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Panel Discussion: Using Conversational Commerce and AI to Engage, Sell and Drive Loyalty



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Fri, 19 May 2017|

Michael Mrini, Director of Information Technology, Edwardian Hotels | Mike Slone, Chief Experience Officer, Travelaer | Gu????mundur Gu????nason, Director, Icelandair Digital Labs | Anaal Patel, VP Marketing, SparkCentral


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May slow on her own travel where we our own travel technology company you also provide PO PC software to airlines and our time travel companies turned down. We have interview in the first companies to Donna Chad buyers or the airline industry. Wineries include Google does not assume correctly pronounce it. Leading. I can do us did collapse. And I just most of you know Wiseman dairies the flag carrier fights and we're celebrating eighty years accuracy this year. So we Arthur young kids on the run but. This achieving. Trying to deal away defender system collapses so what about and that we. We're as far as I know of Brazil to blondes. Just a technology including media village into Google flights to visit the most. Harry lime. How many there's another town VP of marketing at banks central. As backs total as a customer engagement that finally we specialise in helping our brands have just text messaging actions that you just are up on the screen. And am aware that Lybrand and servicing our customers iron messenger our for a face birth. We tracked in our messaging new name Ed found. Turkestan interested. A plane. That's fantastic move to answer the first question to answer. Once coincide. The first version dot I have to say is allegedly resent their diet is it going to destroy jobs and our industry. Because nobody is gonna pan. They deny people think air is gonna take away dad so we we as tax Intel like of customers that our. Thinking about managing a gang nights we blow Taliban airline companies as customers. So as Delta Airlines jetBlue Airways flight nine. Allianz and I actually make the following an external new line should any rally expressed for our customers were going on Larry JI internally. The hardback agency Beale are more effective. So their purchase. He Yang and making it harder human interactions with the help human reaction has been bad air. So I think depend on high alert garriott must companies are realising that. Even during what you create a rhythm leaving best single line expresses are there actually night at part of that they seem to feel unique customers is they feel so I don't mean. And still if you were legitimate ages my fish. I think ill just media business operations manner financiers initial attempt completely taking over customer service people why didn't act with human beings still. And and then I'd think if you take it put Japan make Q means more effective. At different angle. That that does break up of the customer elect. It absolutely is like we're known as their customer service company how we will always humans Laurie L averaged matinee had made our agents behind my back. Well I think I can now agreed to earth and desist candidate promise that we're taking a thousand we have. So resistance working twenty recession. But we absolutely need. Tap our technology our vision intelligence is on to support a tax to be able to respond quickly to view was to answer. Simple questions frequently asked questions and and UN surely rule bringing the future is that our. ECB bottom interval. For a sub restoring received a checking in and so on that's. Is not really. Your reading Eads the Schuman an intervention here. Third you should deal was as a customer have the ability to ask for a human interaction. And editing with no bottom and that's come on the same channel human and the bottom support to channel. And being able to pursue. Differentiate between those requests that we can automate using that vision intelligence. And Eminem figuring out where we have maybe a delicate situation where. We need the human interaction and end. Possibly a customary. Witches. Well lost his losses flight Lauro losses alone resort something that. Brings him. Well his half an elicit a bid beyond the emirate still renewed tennis human interaction vessel we need to be able to differentiate between those who. Oh ongoing desire of India is pretty much as candidates others would you know weren't. Via three the official tells who's gonna replace humans the answers Knoll. Arm loans slowed humans do if they can do about stern both side by side made things that either they can do that humans don't know Sony just gonna time. But. When Michael. I think going off everywhere thing has been set and I can only talk mailing in terms of hotels. And we do not call it will chair all or Alter anything. Call him. Host virtual who's who gave him the personality. Over host. And that personalities development time nobody Schuler road. It is learning how to be com a better homes each time. And the way I see is. It's not taken in humans play just assist in the day humans I mean. I have ever worked in any other industry has started and hotels from Niles. Twenty allowed worked in every department. From washing up to a and throughout my whole career I have heard we've always complain there's not enough staff and they need help. And anyway. It's somebody who's helping. Spark. Allowing them to be able to spend more time doing when they enjoy doing. Which is interactive media guests face to face. Rather then end same questions. You know if you have unemployed has to answer the phone and give the hotel address handle time today you know can try doing that. They try to crazy here and seen the same questions again and again you. Haven't got up now we're gonna go up by. You know what you're just over the last. Let machines do that because you know people enjoy doing I think. And let them have more time to spend actually charity the scarcity rather than counting their average corn. Time except. That's leaves passengers or have a question about they would throw. Because as a professional. Q how will it take to develop. His tone his personality visits is and how to do it means that while a lot of bomb. Internally everybody says. Edward is really yield has met him and you just develop your well personality into better. And I have to say as a programmer and tenure. It's difficult not too bad the same time. The reason why has worked for us it's has been successful is people who has been developed by hotelier somebody. Who has been do we did Jon Decker who's doing for many many years. Iraq there and you know the depth of programmers somewhere. Who has never worked in Tel salt dirt and a personality. From time to time we've pushed vandalism with the victim just test and see how good guests interactive for example of Edward never said mr. and mrs. Say. Always addresses the guest Clive first. And its full for hotels. That is like no no you know our staff now. They can see anybody say in Helen Michael a basic can't do they can't we can tell stability but we are talking 21 century. You know there is a big portion I would guess what the millenniums. This is what they want leases would use to death chatting. You know the abbreviated. You know perhaps teach Edwards on spelling mistakes. I had to get my daughters to teach you all need. GIT means greater hello Lee and a -- tough. You know was a white voters were my consultancy role how to. Loan debt new language of the lens use. So. It's that two week time I think. It took probably the first three months. To get to a the kind of personality that Edwards has got. Warehouses rail travel industries we have some legacy systems. How hard as a lean to integrate airlines of these into the PMS in the made a reservation systems from airlines likely that does is allows they've ordered a relatively snap. In our cases warm. I say hasn't been very hard work. It's because we have been. Integrating don't systems since 1998. So those of you know the PMS. We. Developed our own booking interface for four debut in 1998. And we have been updated now interfaces in step. So even don't kill where's. My course does symphony etc. so for resin was easy but back. I know when I talked or even just starting from scratch it is hot. It's easy view. Thanks Jose Nino him visit really quickly logo and any type of mobile tour run a system that you're developing is really lawyers. Chris Martin cable more as the dealer in the services you bind itself. Our when you're looking to build something like there's you know the first place she knew the star has. You know do you have a redo the eye level access usual provider have the sort of start to access the daily news. To actually built around here intelligence system which is anything it just happens this on the conversational here base dramatically share on this has taken place I'm. But all her weaving also applies to some day pushed back given in charge of various assumed for a. Just conforming one might see periods kids. Marked especially about. It really just pointed it's just about having access to. The year winds. Tend to have some somewhat complex. Way of factors that into various especially in working with the studio assistants home. First is a matter reform setting your view kiryat system and being with integrating general and then you can do even to those. Can you add some. The brands we like with the way they're approaching it is slightly due to their hard line legacy systems Nancy Landon Knight so. Think about their large pieces written lungs companies particularly outlines knows how to build up premium last week news back in the meaning to Syria Cheney gang I'm. Our higher wages and AXA life things we're seeing some customers do it. Let me bring this piece of information they have William Hill and having agents are Cheney yeah I have my son Ryder right answer and having it in agree with OK is their actual. Customer care solutions like massive inflation I virus. That acts on his mind easy way is stagnant and you can start building out IEP Alstott that in the folks attacking. Superpower. It's not least you know. And so our big question is. What is more important to it fall. Drive loyalty driving revenues. What do you feel is a real benefit of the technology. Oh absolutely. We strongly believe. China. I didn't have time in this presentation via my presentation. You can understand why we're it is usually is part of our strategy and our strategy and we identified that. In order to achieve. Cash flow how that you're after hours in businesses. You need. To get carefully you will guess you know engaged and loyal guests. Did get a real. Decide I can sustain its retail pay election whatever fire and life rather next door be calls of their peoples of can we be just. How beautiful reads only everybody else has gone down. The TV liberal makes network everybody's off with the same fix what's differentiator. What the media uses you know. Just before I develop those they do know. A fantastical tale some miles attending conferences. And for what now I was just trying to get themselves me. An all star. And in the end. Big cause I know my way around hotel's palm manage to find the room service office in downtown in the back. I think the basement another walk to. Can I have a menu. Yes as the do you get a call from anybody's aimed at the getting more of government now. So. People's people love is who they are taking so vehicles etc. while every word goes straight to the right person and keeps it clean and and then escalated. Prior accident year. If Edwards is that hasn't been action. And is also opportunities for us really fix things straight away so either yes there's less and save I still haven't received a menu which they don't expect something does go. Edward doesn't have received an energy problems. Edward didn't immediately raise the so we now what's happening we have given your agent to improve our processes etc. so. There increase loyalty happens. You know as a cause and effect and in his way to give increased revenues and profits. Now who there. Yeah well. When I think is important here is that if if we thank gays as a customers an easy and comfortable way if we. Results were customers on our platform that they're comfortable with. For a south invisible message in this case forward our case. If Dave feel comfortable to him having this isn't having that conversation. To business with us. The comeback and that they wouldn't want and that cannot. Freezing more reliant GM and then we have a cycle. More revenue or profit. How you meet your question which has little Ireland metrics for measuring loyalty. From this technology not yet. Former another hour on call heal the kings of metrics. We have got to keep your eyes for everything for the UK peers are live and available to outline reasons. We have even introducing Edward no. For delivery I'm gonna happen here people like more uncertain how long term symptoms every year you know who believe the total he looks better. We have an it would awarded. You know the aware that is the most. Edwards interaction. Between completes get some rules some measure because momentum Edwards says the oil delivered excellent tells. Edwards. Clock starts thinking so we assigned to John I'm. Joins us years have received nearly starts counting pence what time they delivered their so measures that led the same time. We go and measure does guess whether they have gone onto adviser union's feedback. Our own online feedback. We measured would also overlay it still. We know debts are average room rates has. Gone up tremendously year on year. Thanks to you know partly out of this if you go to advises you would see why so it's every hotel should have is. The senator Edward Payne who has such a fantastic sense a long way to go out of advisor on talent but. So you can see there and metrics showed in revenues bridge right. I'm reminding ourselves as a dance if you think back like. And not five or even nineteen years ago as too long or maybe two years ago. Like most of us were even on a total of ten years ago. In so when people started saying here's a way to measure the results of social media is social media impacting my brandy kit here we actually imagine there's to have some value. Now if you ask the questions are very silly question. I think private messages is the same way. Our own its business tendency for well in our today. Earned as little grass has an industry and people began to understand messaging Moorer will be talking five years allowance today Bobby allows her as a silly question because. The analytics through gun dealer and even people like FaceBook if you listen to the recent update conference. There are building an analytics into messenger of the building and analytics to measure the basket due this being built. And so when of the business care measures of these sorts of things and they want investors on the cell. It's a higher percent something that will continue to be measurable leaving a barrel over time. Wagoner addressed this is what we are wrestling is that introducing the ability for customers to interact with us on physical messenger. Has more compliant. The users on that platform and weep at the moment. We cannot brawling assault shown injured team fast enough to encompass the growth in that platform. So we will see a shift from the comments should not. Sarah sands are forward telephone. Into these platforms doesn't. So that's what we've seen by measurement. Doesn't. A it's such an attractive Sutcliffe we. What we have also realise and probably even now we have a feeling debts we have so many lost opportunities increasing revenue. From our guests we've seen it. We discovered that a lot of Vargas was something they know that some of our sales had thus far Anthony Edwards suffered its. Sending messages checking people can enhance buyers seem like the slot between Chile involve a round number such as Bob said mrs. Biden will we have got the slaughter. There is an old do you have a spa can zone is an information. We've got a point when we launched I suffered receivables from the hunters can you please which dot really had no more. People out of under the bus services and treatments. And tools grew from nothing to death just shows a Dallas Selma opportunities some. Get more. Spending from our guests feel we need to spend just don't know where. OK. Thank you so much your vote can we. Thank our guests.