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Panel discussion: Commercial Partnerships that Thrive in a Digital and Data Driven World



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Thu, 18 May 2017|

Susan Black, CCO, CIE Tours | Suzie Thompson, Vice President of Marketing, Distribution & Revenue, Red Carnation Hotels | Alessandra di Lorenzo, CCO, Partnerships and Advertising, | Richard Harris, Chief Executive Officer, Intent Media, Inc


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Merely season has done. I would avoid a policy perspective so can I just hear from each unit turner park. About your company what you do there may be starting uses India. Sure I think year Ayala who serves on the view I don't need yesterday. And chip commercial after a T a choice international. Where nearly five year old company that is actually a wholly owned company that government environment. Earlier the bring out for about 50000. Application areas front end meaning North America but globally. July and in Britain each year our. I company are it has been growing steadily. Over the years and we're looking at expanding their growth. Into new markets with partnerships among others. And it's an exciting time to to be looking of these losses. Very fact checked out our a family owned collection of seventeen plan actually getting hit towns. In a case South Africa and the states in Geneva. Am recognition hotels also won a 35 travel plans that make up about travel corporation LT TC. What would you dare we. Our I had marketing middle management and distribution. You off. I can't brown. Announces fourth at 815 acquired by have a flight number group. And we re branded laugh live dot com group. Slam away 43 million unique users across Europe. And a collection of IT Brown's plan in certain that the key European markets. I'm joined in 36 does avoid developing audience media and partnerships the pardon. As we essentially growing trying to be a little bit different from the giants are well known in the space. Yeah if you're. So if you got a question just put your hand up portal in China typing dislike go in the EU wave that'll be very nicely. Susan you you you were talking about. Partnerships just now. Yours actually sounds so a fairly simple operating just bringing people posse lead it into Ireland did unique partnership. Our day Yasser mean whenever sound simple legitimate but we're happy with the discovery. I'll I mean we have that are really trying need each customer's needs whether it in this word they hear Asian F eight C. Our shelf retire I'll really feed the whole gamut of why people ticket Ken. And a finish up parade area. It could appoint a fashionable luxury to go well as lower from Lhasa on March where. We have a really affinity. Affinity groups felt. The types organisation's. Poorer our company is which word. Work with what I like a car OPA other people's Ali enters where there is an affinity. To Ireland and Britain so whether it's food. For a game or France or other things in the region down easily create experiences. Such as FEMA funds. A multi day. Tolerant. Which analytics and are looking trans week to create experiences authentic experience for human area. Which include Michelin dining on these places that would appeal to doubt we. We have photography third edition Qiyue. General. Our applications to the area. We as initial operator have the luxury of really zoning again and freely mile of these very unique experiences for four apparently broken. Attractive to find out there people would finally ounces. Where there is an affinity towards that and partner with them and work with down into doing this seamless way real. Technology with live with partners who may have fantastic by fears. But they may now be very tax average. So that's a little bit of a challenge I was looking for solutions thing about we've found. Step by partnering with these types of offending users averaging other people's alliance is ready oil to create a whole the channel. More than consumer more than nine or my travel agent partnership. To make him world or with the about her life if they face oh and a facility we find their lifestyle by. We're able to open up part of sun now very rich partnerships with finally. Italy and therefore we're very well to heed a challenge however is in fact if you get seamlessly Nextel continues to the challenge ads. OK and we take it seems he mean doing it. Electronically seamlessly. My hope is a fiction yes yeah yeah OK so when you're working with that of the partnership. Of different ways. We keep I think there's certainly. That period at all or. That it's incredible that. Hillary. When it. He's. What's interesting Susan about your product is. I'm guessing your travellers who come across the layer of physical island. Doing these is one off trips so it's actually more important if you to build relationships with the affinity groups. Who can keep sending these one off customers in into your business rather than actually the customers themselves. Yes OK OK so that worker works view and oh and then if we come over to the uses C. Your her tenure. Red carnation does your you're part of a bigger combined Q4 carnation. Yes so part of the TT and it plans there's about 35 travel plans in cumbria with the largest independently owned shell company a out. So my sister company's other lifestyle from T he holiday is fair. Twelfth. So we knew so you can imagine within your with your larger grouping actually performing commercial partnerships even tradeoff each other there's. As happen. Yeah Ken is here we've seen Janet Larsen Ford fires here's where I we really did have 35 independent. Companies. Even though they're all owned by the same family. Plan and really journey over the last five. Years has been taking identifying. Companies with their respective technology and partnership. And 2388. The share and travel plans in in TTC. Man said that really was a process of understanding all the partnerships and commercial agreements that existed across the whole portfolio travel plans. And then I am basically streamlining so investing in one QE CRM partner from a technology perspective for example. And an understanding as a group if we leave everything under the same platform there's. An opportunity to bring all about customer data together that I think has yeah. Are best in a fear call thing where. We don't want to bring you can have their heads Causley wanna bring in all of the travel experiences that sit within the capital corporation TTC. So for me. What act gave up as the hotel collection was a really unique. Competitive advantage in my mind there I was they have to be part of those large enterprise agreement saying. Farrar who now have Fina one of the best. CRM source in the market we have am the best website platform in the market. And we have perhaps access to technology that we will be able to afford around as a collection of seventeen hotels. Which is. We really believe the technology is what will give us the competitive advantage in TTC. And then as well as investing in regional sales across certified travel plans and spend sound much money with digital marketing agencies. Which now we've moved away from in most cases and created around digital alliances in all regions across the well said. It actually created around digital marketing agencies to support the plans. And now we have fair tenure challenge which is really a CRM focus opportunity where. We're able to cross market you different brands within the collection. So really for a technology partnership spam you have been absolutely focused. Am and then moving forward effect gives all of the brands in the collection and a better opportunity to succeed. OK fine and Alessandro you know weren't season is talking about groups of course you. Actually represent last minute group not laughing dot com CU reps in quite a few friends indeed. Fact and we would we were talking about the kind of and distribution. Agreements that you have we we've quite diverse organisations images showed us the last when dot com spotty five relationship. That's my yet and how how does that work so I think can differ contextualise that quietly as the question and a in my area the key focus these Q. Essentially help our partners hotels airlines to promote their services to our audience. Pfizer is close your suppliers or your partners yes OK farmers or infant that we helped turn. Weather service's intelligent and modern way to our audience. We've done in Aussie did added implemented double stack of advertising technology on marketing technology which enables us to essentially play. In the face of the publisher. And off the back of that we're developing content. Because they want C. Basically tracks. New customers. And existing customers. To our site to consume content and then hopefully by. Am the best you dedication OK. And what other things that we also but I also ran their alongside incentive distribution partner so how we associate. Last minute dot com group brands to other brown you've. Forget outside for example the digital world war into segment that's not exactly obvious. The music example is a good one so music we know from spending reset and data analysis we know that actually. The majority of our customers are spotted by customers. And survey was obvious that we would start talking despite higher and we basically Stratford great partnership which has a two way partnership. Whereby essentially we use their assets their music we've created failure society localised these players. To tell stories about the places our customers are going to visit or would like to visit through music. And in return spotted fire basically promote their services on our audience to get more of our customers using music when they travel. So it's a real partnership to weigh ideas and obviously commercial benefit in it for both companies. And this mean I'm very proud of it because I think it helps to position the last minute dot com or what about central well Brown's -- much more modern. And hit its basic and three a lot of equity to our brands and health me. Our vice Versa. So so so review your what we call those partnerships rather like season call them affinity partnerships. You're you're you're looking for your kind of customers in other environments. Which which has think kind of partnership. I just wonder how your commercial arrangements might competitors and can you talk a bit about the kind of motivate you have with your affinity partners. Is our leaders can. Harm they now serve our you know share power we believe our. These period. We use here is. We have a be it math. Cal is no where. Power list here is really really well she's really well clearly show via. To crack. GE. Marking him who he. He wanted man power over eight Pala has been working with. Air we're immediately European plans haven't strategies we've brilliance. Is our homes my answer. Our view here I'm I'm how extensive. The U. The related. Aren't there on my time there really commercial earth maybe. Life today. Has done well with their. It did power because we have had borrowed. Their support here. Lower our real he added as. Given that. We information. A world tour comes down to our you know guns. Well is he a lawyer to review their here yes each one's. OK does that ring bells Alessandro we view permanent do you sit her directors all do we take spot by look we're gonna give you some. PR and that'll be very nice. So am I ran MacKay and essentially sales organisation did sells my responsibility is non OTA revenues. Our and I reports the CL. So you can imagine the actual revenue line we generated is substantial. Plan for the business and it sits alongside the transactional revenues we generate found. Our customers as Asian airline tickets and and holidays and Salam it's very interesting they hear repeatedly years. Am we our partners and one of the challenges that we have to man in particular area in my area is how do we add to the EE commerce experience a customer is coming like a buy something. Two by holiday two by experience. We laid off further cast of the other services. Man which in some cases take back customer away from mark made it. And so had we ensure that doesn't cannibalise. Our core revenues is one of the big challenges that we need to manage. Really do that through technology partnerships through basically intelligent data management and could help partners like Canadian. OK will come that in a minute Assisi let me come Q first talk as you mentioned. The ability cos you're looking for organisations to. Share the cost of technology to partner with them to deliver technology which you can otherwise afford fewer seventeen hotel chain on Euro. Yet by so far. VMware. And do you within five actually. You all sharing technology. And end you want something done high technology partners and another person in your you know who want something else and you end up fighting about priorities. About then you take up I wish I had this technology part of myself. Yes that there they have tens and examine as a building travel companies there's always pecking order. And it. I think there are some core platforms that really. Work can facilitate across the board but there are individual. And technology partnerships that just sit within hotel they say. For example we would work with the likes of check tees for relief rate comparisons blind side set game backed his latest example there really that's the hotels. Amateur entertainment as a similar thing am. We also work with intent media just on the hotel side plan intensive. Messaging and convention optimisations said although there are certain core platforms that basically facilitate data and as a group. There are their stalls and that we do work with fun just ahead how. Am the perspective. Amplifier we noted just coming few now be done. I enjoyed your presentation thank you I can't agree we view that Ryanair is is is being kind in sort of us breaking. Booking capability to other Rome. Other parts of of the travel well I think they just try to makes money out of ancillary sales I think he'd be. B a cynical about it that they have adjusted money making ways that are quarterly you know he would tell her post. We're so certainly. Near trying to make money. I don't think there's anyone here running company who isn't trying to make money I think rain areas strategy. Has changed over the last three or four years where. Their relationship with their customers is less abuse of then might have been in the past. And they're trying to seek. An approach of I'm going to deliver it through Iran might touch points I'm going to deliver Roberts foreign ladders of cheap as possible. Way to get from point a to point B. Other parts of the does I wanna be clear on the sun travel I want to deliver what it does way users while. Tell me like they're just trying to make more money offensively filth which offered a better. By dolby cynical about this the German Rick which I'd he'll working with last minute and a yes sis do you mentioned that we just working with you as well. Here I think the one way I think I'll see similar. Part of on the stage OK I think for the fixable or any other part of the of these forward come off a stage and will. We greatly park you know OK that China limited Tel tell me how you oil the wheels of a partnership feel for your friends here. Cure so I think. You know as we're talking about the this of the wall garden retail model rate you know historically if you array supplier hotel Euro near a line. For an OTA. You rare bit of what current which has user would shore up. Air and you would deliver your products with fuel prices. N hoppy convert. I think on the last year as the runners realise they've you know industrywide conversion rates if you here. Tube resale 5% or 10%. That's a pretty good day in transactional business but still means there. Namely plus percent. Users are leaving without buying anything ads that may mean RB. Anything to do with the products like images users and trained to cry sharp. Our who rules between of those safe city resident experience so. Well we've do you. Just Reece realtors Tuesday at one years. We've avoided a sigh someone who work with the current or. We build giant predictive Jamal's lead in real time delivery actually usage case on the side. We predict their expected value. So they reflect your risk law. Image view real constantly update any way is this use a word to you at this moment in time. Yeah based on their. We can take inventions are optimise the user experience so that might be introducing a component Lara Melissa Klein. We're might be you know images or how all our customers Susie. Is. Yellow higher propensity customer. May introduce some. Comment of these birds was actually gets the mob of the mind and actually liberals so. It's how can we work together to make the user experience new laws rather for the consumers as long time. But has to have our base of over failure of hiring do the science. OK well. That's out of that might. Is that not a problem then because we talk about affinity relationships that have the view all kinds season all Sandra you're kind. What what data do you have about peace of about these people coming into a definitive relationships. 2000 here. Well I. Yes. More acquisition. Not me. Failure. Asian you'll. Have. I mean fear. S heard here urge you here is our. If we did it from a we're pleased via. Your view there. Quality. Well today UK. We have here. Their passion. That is needed power. Higher today. Here is a result we're not. We believe that. My. OK by any questions anyone by the way just. Pop your hand up. Yes Korea have a microphone running around here keep your hand up so we intuit micro will arrive yes there's slightly while mindful of waste season let me ask your question. Our need for shared. Data across your your partnership could improve organisations. Here if there's a customer. That you know about think one of your hotels and possible another product offer from another of your organisations. Commission get access your customer data. Through the news Europe. Platform no I mean we can't I mean their arm Bob. See down. A lot of security. Issues in confidentiality agreement we have to hit even passing through here away we use him. The major cities is rather cross marketing so I would be exposing my customer data safe to eat. You know the fact that we also cannot fair cruises for catering and offering alerted his cap focusing really on. You know less about actual new customer acquisition because it's very expensive especially ahead of basic. But actually really focusing on conversion. That really see our air and engaging with this audience that we have. And really just suggesting out their travel options. Which has proven to be really really happened effective and author a lot of Clark plans. Have similar demographics there. Reclamation custom nine facing the next failure well custom add to actually go postal customer. And all three very high end action for their service within agree perhaps that'll nationals that Greeks accustomed as that we risk. The look confidently across Stanley. Wearers probably wouldn't cross down. Insight dedication particularly T he yeah you're talking sixty flat. ET Al Australian game that their top. There's sometimes there's not yet we wouldn't be cross selling but within the Fed and find France's Stephanie them for. Demographic groups that we can work together plan to. Become I think you've partnered with nine. OK thank you ballistic questions because you're where you're from. Thank you. Nothing effort here to talk with the top of that. I don't think grew monument you know the wage. As far as our users they care what we heard us. Dollar lira over well. That you know an airline slots we loses he ruled in favour he has. The bid their own set a jerk you know past information. Or images or user opens a poorly we're here. Is. We see this hit since is a peace. Plan met all of that experience. Now. The first question no way we see travel agents in the scheme I think Alessandra like you need to answer there because I've I think last minute knock dot com might say. Area of us who you know and it's very hard need actually Kath. As commented on this visitors not the analyst Zelaya OK yes I'll pass on the better alignment is not fail. Let's is season far away. I think that yes OK you know. Via is slightly. Our position. A town where the where we thought we work I've. I see more as a threat. People that. The earth. Easy route their historical ironies. The right thing happen. Or whether we actually think where period. Work experience. Are both yeah there are apparently sees you when you see routes they have fixed line. None too. Invested. A answered my question yes Parra and AM Rhode Island power leaders version of the. He's our he's yes. Today. Absolutely into USO. Five that I wrote this V can view well I. We're certainly wanna continue. Our various. Our hit list for these car now. Data we are flat. He did not our partner programs they wrote we. They're Arcelor did well this is. Feed directly that happily who. Easier if we're really a fast growth answered. When it can't I guess our. We can really meet and exceed only itself is communication that partnership. The vast amended through their infant is when I first strike in the industry. Where it was at the west Nile to the customer. Are Eric gan power I think get there is consolidation certainly in the industry. Bad our first rather get stronger air they become much more of our partners to companies sectors. Today were detained Taurus. And Susie you're you're nodding in agreement there. Yeah nearly headway they're the same for last week we have. He respect for the parties that we have with. Am and the Q travel agents and tour operators and can. There was a there was a time where it said in a hotel well I am no constant discussion. Q yes this is just periods that chipset can maybe that's. There ample perspective but we haven't seen the same for from the travel agent suspected fact. From the city's seen less holy yeah a lot of investors who made this year in eLearning tools and platforms that dedicated to helping. Our am travel travel advisors learn more about half of that in how to work with us directly or through. And other partners and I think it's actually get air a real focus in and I. Either through our website Bahrain based enters a feel like that travel adviser said. You know technology that we use in our business that we talked about directly. Please. Eyelashes travel agent partners. Leader. So so you're both in agreement travel agents have a good role to play in travel. And richness come on the part to the question then that the united request. Words are read continuing to see this trend of twenty or thirty or forty say this chart before approaches decisions being made. I think a lot of people file their between. Men a surge and consolidation. Among intermediaries that number would come down. That bias some of the price Hurd who initiatives. As the chain hotels are right now. From Merrill worse probably from worse. It's going the wrong way acts of the number of sites shah continues to increase. Their partner than as you know there are there regulatory issues where there is more price fragmentation in the market. In you see there with you know valuation of Melissa companies likes guys gonna would as a fireplace Heathrow. Tomorrow when convoy in as a multi billion dollar company. NV both rely on our price freight to Asia. Existing in the marketplace and reform med surge to have our. N so I think a lot of pressures we've been talking about are. If you not administrative company for an hour Google. How do you still deliver. A comprehensive user experience how can you do we over the kind of experience they give someone another dealer. To view nominated a user enough information. To make a decision rate now about what they want to buy and that's the way we try to work together which is. You know we don't see throwing in the towel on loyalty. But we use day here. Recognise. They're not going to convert every customer at this moment in time we need to. And build loyalty by delivering relevance and that Rollins mere mean I'll be. Delivering an asset in a privately morning manufacturer immediately. By working with huge ecosystem partners to deliver what it is user needs right now so. We're actively trying to bring that number three us surged sites down. Be hers said it is doesn't make sense that you need visit thirty places you know loan maker decision. So how does had a huge reverse. Who who born prayers that have brand affinity is how can we deliver a better US to the customers we are attached to. And in fact you know oil stays M Zahn. When it introduced advertising's within Twitter power. While people file a sister short term. Revenue generating activity is amenable end more global laughed they really are challenging Google. Sprite through Accenture. Because they've cracked open that while current interim themselves into a marketplace I think that's going to be wildly forward. Fine thanks not my last question UN asunder if I may the German and it's coming off slide show how important the factories in the partnerships that you form. That earned they should offer a nice freshly seamless. Experience food in into your into your booking engine. Very different tax functions that OK we ran I think there's there's partnerships their specific travel partnership so partnerships we have with us clients. Hotel partners are airline partners obviously we. And must ensure that day the integration is seamless because that's instrumental to the booking. The actual ad completion of the looking for from from the customer perspective. What we're doing now as a weapon not add any ancillary space you can imagine in inner dynamic packets basically living together and actually really TV experience. So our plan essentially is not only about getting customers through Q booking hotel it about and how heartland of absolutely a basically made up customer experience richer and better things about us. Yes C Harley's in the booking capability than is also about content. And sun and our partnership Salinas to deliver both on the technology and content. Hopefully bring everybody together so while Richard was saying man just now is very relevant what we're doing. When we say we're moving into with the publishers face this exactly what we're trying to do we want to be eight publisher we booking engine. Pounds basically offered experienced that. Excellently injured list thanks Susan cesium thunder which are very much for great set of click.

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