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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Joel Bravo, MD UK, Travelzoo


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I admired about localisation adult so our personalisation how they can work together but sir. There's a lot of talk about concepts. The soft dinner in the sessions so hopefully what I can show you the next fifteen minutes is. How we practically applying along the concept that you (%expletive) up already heard about. So there's don't know troubles is a leading provider of travel and entertainment deals we work. Right across industry with airlines are hotel year's cruise companies to operators. And travel agents Sewell. To avoid those deals and our members we have 28 million our worldwide in eleven different countries and across the UK with one half million. And members trust us to provide them our with start the very best deals in the market and the very best arm suppliers. Up on on why's it important all for us you know email publications is where we derive our 72% of our business. Eyes coming from our emails and what I joined troubles the every -- million members to a million and a half. You can see how it's very easy to grow by 50% because the audits have grown by 50%. As we scale talk now afford half million if we add another half million members really really gonna grow the business at most. By 10% so had a week. Kind of maintain that growth and we certainly can't do that from just sending more on more our emails of people we've seen certain time might be money troubles the innocent giants come into the space group bonds Amazon who came in and then left. And even some like living social valued at six billion. Few years ago and yet solve the back in the last year for one dollar. Our because I think the rise of the cost of getting it wrong were obviously huge. Or more poorly think about them at our members and if we keep sending them. Things that they aren't interested in in the gonna disengage and that obviously. Immediately impacts. Business. And that's always talk about we're in we're in all these markets in this interesting is now in the previous panel. Mention this in when we went into China. Even though and so reliant on email in all our other markets. As an offset by you know we chap was wearers that and even though we can we rebuilt audience both an email we chatty family engagement and the convergence. Will better on we chat and now that's where a lot of our growth goes but. Also bring this down to two local level and bantered about my market UK. You know we're known for Wednesday publication in the Chelsea top twenty around for the best deals of the week but. We have that feeds for years now want to things we've seen is really important. Is to make sure that. The deals are localised based on where people aren't the country when we first launched. In UK was quite London century can be used to get emails from people saying love you emails but ya wanna fly out far I want flap Manchester wanna fly out on the market side. Very quickly we have to doubtful we're sending so it's both those local markets you can see here I'll just one deal there. Actually on the left is the email on the right is that publishers interface. You'll see there's actually sort of seven different versions. Of that headline and not that landing page so that if you are in the southwest we can save this deal has flights from Bristol what price but from Bristol is. We see like up come forth times conversion rate improvement when we speak to people in the regions around the UK and taught them about departing from their. Local level and it's so important to us that we actually open an office in Manchester we've now got. 22 people in Manchester including the heads of some bad teams up there because it was important for us as a business to make sure that we work you know. Positioning our teams up there as well so they were thinking about. What we're saying Tai UK audience from a pad UK perspective in the northern perspective rather just being part London centric and London focused. Another way so that we regional as the headlines in the top twenty we also sends. Emails out outside of the Wednesday promoting safe UK breaks. All local deals now. The opportunity trustees localisation here was who already working with hoteliers to Valenti room nights what we found was that a lot of hotels also have. A broader offering maybe a spa a restaurant they want to attract. Yes they want people who stay in the hotel teaser facilities increased the spend an FB a measure on site. But more important they also want to get local market people are gonna come to their restaurant again and again as repeat visitors or maybe. I get membership to their. Thus far so it enabled our teams of the negotiated different deals with a property want to address local market. Want to address the overnight stay the drive market. The draster senders will refer to as the doughnut. Hour on the hour preacher from as a bit more Friday that the doughnuts but the idea being that those within the circle would get the sparred deal. Those people have further away. People who gonna get this body were probably unlikely up you'd be surprised to stay overnight. Art someone they see a great deal think you know what will have dinner will drink and stay overnight that price. But then the people in these sort of part the outer ring that they would get dinner bed and breakfast but not sit by publishing both those deals are two different possibilities of the same time. The people were staying overnight could be offered the spot deal. The people get get the spot deal could be offered the overnight stay. And it was a great way for us to make one want equal sort of two and a half. And a win for our members as a getting relevant content. I'm for the hotel cause to believe both of those needs. So that's in terms of geography and localisation. And the next step trust has really about personalisation and how we do that I think up. A lot of companies will look at third party data earned rose in acorn and bill profiles and try and understand their customer off and I said Tyre C over time will surely the you know the best piece of data we've got. Is what people were clicking on what they're interested in. And we didn't have the tools to really publish on that basis but I had a sales guy come in any said. I've got this high end river cruise company that want to promote deals for our audience. And I said I didn't want to just blasted out to everyone because you know freezes in each of the travel rivers of need to increase an expensive river is in each of the lineage. So I don't really what I just said that people outside that might be interested some users an excuse to do a little bit of the navy test. Sending our selling this truce flush out. But over a thousand pound mainstream crews are up a river cruise and it won't surprise you that obviously the targeted audience was more effective. Arm but you know eight times number of calls and our. Or ten times 2000% increase in the click through rate helped me build a business case likening go to the senior executives say we need to prioritise. Building publishing tools so what they have to do why did witches go to a team say people must list all my members. Who have clicked on this finance and a customised emails not scalable that way. Even more effective is when he then combine. Both a localisation. With the personalisation from the knowledge from what people had been clicking on. So another case was British Airways who wanted to do our. But even a great deal. Our active today get holiday including business class flights so what we wanted to do was use localisation to make sure we're targeting people with inner drive market Heathrow. And then click personalisation. Where we pulled a list of everybody who clicked on the more than 1000 pound per person. Holiday previously so that we can then send it in a targeted way. So that was the objective. 27650000. People in in the southeast. Generating 40000 plates but is interesting that just under 4000 clicks came from half a million of our members are sort of generic audience. And 40000 clicks are came from 130000. Side. You know differs two point 7% click through rate my generic audience and the 30%. Our click through rate diplomats and so forth 1000% increase in click through rate by combining. Localisation. And personalisation. So. Also last panel was all about sir that the that the move into mobile as the Aussie where someone is up localisation piece is gonna change based on. Our whether they're accessing us from a from a mobile device so. We will change what people see if they're on the desktop that led more rightly or iPad and more like Toobin inspiration mode browsing around for travel ideas. Perhaps if there actually walking around them your display mobile local deals if you walking around on the lunchtime if you any phone. There will present you with what restaurant bar lounge offers that we have it's more relevant to a people doing that. And actually if you signed up in the UK and I know you UK member but you in Manhattan and you open the app that I know that you're in destination seed Ivan travel planning mode. Then we cannot view what activities and sightseeing spots etc. The we have available in New York. And we touched on payments earlier and sport wanna things you know we're a media business who traditionally driven our members off to a multiple different web sites inaudible with the supplier. But what we found was that when people on our mobiles specifically. The experience of trying to book a hotel room on mobile was up. Was let's just say varied in. Sub optimal we on the left Wasilla a web site we're actually jointly our members to where you can imagine trying to fill out those kind of forms for the phone in one hand in the credit card and Nava. So even their immediate business we have to become an e-commerce business yesterday quiet. A bubble keen platform. So that we can simplify that process so that if somebody was on the mobile device and we sent them an offer they want to support that offer up. I think assassin mentioned early try to move towards this one click to purchase of the fuel on the phone you see it. Is it fail on this date confirm purchases have given us permission to save their credit card details. It allows us to do that one click purchase. When the on the mobile device. So basically build your models were building model based on. You know what people have bought. Their browsing behaviour because obviously only percentage rolled into actually bought. Time vary behaviour in terms located bought the flights that as a percent of the more fly offers that probably more market for. Booking a hotel where Arcelor is. The channel behaviour whether there a mobile not. And actually engagement behaviour so people aren't opening clicking on our emails it's very important. To why the reduce the number of emails or selling them all stop altogether and post nine database because if you're still hammering people would emails were not opening and they're not reading. The last few of your emails the people who are interested I'm gonna get through and that's obviously key in the business and on the right. Is where we're moving towards where people are outside of our top twenty there will get a set of deals not customised to them. Based on how they index for the different categories you got getaways hotels cruise in a statement. Based on those variables tool indexed more or less are highly and then send them the appropriate content. So we don't get it right all the time. What happens if you if you if you miss the target apologies to those either that this case study but isn't it is Jen. There's a a retail brand America ironically called target. And guy in Michigan walked into the store because it had a piece of direct mail through. Are asked to see the manager and served our you said these badges to eat my sixty year old daughter fall nappies. Our baby grows. Storm is obviously on embarrasses I'm very very sorry no idea why my marketing department or the sun that. But your daughter. Let me get back teeth so expect marketing department had indeed Centre out store manager phone so is her face the guy says. And I daily apologies consent time error the guy says buy you an apology. I have an awkward conversation with my daughter fan out I think it's been going on in my house the wasn't aware of and she's up she's now actually two months pregnant. Now. OK that's us one early was mentioning kind of free. Diem branches based more people have been clicking on know they didn't. What they would do is they put nappies next to a lawnmower look mylar all wine glasses so there's less creepy. You know a bit like if you going on the first day in the people some wanna read about on FaceBook. Like a little bit. On the back how much you know about just not look creepy so we'd wanna get involved in creaky personalisation. I want Italy or bought CD from acute in previously played a comp and got this email a couple of weeks later when loans for the rest as they thinking. And while you have a very open conversation with my wife. Or even more com awkward conversation with my teenage daughters on the go home thankfully it just seemed like our bad targeting or just generic targeting. On their part thank the lord. One of the people previously was talking raptor Amazon it is Barbara who's talking Amazon actually. Love the fact they recommended beings and you know they always held up as this as the sort of the ground break of the people have been getting this. Personalisation right from the get German doing eighty years I'll what's interesting. Is this is the US web site by if you search for baseball bat and they offer our. Our baseballs and Glantz. And what this says about their lack of farm human touch on the personalisation. All the UK audiences buying preferences but this is what you get fields Amazon UK. And run via baseball bats. This is still live an asset few days ago but Serbia slightly worry. And definitely in the realms of creepy personalisation I think Woodbury. Hopefully Ben fogle left the building and so we're gonna trouble for this one but I went skiing last year. Booking dot com said in email three days after a drop back if Corzine spot to a travel bug choice in the destinations such as mall scene. So no actually bother to Ryan if X then not X into the logic. So I think also we should look outside travel is something we can learn from the simplicity of social be at a click on things and choose what you like and what you don't like and then finally matches based on mats. We've this like thread where if you you visualisation of what you what sort sort of look you interested in. And I wonder if we could do a better job we're only really do not based on location. But even a single destination know the right to different types of products from authentic local Alter. Private villas to a big resorts with pools and restaurants and I think if we can learn from our members better what their preferences are we can do even better job. Our personal resonance they talked about data. Also on amounts of data but I think we all admit that we're still really base camp in terms of how easy it but there certainly if you get it right arc gold in them there hills so. To learn more about it then contact me their hands. Follow their taxable.

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