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Using Conversational Commerce and AI to Engage, Sell and Drive Loyalty



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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Michael Mrini, Director of Information Technology, Edwardian Hotels


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The latest presentation Lohan 45 minutes long gonna go very fast and you can ask questions later. So inordinate tells London. As a name says we're in London mainly to a hotel's 11 in London morning Manchester. And I'm in charge a first information technology. And have been weeded toward the end for twenty years. Kept it right so just a sector seems of the Q. Particularly ideal how we ended up eventually we'd AI with the chat board. Within just jump into it with the technology journey for us has been a long one. About twenty years since the start with. Film we a few years ago we decided debts as we are in the hospitality business. We would like old employees to be our longer. Facing our guests as much as possible. And serving dome hosted. However as we all now. It's important for our employees to have the right tools in order to know who our guests are. What their preferences our except. And for that we need data. But at the same time we don't want hotel staff sitting behind desktops printed reports. Not gonna just get an idea how many hoteliers are here. Well for our diversity of a bit. Right so those of you over failures you know what we do in hotels. Millions of list arrivals list the idealist departures this VVVVIP. List. Complaints listed a and all that has to be prepared investor moment it's printed. It out of date and you have to rely on goes for employees to act is sit down and study partners on piles of paper. In order to be prepared by time biggest rise they have forgotten when they have seen the list. What we have done is we said we want to mobilised in give them more buying applications. That porsche's debt relevant information to Dem. Add the right time so that they can act on so actionable. Data to the right people at the right time. And here just moving around without having to print anything. So we don't print arrivals this we don't print any list at all. Everything is available in apps for every single department is at least one have that they use to do their job. So. Over the past couple of years of develop some hard 22 perhaps. And starting from. Revenue data that is pull directly from the PMS from power saw web URL weather is the chairman of the company or. Do way to end of the tell. They have access the they can see real time how much of we've made how many bookings we have just received up to now. They can break them down exception saw rich data in order to manage the business. We make life easier for our employees have example report that'll toughen the million mobile apps so that you don't have to keep going to leave office with his housekeeper on lenders whatever to check on the wall to see. Watch if there aren't. We can live like a social media kind of thing work they can interact with each other and think each other except where to motivate them to use these apps. We created the survey for a term like we do with our guests. We ask that. Tell us your feedback about your experience would as our employees have put a permanent. Clinton 65 days survey available. In the mobile device with a single fairly thin in thunder once. Resorts gets updated. And incensed who have management accept or to act on. Maintenance happen apps will they walk around something is report third. We're gonna have somebody goes says look you distort is broken take a picture assign it its. Connected to operate the PM as though we chose the maintenance team we staining that will more whose departing or arriving eap except for a and in his post as push notification tool maintenance team so they can go into the job Brian Harrington gold. And forward to the office to become the year for documents. Housekeeping as well housekeeping Don have a list each morning of the rooms of the need to clean. That is alive in this because pulled out of the PMS out of pop up any updates order room status as a treasurer on Monday finished clean room they justly diamond. And that's updates care. Again so let's its deficient is instances. And we no longer have issue guests arriving. To checking in and absorb soaring dollar having longs really clinical housekeeping. Because it's a life. Even the breakfast. Waiters happen perhaps self again. You turn up to have Brett firstly you said they say what you neighmond Likud. Ruled. Looking for you now proposal to Claudius Citigroup a clinical research should. Again it's an outline people's data out of opera when you're right we just put your name ticked down. And we do other things behind the scenes so as soon as the tick down. The system checked was only complaint or something from the guesses today finds the relevant departments that somebody complain about the Baird. This sends a message to have given sent by the way because his heavy bright said demand go once they saw me. And then we have good to see our enter this is where who drink all the information we have about our guests from all the systems opera mini bars telephone. Feedback on planes except juror. Trip advisor all comes into this system. And is available this is what the queen into our drivers list you know people in this particular but all live. Out of the PMS. So who really gives all the information find out if guest likes in the state. And fines. And is the latest few bad it's assault and notes from opera are expected. And the hotel team have the ability to add alerts. So I was in charge of Customs Service as well until about two years ago I used this quite a lot. If but when I dealt with a complaints. Are so mixed finally comes they would as when we make sure we look after you would never happen again. We don't just could come back in the year could come back in six months grew embark in a week. I have no awareness or check your rivals list every day for twelve hotels. Have no wait no he toy just had alerted early sits there monitoring. Like a virus. And as soon as the best mix of talking. It sends nearly electable by the way that guy used to view is coming back to more. A the guest has just checked in rule. At his hotel as a home so I use because the fund called rule and so we'll come back. Lot of so now we saw the success of these tools with our employee is we turned our attention to our guests. So what can we do want to also we power our guests like we did with our employees. Of course the obvious thing year's list look at self. Service stations. And the first thing we started with I was always very impressed with deep airline. Online check in from Caremark years ago and now for many years have been trying to. Develop for our hotels as you know it's very difficult to do online check in for. You know Patel. Knowledge you have difficulties talking to the PMS. Not all saw the management of wounds. We have managed it and we have got now. Online check June and 33% of our guest now check in online display their own whom. They paid online. If it already pre pay day we offer is a credit card and they just common pickup the key from the consumer. So it looks a bit like this we stand with text message we didn't agreed to link. They click on act. They fill in details just did wonders for ul pulled farther accuracy as you know. We struggle with getting the right. Data in the coal fired the addresses email has etc. so if we have just or more by number we're able to send us. And the guest correct their own name and email addresses succession. So ebitda profile. They select the specific whom from. A year virtual floor plan we put out blue zone in there to make sure bets in. You pay fifty pound versus somebody in 200 pound for the same room tired. Make sure that if this will use a little bit bigger. And the other one or 200 pounds gets it of the fifty pound and stuff. And certainly get your confirmation. New turnout of the positives first you showed them the keys already ready. Because of the Mormon Digg click check in this sense in the fish into the back office to say cut the key point is guess who's the ETA. So when they're ripe pickings that. So. Checkout is exactly the same. Place that on their bill online. Checkout takes thirty seconds. So. You sort of text message that we will send into our guest check in online. End well what happened is. I mean put in there when we first launched that do not apply. Perhaps you know what can happen when you don't ball did not apply. No one hates. Putting does not imply anything for the hate seen that when I receive emails and text measures they do not comply. It just reminds me slightly into. So obviously what happens is people do with a cheque in etc. and then they've applied for the text message got I have soft pillows in my room please we're now right. Can I have some spaghetti ball owners and going to be you know to grow our economy. And I'm getting all leases and am in charge of YT footwork hotels not room service a housekeeper who go. So I had for about three months myself and my. T my developers call Linda hotels must facilities are open to a implementing these sums bigoted woman is conditional put. In hotel Le point that Lewis writing doing dealing with the room service and housekeeping extra tells. And that's what got me thinking. This is extra work but its value added work. You know it adds value to the guest experience we want to get wider service. But we once human beings having to view we feel that people's most of that can be dealt with. By some system. If somebody think you have a car park we believe whom B into cancer. The somebody says you know can I have extra towels we don't need they're calling between investors here so getting euros aligned in gold poor housekeeping. Some system can interpret that. And in either answer the question. All send a request for the right department who delivered a serviceable product. And that's when. Every word. I'll virtual homes was born. So. Typically is how it works. We. Monitor the opera so there somebody checks in if that is more by number in there they receive. The text message sent us. Click on the link that is an explanation in their early now handled my name's Edward Lowe if there's anything can help you we're just tax. And you know a bull how many of you can read this but typically conversations goes like this they receive it will help air power yield. And like that and witnesses say no productive no in the hope and very well thank you. And it is my already. The biggest question. There's people checking in. But they don't know with the addition make the journey to the hotel just to find the room is not ready. And then draw and sit down in the law we'll have to work out what. Also what we this we've learned sell much of our guests that we you know thinks of this system. So people out and about shopping will go win enough and they want to know when they can come back to whatever the wanna come back confined to have to wait for the onto weekly. To wherever they are. Anywhere in the walled. Latex is my ready and Edward checks. Opera. And says yeah your Rome is cleaned and is really fully. Is breakfast included hadn't anybody knows whether represent an indirect not. Nobody knows. If this question every day. And Edward checks. The packages in offer answers yes practices implement pollution. I'll direct placement service all before dollar. Brilliant this has been fantastic no more over the life or your order of the fully audits mean do you feel we're in right to. So. Edwards says the move and menu online answers here it is tech's new order and our hospital room service. So we have core to version someone tells unions dislike or take away happen menu itself views is used tool. So we test in both to see which method. Makes guests order more. And I think this is we. So either they use this a what they just type their order. And Edward then sends it to room service. What climate cheque out again another question and nobody knows. And also complicated the request that normally would need to the several phone calls for several departments. You know what time Exchequer guy get some at a milk sugar and coffee is my team is not wrote in his morning can someone fix it please. And Edward handles all day understands. When it's a question when it's adequate suite of complaint etc. and process that. And gives. All the information. And things like it's my wife's birthday. We're is the nearest florist. So Edward gives that information. Which has the wife happy birthday. But also now this opportunity it sends a message to all departments and say. Room to who now mrs. lower birthday today. Still well over day encounter this as a X this at all happy birthday by the work. And also what we do is we get the shift to do little. Capel chocolate or something deliverance from. Everything here is a real I didn't make any of this stuff up here. I'm seemed to be for a criminal court is. Absolutely a my friends community. Can I have some odd to by the way I love your Edward all this deal here. I was headed the figure and I love Hutu. This happened as well. It was a football night some. Altercation with the pressures on them. And Edward. This blind spot fell. So also we have train pedal to speak other languages women. Because I developed a system myself I speak four languages so Edward also speaks. Four languages. Without first because I developed it myself when I first launch and I see that hardly any of the guest realise that this is. The system they think it's an employee. I used to get quite upsetting our developers and everybody thinks is this a concierge. And especially when I heard better guest came down to a reception within envelope and return on Nick Edwards at a reception you know you can keep its Edward is in such a darling. Anders Anders. Decisions just took over oh. And her reception manager saw that he grabbed the emblem will run after the death of madame you know Atwood is a computer has not passive. She could mean as a computer Adobe don't we'll do know is. Not believe me it's a computer system. And she said well. That's a matter just buy him some flyers whatever computers need to. For Edward got tips. From. And you're sort of adviser we have got had hundreds of feedback look like that about. Edward and you can see that Edward Klein who secured media tech check out. Was very you know was keen to help. And sell. So firm he has fooled Argus into thinking that is a human being in. It has. Really helps our a guess as well as our employees. And her inner. We got Watson staff so. And I have got a little. Video here two minutes that wind industry tableau played this. Introducing the new online guest engagement sadness which guides heating your state from the naming sweeping job when. Right from the start of your experience. You can update on the details check in online. And even choose your win for virtual floor plan. Once a change in non racial hate Edwards. Will introduce yourself team. There are over 900 different ways of interacting that Edwards can't stand you in men is the matter said on the phrase question. Before even arriving at his you can honestly jobless rate. Cleveland picturesque hotel. When you're right doesn't usually taken for permission to his press reaction. Who had actually Redford. Once we're an event date that is always at your fingertips and click listeners Clinton slightly looking task senator. Considered you can draw who stated that this market. Myth in the forward experience season. He came out. Joseph supported by Westinghouse was oatmeal video rental. Meanwhile Kato's fresh strength were senior audit directly from equities around. Since Edward Zwick email at all times media contact details are what you got off at any time. And city town started what they have Edward in anything tennis dangerously Euro rescue matter where here. Say reach an official decision. Ecuador said has to plan ahead. Only to have complete piece of mind throughout this day. Just when we. Which details health. We wish we has. He's pulling its act shields added.