is that the Gannett is bearish so when I think about global marketing thinking. It's not just the right casting in the active in patient education is not that you really have to start thinking about how you have these one on 100 stations years. Your customers like patty you want to unwind and MacKey is attacked. During had a winning name that. That might have. Tough. Pain here. January you've actual little presentation to view this as a write anything so there's little quick if you let me let me get out the way. My name is finishing I hear the digital marketing goals talking forging huge of those who we are the second biggest change looming. I wonder Dell's. Does this. Yeah I think for something. I would do it fast. You can start representation. OK we are in a wonderful Mike Lamar is rolling. Each year we see up 3% 5% 7% breezes crawling market. Do. Madam you do his. Their body think the issue we're doing is more air. It economic crisis we see any way or do you worse grow. In these huge. In the second power I see very much relation between technology. In especially driving technology then the brawl on the market. In it's very easy to understand it we course when people can they drive themselves. Itself right wing crap they thing coal to some other Lear locations in season in cheaper. The flag. What did they could train our mass for the people will. Gore when come out of your tells a tool to come out of trouble visiting HS. We can clearly hear a you're white you're three months ago we were challenged by the popular morning show. People chasing. Scare industry do you see this site I think people right now after Rio what you want. Bear him in in these often Ireland's call me old idea you know people. Driving Canyon's floor minus. Visual reality. Diana had serious. And then people it's. Young people want you see them only words that you see him at the end of this year and beginning of next year. It. Pieces I think again three weeks away for weeks ago we see various phases thanks space. Up place where people get engaged himself a vision a reality. I'm Jen when a means houses more like power our loyal to engage our answer that yes. So again we need to be maybe broccoli event namely in beans about how to engage him. This combination Yahoo! 360 images. Our animation not have a power. Our users make you hold it should be out within things that we wouldn't even have. We really that bad for us. This is an amazing thing happened six while the thought were shocked about seeing in California. Classic rallying three tracks planning by themselves we don't want my ebitda is not like a fire. So what we've still us. Finger while us again next year. Changes basis. Not letting us on what's available late day rally if you hear that got fear outlined. What we do we mean when they leave us with a long did get a bit stronger bottom real tale a true web even when little patience. This is now that piece it won't happen how easy not attacked these varieties when. Then we wash off. If we civil not done. Who is a product around what. In one place and yeah. Although you know out of right. We just see down a big issue for one police figure increases amazing uses. These Europe and Germany. Picking people who want leased the other one halt the upper end views why does the name Germany yesterday in Germany some weeks civil. Either way somebody saw these masses that. So Bryan Bassett sick people 41 at least the upper. What it means blast what I'm busy signal in and I am daily news pieces grow old on trouble. In we need to think how well to go next for the people in I think and a peace sign this up and view the presentation. For at least our aim is more like is what we think we need to engage our course to a formal. Why chase here headset get more by itself I think that's. How we do it now you may feel the house as doubts speaking weighed just so much for truck. People using the Amazon call into at a long. Now actually overall that's a voice search is some of the voice search our search for power. We need to think about that. What we spoke about yes. Then my last feeble my apple more by. We are confident are also still a clear special I would. We have I think is on hand. India's an excess. Makes us all those Laura I've got my old within my watch that systems. I hope it's my mom I do more things for long distance. I felt a lot of yes just ask what you know it's a big mouth. You're gonna do so how do you what our. Views is now sort. We interview that create a far higher. To engage. It is plain. Thanks again for that all interesting stuff personally they're let me let me come back you now. And because one thing you said the beanie is we. What we're just a vision of the future find out what the future is now off but you you mentioned we have to have been correct schools. And third someone human right. We'd like effect will. Here of course of the brands on the target audience OK if you drop tool. A road travel management comp in the event out of read the front burner leisure of this flood emergency order it was a slick risk probability however the underlying lead. Mean horns are obviously. Yes can go about your dad Linda Douglas Hurd said a technology is allowing guests on many things. However putting them in one place Nokia having then served us in leads off. The bottom particularly. Customer and I'm consumer. And the integration of laws and the customise patient falls and that victims because you're gonna have. Very good up whatever does many things but you're launching in the market but does not very highly competent. And you're not going to succeed. Last year there was a speaker who given am an American problem. Paul shared the experience about standing around five million new models on. M division multiple organ maps and let's for the fiscal good suffer and are mentioned in China. We're all of these of them have any U six. Saw the tools like our combination off. Understanding the needs fewer consumer your customer. And looking at things from a consumer perspective. And am using the acknowledges that exists but believe that last fall a can be sustainable for the future of not. It satisfies an immediate needs of small consumer and customer. That's triple her son because sir we want to deliver something that works for consumers today. But while we develop new Phoenix next six months technologies all moved dot. It is anyway around their thought we just have to try and look forward hope we're a leading edge not obligatory hedge. You're Rossum said I just almost a cent pursuant to our over the first speaker yes Russ Lyon yeah. If he doesn't have done so I think opponent but others were not a matter so seriously speaking. You're not in the developed we don't normal how fast the commodities moving just give young women over them a funny. After convert. A book TV are fifty used to reached ten million users. But it URL for a solid where renewal of ten years TV around five years. And promote I don't the year it's and it took hockey mom brought on development. Markets are helping you compete in this. There are turns that you have to follow you need to move certain things about our future film. Over at some point in time. Anderson's my young and I want them. Met in the a couple of mess months. And Watson are particularly with a few weeks has all but a almost 20% off their ups and ups for. He can be completely Beaverton. Because it'll be comfortable with the imagine you've got a company that's done millions and you have to throw everything but do not in the garbage. We don't want all reforms really we use we believe total operating systems. OK return look into the future for eighteen months and cross our fingers on hopped on the let's. Thank you who is in order to make it a question nominees for comment at all. Pop your hand up. OK what when you're thinking about that. And I'll let let me come due because even you talk about eighteen million messages. And I'm I'm very conscious of the fact that. I think previous presentation bit earlier talked about. I think on average we all use is it two hours. After using up our act today. And I think what I bet most committed do we messaging or social media. So we move in this world have of messaging chat box and avoids. And I just wonder how that's going to affect assault. England are ready it does add so. You know. You made a point about how. You know like these acts have to be rebuilt and aren't listening via customers are really aren't easy messaging channels raiders of the reason why FaceBook is investing some action. Messenger and why they've acquired a wiretapping all of these are aware that the customers here add. There the market we chat. I don't know how many you're very familiar with embedded as a platform it has is everything everything average line in China right you Duke Hale Torres did all that. I think for messaging of Europe if you wonder began we have you where customer is 28. That's where you can need to being need to figure out what the standards around high engage in is actually in some ways. Bad and easier than trying to build a live your life applications and having them come now nothing don't do their applications like you need that as well I think you know. The name of the game is it's sad but you have to be wary customers Larry you have to figure out await lavished Heidi that makes it easy for areas back. To be able Q and rats are all those different channels of scale. And that actually something back. That's why people are so excited about tap by ten A actors they've incoming Arcelor have massive amount of violence how black Jack handle ala these things. The rise you know solve that problem a one night. And I think people are still very much in the phases of figuring out what the right way to approach it does there is no one clear and very interesting really great example Jack Vance and some really terrible examples. Land at the end of the day if you're more market share and you're trying to figure out how they're had to be Mora can be you know -- enacted here customer you have to UN react and right now messaging asses when reacting you're absolutely right there's. People spend a majority of time unease I think what apple is Macedonia break. They still haven't released an EPI for Brent to be able to communicate back and void there's a lot of yell people waiting around its. The freezing method or are already seen this story Easley today in a -- be better prepared for the future that you talked about that's what you know now they. Neither seems Gayle yeses or my eldest my son my ex communicated by text my next one communicate. By. What's that and youngest one by I think that fatalistic youngest one by what's the happiness lecture hike. I can or can't stand these conversations just does we met. But put it sermon but when do you think here in Europe. Now be the right time to start getting serious about. Asked developing commercial platforms. That work via messaging. How to get the timing right on that so you mentioned we share and the block commerce Dunham we shout out out out in in in the Far East. Went winless start happening on what's happened FaceBook we got information on their. I think actually plays a messenger not yadier I think pat are already happening here. You know we work with were aware waiting rely heavily innovative company isn't this being disarmed some of them. Presenting again at one analyzer as thinking about who's really pushing iron announces an energy as Sallie citizen and managing presentation like their brand that is like our customers are here waiting anyway and they are really hasn't really interesting plans on how they're putting that together and ad space that if you as much traffic resell mean they analysing aligned infrastructure to allow the support have. He ends and Martin. I think lager brands are scary because their life. It's on much additional infrastructure I don't know how much volume and inane gab coming in a man edge everything that comes in then there's oil would have led tentativeness around. Back. Eads tankers have to take the stand out there make sure that you have denied any Aussie you know actually manage our lack inland from med. And end in just stagger in you know experimenting with different ways of how you going on it making ecosystem the available minor leg. There are people on this conference of that but until her doing really interesting things that they fell. I'm my concerns. I think one of the biggest turn them off having these stuff massively available in Europe the statement. And visa Freeman and the regulators the payment for the sort of we have not them all companies and some countries were in the European Union. And given us a bit opinion what example I give one example of leading secure. OK it's ridiculous to look on the Mumbai form oddly. Anything if you have to pick up your sleeve he secured machine blood America would benefit if this is Reuters. If you look at a bid that's on the availability and a couple of countries in Europe where so I'm clearly. The continent. You know galls advanced in the one click Lehman suffered a acknowledges there apologise number for three years. OK however for various reasons why over the regulatory or whatever. Until we get that we will not be in tomb to do with on the massive. And it's affecting whether we're the number off more games opening game and the iPhone in Europe where that's why we have two words there and off the prism. Versus iPad and more done and even wrap up OK Europe is someone and then 15%. While Ann arbour part of the world at fifty sixths. I think you UK we can give me give it thought I think we all just say what have we want a mobile with no restrictions the UK aren't there. No no go up that debt annual you showed us that chart on offer the ever accelerating rate of change of technological innovation going Walsh straight up. Net and now a days and some of the things you've mentioned. You mentioned hope while whose data that you've heard on game. It's our job to try out just what youngsters getting up to OK think. Who still plays it. Now they've had stayed up so you should as Pokemon and virtual reality and some is very new things that the coming long self driving cars. Which I think we'll probably a five heart to. Grasp how they might be applied. To our own travel businesses to help us make more money. But. Is that because we lacking imagination. Or is that because actually consummate these technologies help. How fun they might be actually. Don't commercial application. Any thoughts on that I think. There and add to that does things to say. You know bumper. Voters worried faces first first here we need to. Two separate things while it probably into transportation technology uses. Gonna have that huge impact on on trouble pieces for sure. The yeah I think. Ears. Yes. Here. Communication application you know had been cleared a big loss this year physical clear air. Air what's clear here and then yeah. You know he chats NN let him actually European. Bill will be all mortgages Porsche were sorry for gap in the biggest one with little digging. If I envision doing even you know makes it you basically going to. Manage I will buy back by the I would you know would think about things and then will we get we might like that. We're so saw it simply we need to have content. Our wrap exported. He is the most important thing we got a dozen married people we ask maybe more if I was only call it. Where can angle he summer. Again. Please sign of it off demolish we let it rip reduce our. It images I would 360. Tories out a Texas to responses. We need to Rick's falls we need to find the water exposing as irresponsible. Our ale builds power air. Am you know trouble falling sit in what we've I would transportation I would call the least the best way as possible. Here SCL is not that you know or get a national export Lewis not there we need to being with marks if we want real. It to do find out when people are asking. We need to ream physical. Even do think advertising. Across our plans. So did people get out chatting about something related to once Mena specific country we feel we unique. Who have gotten into play with the big he had been mosques to understand. Their way of thinking. In due to leave him with content. Is the most important thing is embarrassing yes yeah and we spoke about content earlier I do know some some SE organisations. That. Actually just use. Content to make sure that you've taken out I'm the big boys on Google so is this a couple of strategies number what you paid a fortune on pay per click. We actually get smart with content is interesting how content developing because your a your. You're showing assume that the 3-D camera yeah with which should be. Fantastic your worthless company a hotel company want to show people ground around a hotel that's great Adobe should remember. Yet with at least OK if you turn your backs of the wire. Aoki outwardly ramping clean drinking. And of course on mobile you actually you actually look at that picture by actually moving mobile around like base for the gyroscope choosing what. Shows you just where you stand again and watch looking. So you can imagine that we're starting to move into more advanced will contend it was a young lady here I think who was. Busy video and you her son with a fuel your life. Droopy side effect halo OK you're gonna take. You can take anymore but of course we're expecting a lot of a lot of video content isn't as well so so certainly I can see that earn. We've got to be the world of fast content. Which takes meter virtual reality you gotta pay you got paid PR polls there. Is anyone actually gonna wear those in the commercial context. Do you think. I down. Here. On beans DC is how people will assume. Before they walk. Do we see this conference room before they had anything that would put on the headset met yes and yes for sure if they hear what many would be defined not knots or maybe. I don't know we're not receive all whenever they DC's definitely. The way people will see one I think that we spoke about Indiana boy. Look booking dot com exceed our or their us. They really dot com offers the very happy that you mentioned the images insulting my role my you know it did people. We asked what. Europe's poorer as our patient base complements. We have what they need to make some 360. Pictures to shore real dang how do places looked really. End to give confidence black line. We that's. We obtain new you know these are what prompted you weekend were much better partner in helping us. OK I think he's a. However being on top of my money off the even leave it all so old fashioned. Physical shops and that's how the differentiating themselves it. Is it not make users feel are home window businesses at all little show fans. Will go on is anyone got a 3-D TV home never bottles wearing the glasses anymore. Yes better off knowing them. Not yet they yet exactly if they if they if they face today out and that's what worries me. That we're moving so fast and technology that might be some technological dead ends. I I I wonder about PR web whether it might be technological debt and hope that peace. You're likely skeptical but I do wonder about that with 360 degree tech Eartha publicly you can see being very useful content. We we we we actually need to wrap up behalf that's gone quite fast. Has some just starting with you will we actually. Trying to give people something useful hear about how they might succeed in mobile engagement in eight inner. It's a multi channel will keep its action on each well we don't talk fortunately we now. Your your your thoughts on that any advice you give. Believe Europe and having your digital strategy. Is again as the first step but it's the first step. There's a long road to protect its assets a lot of times. That's. Having even floor charisma quite what. You have to pull over to you. To meet you. Ethanol spot on if. We've done like 99 do not. You need to invest. Such technology and such if one G inaudible compete in the very competitive space them but let's and the proper documents to market. Having regard there's the first step. Making sure that the economy could then you can different words of a new offer something up over eastbourne offer that's my plan after they who has done a months. Homeowner know deeply don't die. Hang on their little bit longer term. And L and they need to. There's Alatas said about apple like there's beaver area customers today. Stack operational life into understand how they might react with US lies as those least messaging apps are great way to do that. The news attacked knowing your customers and and multi channel army channel Ira Harris stacked connecting that I think. Then you're taxing and battery usage the hour. Location based I'll than you can eventually move to resist predictive. You know personal lives that know by now everyone seems to go to words but you abstract some irate anything go light and people are sold. Wake there's a bystander dead being in 199 Affleck getting out there and a smart way actually seeing higher customer address binder and then using that Ben bell the rest of that information out. Thank you don't know your your wise words. By us finds it where. I think you ups more experienced one or one. We have certainly knew what else are not change in German but we don't change ice will play an ongoing working for seven years. I saw the exporter is now right. Since I would say something what better out of the annual indexation Crowley doing well mustard tools analytics understanding easterly. We problem is now in effect is more clear in. We've got them in three masterful three hammy percent of revenue. Oil really more cost of one exported or analytical input or export. So understand the importance of the exposure in working again as I've said before with the year's big copper exposure where. Holger face. N what Dublin got Germany you know he's not the case obligated you're not what we're talking well exported. Emergence. Indexation. I think they case. Indication off on that in. Really amazing amazing. It tough homage thank you thank you please generalist banker fuss Allen now and Daniel very much for great system thing which.