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Every Memorable Trip Starts with a Great story: How Content Can Keep You Connected to your Guest



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  3. England's target2:24
  4. Zurich14:52
  5. Arctic15:21
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Thu, 11 May 2017|

Igor Smirnoff, Chief Commercial Officer, Press Reader


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes hi. Chief commercial officer we are asking us for for a studio. And a fresh fears the company where people. Read Shia parliament. On story is that narrative there. Withdrawals earlier in the will we have over 6000. Obligations that are policy in real time drama handed in twenty. His son would demand. We. As well as. A hit. I. A sort. It'll. We've. Yes. Yes. On the road he is a I. We move around more than ever when businesses want to ask a personalised experience every customer. People love their clients better going with a friend. And everything's gone digital. Address your arteries thousands of the best titles in an easy boy who read one. Kind gentleman a hundred countries around the world even more than sixty languages. Is a translation that induce you Giuliano us. The kind of from eighteen languages. Available on any device and hotels. Airlines. Cruise lines or restaurants. Libraries. Businesses a tax season medical clinics our were wrong. Endless summer the biggest areas like why just showing rely crystal cruises is a forum tells the New York Public Library or more a treasuries proud to have all five housing global publication. Rapidly growing adding thousands of titles. Thousands of pieces times every year. England's target well will be conducive for Europe is president and yes. What's. Stay with. Us. Are our. Well eight growth. Have. Room a yeah. There was yeah. Hold. Where there's a vote. Yes. Hong. Yes yeah we like the science. Right now. I hear it's our earth or anxiety. Vol had. Perhaps you. This is now with. Offices in. Our. Yes I. Have. President I would fly the. In a. A is on. Is. I'll meet. Face. Food. Or our. Ads. Is. Science. It what's our. All here. O. Sided fight. Night. So. The Euro is not com. Yes fire. Yes the war we. Yes route. The road as off. Yes. Yes. He does. One is yes and yes. Power. You'll all. Stores. You know we our do you com. Yes power is. In all we. Fast as. OK. Food bar room. There's more growth she did. The. It's a. The it. Here. Do. I. Field road. You reports there's a hot or not build. Or not adds. We fair. A man who. Our own offices. And oils would. The royal families safe. Our ability it did for us. Yes. There's us hicks. Sixty period. Home. Really. Yes. All this floor was a really. Exactly we. The road. You're really hot. A us. With. Why me we. 15. We all. More. Or. Less. In us. Here. As long it. Does. Yes we. Yes. Com the. 8 is. Lots. Do you really why are well off. We. You know off. You. How we yes car. We. Will however. I. However. As well. Finally. Com our. Yes. Who. War. Really odd more ads. Are we. What's it done. We. We. Are. We. Do. This me I was wrong sided. We. But adds. The world. The. Health. Here in Zurich com. We all really enhance. Yes. You'll. Hear. How Arctic star then sole. How does this compelling when I travel I bring my iPad perhaps were born on their guard the near times out why should impose photo things there read. How is this different mean envoy appearance in a few weeks. While I wanna press real versus a scenario Darren my my app iPhone RY I can already S. Could work. Well you know we're. Is wrong yes we really. Mean are we. Yes. Yes what. Islam. On. Com Ruth com. We are. Hit me. These are. Com. Severity here it will. Fall on us here. A period. If. Songs is eight. I. I would vote. Yes it is the health. What is so the ideas start to keep in touch with your whole it's too cheap access premium climbed ten. In the destination from their destination more another destination bar room bar. A it. The betrays traveller coming this country doesn't need it necessarily press reared access Chinese newspaper as a safeguard gonna under device. Please. Aka. And what's the what's the pricing mile hero hammy what I was so is very busy ID eight years this has a law are. Sponsored by a stay of the negro the legal provides it. Or do I sign up as a consumer appears subscription fee how does that work. We. We now. Airlines. Loom. Power is our only mark. Yeses. We. Is now. This is why. Fowler who rely on. While we. Us. So the U surest wide of the Plaza Hotel I've said sponsored by silver city so. So that is paid a play for stories so you know. Why. A road. Who. It was written off. As we. No. So yes. It. Really. How are we safe. Last a full bid. You. Here's how we. Com. He. Do you see these partnerships and Trout avoidable pliers were still receive whiner is that the end game there really give a rip that that's the revenue stream or is that. A way to acquire subscribers what's the what's the business mile. So you'll unite. You are necessarily adjusting getting me posted suppliers as well I love this saying I want to sign up what I get on bets that that's an update the bond. That. I. Do you. It. There's. The boom that's. All. We. Yes. We. Where. Com view service. Our youth. Is are we yeah. OK now do. How we. He. So its appeal be playing kind of another busy season here. Any questions from the idea if anybody have any questions we have anything on the yeah follow up bring you might find just a second. I'm just wondering if it's passed ball to. Get information about the quiet. I say I mean I have hotels and I decide to purchase and serves. And my clients are using only Cameron something about my clients like a potential use in. In my CRM program and then Pacino send them information. That's relevant to very of those who heads a set. The growth. We is so. Why we. We will. Yes. Com. Any other questions Vivica time for one more. I'd a taken during my achievers for an artist chief commercial officer press reader. Yes thank you.