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How Has Data Changed Revenue Management and Can it Keep Up with Innovation? - Wyndham Hotel Group



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Thu, 18 May 2017|

Deniz Dorbek, Director of Revenue Management EMEA, Wyndham Hotel Group


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Renting moreover in the hotel group scenes December 2015. Khan looking after a 450. Properties across URL mean of these Euro a share am Africa. Our Mossad French eyes air and let's say 80% franchise in 20% manage. Before that I am I was working poor many other abeyance. Deem any management teams fourteen use Sophia. An ounce blather seal off rare then call aids around. Pound Disney continents. Fell always a great organisation injury might find my meat. So well small legal disclaimer. While. Or maybe you thought about. You reverses the man management is laid chicken egg egg chicken story and liabilities Europe your feed bags in comments about it. Our how do you view any insight about my understanding. Our key pillars engraving management ha we are handling. And reached creek areas are quite important for us today. In a hotel hotel brokers say. Arm from my perspective again the future after raiding investment very outgoing and how these things all start it yesterday. And of course he'll enter your questions. Aren't you Taurus is event management about quite honestly I've spinal those euros are really met ice filled Donell. Derived cancer. US once they finish I just when about here. And obeying any viewers seeing big consumer behaviour. I deal EU debt highest trigger might lean into deep integration. In understanding. What is outlined. Maximising revenue from fixed line limited's resource. Beyond know what does it mean. We bet anything in May actually been getting any emotional revenue streams end rates. And the course compliance as well for your its management efficiency. Aren't the area I'd be out and definition formats. A lot easier because we have somewhat early years in Israel and our instant partners. Mab travel agencies or digital partners mark a lot of European max. Any other possible definition editing. No. So it's. OK now one teens as bear. As we imagine what they analyst there and from yield management today. Net management for me is more ev last managing the forecasting. Parts. So is all about any numbers began in the forecasting and planning that understanding the men. Man I've seen the math combination. Is heroin yield management L along with immense management's. So you can't really concert there add this to. We guarded chuck EC is my respect dead end I Donell if other revenue medicine points out all agree industry. Because now forecast accuracy is crucial. To really CE UB each year. You don't. Yields on top off bad bees are on the baby they changes in the business and is more dynamic more active more billable may be. The I mean that today in Arab hotel our organisation. Well we are low from the Haas. We menace saint today there's men doing the present situation in Kenya recommending for a future. Do you raises the mos important elements into that. Got do not carry nearing management system you don't have any other school in place but you're or had your approximate and system. Read you right entering laid out. N you're able to get some information out in the information. Liukin analyse all those com financier. Do you think come up with the year on year comparison. You can understand your marketing results. You're watching pace your empty rooms verses nails it down real longer list event. Be on the findings. We are managing today. How emerging today reacts why families the end of best possible less profitable business needs. We are doing our ready meetings com actually discussing all the possibilities we have. Air and of course they're concentrating may be too much on the poor classic to a seekers is the crucial part. For a future. Is on hold those combines together. We our. Try to come out. With the max housing structures for becoming the year. We are imagining putting a sales and marketing and to get a trying Ali's enemy one Michael factories in the economy. Year and make ourselves Reidy foreign the next coming yet. So I think this is how we use. Ad man management can yield management to operate in hostile. To come up with a murderer revenue management bears who shows and the practices. Arm. It yields he would like to view any idea. I India. Question. Different aspect maybe. Different point of view about making shared revenue in your hotel level. Come now is shack. Letterman is more detail as the price action aspect and indymac management is more about managing north forecasts. Let's say. It's more about learning to. A according limited. Any other includes. A day. We are so let's keep you know its again how we are doing that hike is nights we contacted it. What do those are the so an important Compagnie as the segmentation. Can be guest now which. Confidence that benchmarking. Raked in man three private. Similar strategies heading. Monitoring. Well leading forecast. In all of our team I'll say it was a horrific. And the training and allotment. Today's topic is more about segmentation and end against now less. Maybe making fifteen years. We will talk about a different story of max. For mean now the most important part MRI and gas knowledge is 360 DS analysis. N I do believe they have to go further period near and medium as they back immediately 83 analysts feared what would guess that import. So how will that. The transaction may now is there available anyway well known that. Loyalty insights. Someone off the biggest strength debt we have as friends today. A and its users live off as they get as information NM retail and definitely. The rival madoff's business truly laity. Am campaign engagements. Campaign management how we are doing their I am using metals. Quiz messaging in hotel level in copper Blair or whole Riyadh coming aching again how we attractive. Down the least source. Customary search. Digital engagement are not guarantee sounds amending gas said distraction. So the timing elements that meet or come together. Of course the contact information then region's star talked about the proper analysis. Of our guest behaviour. There needs. Of the poorest regions startled about the profitability. I beat the area is enormous does without eighteen that's three hot towel industry. I don't answer. And best buy out themed power and a lot easier if it now so long this year. Add new technologies and new stores and how weak yen. Move for a period in holy temple of almost compounds to get here the come up with do Rio. Our profitable strategy. O'Connor the M benchmarking this is what the oil market bills are the critical elements about. Become paid search. Location nexus Beebe Sarah scale. Capp absent any major facility is number of people whose doors icon when instead the on the old. But I think it's very very implied in the sector right Comsat and come up with all right niche market benchmarking information. Three youngest in various lending. Well the rating meant street enterprises. Is set top it is our soul legends will get a forever regardless violent. Am well I just put a dings or would you need and the length of stay where micro segment is changing self fires and rapidly. The only signs fines desert air I'd normally my area includes nearly three. Our meeting again come a few years you're talking about one metre ten days now we are talking Mahdi in the name for a day. So it's nine and 24 hours is getting shorter ensured there so up with the same strategies all via. We relate just what you're doing for a ads bring important. As deciding how simple that you think you know our part in monetary financing up. When you come I can set a strategy. Now property level margin trough to label regal once we know the reality of our CE off our country he never. Considered an act S backed. And many come to a prior housing mess come to forecast the beginning Uganda sell those dynamics quite well. Can destination managed. And based she is now one. Nine minutes. Our changing. Very fast says Lyle your experience now with Paris attacked yet set in and Belgium in charity. The all CE implement changes the performance changes all onboard CB's. Am of course behaviour change highlights. So we continue to take able to pass around those air and what guess is looking for today. And business operations. And the strategy marketing. Harm weekend really call a bar strategy marketing I think the Holloway is really using this might aid our. And guess 360 analytics so this is our direction there's been and what our group expect she this year. And of course scale and up dairy and CEO for qwest is a future. Let its currency revenue management and lead definitely need to god reckons that talk about the fundamentals. Because the only man theory it. Media marketing median sales. We gentle arm. Some idea our creed FN very different ideas around. However indirectly new management I think leaders need Gannett down one tracks. Do we really need to use the day down. How we did send me. How to Merck's will generate the marketing and sales. N how we can create the best commercials readies for. Working as a team I think this is the ouster and I'm -- the seamless landed in last year's presentation as La. Former eBay is on online experience acting gaga wanting. You in your our organisations tells the lather sales field sales marketing digital Redding emerged and that working together. No chance to reach anyway. This as basic as it. Anyone look at I think we need to educate yourself. So there is lentils are unknown area is doesn't might think. For me. Can the best radio really would add just commonly clearly shudder. Eckhard mark. When a decision altogether your desire hospitals today while technology is going to men being. M that's close down a top begin their ounce when Everett workshop where if one happens then is really interesting this year that. So how we are deciding on the window. How we are deciding the school debt who will implement into our organisation ivy queen that's only as a revenue management partner a marketing or sales are becoming together in deciding on that. I think that fires thinking bargains what. Aren't my New Delhi waving the monitoring I don't think meeting talked about us access Purina denouncing do you resolve promote sheen's. New rate lens. Campaign isn't sold for a walking pace picked up North Shore paranoid cancellations also are dining exchanging every single day Alston the IMY. Taking a strategy that the Internet ads so I think need to refinance. The argued in extremely competitive markets. There is an all time to lose even one strategy is now operating in one month time in fifteen days' time I'd done that seemed to our. We are in the country's armed. We have to come up any change as fast as possible and as all any possible with the right technologies and tools. And nine not some delays at some hotels essay union Mya when as Asian maps using at all we interface today. So we are talking about it she had events at acknowledging one hence. And the other care and some other colleagues am somewhat their organisations feel map using it technology the best way. Forecasting and our teams yes it's crucial it's important. One man does ice can come within this capacity debate factors lead times and spent the occurrence. It is very important. China joined menu made a half possible to come up the best result manually. I dosing of the grade I the acronym stood the air revenue management system in place written used to be technology plays. But I never see it human factor and the technology has fabric manner. So there should throw together. Trade on the allotment I think is the must crucial parts when it comes to revenue management because. Re sources our extremely limits. So are on. What you trying to do just try to identify the potential talents. And track is now on their kids math error rocket science. Everything is really collecting why this. Ended you have billions of tools available today songwriter fire on its rearming is if it's a very passionate area to works in. Then we are trying to find the right talents. Air and prob why condemn the leaders trends. Paula what's our revenue management is amid cold weather maker title they're district. Am immensely proving great management it now dead babies expects operating management forecasting benchmarking setting strategies said he. Net who sees the calm harm. As a package but it takes time to re Leander are spared when exactly lineup so our best via. We are just trying to re need virtually sales got leaks might think while its operations colleagues than an underestimate the palm Roth runoff is people. So well. The directors together just who make up Maureen Paul income mark read here rebuild revenue management crew when Mitt is. Culture in the organisation's. If culture you can be successful if there isn't already new management culture. I'm talking about the hotels itself I don't in various chairman still so wide in this competitive environment. Yeah the Fitch after it investment. Mean. Any given all the information is now a limited yes. How Wheaton re sell less whole wheat and really come up with the best parts. To use you know our organisation. What kind of information will be crucial to come up with the best friends if I think first we need identified that fact endemic in startled about the lender's end their meeting star talked about. Decreed in mid in different strategies insult a wide. Any New York information ended quite yos the information in this trichet off the information has been important. Our decorative on the lot minus well. They say is. We change it every single day. And because of my 8 am not hardening its net ad. Seriously is it is changing and I another exaggerating because they every single day in new ad. In new functionality. Newly poring tool can often when there. Part summer end is was quite easy. To relieve Lee Myung tarnoff debt. N I've seen to be indeed they continue to improve our stance intellectually elite and work with the right team who knows Inuit to Nigeria's. At cross market. Am so she'll look art mobile. We outsource your network and we outsource your media we more by our air. Area local Klein tell the importance of the local clients out. How well I don't think we can talk about training management. And add minimal lag behind at number three saw shill Lorca mobile the important. Down how to channel meets yes off chorus and entire market segment so this is. Each general manager IC down way add act asking if it makes it hard I knew more. Frothy debt while highlighting does come up with the best strategy how likely and manage my autism solve our. Market would be wise eight detailed analysis. And you also need to understand the past comp line behind it. One was treated they just seemed that well my. All my reports a net these are rice devious each darn it means is Egypt Saudi mean made about. You have to paid your commission. Digitally that through a better place so there is talk about the next rate inmate in the Arabic media handed spear and that all the cost hide behind it. And was accused has even gone all harm which is the costs. A Harlow Adams in our hotels today. So we know when that I don't think reach in your area been management's strategy on top. Our met its channels. Eight yen extremely what part are only a few years and trying to educate myself on that is not an additional work hence hence I believe. Am training and a lot want me now training and development we can't we progress in reeling management. Can't. Be lights. I think she'll encourage Jews most serious. Our physical already knew managers in the hotel. Well I just striking decline as simple as possible Wii's feel. Nearly human mind that make this the big difference ended these seizures do you have do you as the best technology. Buyouts we also need someone to operate their technology even today. I never really heard any Al Doherty manager ten really decide Bedard classes during the human factoring in with the way today. So aren't the all our markets. We found are gut feelings about our business. Sale he hurt yeah using the best possible training management system. Year adjusting your strategy quite times ten times eleven times in they. Aren't you really need to Bob back in the EU we someone who knows abusers who understand the market punishing quite the up so there needs to be work together. Well they see. Give us more time. Where. It's. Think exciting may Iranian merchant I've asked more assigned effect. Arm. Trying to put this all together. We have strong widening arena management system to our franchisees I have some policing this room probably Garrett our. Between the same had in their organisations. Any revenue management service. The via com lining becomes smart and see if physical revenue Chris since consultancy with the best technology is. We slightly silver stars in this summer 2015. We're not this year partly leverage in our stars. I just over this slide because I think you say the combination. August our human defra and the technology combined. So while it's all from NS and I loved to answer your questions but backing given detailed together. Did your remarks stingy.