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Thu, 18 May 2017|

Breffni Horgan, Head of Product and Design, Hostelworld


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I came back three and necessary so I'm here factors and a customer group. And had a duty today stops here about how. We have transformed our mobile personal experience daily content partnership. And and data to really help drive. More our brand loyalty within act and with an animal that platform. Certainly seen some of the features that we and it's bullish view that. So Fraser the bit about us. Act there's even don't know ice we our eight global leader in the Heinlein huh so reservations space we work with 33 out of Japanese across the world. In 170 countries and we have nineteen different languages on the website and apps. And we have three major brands though has around that Khan has of the bizarre calm. And plus or star Kan and focus our reminds us today would be our flagship brand which has us aware that Khan. So a lot of time out for those you haven't stated Hudson recently and these source of air pictures come to mind when people think hostels. And actors and people have a perception that sometimes they are characterised by. And actor who oversee and then maybe they're not very clean and that maybe they're not very. Safe and that there are often noisy and our full of young people who just want pricing. And so what if I told you learn that are these six photographs of inventive you. And five of these pictures actually represents the margin customer experience. So there's actually only one hotel features. In the success of images. And sell alive the culmination now we've right now is very much bloggers I'm your busing as perceptions anheuser's very. And margin experiences they're often located right in the Centre of the city. And and their characterised by and types of features that are crystal is really look for. So things like great coming means allowed to have buyers they have great seriousness of space as. And nine out of ten hour of the house of that we work with have private rooms. Seven people and that alliance actually how many of more privacy they're not always have to stay in the dorm oil though many of our customers. Like to stay airlines. And nine out of ten or perhaps there's actually do have private accommodation. And stand as those when we talk about factors really important to talk about black customers are. And I personally is 90% of the Mara and under the age of 35. And 80% of them replace. And Haiti presenting various students and ad pointing percent of am I taking gap year. Obviously with those sorts of demographics. And certain characteristics and traits and that make up the profile of our customers service desk with a very global customer base. And these types of travel areas have grown. This digital later sell more violence that they knew that they've gone up having from a very early age. They're not constrained by Japan's acting on the mobile platform. And and they expect really really great experiences when it comes to the more that kind of expect companies are better than. And so still a very social and people let and they sharing alliance weather turned into Japan rose snaps last. And I think is up and they're very comfortable with sharing why are they doing what you're doing their travelling on the social networks. And we commissioned a piece of research and that was released in May 36. And specifically and looking at hustle traveller. And trying to understand is how the house travel very different is France as a more generic hotel traveller and while we found is that S and fire hustles families and 61% of those spenders Anheuser taking more than forgeries the year. And that's to your versus 26% on travellers. China is their number one spends in terms of the priority when they have extra cash. So that's really really important because we know they love to travel and this is reflected in how often they like travel. And they spend point 2% more than the average happier when their brides. So if you think about bats and that obviously makes the entire air traveller experience less obviously. You know they travel to get very the examination because of the tourism activities in the things they do when they get the destination. It hasn't Tana oil sold is on the road for quite well so. Tony 9% of those very made icing verbal bridge few weeks and he presented a list of those surveys are saying for every three weeks. So we flared refocus allowed inside the mobile apps is. 30. And we've invested quite heavily in more about technology over the last few years. And I think when the most and pivotal moment thrust and allow our inspectors ended. But when we when fully NATO with our apps products. So we did see the mass migration to more violent and Bobby get answers CA customers were becoming more and more demanding in terms of the experiences they would be were expecting a mobile platforms. And so we LL fully made of and mob have priced in 35. At the same time we launched fully responsive web sites. Rose as last year we announced that 49%. Of bookings. How which has acted on our mobile platforms so reassured us that the investments that we made payoff. And and we actually motivate me to place limits experiences. Under Nader's platform and through the nature of technology. So things like being able to live game with your fingerprint. Images Japan Iraq. Just gang your credit curry I'm checkout so while really with the intention of reducing friction out within the mobile experience. Lindsey O alongside that we've received align our recognition and finally industry leave rather sort of back here is. And I was delighted to see that we Arabic word yeah we have if you travel aspect that feature its investors the axe to a 26 deal by apple. And in the last three weeks and we've just received the editors' choice awards under the same store out. And by Google and that's only awarded 250. Apps in the entire place Dora added two point seven million sold. And I think that's real testament to the Africa we've put in developing these facts and and had been recognised by industry. But would be key metrics we pay a lot of attention to is China commodities like. Analyst recent rounds of survey and I am a modest for a firm that panics is over 72%. Or something we're very very proud that. But one we started to redevelop these new unit of the mobile apps and we focus alas they're thinking of having seen this kind of chart a few times already today. And we look can do as a final stages of trial heard how well we're building out the first made that experience and we refocused on this area are blocking. And because if that's right Axel because there's one really to do in the mobile platform and it's really important that we. Create a relay race is when they went common sex and Bob and pay. So we did that and then after raises identified well you know we've that same experience running across all of these stages of the travel reminds S. And I'll be missing check when it comes to actually engaging with them you know contested lead in the mormons depending on what their doing. So we tried very tense since two. And additive AFLAC coastal areas within this whole experience and mindset rather lenders affluence again. They want to go. So we do we have line information about coastal areas we knew where they had bottoming when they were gone waned and we went very very closely with our customers partners of their attitudes about their hearts out there we are also could inferred from where the customer was travelling to. And in context I think we speak critically of components of the mobile experience so we do have the cluster was five days out from Chengdu whether they were actually in destination. When they had already left the hearts. And what was 3.4 rice was that we didn't just do is panic there was worry the on the markets we might make sorry that we Africa customer is something that would really resonate with them. So we went ahead to 2000 has risen we have very if we meet our free use edition of content or features that they only have. While the kinds of things that you would like to learn from us hear from us that we can icu within the hour. Eleven cents pass a coastal areas and and I noticed because let tourists and every dollar identifies Tories are facts and they see themselves as traveller is. They're very open minded very energetic they like to bring back stories not souvenirs. So was re employment only went over to look at partners in this area that we were able to find partners. That would give us kind tends that would resonate with our customers. So immense and we looked alike or different content partners. And we came prides airmen and acquisition have gone about the times since rebrand its chip Dow Harlem. And we really liked that white dailies. Waves base segmented all of their contents FDA PI rare so they had tribes and I was tribes when things like students. And backpackers pointed Chandler as lower those. Interview images segment are back content and give it to us through the API. So we can remove either counters that we didn't think was relevant for our travel a profile. So in May 36. And we rolled out our first version of my interests are hostile words and it launched initially in 22 cities. And the price we changed contests really within the active -- iron. While lying said the question was then itself was just before their own due to arrive in the destination where they were in the destination. It would ask for this great times ends around places to business and visited east. If a customer light but they Zardari could tap into the they look good experience that we'd ask for a and they give read reviews from the trip dark heart attack one. This has heavily supported by very engaging CRM campaign. So we sent customers email estimates say they knew the content was there we used push notifications of the crystal is wrapped within. And we also look debt in a lot of cases to drive awareness of features less. When they're in destination if there was something that they wanted to live race. We reduce their location and show them how they could mark themselves who when and where to their children. Place to visit us. And results of fantastic results so obviously we really avoid the bats with we'd like to this speech area that we were assured that resonated with customers. And so we've rhyme pursue rams of MI surveys and this most recent survey was rolling just might stand by. And NEB 2% of the coastal Israeli the content going to very very goods. That was over standings ice was 56%. Of our customers told us they had actually visited with the places that we had recommended within my charts feature the app. And this was up from 22%. When we actually ended the previous survey in December so really really strong results. And lead a final question if you back out guy analyst Ed right how do we make it's even better why anybody things you like to see who might obsession with the app. So if I go back again system that things that we know that a customer is am wannabe unique things and we if you're buying really check into hoster. Out is when you get the reception area you're kind of like see oil this information infringes UN sometimes if you need any visibility of the way that's. If you're trying to find it easier ruin. If you're back down then and get a daily. So we we chart our path of ideas and these days you know an NY YYY zero objective renewal crystal is coming security a priority. An alarming time because you know is very economic gazette pastor a lot of the value add for from a passive respectively as is obviously not selling. Am when customers get in the door our. And so if we could provide away for a coastal areas to actually know what was like Marlon hustle and perhaps the pioneers to the ability. How personal is not just in that reception area. But Truby after they have I'm very device and when they booked with ice and that'll be of real value add for slack customise and lacklustre partners. So we launched the house known as worried as air new feature within my interest section of the at air in December just done by. How we run out of fifty Sinise and it Kerviel highlights Andres and in the English language. Ends et que are happening here as they have so embarks. The hazards cannot knows their events and hair if you add information about weight limit is I'm whether it's free if it's recurring events and we have surfaced that feature about events through the to our customers right women in the destination. So let realign some heart cells actually make sure the crystal resolved. Once they know how certain that they don't miss something that they may be running. And we see some great results of fire. Over 25% of Cuban actually had visited when is the Hudson events they've actually intended. And 92%. Of those people vote said it really makes their experience though they would stay in hospital. And I some customer feedback to show user you can see for yourself airworthiness listening via the new feature that we've added. OK I'm only son. I whomever. Vienna their fixed cost Bolivia want to move its summit heard it here unlock. Evidenced in the wave uranium within muscle are. Our thought is that putting better. Let them. Amazingly. Learn how to murder. We did it really give us. I bicker about you tell people. But they do with Latham noted in the three men magazine El Paso environment. Or you racked. Another may file. You know who's a failure of the my view. Unanswered why not borrow authority I don't know if ever there is any more or less mandate that nearly. Magical user. We'll do slightly brilliance. There are a lot of people a no doubt we'll see her there. The answer free my lot really nice. Portfolio behaviour is a feel really. Maybe you know I'm Anna dances I think. Not all. They have layout let it let back I was greatly. Particularly its wave that are there who like our people maybe you. Lenders might either. There under the community. More many of their gaps do you make of our one night. Everybody violent. Our way yeah. He may believe answer our. Back from mainly they've laid. Returns EU. Yeah a couple of years. Not that our big rally in the ban them and that the tax man. But mainly actively. Now every dollar I hear me now. The view right now absolutely mad and maybe our accident embedded. Cities if you key takeaways from the internal reserve Ed things that I think our whether in terms of building great pride experiences. And I think when you identify enough Tuesday of those partners they're there they can really had view and builds that panicked feature sets and I'm happy get to market quicker with S finishes utilise those are opportunities. And I think it's really points customer feedback our VoIP so. You know aster coastal areas you know one of the types of features they'd like to see. And then waited about dosages makes Europe you continued to cut top with Bedanova dialogue with them to make sure it's resonating with them in terms of why you have builds. And and I think more about our business unique opportunity. To think about the kind text under which the carriers so whether there you know energy aiming saves or whether there are you planning reporting in Spain saying. And and you should really be able to use that day net to to its maximum allowed into military votes and great products. Into very much.