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Panel Q&A: How to Create a Localisation Strategy that Sells your Product



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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Emilie Mouquot, Head of European Marketing and Localisation, Viator, a Tripadvisor Company | Joel Bravo, MD UK, Travelzoo


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Very interesting jokers are he highlighted the search for baseball bats on Amazon. I didn't get the glut of mask. We know. Now an error was sick of their people there said must must must also feed us now aside and made all our laser jet man haven't checked at all. My who'd like if you quest who'd like to ask a question. OK let live let me let me do little something. You mention Emily data has got so that was quite a strong statement. And and you're using algorithms to display product. What's the minimum out of data that you think you could use to actually do something useful. Am glad that that question I would say. I think. One of the things that we've been Ahrens assets that backed up agro is advisory team played for quite some damn thankfully. That. I guess I would say. And doing led out testing and Dallas Sunday photos out that they can actually used to it is other. Bullish hammer state aid needs to be able to TT yeah. To be satisfied anti T be sure. And has acted as at a rate. Am to be able to get blood disorder. Am I going seven I think I think yes -- Marcus Foster obviously that the lab that match and Emma strategies is to be quite difficult for sure. Am the moderator are you have to mark rate is gonna be. And I don't think there is dire as this big number back we gave I think depending on the business and among member you get some the more things will be changing. And fossil about this nation I'll get legal traffic then I am obviously we would and used data from other this nation and our C Milan. Am and then use the standings and as we get more traffic would be able to change our obvious seen a gain traffic through did defend their marketing channels were also how as well. And then gives you and I diva demand peopled by tomorrow we're able to actually changed that that the trend that we used on our side are never the same and let the rankings that ever changing. OK fine John. Yeah I don't think you should be scares I don't think there is a minimum our data and a good example was are highly guy used to work from nickel pillow pet slows and got small children it's literally a fluffy pillow that's also Teddy bear out that far part the reason why idea missy said the one thing sees a doozy used to come in on the Monday morning you look at his G day you know look at he'd been on the site and kicked around on pillow pets. And do whether whether we've got sir whether they got them in their in this database whether he re target them. And setup. A small re targeting campaign in an email campaign after target just to 300 people word hit now. You know is a twenty year old guy with the with a very small company universal product. B said he regularly now shift another 102030 bits of product just spending half now on the Monday morning look at is that the weekend so I really don't think he needs of it worried about how vital enough data and have I got the tools have I got. The company that can help with this you really can start simple. As long as its cost effectively. Find July travels to I think we went through Q localisation used example of flying from Bristol to. They knew talk about the channel you quad channel while calling device whether it's a mobile or desktop. We talked about whether knowing something destination on mark was will will switch them on something else your click tracking them through your web site. And and you're using a time dairy intake if if they've just bought flight recently that's been sold something else. Is that the sum total of everything we could do a -- handsome desires and dreams of other dated light collect our on going into the may well I think you know from what people saying about what their when they go with their apps and try to sort of anticipate need is there going to be else uses their apple gets told first in the morning the traffic is bad for your next meeting is at nine and it's the other side London so we're responding to you know actual our habits. Our the question is whether we can look for real look backwards to them look forward to look backwards to see. Did habits then dictate future behaviour that we didn't know about and then can we imply that forward and I think OK what actually. You know maybe you isn't so hasn't clicked and given some of visible way to. To respond up perhaps pave wells that will probably be the next phase of development for us OK fine. His injured list thank Emily and still very much for great session thank you.