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Loyalty in the Customer Journey



  1. Pixar6:26
  2. Kyoto2:02
  3. growth risk5:39
  4. charitable communities1:41
  5. Rubber stopper1:50
  6. pooling risk1:28
  7. flight search7:09
  8. Lily white5:52
  9. portable hard drive2:22
  10. bond purchases2:57
Fri, 19 May 2017|

Jouni Oksanen, SVP eCommerce, Sales and Marketing, Airbaltic


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Bullish of the bid last privately broader. Wrap up when the blocked a shot. I tried actually did what we put them on this from. Now the true what I'm going to push into aggressive share. The hypothesis for do something what we haven't been launched or anything like that one I'm a big. Flatten off that service decide that brought like Europe today from the expansion got world. Sure but what we have but we used to generate a hypothesis. After that the question brawl what and the reward programs. And dim view interview couple 102 punch of the people and annul the appalling to forge a well basically the real life too of Dutch program. We're going to talk about. Enforceable. Global what sort of a welcomed point two do you want features rather well with the digital old broker joy. Additionally the bridge of the stern term. A modest year to 300 plane which have yard global launch customer of the one hand you have a victory brought sliding into something coming up shop. Dutch that he told. But Albright. To stimulate. Sure what should happen though there. What brought will provide georgians who want a portal lead from the from the cost crunch but the more you understand the cost of the the bidder you can share of the shoulder you can always select the right. Like this action for a footprint in north salt digital mall a whole call we. We welcome by pooling risk. That the shift strong link between now in that. Battle for what kind of what problem what we have created a better reason actually meeting this food drinks Juditha. Our charitable communities for a look up at lunch that got from the image the I'm not yet done fans off a shouldn't have been there you know based on YouTube. Rubber stopper look at would just needed after that passenger. Or that the concern than bearish. I'm miles away from remarked what. A patient what we now are continuing on Kyoto. Of the people not model by the quadrant drilled they would have a quarter inch hole ambitious pretty much what Bob wish. Need I talked. Well and the reason why we don't want that you could it be liberal Pasha and patient. Look at different people have different needs so in this example portable hard drive risk. Popular decision making up a little different when you're looking at your emissions recent trouble a bullet solution trouble and we need to understand all casino out. Off his gushed from the slush earliest possible told that the commit. The next best offer. Our digital big problem solve every hypothesis should have a problem behind what you're trying to fix. And then all workplaces just jump. We fly me do the bold look we had three heart and above the club's official we have a need to be bullish on the job hopper. What happened off what you've done level in bond purchases pretty much more. Then the people what are really pretty frequently. And then we haven't actually aware of the problem but basically for a look at tablets number of what. I've quality of the big national forecast for much they need to fly fifty years before they get the first drift like so obviously it's not working relic we're role for the most. I have my bottom feeder portion of the main issues flame only want a what a much watched for. And then and they are Markham commissioning of the rewarding them and and the from the way out. And put forward that when we started the decliner balloon where the broader qualitatively what brought a novel. On the way up probably work problem approach. Will we actually start with a look at them gaming industry. So you have up. Very easy reward in the beginning you get a reward national much portable but then you sort of field towards a third of the future of the poor people rich for tin fresh but more rushed. Curative whole article titled is just wanted a look feel. At all in the first depression created from a simple brought well indirect. And regular sticker. If depression and foremost for parole what a division posted a number already keeps you who bought. For the next parliament if like those already something what better fit and saw Shawn works all over by new. All one implied or some actions accurately push sort of average intrusion Bender a letter will washing them towards the next four church and the vision support what we now been going to. School and divided it into them back in the real life. Additionally the Ottoman databases built a month. Further through the door and the problems that we can stop all hostages federal court and given nearly linking back towards the neutral applicable. But of the metric. Along my initial vicious and accumulation source for basically only only get. 7% of taught you well joining the problem with the we're open additional purchase under Britain's fiscal spot floor. Short. Claim that want. To wipe procurement. For the presentation of type. Much. How closely you are away from just for your question context plaintiff. Sure. I'm here. There was little me night. Yeah diversity. Vision floor here for the year. Long growth risk gave her. You're basically the risk to target but the first full star build brought quite quality of the data from the rush and dissect demolish the built something far. Lily white Ford also a big matched the cost much what will play very infrequently. True do you. Probably gonna encourage into the bring criminal dot. And adjusted double check. Have you put facts earn program emotionally yes there's something that you've. Got plan you have launched yet we haven't lost this once or basically now we have agreed means that the company the dispute core feel this thing more. OK OK and so the web when you're gonna field tests that is that. Cassel must begin the production of off. OK so so there we might have divided by next year its C Pixar see how you did OK fine but any other questions at all. Yes. Did you utility you away from Sino microphones just talk loudly. We. Art. He is. The view our. You know. Anxiety. Here of the do you see how are we. Reuters the first endless amount of the big four took a look at from the need to find a few. Even the first in what to buy pinball that flight search engine if you booked in each of their obviously been a good stuff I think what what you're offering a if you bring I think one permit separated from what is your Wendy. The spread would be sure patient really you're calling in today at the website console. Find it any other questions at all people. Comments. Joni many thanks indeed.