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Panel Q&A: The Evolution of C2C and the Ramifications for Distribution



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Thu, 18 May 2017|

Thibaut Harang, Business Development Strategist, Bla Bla Car | Andy Peck, CEO, Trustedhousesitters


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Non who like to ask a quick question yes Kevin it. And remain very oh sorry yes so if she suspects subscription model. Eight current cost. About ninety pounds the year. So for ninety pounds you can find pets pet care. 365 base year. And that's a lot of mode you can cited then go and spend on travel. It's exactly the same amount for the owners and for the sitters so right now for example there's thousands of people travelling around the world looking after animal sort of retired. Three course the western world actually got three course of people targeted sadly though that the funds to do whatever is they will do for now the regular travel to worsen by start. What what was interesting both your presentations is that common theme. And is something maybe we've all forgotten whether what our businesses online or offline. Is actually trust. And in C two C businesses. Which which you're both running. You've actually ended leasing with eBay say with ABB. And same with Hoover is about using. Technology. To actually. Conveyed that this person you're about to do business with interactive is actually safe. Trusted person to do business with epic Phibro foot for you what are the elements that go into blah blah half profile. That would make me want to trust someone. When their car and getting their car yes. It's mainly. When you bring together many different elements far from our expense bring different mean winter gonna many different elements. Fed gives you this feeling in DNA you can perhaps. Our side with me say is that proof to have one Lear which has declared information really give you names mean you give. A bit of a bit of context of your life. Main how this rating system which has a strong this afternoon. Feeling of the trust because physically its wireless and interactions happen between people there feel trust between China. If there are able to comment on that trust that if built in the real world and put it online then someone who's new vehicle doesn't know this Britain. K kind of download the tristar has been accumulated between those two people and then spreads OK Kenneth quite sitting certified a few. Places confidence picking maker to solve a network that. That's right of course we're talking about C two C but the ramifications are far businesses that we also need to contain trust. For our offer consumers now and our customers as close if your big brands you know like dirt from the data we stick and and or fewer to your Thomas Cook oil British Airways off whatever your your the trusses embody your brand you stand for something. And as a so maybe small businesses perhaps need to think about the techniques that you both views to try and and can they trust by actually conveying Iowa person I'm running a business this is me you can trust me that's why so. And what of the trust factors that you have to get a cross between the people you're matching up. OK so first floor I think everybody has reaction if you make somebody on the Internet is the first question and for say ten years ago so recent run dating site directly onto more information would be dismissed on the far. The same thing advice. And if anybody's had a babysitter. Or clean up a decorator how much information you know about the got a lot of information here a lot of people thinking people might make. I don't want to say look like me climate like their fits your choosing. That kind of patterns come and look up your home your pet actually when you look at the demographic the kind of people that are homeowners and pet owners and so forth. The Disney company will get forward and frankly. If they weren't finding something that they felt that they haven't affinity with they wouldn't use the site but I think. You know the somebody uses that's like quite frequently actually lives full time assessing the said pointed perfectly and so when somebody comes through Basel. I know better than I know my nature makes a lot of frame. OK fine got a question who can you read that you know if the supply is driving demand sitters or vice Versa is demand for cities driving the supply. In any thoughts about that. Actually. As a as a business now for a look at the number of people with joins like in the last month it's pretty much 55 day its case. This businesses about why it works in the works in a better. So Andy your a your business can scale much bigger if you wanted to or if you can get rolling. And and blah blah car fever you while scaling we saw that that chart was going way up. What a trigger point that actually suddenly got your your members or your subscribers suddenly. Climbing up big numbers all was it just a classic S curve escalating. I think yes that's the growth and there's definitely. The trust element was two when we introduced in the mean it was easy key listing but people needing funds are key to city near that point. I'm sorry to introduce profiles. And give more information about people. Started to see the current starting. Men in friends when introduced. Online payment which genes. More engagement more commitments. Up people where they're really going to shop this was the second. But I would say reduce trigger finger for OK. Gentlemen Andy think though thanks very much indeed thank you go.