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Thu, 11 May 2017|

Sabrina Cendral, VP Marketing & Digital North America, ClubMed


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As Humana customer Janney. Ladies will take a few minutes and within that Lil bit with Google is mining to think about one customer journey in travel we used to be twenty some 2030 years ago how it used to be the book proud parents. At least need to travel for acts. Now some me when as a kid Mac Kansas City meter club med once the year. And it was the best week of the year. I look forward basis man's eyes and Alice trying to figure out where theme nights any of the pack far. And I EO try to figure out my severe weather may feeling viewers would be less so let me start the minute I'm dealers and at I think actually Xian who works best ads and that can only gain tested hear about this as well. And real life following year and and maybe Iran and lifting hands you can actually stand up and speculate a bit who the inter club med ever ad now right. And there were fair Fred O'Neil. Within the last ten years. And the last SeniorNet Helio users fuming email club members changed my life. So you may mean I know when GO as a means years has had a Vaclav men Jagger ended means Jacques key aren't any better hours namely get my staff. So back to my story. I would also be sitting at the final well of the information conference Monday one of medications make show one miss out on any of the fund. And I'd also been active crying on the last day with no blue at the back saying goodbye to her new baby is. And collecting all the stats they plan which faced in the best street addresses. News as they went back Carl Meyer went in the chairs of the kids still that we put am proud parents and the just magnum I thank him book and expectations. They might going to -- how assessment any it's clean in the last decades. With technology daily said Steve in sheer volume of information separating out the lights and how ultimately the one thing that has remained. Blakey said he is human connection that happens during travel. There's big customers let's amend the millennial firmament enact common here the experience generation. There'll never be used bears away. It allows as a and when they expect from acts as marketers. In travel and the big keyword when they look awfully helpful authentic. Memorable. Unique. Into programmable moments but also some things at all generations having come from disconnecting from the daily grind. We connecting with their loved ones. Agreed moon great service and seamless experiences that finish and bragging rights that were lax and until the next vacation. Fat fryer marketing expect personalisation. And relevancy. Said then as individuals. Having access engineers also information at their fingertips. Is given so we need to ask for relevancy. And curator of what's out there in return for their chance. And the personal information they surrendered that's we need to speak with and do not too dumb. And in an items and Bandana. You know very informed customers is he right through any attempt manipulation. Even amateurs and accelerated some shifting paradigms in our industry. First signing frank act moving from standard bank in commander thank hotel and resort chains. To a collection of unique properties and disruptive product innovations that offering experiential fun and component rather than staff to take hold. In no way our clients meet their choices. No longer listen to brand advertising. And turn influences of their social networks for inspiration. And Benton here years of ballot election races. Any way we view marketing longer line is the error of mass MacKey think even segmentation I feel is now becoming a little old fashioned. At a filter add official intelligence. Is here to stay along with a fully customised message embedded allowance one client one message. So how does not actually a bit different stages of the customer Jenny which of that topic of the day. So the answer yes they did in Q3 mean resetting booking travelling in returning. There's also a rollercoaster of emotions that their clients go through in the process name of this is maybe a different take on the customer journey. In engineering phase out Amy's matters as a catcher prospect attention to this story and well money do its factories the release of axis tilting. Which has hormone responsible for feelings of empathy is Zairean generosity of the 100 be Jenna. Ms. Carmen native knocking at the phases are often overlook anglicans the year the following. When highest followed by deeply morale. Went down and spending gilt ticks over. This as a time to prevent attrition. In other words cancellation. Bayerische showing signs that they made the right charts. Keeping dialogue language and getting can no number that helping them prepare for their trip. The first travel savers also key one. Where rents make sure that the test is higher than free checked an indication an emotional connection has been established with our clients. With our brand they can serve as a foundation very repurchased a better even for advocacy. So that's an illustrations of how we're club med guide guests through this emotional rollercoaster there is travel. Keeping in mind the new K Anthony Mackie and we just touched by. In the cleaning phase I Chan does give the best and most in most of preview of the experience. Conveying the uniqueness about pride act without feeling like apple edged advertising. Virtual reality they've QLP. As you can see. Another very some scepticism is how mainstream it will become we stepping out when industries away mason % of the market until. We have headsets and I travel agencies that have pressed against. Louisa most arsenic in the cutbacks faces an election trade gap feeder markets to bring people a piece of club med closer than hold. Here's an example of club med summer babble week baking and freezing cold of munshi now. Abbott also risky environment that we set out in Paris gander your. Add railway station to build awareness that twenty or included humility and make apps. In both major reality is a key role. And now going pattern died instantly find themselves Vicky zipping around this key spokesman Sam needs offline and flanked appeasing printer scanner. As they take a short break from their daily commutes. When he comes to messaging the tone of voice of the key weapon to grab attention spans out. Especially when lake club med year brand with a small share of voice in an increasingly crowded into my title market. We -- challenger brand attitude and one of the best references in the industry is Virgin Atlantic German of their weekly humour. When British Airways are struggling to lift the Landon I absolutely expect will position. You can see yet they organise the benefits of BA can get it up. Kind of anti sense of humour it's practice. And it. They will also the first marine then young boy TT video which many an area pretty much all the land banks have now that. So we've kind of thinking that campaigns rescue resides in the French Alps. How can get into the consideration instead of US he travellers and given the idea figures key in the French Alps rather than in US and their athletes. Sorry Iraqis as you can see had been at tag line for three years now healing and the tiny percent annual growth as Americans years bankers he witnessed in Europe. So I packed planes go Surrey Iraqi is axis he just sounds better in French. Side Iraqis so much easier when it's all inclusive. Where Lexus GSI Iraqis failure risking someone else. And how our. The platforms and content that the most relevant today. We see becoming payment of vintage piece of memorabilia. An ad blockers now brown has. The surviving forms of communications and those that integrate seamlessly into ID lights. Whether it unique in advertising media outlets that we tracts. Were engaging formats than men into the absolute users an extension that's outside FaceBook snapped at mr. brown. Let's streaming is a great opportunity. In our industry. It's sort of positively based FaceBook to a more frequently in people's new scenes and announce a showcase the staff and services and our results. In an authentic way. We love said. Welcome money making placid life and Frankel tips from a pro tennis coach live from Tampa in Florida. We'll alike editorial that brand new generators and printer scanner. As for home based travel agents following unrest theme let's not forget the travel agents. The format of from a successful threatening prospect kingmaker underlying formats. Making editorial content and videos. After they news outlets that have built in house brand name branded content studios such as New York Times upcoming travel. The objective here in the channel stuff they seek out this information proactively. Rather than as pushing it that. That the messaging has controlled nine US user Hilton. Mario fell one we admire and that FairPlay content creation strategy. And pared their blood and manage travel. So now we need this key aides and mentioned earlier but pose sector isn't free travel. I alias to reassure clients that they need all right chased. The bill that excitement again and all the information you money for their travel and that's only even that sounds mad once. So three years ago united for Ese yen plan for any guest having booked with us. Where we stopped serving them promotions added he initiated a series of up to fifteen email before this day. If we identified affairs and the club med week give and the Rand now unplugged Mick Jagger energy committee hearing where where where it's awaiting them it's a typical day get mad men like. If their family we send their kids engaged he during their travel with playful queues for the best nation may think of events and widener local language to land. We assess and the mobile of the resort manager and a sham a countdown for their trip and social media. These emails have an unbeatable opening rates as you can imagine a sixty to 80%. That figure preparation even said for the third. We launched last year an easier rival service. When icann's and I heard all the information about they hear is underlying selected assign DoubleClick its plans before earlier in our results were better still office T. He can go online fill out an eleven dollars key have allowed the side view goods. And yes he will be waning viewing your personal luck act now when you arrive at result. Either branded or taken essential preparations they expect a stage further and then and ask that stressful leg panel's version made rally ended. And Hilton's room selection which it played out that. Announced it could take a look at any result like riding winners are technology is still an enabling a seamless instant access to information. But maybe conscious decision to develop and at. There is focused and need travel companion rather than also serving shopping and booking fitness. Which come into a fully expansive web site. We can't get down the act before they travel so they can access the math and there's all this schedule of activities of the teams if Iran pack accordingly. And even then intact with golf bag your book inspired Kidman. The content of this that is updated Bain each year so remember GO that's less powerful EU in email. And we have one huge deal terrorism like back basically content and community manager amp. Plan which is always a social media savvy millennial with a good eye for photography and video ism I'm volume and updating at their lowest showcase the resort. The south the investing activities and social media as each designer had turned FaceBook then and into rampages. The sticking into said gramley also create special settings in Arizona for that perfect Shire and vacancy year end in Arizona and Marc Dietz. When he comes fifteen back time maybe salmon Eli as a club med have wrestled with the aid Diaz as keeping your own feedback framework. What I mean travellers to give feedback and trigger bonuses tied keep us alive. We're investing in shifting towards the latter with a reassurance of the connector that allows a tight each review backed the actual death. Enact databases as long as they posted their review via framing email we sent them. And considering the importance given to clearly view and opinions. We implement Nana website your system my guests can ask questions about a specific reside and added guests have travelled with farewell answer them. Then I would building imputed particular need far might each result page on our website. Within within you met environment than whites. They have actually bring repurchase after travel. Well first and 19 had guests travelling with us previously announced pickup and signals that there shopping for their next vacation. And therefore tailor messaging to come their conversion to using email trigger may have cast yes visits like canker and properly webpage. It features furlough video 360 content about the resort as well as a reference card that they knew when he called contact Centre. The pickup the booking where they left up. We also believe Stanley. In educating our consumers are now pricing methods and using transparency. For bands and the standard benefit of booking early for instance giving limited capacity in the Kerrigan. Here's an email we sent in March this year when Obama's successful email campaigns ever in terms of business convention. We certainly see nothing guest who travelled last Christmas or Thanksgiving. If they don't catch it early we tell them how much they actually stayed versus city would have booked later. If they looked closely at their travel dates they'll actually presented with the amount they would say it's illegal about it to all listeners you can imagine is fully personalise the with an individual dollar amount for each client calculated from outpacing history and then looking history. This is the Paris market he is that this extra for a fully personalised messaging. Casey spoke about the power of influence than ambassadors. France's key success factor here is getting their right ambassadors now getting as many as possible necessarily does that fit with your positioning with Europe's key audience. With the value than with your facts Neil Patrick harris' manner that best he came variability in the Dominican Republic with this as an interference. Had a glass factory activity around built in partnership with Cindy's allay. He was also a big fan of seeing this Sunday in acrobatics in the match in heaven. We also have a program called digital artists bringing into the damage to our results to trade content in around stamp the weaken then feature now material. They have an average engage men and they are looking into damages an added bonus and bing really intestine visual interpretation. Of the bank sites. After speaking about reviews feedback ambassadors they couldn't resist sharing something. I'm showing an orally to know which is what happens when it's now a bit. Case in point. This is an anonymous letter we received every week were to its suggests that TL regarding. Our only remaining adults only result in text and key facts that suggest that this deal. And it says. It easier turquoise as many times of the single male and as night now single female here. Just might find. Keenly aware ever passable emea how likely get my single females that they're waves. Otherwise single males won't go thanks. There's very little pick. Literally they get when we for Spain and its impact. Anyway meeting. And that person they have how. The answer in the state of loyalty ambassador shippers lag takei top tier clients actually come on board escaped the future the company. He concealed website with panicking in France. When we Apple's new ideas that we thinking of rolling out to get feedback on them warehouses thoughts as an aspect of annual results. And get snapped their suggestions here. Latest key result inventor passwords councils in some aspects. I FaceBook fans chose its name its logo and some of its key activities. Just a few months ago answers my favourite we held an im an open board meeting when nine about man's lawyer help that man. And guests went right enjoying backup management boy meeting anyway into strategic decisions for the company based and execute experience for the consumer and the consumers back. So this vaccine that customer journey together and I feel maybe the only club became attached a line again they human element as so central valley going to travel. So just like to wrap bear mining ourselves that all the personalisation all the story Allen an all digital innovations that will affect. Every age of attorney will be vain unless there's any human connection and Sam pointer make all the difference. Into.

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