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Panel Q&A: Which Way Now? Google, Partnerships or Going Direct?



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Thu, 11 May 2017|

Brian Harniman, MD, Brand New Matter Inc. | Del Ross, Senior Advisor, McKinsey


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No mobile great information I'll have to think about took some pictures are incentive to making him saying. Look at first. A lot of questions about particularly without disruption here and why. Graham's for an independent trying to do right now there are companies like four T is the company's going to really encouraging. The consumer to block out there today because. Does have a better experience they're working to Reuters saying don't even have to go anyplace else. And working very hike convert their what do you think of those. Tactics in those companies are helping. Hotels. Keep the blocking their now go to an intermediary. Yes so a lot of work you know should do since day one for the for the couple who Loescher player in the space. Fred if I considered pushing in the idea on recognising someone might say. Most of the independents have small budgets have one guy who's doing. You know every thing happen to you know clean rooms and in making sure that both done well that's a horror jabbed a deal into the still do personalisation. So of that second and and they given that rates so as recommending actually recognises him Brian welcome to you know hotel say in any given some to a loyalty. Play without having a real loyalty program. That's the thing he did it and then well affected accusing out. You know sentence that's Amal. You know technology that makes a web search experience better for the consumer. As the wonderful that's all that differently if it finds local staff broke hey you stay in the need go would you like you know the combined proceeds Ken. So they try to make sure that Europe honours in Ian enjoying a world gone after any piece of month of why around the city so I think ball for those had married him and but do well. Yeah look. Here's the thing. Could tell people especially got out out we're we're we're just the next people were really are we like people we enjoy people we get in the business because we like people that time. No this particularly for Mattel's. DR and number experts in the digital world and marketing are even if they have marketing net sales. End. If far listing actually grew wishes it you know we're just goal where yes. Paid and then there was no web curious crowd cap names like divided Europe doesn't maybe this is it maybe that anything would go way gore backed alike. Masses in the end meal the reservation. Before it. So truth is these wonderful nice kind people the best if we wipe that definitely the people we want to hang out at the bar where. These guys need help. They knew how they need help from people when that simply hidden digging into their parts in taking away some of that market hotels. Are known to have. Think people get help them navigate this he can likely get more complex everyday and how often feel so stupid out. They always think they're really heart seminar offering people in the on the plane and hotel GM to have it really tough like. These never start you know at least a restaurant closed in L and I write hotels dot. In pieces at work my staff get that this board would position on the position of being late header over the gentlemen your hot I would tell like this. EB written that business comes from a source big deal under which it. Did you fill. It's off. I'd be earned the respect of the purity of the people of the guest NV are out of the door for the business to a I welcome. Providers who can help the industry with this but you have to do it now offers they would know how play you know the exploit. Perhaps can actually help them. Added complexity. And highest. Inflight ended books already axed as a hotel EUS travel writer. Which is delivering a great way. So just today we had children may see examples brown an area and helped. Looking like well if showing how. BOT is since 1996. Have been. We while ago when you go on in the search weighted really hasn't changed much it's it's when he went down ten terror. What they're doing to just rap. The big brands at least married Intel that we saw yesterday. In terms of turmoil lap. Why does the weary line Jeremy location based to differentiate and I asking where anyone can necessarily a wiping away market. And based on where you are wary one structurally both physically and also in terms of whether there's any question at at based. They're able to serve up a much more relevant experience. Whether it can very well whether it's a sell I know whether customer satisfaction or perhaps even next topic which is very interesting. But they're able to do dead in ways for the two years just came out. What do you think about what we heard yesterday when you think about. We have a focus on digital seems to be at these big Brown's now Armenia were able to make it more relevant. So. The oil the big chain hotels are working line mapping the customarily. And it's really too great idea. But their not actually thinking about which still laughing this transactional might. It's it's a strangest thing insurer any star us with that potential need to travel. NE ends Appleby capital posting a string of eight and nine get thinking about your entire life cycle that trap. Break that it's not quite here yet. In your bill would need to do they actually anticipate future travel. Is here ended the resist. Emerging awareness of that. But at this point we haven't seen any of that effort ended in fairness. There's not yet the fall incentive to reduce the still way get out of my role of the big franchises. Need your money off of royalty fees. Often that half of the hotel revenue is rate. In 92 Britain that royalty revenue flows right through the bottom line whether that be a narrated Dalai. I'd still lived and published in the instinet Europe perfectly lime. It will happen but so far. I think. Then it's gonna result in cost then is in the benefit. Q Tuesday it's better way to Madrid added Fulton these experiential almonds being drawn in tune here at the this day. Verses the entire life cycle. So maybe next gen is figuring out how had a wake up next but what like you do incentivise the net volume by him during this day. Which we did see a clip actively an interesting again again it's. What as a couple wire Remi in China into a big white customers want from UN build something in the that well zarroli dangerous. Think whether custom YouTube right doctor Whelan tell you yeah wine through you know into their want to be served up spark a rush tracking funds into you know. Pump up early out properly spent crews awaited US rate. But it has to do with the leader driving a decision rad insane what could just amazing track but this bill because literally corner really what's that when you have asked the question. If anybody wants I think speaks. So. Questions seems to be surrounding around margins and how might be looking as useful and 11. Up. Suppliers going our especially as they come out with new products there in some cases even challenge. If you count up. So I'll. My question letter adds I don't bid because you know an analyst at crystal while pretending furious my guy then you know what this this is no right now. But let's say in the next coming years for the foreseeable future we're do you think that our team a team or do into going to go and I'll. Mother either question even further you mentioned a boat you mentioned how difficult it is well impossible to our spare even remotely. The buying power and OTA. I'll. How does that come here had those margins video creative women maybe going. I'll heads are bowed for a Thomas research spend by independence or by train or any other suppliers. So. We worries you happen in the Euro and the report component where there was no might lose its Everett you know. I'd developing markets. You know South America in in that part of Asia you deal with economic any money for our they have to have it. We speedy every year and have thinks about getting the business the key out. After the dog that hotels to continue about hotels all the river cruise is mainly about hotels and hotel margins have been under pressure for a long time without I think sale. That this could change they can go up they've got luck. If they start selling bookings and extract signed last night called expedient is in 2008. That I him 50% margins. Friendly customer that never stayed with us before. Eight. OPM ML I would like appeared in five stars for the ones that eight. But they could pay the life if they were true it bit worries incremental as they although remotely aware of the quake was every bit every. Cadbury you've got is from us is Neil yeah alright. Then there now be great I would happily paid them that. I don't see baking and should she be here drive that stake here informed choice for a customer. In if this mindset changes maybe come robberies increment to our. Brokers have sheared. Then people will pay for Russia Europe point. They will pale last depreciation get greater as is today for the transaction. The pressure will continue go to ebitda I margin although there are. Who do you continue driving there. Yeah I think among also saw Ben in if you look at work. You know booking a summer bookings we they wind gets rid of into the dement Europe will help you manage Europe you know all view channels. Which as an independent hotel here if I did this that scares the absolute and staff have made. The synod give them net debt now isn't everything it's everything that you know that the that exist within manner maker that's that's a lot of power. So there taking smaller slices. Are not all of my starting off I saw big slices of of the star of the country then. So Balfour had although they'll get bigger but demands of the press a bear. And then there should this greed unwashed were although the drought management company threat. Can we talk about the dinner problems that are inherent. Industry that the supply of suppliers are in good shape when you should compare numbers is travel management company. You know their abilities for a Marshal resources is. You know. It. Then they don't have that it sits amid except Hawaii with a 10% commission mind I think inevitably for a growth. Wanna be easy as going to get even mail and the OT is at an old now have a going to be obviously remove us 10% clients in Iraq flat will that maybe they can but. You know offer as the suppliers dig my heels of that. So teams from everything we've heard where it is also the it the complexities are getting real error deal with big leader Mike add. That's out there know we have to do with it. While the cost of getting higher and the solutions providers are getting. Very interesting about how to reintegrate that cost. I'll happily proud tyres and we you know I think there's just so many questions. Every car friends are and whether attacking key suppliers to rack or intermediaries. Editor at what point do you just for opinions and so listing. You guys have the bailed where the engineers. That the did a scientist of folks who figuring out. Just be kind of period in the interim term commissions margins in just do the whole thing now. I yell at terra C I realise there and the next day you know like hotel is gonna as a threat in the. Ken hotel notably we keep up with a big names particularly the technology needed it announced. And you still well kelp hair care them nicely primarily. Scaring the big G growth. With her with a distribution partner and make it on makes sense and actually. Still this this thing here is you really can't put pleaded piece of technology. Mean no one in this room could mean why. Break its crazy car quickly. With the manifestation of this form of bias is still. Cleverly simple. Letter tired looking news this without instructional without train. Really abilities make something this heart. Mean no might mean in actual can make even one component of this device or more than we are Havana markets were under the variable rate now. We. So we do that truly make them booking price as easy enough. For an intelligent adopt who'd built an eight career in the business Semitic yes I absolutely think we hear. They have to be in for a week we have to give them did the did informed information says here's what you need to do. We needed to get away from bathing did in charter people say. Five they usually do their debt after mind your business right here through to customers have come in the door they're you've never seen before. Treatment of the end think the guys who said they know they do we help calm before they come rather time referred people break this of the kind of insight driven dealing mayor urged that I think actually give us the the ability. To narrow this. If that doesn't happen. Yeah maybe dubious client and say OK I just focus ago strategy yeah. You know you know chairman of the lower Priceline you know well bill we're booking Sweden just say OK of the flywheel senators on in the net and on the web. Right. I'm here to say that I just challenge on one side. All this sounds great morale purity differences go we're talking about high level furlough days and really get into the nitty gritty of what next. When in actual fact. Analyst happens to me personally so hit by its people line up all the time. I will actually Carla. You know about reds manager. I'll ask them. For the Oki breaker steering me in the face ethanol made and faded and give them exactly where it is senator error. And the answer in variable bit years. Everything offline alliance diary that I've heard correctly read Annan after hours after you that. Will their clients should know guitar need a well I hotels that handset if you write. Either side and I are arrives after EU that breaks I guess you're have to do. So we all talk about this year hope that with happening they would do. Just put the government really going to check in. Because that happens all the time in letters to a couple consumer conversation saying. I'm sitting near body meaning none of the three. And that's why we're so that the rubber meets the road a breakdown happens need to take great better cleaning up. Now he's. It's nice better training of these guys that for a desperate that it's it's slightly above minimum wage jar had been there 36 weeks they've gone any. It's narc is if this strategy depends on the fry guess where. Doing something. It's going to fail. You know we have this thing we're wiwa arm. We did this deal that showed that we can get our satisfaction scores that are French ladies had to maintain. Up eight points simply by wind tunnel was a member of the rewards program saying thinking for being a member of IQ ought that was hit. On the screen when they check in the big thing if Lasseter say welcome to think of relay toward them OK. In it was a requirement. They had to do it when they could lose their license to at a wal if they did is consistently attacked it Barkin in satisfaction ratings. With 50% comply. 50%. In India were free assembly tornado. So if it comes down that for a get a is now connected now what we have to do is this system has to say. Do this here this is the range. Like the solar you know that the systems that Sapporo you know are probably operations. There alt a M in ya I'd use in the rebuilding how that's worth Amadeus now. Our that's like yet but that's for a three hour or S of that toy that we've always hard next watch. Our 1960. L I mean assesses the says ancient yet. When weather system resulted in many in this many many in this room thriller about a back end the revenue now I chose there's just. Up seven you know it's like well at night I am plane at minimum wage growth but somewhat of revenue announcement should come up in think it's OK. We get. But you're expecting revenue known to have people skills were blindsided as the S. Slightly while our artillery aren't just any revenue now just you know you can't really can't let them earn their revenue manager wise that was the different desperately stuck around mark rightly made its way here. No signs that the market in there that it gives you kind of revenue mayors there's one thing it's the return. Tell us about eight year me just heeded the F do it and wanted to vocation. Then again maybe they'll likely be more back home but it lets the location in the is quite right that the white people and the industry let my arm. Where do you know it did kick that them in and allow out of the have a the vast majority of Mattel if they do it's it's near its need of child wasn't just now the professional want to actually really loves. In its interest it will let one more question I think your sector how we're doing time highs anybody in the back who. Has neither travel network. Given initiate signed letters better if you into the capital bubble first I don't interesting. So the question is will not hand through their home in Oki is to commission of the vie with the basic. I'll how's it different for hotels especially when they have to pay more iron. Judo gold for being one of the top. With a plan to edge. I think admitted its downward Dole's been saying if you are able to win their customer. And create a relationship where they have it like handout that exceeds what forecasters for that that onetime quirky. You know your pet. And again you you changing image winning Shearer of fully that again supported by data you know although. Mean really get ten stage we there yet by winning in the first time in you get them for the subsequent days. Add very low cost because you have a zero having email program you have Perot if a trigger based life cycle system. Thing you can afford to spend. A 100% of that put together. When upgrade getting tense days and you're making an average margin on each day of like 40%. Would you spend our hope Britain would be spent a lot of room rate on the first debt. How worried is there. They were worried about paying out OTA is 1520. Point 5%. Obscene spent hundreds. You the equities in our outbid yeah if the big fear help reduce your thinking I gotta keep this cheap I keep this under 10%. Which we're probably this year has to be cheaper the rate agency let me my hump my TMC rate rate rate. We achieved within that because it's direct was achieved snuff film you should spend. To get because. Tyler extensively trucking about Britain safe and perhaps a business travel and treatment outpost. But Europe Zurich following any lead in this our entire. And you're just you plan to choose this all inclusive instead of that. Aren't they said penny Mina Teaneck I can ever acceptable erect something that trip advisor maybe tell few friends into something and I'm now is that. What you do them because Jena high Africa necessarily that lifetime value how many times the going kicking in seeing you would work. Almost. Country by Dan Bob what do you do then if if you're only show primarily. Anew while dad. Occasional visit. Oddly I think has fewer than sustaining this waters of increment tell. If that guess if you look all this island raid its that it's this resort in in in the mark that's where everyone has to have a Ireland in their coming here. OK well than maybe. You know it's me live image you back at it booty is. Need to do is give me a fairer price because that customarily made the choice of you wanna go revoking clear why I'm getting now booking. Market you. Appropriately that you delivering new guest me just serving this one piece of the transaction. Priceless on the other him if it's a truly incremental. State. Pay more immediate more powerful to a purity do that we bring track meet maybe gets. Just dependent but you have done it in bedding from Intel are they coming to me within looking for a place to get. Well speaking of implementing our the is it then that. The investment in the gap is up because you can. At various points before during after the stay up sell cross can't get more out of them that the initial bottling and just a transaction. Aspect of India with Appleby investment should. I think you'll trip away determines decades now lifetime value for talking once they're saying but yeah corrupt cell line. Present activities if there aren't properly spent in our factoring in Europe that needs to be poring new cast of you know sort of acquisition in the one veteran of Steve are you broom arguments they've who is is good in the Costa by the bad. I think Jack. So. So I will ask one question from the independent hotels out there as well so the question inherent slide show again my best friend and I analyst thank you thumb might be time. Palm in Canada hotel with ad staff. How can they win that will indirectly so they know the software. It just an independent anyhow I think will help alleviate. What more gonna though I think it's very direct and ales and hap and I get a very different alleluia like her whole life can listen online where. View that's OK well why so you're an independent Hawaii. Is anyway winter pit at the director of the through he. I guess adjusted gunned down the differentiation service on the property and me also the stent while we do there's a bit people month view that. Again at a memorial can for a somewhat scary looking for a stuff that I knew. But no one else does summer today at a two year world something like you better than anywhere else. The new industries around for a lagging industry who bid differential if of that viewed on their. You know and those of the guys that are gonna come that should come Q Barack. So with that I I think bed down we panel below for a we should still be buying I'm still looking at nine year. Icahn put their get excellent one. I think Brian until very much for sharing the Arab higher grade base rate out of patience information indeed appointed. Thank you gentlemen M down going to announce our next panel lets me do that issue of the travelling live music something. NASA transition league as going to be around through the brakes in Manchester like their people. OK so these avail yourself and I think that we have I'm yes. Are you folks coming up speakers coming up so the outcry and help me.

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