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Thu, 11 May 2017|

Dana Goldstein Shefsky, Director, Digital Product Innovation, Hilton Worldwide


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Necessity and the director happened and did a product innovation. M havoc and they have about China has an apparatus and have plans to bring I don't have a guest experiences. Patel wife. And any you know their so many of eight year we have had great ideas great ideas for our business perhaps fatality. M 2 am when I'm never attacked huge hears about how do we take those ideas and bring into the life and bring until life. And in away that stands at scale that really enhances the guest experience for a and I had cast for analysts and for our apparatus. Extra ten well I do think we're known firm using digital guest experiences. And that has set about finding the right balance between high attack and hack attacks. Am a special neck cancer technology how you find that balance between technology and customer service. So finally the way to reach our customers have the right time at the right place in the right way in giving them their information had been unit anyway when they need it most is well we really interview. Still many channels yes Germany platforms so many different devices that have its. Hikes now we get your customers attention they keep applying enacted keep them engaged and drive their loyalty back to average out with. So the question that we're lab with Italian hourly get your customers attention they keep it. Any Cuban I'm glad to have them engage in drive loyalty back your brand and that's really where we focus sign. So tanner I have with you out there have attacked about how we bridge the physical and digital divide in our world. How we understand the complexities of drawing these things Al skin art N how we anticipate the travelers' needs for a the future. The attack about bridging the physical and did a lot of I know weighing whether connected travel really Wyeth and an understanding how the future proof your client. So let's began with bridging the digital divide. Today's consumers added I know now begin I would their everyday lives a Smartphone that's my work are here today but especially so when it comes to travel. We did a survey which found their quest nanny who prefer an American filled at cowboys is easy area. Then where's ten years ago and that things impacting travel. Am in no question the reasons for that convenience and control. No bid soundly cans. Bridging the physical and digital divide in a way that retains there could that first and evolve based or face experience that hospitality is known for. Particularly help ten. Am so how do you make sure that both of those visible digital experiences. Are in seek. As initially we have decreed a seamless digital guest experience from the talent they booked or that hammered they have right now our hometown of the time that they will leave. And we answer have to educate travel areas. Then they'll receive the same quality of service if they use our digital platforms. Then if and they were to engage with that in at least based transaction. And so we have to educate and never gonna risky investing client yes arrest. Whether that eyeliner are fine weather very Dallas a high Khan and whether there aren't things that are aware that our hotel front desk. So you're did not properly is of course an extension adding Europe company in have to maps. A high level of service to our customers have come text back from our clients. So to bridge the physical did a lot of buying and my team has worked to bring Holmes personality. While at and known for me using gas services in house that hardly bring that alive for a digital channels. Well why deliver amazing service that takes effect senate and a travel and everything that we do has that in mind for the Baghdad can fill ID. And they can enjoy their stay in it matters very unique style. So how can I guess a personalised to fix Celeste experience. We of course used digital and now what I am valued too big gas day. And we we can use our digital platforms to turn that into the remote control after the gas day. So claims are help hundreds at crown royalty apt our guests can book. They cayenne and tracking NR line they can choose their own room they kin and choose their Graham. Am from a panel heard how with the stats have a Google map so they can see wets the amber heard tower and they can request items to be delivered to their around. Saluted a technology debt classes everyday here at the physical guest experience. Am an example back as I did a key technology where I gas and hopefully some the end of rare Earth Day yet Ambac had house. And have newsdesk alas I guess user number act as their act key to their hotel room. Victims get a fantastic unrivalled industry to their Gramm. Another example of bridging the physical well and the digital world peers are fanned by apple which with our available on the path back to resort to barrister. And that allows air am and gas to explore whether bests. Add the amended these services back hotels have tougher. So they'll get personalised recommendations or get inside resource information. M how we can bring our first of them cabinet Africa's if there really bring the power really tell life. So for example if there can get from their guest room today yoga class they can hit having gay and they can find their way. Dimensions as seamless personalised experience tell us that bridges the physical and digital divide. It's meaningless unless our customers believe that the contrast. They chatter silicon receive the same high level of service that they cant expect him her how they engage with that. So for example alive I guess tightness of they were worried there. If they am usage and are they won't receive the same lab Bob unhappy benefits of they've come to know NX backed. End and that there's a manager doctor rack with ads you're gonna receive the lab Famer Bart service out in travel everybody's thinking about an upgrade. And gas robbery that they use identical platforms they check in our mind they're gonna be less likely. Together and that crane collapse flattery but it takes of how state education and the consumer. To have them understand never gonna receive the same month last arrest and we're trying to constantly do that you don't have are. And and literally backpacking in misconceptions that they're gonna receive a different love our server S. Announcer comes down to education and had actually members around the world. A certain level of education have to happen then between our employees and our travel heiress. To you know reaffirm their when they need us most of we're gonna be there for a ban and had no matter how they choose to engage at that. So do that we have to pay attention really close attention to training our team members. And bridge the physical digital divide we've found so we train our humanity Liam well versed in how digital applications and our tax. Instead they now have a can't comment digital guest experience when somebody arise and are happy that has used digital before they're back there. So for example we were right now under a key technology week really vilified training to release BT today's generation and the work Forrest. There was pioneer was engaging in is now well anyhow and now maybe different situations that they might face when somebody is going family isn't going to Bob. Too am an unhappy experience. So we answer the let these does not fall sonic Palestine employees. Black army desert enhances the experience there what everything we do is arsenal aimed at. How can we free add back team members to focus on more high attach. Higher valued interactions. Versus just a kind of an in administrative transactions. Yet it's our does just that sheer complexity. Am in here here in the strength of title telephone in the house have put that in yanish damage your capacity. And size of our major next organisation. With that fourteen brands over two point nine Hannah properties 800000 hotel rooms in Hannan for countries. So out. How do you stay art technology with back kind of size. And in just 2006 Tina land that we. Welcome to weather an Hannan fifty million gas end we have Hannon 64000. Team member service in those gas. So a massive amount of collaboration as required. Every single day every single one about properties around the world every Tammy Riley technology sell. The question is will only inspire. For as step one is feeding an innovator at eighty infrastructure. Sell and if you have and are ready if there's really that are in our industry we you know we would urge you to take that we can create a unified and integrated infrastructure. That was step one fret about ten years ago we were very fortunate that our leadership invested in a massive. Mark a nine hour of heart about IT infrastructure. Unified class are above ground now about hotels around the world. The back has made this deal deployment of technology argues her towers and easy here in whole house of tooby Allentown to innovate pasta. Alan Bennett at eight can never be fast enough France. Step Q France's breaking down filers with an our teams within the industry. And that includes breaking down various within your camp they need to create a shared cross platform and teams at SF and innovation. So back collaboration fresh with crucial oil when we are preparing flagged a double checking rollout of forty backhander fed housed. We have the free in pack and every single hope China everything that hotels uniquely different we had to do that anymore Arab lands. Our mission that was no smart cache so Kraft collaboration across departments is a sand so. Not just apartments maccast countries across the oceans every digital map technically they're handing. Am intuitive navigation bar in easy Freeney culture attack and personally am. Step three France's collaborating with partners and partners idea Barry just in the first few minutes of being careless lending outlets and great ideas. And bet. You've asked for word India later after we initially well that I digital check in with a flood pandemic fertile. We then decided they integrate it with the Google Maps Yves Yang because we listen like pasta rice when they were overwhelmingly howling masses there. Anneli did they wire ability is there word like they do for SC and here kind. They want to see whether outside the wiles of the head tower. They wanna see if there really is going to be facing the Bremer or face in the come and I. So we enabling get out now apps and with the blue bar and maps if Yang. And the lessons that we banned from the first infamy indication made it quite easy here. Am in I was it and we see considerable undertaking. Our but it wears an add weight to the guest experience of they would Helling definitely 18 that we had to do it. So we really like that successful cross collaboration. Across teams across partners. And it is let create those efficiencies and opportunities. So low offer another example as the right about digital key am technology which we started rolling out 2050. N. And when when it comes to and the scale of which we take very measured approach our first genetic test Hannon maybe if two in style did an appeal Hannah had house and adding it fell marks an handed her task. But now they're fully integrated team in place and that's what it takes. Our weekly again hander had held my the baggage of the key technology into qualified is. And backs we recently celebrated alliance among 1000 hotel and the ability teacher family as your real key industry teal brand. M by the end of this you have 2500 hotels with that technology around the world. And by the Taliban that's going to be have fled are portfolio would be reunited key Dan New Zealand Malaysia and Thailand. And I guess a clamouring for in my locations some about happen use areas having used the digital key to skip the fact desperate straits abram-. So that happy users have user over 500 times and to have mark over 500 dollars. So to do that we have to working hand in taking out here with Larry reacted to lower teens that Assad park pretty onerous and our readers around the world. Sit in break this technology into their primary systems. M exam if perversely they can appreciate this every hotel are many of them have unique systems would have to figure out how we agree with over fifty. Different kinds of dawn marks. Are different kinds of ads systems used for the parking garage read you your Q unit how many or where you can use your key. So it's no smart Taft unfortunately there's now a standardised processor for their industry. Am so as I mentioned earlier and rightly about making Shari employees here and how best and help I guess transcend the digital experience of unhappy experience. So for assets fresh and that they am personally and had eight years at the curious had a speech of them had no trouble sleeping six our wireless. Enter back for as net establishing programs with and remove a bond analyst and a bar training in kind ten breaking newly wed in a culture around the world. And how utterly amazed how quickly actually members keen to adapt and embraced the inner inner section and hospitality and technology. It seems like today's workforce as you can imagine. And it is really am eager and buyers being ha add something that's progressive thinking and changing. You know initially. And so having like system interface combined with a widening collaboration and in every department has let me scale ability easy frat. And and that is here scale ability allows us to focus and providing exceptional services during every state of the cavernous dining. So when it comes to anticipating guests needs for the future and when we get into next. And that you know weekly get today's travel is about providing the gas with exactly when they need when they need it. How they won it in a bearish oil amana time after we hear from them over and over again. So are bath helps save them time. And by giving them whether they need before they even at four way. Surprising underlying every single one of our customers any entities appearing there needs exactly. And the way they wire collapse where we like to think Arab oil T app allows us to dear. So one this year with years add to the video a couple minutes early speaks to how we're turning our act into the remote control for the gas debt. Now like to back. Pairs as we know we have one of the highest rated apps and our travel really proud that we work hard in everything we do we Astra stars. How can we make and gas lines you zero in working we did inherent there yesterday. It's easy they get distracted with so many different ideas bet. We tried really hard to stay into with our customers' needs we're constantly listening. How constantly gathering feedback from our customers are analysing that we strategically. Innovate around back. Am a quest I guess the reasons we innovate or perhaps that currently asking ourselves how can we made their lives easier in everything we do is included in that principal. So some of the kingdom guys want to know wet next M and have a question can bail our their anti you here today backus played a few things. And whenever things as in at real time chat. So so many challenges you know they while engaged in Denali. Internally makes sense of vacant hard to our hotel team members and through enact messaging we've rolled that out at three Hannah hotels will be rolling that out more. And the eight you know that allows our gas to chat with ads before they arrive during their stay even after they check out. Became requests and things like White House in their room a late check out. Dickey Gephardt with dinner reservations about kind of the next and iteration of the digital guest experience. Our third ability to amb have passable keys multiple did anarchy is better clowns who here has used our digital key technology. Maybe at some level seen at. So will be able to let revenue sharing that digital key with other people listing enabling in the UN and cure you our as a leader Milan have had a target thinking about sounds easier now. But when cancer Deanna C insecure away it's actually very difficult sale and will be doing back. After giving our best ability to check out diligently. Found that violate your answer public eking out a no brainer people can check in our line this year after vehement check out our line. And we're beginning our gas ability to do that and that really speaks to. Night just giving out gas wet they wire. But are also making our operations more definition flat owners and our radios or planning out hotels. And it's that would weaken let people deals counter transactions to the cap. Am inmates there apparitions much more efficient. An awareness week findings were exploring ways that we can continue that capitalise on these digital fourth and to we've Credo for every head tower around the world. So that wreaking give people come back interactions in at how quickly they heard how how to get from point a to a queen bee. So on this am enhancement everything we do we we. Tac that we track personalise their guests stay with us make them feel harm make them somewhat counter boss so. As the key take away is if you're listening to your gas. Your narrow band intervening. M damn it's important especially in our case team that just innovate for innovation seek edited. Have eroded in shoe progress in bang you and to every innovation that we do. So manner no matter where technology. And digital are innovation take gas as the industry and the special with and half fatality. What we're trying to remember where is true to our core when ash fell progressives. So for health care now we know our debt and a question when the business or people serving people and that's never gonna change. But we feel how comment that experience. Amp and that's our best invaluable. You know innovation. So will week with delight when we work as a team led by our partners with our hotels around the world. And we can bring the physical and digital divide. Tikrit we can bring debt and to create memorable experiences that keep our guests coming back. Every single time. They different from.

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