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Thu, 11 May 2017|

Stuart Greif, Senior Executive, Travel and Hospitality Transportation Industry Solutions, Microsoft


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When money's tight about our visual sergeants most people just have one question I. You know who wins machines around us that there be one slide but if you one of the drinks and happy that I about the we're right. So Microsoft will really focus on driving innovation travel hospitality and transportation essentially overall. This tick off the bright indeed keep bill Lisa Microsoft has and partner with folks like yourself. I'm from startups to established companies to improve customer experience to empower employees. Type mice our operations and trends from prior to when looking to build the next great travel platform. We want to help. Companies and partners making smarter faster stronger start industry problems together. I'm out of 18 just briefly share before I die within business in the Microsoft image thinking now analyst tightest leadership over the last three euros. The companies really transform culturally strategically in additionally. The markets actually rewarded are forcing the know are in the leadership takes issue a takes umbrage when they do it. I do get keep my eye found sale of the Hollinger might for a far. Are certain time our our officially told think a lot of times were having coffee at this time of day. May even be negatively charged in Lagos and no set up your mind if I refer them from time to time. So at Microsoft clearly a goal is to democratise C we white everybody ticket banerjee of you know the 25 plus years keep the bill these we have Soweto today you were even in the face course unit. Think going good directly into very key Iceland prime minister basis whether it's speech taxing quarterly. So that's something mouth you know from a partnerships down point France making available our technology for everyone. How we want to do now now this is where we're good Tory. Indeed it is big it's really really big slide everybody has won able we'd. Escape assets Reno did is doubling every two years are gonna be fifty billion connected devices by 20/20. In this case it looks like my graphic designer now when a bit typical range here with the colours. Is that a bit of a prince tributes slide. So you know while we here in N a map. You know I mean that habitation account which you when you're growing up you know why you in your Brothers or sisters Tokyo. While we here at this particular point with artificial intelligence and why now. It really what's different is you know the combination of big beer big computing in the cloud micro star Susan your. In the powerful algorithm said machines in thin continues to remain in four characters and we're opening bid anyway next. I'm still it's. I was in Japan and I was in Japan visiting tax Arab we're showcasing waded slightly connected Hong technology. C unit had awaits the list 52 shades a portion back. And nothing about me time this with you seems extraordinary and in fact you might say OK here we see that except for the year this this nineteen media server. This was thirty euros ago affect. Artificial intelligence has gone through to where it wanted need eastern once in the nine needs these are far starting pharmacist. With the underlying attacking ecosystems widely we're yet to activate the web and the promise. So I think the reality BI today is actually more Brownstein capable than most people realise. Even be on the capacity especially operationally. The industry gives the world an falling rebuild it even as it's being adopted at an accelerating rate. At this same time I think the hype. And the expectations are probably on the reality. As to whether perhaps the entire line is to immigrate EI into higher order thinking systems so what's passable you know so it's a consumer. Toledo which different today is we're actually delivering an eight deferred some other speakers. Tyson's going to share what you're doing it higher well actually delivering value in the market. So by a and Europe 20/20 it's expected there B I would derive revenues from eight billion that it's driving roughly debate about 47 building in. And why you don't see travel hospitality. Europe I think in the marketing area in digital. Eco tuneup relying and I capital expenditure at a late C. Systems in the same way that you do it in our operations it's gonna happen Astra. I'm spending climate applications will be about. 1212 billion our attorney Carter seems. You know every company that you know couple years ago is in today anywhere except was the buzz word now everywhere you chart here agreed pitch you see analyst Laura. It's tonight a Iplayer. So where we today now type about we're we heading now going to get that specifically the something there'll be finance channel four for everybody you know. So will we talk about a I would talking about things that's been ambitions speech language now I can search and refiners Microsoft's digital assistant Mike Stuart. So we feel they flap. Is rapidly developing but it's still I'm far from you know the kind of side by powerful self a bargain herself back lighting vision. And it's more I would say AI as our redneck we intelligent. In. You know it's capable within critical areas of focus specifically tata said tabs. So what economists in the polls maybe more to a samarra sophisticated in this the spectrum. But we're still far away from that you know Mike EI brain and I'll be cured the rest of the day. I'm unhappy the TARP about symbols things there will further downright bed. Machines are best in humans and tell us we. The minute it so the bill is so through large beer. Accurate we quickly see perhaps. For example in speech recognition Microsoft made historically cheap meant. I'll lashed Europe essentially reaching parity with conversational speech rate now. Microsoft translator can translate speed in real time across eleven languages. Sixty class in tax image recognition. Microsoft. BQ means. Insurance Hillary and I was able to identify a 152 layers of an image so let's say a dark. Critic at the outline maybe one way or the next nearest you had a risk point two. I'm in south who drive throughs which a terrible for Hillary speech recognition intelligence or capturing. What does reducing errors and soon going to go directly into the order entry system. And there's even in San Francisco Bob places a soured making raw bar company packaging now would you like some oil with your oil and the regret. So my computer logs me in opens up by recognising MySpace. Facial recognition is being used our for security as well hours to tell whether our customers happy. Were unhappy which reveals insights that can be paired with voice. At Microsoft ventures for examples invested in working with a company that's mapping the aerospace programs wherever the streets and highways in the year. In particular to what's going now cap barter now starting a better answer more questions than any human the past we cannot. Announced that has implications as poised to replace large numbers of customer service and support folks. Four increasingly complex needs a wire and then in the about matters customer support but it'll court rules for questions and benefits policies. Initial open 24/7 365 there is no Q. To wait for we're not there yet but this is rapidly advancing. As you know in marketing video analytics personal station is being amplified with AI capabilities in every reform advertising online booking. Red management reduced fixes being helped by a night calls again more average weight Microsoft partners with Adobe in the marketing space. M we are a if you look at the announcements and perhaps period to just announced win thin capabilities. Microsoft elements like they're now. To be able to tap into late in. Sell into any cheery there's very deep special was Asian. You have the folks that are expert in addition they have it completely different skill set and also that nine people earning. So if you want a quick primer app through this other oracle unaware that in forums. I deal he's not Microsoft. I'm clerks about some of these technologies setting for Judy take what. Numerous virtual eight Genesis is at you're putting your but it's important now will need to park about 8929 mile right. There are very different techniques keep a bill that he is deeply worrying which has Arsenault miserable networks. You know to mimic the structurally human brain is a subset of machinery precious one technique. It's closely human reasoning with now Rawls backs and deductions and underweight you can see. The way this from the forward through this is Rita Middleton we're. Is a technology is actually. Ahead of this chart. The differences the reflections you've heard idea you'd break up from ice helps then about Q sentry. We know keyless entry is in I'm people's minds we could see it. Euros before it made sense up originally gap onerous debt management companies should wrap around your existing our region I think we're about Harvey he's globally. End by. The technology takes time to work out when he gets to our operations. There's a great piece by the way in Beverly Thayer the relative what you think politics Maureen Dowd wrote about. Bob tackle you know areas in their view of a eyeing its many had died still be in views other risky wait to be so I bought. Steve Wozniak. Said there when he realised said he could someday be well but at its very feeding for waning onto his dark but I'm. Any pretty nice to read it so we're we're going well you know we went from PC's Leon now. To more ball in we see platform shift coming it's already underway and despite yet big enough to change your daily game but it's coming. And that's the move two conversation to natural language. Parts in personal Egypt's. You think about this has always been around for about ten year history with about all of the destruction. Of the changes in just ten Europe's. You know infra one time that you know we entered technology. So what we see coming. With with waste and going to give you will preview but. Speaking is what the most fundamental things about being humans it's how we can act. Break in this as a French import when you look down we should aren't vested and chiropractors. Just twenty years from now rather Linear for an act. Eight you have to go in and out of that we see the apple going away. We park like about that. Rate showing you just be about say truancy and a return done whichever team they want wa. Why you even need a remote control. So. Conversation is the platform human languages in new user effects. Berkshire really be new apps individual assistance at the mayor. When you think about additional systems were talking retirement serie a laxer. It's interesting that downturn just added away planet but in their nearest Barnes certainly there something Cobb expect. Until I'm really profound implications for this will will type about rate now seems like you know these additional systems a kind of on the periphery right. Europe Europe outside but why should you have to go you know to the same hotel and singer wine sake. Twenty times December we provide basic information which they. By big ticket should you just be able to say that inner artist transactional in China Microsoft has something quality outwards. Has forty million Chinese. Customers. Using it Japan Microsoft arena has almost thirty million that's 20% of the country's population beta and our transactional balance these have empathy. So I transaction might take three exchanges to do. These have typically 23 changes some these conversations lapse over now. So let me Shearer will be about what this world is starting to shape up and look like. We've bella a short video Huron natural in the back with our. You know through able to particular point starts with. Five. But. If quite well how would affect less efficient public find out if L eight. This point. Yes please. Regulators. It already today can book travel widely if you guys pub acquitted in in the back. You said 20% of the searches are initiated. I'd always. Wedding garden at 30% structure be down. Bible ways within the next four years think about this now this has tremendous implications researcher Bob. So who aren't set search. OK. You know is it the digital assistant the Quintana the C reveal lax up. Is it your ass the device you have is that the search company's is it Google. Is it hotel your lines brokerage brand Icahn is at your T is as a the matters like higher. What happens when artificial intelligence could. Potential we showed on the prices and put it through your personal filter preferences. For you to specified by forwards. And what happens again have to wait we see another platform junk coming. With our amended riady Microsoft has are lines you sign apple recently get into the game aggressively position recognition that now only has always striving. Search potential in removing fractions but the building with heads up today. If you ever chaps checkout system that the videos when given with family dinner file alliance. Under this is happening today it's it's in use today in you can imagine that bills by experiences at the operating system. Who's gonna a matter what's gonna be rich client what happens when it is a smallish subset based giant AI. In your personal preferences. So very quickly Edwards going to touch on the operations side so that our we can hero. But I stuck about a guy with kayak. So we talk about hotel room keys Microsoft already with partners has connected hotel rooms. We're actually adding our forward time out to be able to do this with voice other companies are doing now in the space. Does this look familiar telling when the hotel industry with fewer like the C systems kind of announce. We're a bit like the Tokyo subway system. We work with third party players so reusing AIN ArcelorMittal wearer to be able to not dissimilar mediate PM systems but essentially in the cloud. All the been out in view of the staff take your kind of custom building and in middle layer that Arcelor goes with employees. The staff to be about going in now. We have another destructive partner that for immediate travel company and provider. Was able to identifying. Our ten million transactions is a customer taking over from a two years. That they couldn't have pent need to be completely different approach in six months. They were able to identify segment target then getting a five X are YN picking a seven figure deal. We are so did the first Joaquin in the industry for travel with WebJay. So we really partnering across the ecosystem. One last example near alliance bid which operates. With it I OT. And we enacted the of course connected era mines near reports hotels buildings etc. We actually have Centre about. Your line engines be able to be predictive maintenance if you know why. As a part that's likely fail soon it's going to be Heathrow need hours apart reality away. We can scare for when it's underground down to the ground crews to a dozen delay your flight. Or take that way out of service would it be millions and millions of now it again the operational staff more high value. And what we're talking about with Canon marketing digital is much more on me to be able by AI because you don't have these seeing kind of frictions. Are they do in physical. After just one or leave you with. You wanna favour quote I have in terms of technology. I'm it should be indistinguishable. From magic and I'm just amazed that the pace of destruction. And where are people through doing in the industry with up to work with so with that I will well.

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