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Thu, 18 May 2017|

Philippe Forrest, Area Manager UK & Ireland, IATA


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Afternoon everybody. Palette to look at firm. But the first slide. To get an overview what I might be talking about here. I assume everybody knows in the meantime weather indices means new distribution capability within the airline industry. Can you raise your hand if you Norway. So I'm. Ads nights that's a view on what's. Towards. Let's call it. Endlessly bizarre about. From our perspective as an airline industry. To give the travel agents to Tim c.s to TA is. The possibility to sell the same thing that airlines can offer on the web sites. Do to the history of airlines themselves. And distribution. It has always been. Positive is seen. Dependent on the GD s.'s. GDS's were created in the use eighties there was. Before Internet existed. And he'd actually all he addressed a few. Data. There needed to be compiled for a booking. Eventually. Voted yes has provided the right service to the German so they can call and book. But the investments in the systems lagged behind. In the meantime. Since approximately 35 years ago balances set up a web sites dot Cox. Do you VA dot com virgin etc. Now on this website in the meantime they can sell. Most servers and some book. Then simply the flight they can also add ancillary is they can also offer. Upgrades and services. And incidentally in real time possibly change the prices. That has caused the gap. With the indirect save us out months. So this is what we can offer today you can see you're already on the website of the alliance. Did term. On the right hand side its new air New Zealand who offer us. You should buy Lehman die but neither one of two economies seeds if it's available. To grow and create long bed on the long haul flight. If you try to do this new voter travel agency you will not be able to buy it. And some other examples we can also save fast track. Access to the airports etc. so proud. Not. So it. So well why do we interviews and you see. This was done in 32. It was done doing a passenger confidence as we call live theatre young tower with our member alliance approximately 260 airlines. The last us to run addressed the issue off having the web site being mirrored funded in direct channels as well. Because obviously. There was lost opportunities to generate more revenue. Fully violence but not only for the airlines as work as. Forward that in sees in the travel agencies. On their behalf. What is it. Actually it's all barred from our perspective personally I'd done really want to ensure on behalf of their minds to using one standard soft point six ML. So you can go and send more data through the different channels. And that adoption has been going on since quieter time our. Who would benefit. Well clearly of course are members of the alliance and that will include low cost areas for. Or. Either we call them. Before I say something wrong. The classic airlines. Then we have the advantage for the content aggregators and travel agents that includes the GUS's as well. And we have corporate buyers and traverse. O. Whole alliance benefit from limousine through indirect distribution channels is one thing it's. Through its mail web richer content and we have seen that a lot of customers when they can see the product or the services. Whatever is offered. They have a bigger intonation to gore and buy the product. The next one would be. Bank of fares and fear risk in in general this serve. An example of Norwegian airlines' moves by the way not a member. But maybe one day. But they offer bundled fares fare families on the web site. And that would be very good forward of travel agencies and services to be able. To have the fast access to those offers otherwise have to go to. I'm a 5060 different sites just to grow and compare the pricing of the dot. And the end of C platform is all about being able to compare. Whatever you want to compare. On a level basis. And personalisation is another issue so nowadays. There obviously airlines and we have so far 28 year highs who have implemented and you see in one way or the other. There are the one who can create the offer and they're quite possible we jarred out of the customer hole is asking. Fallen off for speed. A travel trip from London to new off. Previously within GBS's the booking was made by the GDS. And was a factor we couldn't speak the Germans couldn't. Gore and change anything about it nowadays they can create an offer. Which will then be more accustomed to the customer. It can be used criteria as like a fast frequent traveller problem. Travelling a lot of times in the same route so they can adjust pricing and because it's in real time. If it is closer to the time and then the yield management will also be optimised. If that includes the last squarely on the right hand side is dynamic pricing which means. Instead on doing policy. Analysis fireflies in the past in all of them trying to former C ha what it looked like in one month in two months in two days. Here it's. Obviously right away is and read time. But vote yes. A value chain is engaged. We are very happy to see that more than your stakeholders. Are involved in MDC and the way you don't you are. Creating it to become. More compared to other e-commerce. And business. The third iteration of industry standards. Has been made aware of the bar which means this is the way that people can go and register. To be part of NBC or if they have qualified. And they will also be. Sure do on our eye after dot com side. So far we had a 38 plus. IT providers and aggregators. And they're all indices certified. Airlines are adopting. It is six have confirmed they would receive in the near to medium future. And we have twenty airlines were already live to date worldwide. We had a in an event last year where business. Travel lower business earned team's season corporate buyers have participated to discuss it. And during that vehicle location some GDS has also approved the new standard and said they would follow where it. Inaudible be part of that new. Development. I want these. There have been three Havertown stairways in Dubai Berlin and Hamburg. Where the specialist where together like. The computer programmers. Graphic designers. Interface designers at said brown who. Are discussing and collaborating on different solutions for the future. It also means for the airline said we have more and more into very inaudible here with two follows a good job the other developments. Do you see as the lesser of the players are already on board. I don't think need to specify. More violent. If somebody wants to have the presentation. Just in Europe boarding card and boarding card business hard then I was senator you know. The on too much and they have. I'm gonna back because I have to make a reflection has been my mind tonight and so you know. The colleague from bid voyager and would tell. My name is Eddie you. The concierge at the AI. I'm still scared to think that we one day have. Hi my name is still I'm your cap. But I'm artificial. And I was flying a plane today. But as soon will come wondering audio. It's a reflection. Airways not official layout. First off comes after the event was only see again a lot of airlines have been. In Robben ended British Airways call with. The first global alliance to save their seats directly buyers on one and C gave way. Who do this in cooperation with sky scanner. We deserve a mid search company. To rest for a particular to a facilitated booking platform. Here it's quite obvious makes sense that the left side is the British Airways dot com. Overview of perceive plan where passengers can access the seeds you solar have done it yourself if you have been flying in the last couple of months. And then on the right hand side you have the same C plan. Offered by sky scanner. And this is fairly enabled in real time through the APIs which have been introduced. Of course all airlines most of the Germans have a integrated into the website. But now they're starting to role in our chew. Father under different channels of distribution. Well this is a simple one this was a while rich content. And you can see the product here we have the Thomas Cook travel agencies core operating with Condo. And they are connected. Through an in this eap. Region had enables third the travel agencies to sell certain products that condoms offer on the flights. This would be cut targets a similar example that no one not well moneyed because I guess we finally got. Yet we have distillate. Where is far reported in business to be seen online archive dot org slash and you see. Certification registry who has been certified who's doing what you can find them there then you have the New Madrid changes readiness guide for airlines. The support at all for Rio airlines. And if you need more information it's Honda's web site. While long. And this is daily momentum we used to be. Will lead early adopters and 35 about thirty an alliance. And in the meantime it's up to. 45. By end of 27 team. And if I was something I just wanted to show you this video because I think. It includes a. The new distribution capability we'll unleash innovation that new edge. It will revolutionise our relationships with customs. The idea for NDC was providing airlines with the ability to sell multiple services to airline customers. Which at the time was limited through the travel agent channel. He's losing capability to standard. The standard this consists in modernising the distribution will distribute products but because today that we buy from you now website. Can have access to what I call differentiation is seen more than flight schedule because it features products. And by travel agent but it's difficult 2000 possible. MDC was Foreman launched in 2012. With the adoption of the resolution 787. The foundation standard fare in DC. In early 2013. The pilot phase was initiated with the support of participating airlines and technology travel agent partners. In order to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the MDC skinless. It's fair to say that in this early period of opinions were divided. With a major GDS's. Cancel travel trade associations. Questioning the value of inclusiveness of the MDC initiatives. Based on feedback from PMG advisory forward. Composed of representatives from the entire value chain but I'll turn increases our reach to Foster greater industry collaboration. Through working groups and workshop. In 2014. To deal T approved resolutions 787. On clearing the way for wide scale deployment air. In 2014. During the world passenger symposium and all three major GDS's endorsed MDC a. So the big questions one idea of their ears and our ideals are you convinced. That NBC. Is this Vander right leg and accelerates. Any enable our merchandise EU the airline business. Science is. A question mark remains a factor really liked report with us. On our merchandising bundled with leaders nearly eight. Yes fairly fair. You very few. Yes yes. Partnerships and working to. Crucial to the success. Tell us better understand perspective. By Artie joined the contract. It is totally. Conduct a survey of travel agents attitude towards any. In September 2000 two's Dana. The airline industry collaborative lead producer release the first version of the industry standard for MDC and covering five major functional domain so. Shopping and booking. Servicing. Payment and ticketing. Which can be described as often management. And order management. In October 2015. Buyouts have launched a certification program to validate the capability of airlines and technology companies. To receive incentive in DC messages. The MDC registry is now available on I artist website. During 2006 change but NBC has strengthened its engagement with the entire business travel values change. Especially with corporate fired seven travel management companies. Business travel summit I have to held in June 2016. With a hundred representatives from five years. TM CS airlines and IT providers was very successful for around the fact that MDC can bring to business travel. And a great way for the value chain to engage together. I think the main take away from my perspective. There's really really alert him to. Understand where all the different failures where they are win ended see how they thinking about it they thinking not implementing its. Innovation has always been caught in DC a. Pakistan's agreed to be a powerful way to test at the end DC standards. Provide a baseline for developers to build innovative solutions around travel experience. And in a very short period of time. Who would fulfil our ones. We community furloughs and a best. MDC is unveiling a new world. Do you want to be part of.

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