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Webinar- Loyalty in Travel - The Changing Paradigm



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Tue, 18 Apr 2017|

EyeforTravel webinar with speakers from Wyndham and Expedia where they discuss increasing customer loyalty through effortless experiences


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Good morning everyone and welcome kit at the travel web and I feel he. In our going to include key industry in like could then get back to let that be recorded gov crucial topic of loyalty in travel. And only I've become a North American planet 57% of attendees indicate it. That'd be liable loyal customers what and number one driver behind it distribution strategy. I just question really. Haven't camel brand engage with customers delayed Ben exceptional experience they keep coming back. We thought that was planned to lend more and we've been bankhead know what I'd keep senior VP worldwide loyalty and engagement at Wyndham hotels. And gave Google VP of product customer care expedient Joyner today. During the web and how Dobie Q presentation. And we encourage you to contribute asking a lot of questions. That would in particular played an organic and productive the pattern file opening travel community. Non loud about the weather now a presentation highlighting the shift in loyalty that advocate in the industry economic Wyndham approach to loyal. You also going to be important for two way communication link Beijing cut the math India advantage that hotel at eight. And the you know. They match I look like YouTube he had then expected up about when gunmen every you know regulating Marty. And we are not then they'll the world gravest. Loyalty program will explain what we pick up question why take a look at bear had about how we are real. That program that we marched. Aaron. A look at it and how we either can actually within moderately air how work write Q&A. I don't up ahead this year. In a lot of crap about window. Wyndham worldwide is the EU role largest provider I'll poke holes particular ship exchange and Owen eat your heart we get. A lighter time. Wyndham hotel group I had a number other brands with a great and it. Wrap US and the more you keep output old Greyhound lake Wyndham and Wingate park or to bring it again. Are occasional ownership. Group. To a partly making an offer or just be easier ships group in America well nature. Actually you out of business or Libor OI Brent particularly strong in Europe the spread technical spot and I've yet. Well I like exchanged our company yeah. And iPod that we have Wyndham rewards which runs across a bit you know you know the number line. Total rewards program by US unit will report. About certain people like we have with obviously we've made or broken up our. Aired at we started a lot alot program and how we were gonna make it question wrong broke program. Week we started this back Jane you know ultimately we want you probably haven't that help people feel like they're part of something bigger. Added we look at. I'll bring ad revenues we look at Britain and general Dominic Bryant especially in the travel what happened art went right epic. Increasingly commander. Back. You know in the Erlanger probably the air it apple. Because I hear line when you keep up branding UK past the but perhaps it. It's an incredibly volatile L I am a red Brett. And could really roi I either a quarterly I want to bring our marketing message. It win customers quickly could create great Abbott I meant they had really strong mark borer. Rihanna had practical experience it end that was looking back. Because it would your white away experience. Run at brown shoe categories you epic rescued because time. If you went back and hold your friend but that was really get. Literally all right direction not again et Al we now. Become increasingly. Are you correction not. When I get that inflation had video they usually. Copper united bill might get higher education broke my guitar which while it. While the but back at work out here. You know who took over a year ago when you know India break up that I think. Bet that story is incredibly relevant today accurately add a bit weak now while that number one UA EO about united. Our better when a great debt we market need. You really think about planet. Added changed and secure a one way. Cap I'll partly you have if you get your mature way that I. And Brighton hotel or could it just look at the airline. Work done or get air and it. When you've got comfortable bet which I think oh Rand you know I would you know what should a white car there's an ally differentiation. In that. End so I'm still really yen ahead to have a rookie program that really maybe get a we knew that we need to check each air and we look across initially reluctant way airlines reviewing. What other company outlay trouble were given out weekly. Air and we start to scratch. The very first day we get it can't cut partners and we were released wrongly. The first thing that may well programme had planned sell computing. In eureka deep but there are now you know again accurately align well how. No ID a picture it anymore anywhere in the were all really what you're gonna learn a way to. You need to re key it used to recap what it used to be he in need 88 with a big carriers white backed out how am I felt. You can go round trip ticket anywhere you happy which you. Ed that just got it can't talk complex to the point get Acura. Dot you don't quite know work shark off lightly. Air hotel directly but look you wanna be bigger players now have literally dozens of award redemption cheers. They change it eight up in the week the mark the year that OL eighty under the might we U we're often part what Al what Ken Clarke. You got already. The second thing we heard from our partners. Progressive income should look I'd hear what their exactly what it your work. Maybe I'm usually one or her during spring breaker a brick yet the cabin Ashley white girl you know court. Debt either like your blackout or a generally higher gallon point get actually make it can lead better. Air they've contributed. Cheap you value. Don't even a proper use debuted. They're getting a lot or every cabin video figured out a big changes that you've got problems because all track. A barrel in most importantly op. When we have customers who recruit others what you want added you know well probably at eight card overwhelmingly. White screen. Tweaking it be heard in our actual bids won it. When we make big scalable and it didn't really a program double we all well when. Majority. Back even higher than you act at a point better if you if you back pain. Because travel. End hotels travel is really aspiration are. Tian do you really expect I'll quokka let our everyday brand. Crack eaten into great reminder this somewhat doubt I would. If you hire a yearly IE not right for a more government Ollie a construction worker. Ed Webber I'm working with bit what did you like XM LQ. All I show that elderly wealthy people do think it won't be treated special. And they widely picked it out and really caught anyone you don't want to keep working hard right yeah a clean. I would underline we expect we had. That when it came what we should you would probably have come up with one unique anti. Why Rio equal cut their debt emblem used in out speculate on what that actually catch you get. Everybody importantly only great article and started he each. Get care I'd get get one free agent oh oh crap that they cut would absolutely analyst here. About how that it really all about a three night that they book. Bluntly we have had a program. We monster which just really what I think that it's getting out point get to a reunite. Any other eat out hotels around the world. No direct no blackout. Or changes it heard a rumour about what you can get picky about what. And Activision been a real literally a well cut were at lower market week each. Pretty appeal in the program. Explode we need reductions in blood significantly routine engagements across every single channel go up. And accurately portray each capture capture that one greatly kidnapped IL and by Carter when we on what each share knowledge. General you. Every week out here in optional on the OP learn how he. We want to make sure that were partly about the acquisition and let you know what. About the ever providing them with the M a lot opportunity to reduce the winner will work points brokerage deck. What we Europe recover and that is exactly what we why. I keep out in end the year were working and even Ireland rolled back a whole or in small account wrap account. Yet he accurately by appoint you go up operational. Like. Outbreak imagery all remember that annuity. NY no el Al gonna have picked up our. Particularly hitting that point let grow no matter what a great. That's absolutely right up this year itself capable of that going to give we know more about it. And of that away we've really reached Russia. That we're allowing more each year all I directional linkage better yet you Davis's work you can yet. Energy show all of those stories of people getting great screen right back rupture. So that I am I expect it questioned at the end of the cap here. Back all our Q relay due next speaker and he absolutely had. Great. Thank Greg Lachlan now wire and Beverly a lot of people thought they and the quick reminded everyone listening feel free people poured a question. Put the pressure in am at the end of Bob. And next up we have. The dollar covering expedient we don't have a lot of the key when hit can be a part. Kate Eddie. A huge eight. I didn't. So look at work and I don't quite murky area of products that are end. I don't you mean a lot of we're work much of oil company are now we have trouble partly a realistic you know car. I would tell that come what it could error our. By who again when a company that I measures service. Provider customer error after oil Brent. Didn't in each of the equation and you need. Oil way they're we're all in all around how they don't crash. Bell Canada's. I'm Ellen but immediately. Are Warren human product impact our people do come up with a scalable platform scalable. And measurable experiences. But that's O. It'll really Helen for a I'm not what I want to cover today is. I am I imagine. A majority of people Bono temporarily. Blocked yeah for the experienced by the court back to work. Our but there isn't a critical than ever Expedia you do you'll lose its. Continue building experience again the enemy when that bullet. We are seen brutal way for the wider look over the story brick turnaround. Nordstrom pay back I area. The credit line that apple rep what what do you make sure someone. With the right attitude whether it from the Iowa that Belle isle. The the early look out across hundreds and our that the company only. US QL paint for a will either the cut. You wanna get a benefit back in the car that it will eight. We all week a cursory. So the right customer loyalty where the rate the right way to learn. Cut murderer experience. In armour help back higher in the machine around the peak kercher getting back up or backed by another. Welcome people gonna trip without us. I'm really about YouTube everybody you can't pick up director of the Caribbean and you know leader Ayatollah. Neutral. End at best you can get back it could be dropped. NEU. Benefit above the I don't get the cash rich got a lawyer. Or better. But what you can hear back in UK newspaper go to I don't know how can you reduce character for a happy new. He's better Arab public private. Our united haven't got put on when they add a cotton looked at. When you pot at unite here for the immigration measure about. So he come are all about trying to remove any of that really done it any actions that. At median you'd embark winding getting back at a better name you know cut British M. Our while. You call out to another acquirer error either hot thing that he control on the viable way it hot. They help you liberal political up a little more about the oil O aren't you know a uniter. What happened certainly haven't heard back for a for a recovery Butler won the book a trip they hear about Expedia number. I'm previous strip but they keep going back Google local plumber an open storage. Peripheral extra enemy and a backup media were without any legal or other original clarity. Are we gonna have to re acquire each time should be able. I never had a repeat earlier about how. Directly employed play. So we believe that mr. lovely only a weak April. But is it a big horribly equations so. We win that org about how we bill that would be and we. Apple he. Our first look for the cut murder within wire. So we've come up with a buy out the bit about any environment then put researcher and travel. Emperor. About her here really put is we started the journey now at the rally up when they're you know. I had it all up they about that. It really about from the current they're gonna buy eighty sir. M what rock out we will go through till they get the treasury are. Whatever Cramer who really made sure he added the gain on whether a bale cut up utility. It cut back look a little media a day around applaud them if you do not only email I. We will look off the upper limit cut go get bearish really got the number one indeed about it. Now prohibited mid I think deep rooted in the group. If there's something that can be done under him back on the court or any way. It computing or are there could be a breath taking the extra mile view. You prepared in YouTube happily look for a blip or a bad deal for everybody we're not why are people that. They're. Our whether it doctorate or a Canadian it it it you know you rightly going to happen package whether court. Inevitably there anything around weeping and a number three when they need it hello Barbara are needed help made readily bail. Rapidly. But everyone above about. Look at where doctor. Evil culture. Our bone Greeley Greenwood. Area off blockade culture there could well end up having about the back for the wearable Alter any. Went up it will operate Barney you know help. We are part of it is near the upper that the majority a couple of run the company spelled out accurately. N and number or though you know going to be archived at that. Number we're going to be able to quickly get rid of how mobile are no matter how good here I hear. They're happy about that eight or call 8 yeah added that it error. So let me it really unique look supply gap cut back. I don't an offer what channel of everything but the all right now that. You global market and how they want to. You can't measure it and realign our work on the back in the picture IPO you really don't care how that outlook. Communication keep in which hot button barrier will it wouldn't write it. Or email. Well our company UK users create a major bet are. And is it do we believe that which has I don't know by the department are they get rid. Anyhow we get back of the liberal religious. Channel I'm sure our net real non I'm worried much about that. Eleven and by we I mean we are. Have different apartment in a number Burkle that our company like overall your outlook Eric Warren our. So we really look OK work welcome you back a moral and economic outlook error what you. Hear me it down they have a partnership. They went into the mull around it might pick up extra the way do they expect. An edge in Little Rock framework I'm working that weekend we controlled but they're. You're gonna go into an agreement to cut rapper. And I think we are likely do very in book where a higher. We have where speed Internet op and a mock up like. Rather than building a simple that it either money or pick up rapidly and a lot of people went went right. What I do what you can we reasonably you know I'm our corporate travel are clearly are in a brilliantly but. They get a we have a rock and that we do. One it would end use mean Bally grant an oil hit back closure what they're good. RI and the channel neutral weight or body would be at least Borough where the go go go where 8:8 o'clock it it you know. I'm gonna while it reviews period and up about dominant you know we made up to really review that her apartment. And we look get started. I'm an ultimate travel I think what or where that. I'm not that didn't work measures in in about a mile lap belt where they are in better able M. I'll. Indeed finished bid is back I had a model where. I happy. Eveready near Perot is. Cochran took a where. Baron who cut back a pivotal role required to report channel. But our that we offer on number enemy opera anybody quicker. And it you know again we inherent in them no human being paper go back. How many quick cutting their cameramen look I'll bet. We gonna have added a unpaid work just went to a people age and immediately rolled out elegant fine. Or will it your way if you look a local look hard. Or they don't want him people back and brother what you write a reluctantly let that Butler who doubt what we proper look at bet. And no imminent cut and really get murdered gonna go private in collisions July oh upward channel that in the event. Australian dollar are best trained here not on our wine. Conversely union will follow on the online publication with a dollar that you like it you are gonna look at our paper. We did you write that big book and a if you have a by. We have already block hour procedure. Whitbread and it gives travel. Of that year if you don't have been spot will get you pretty well being. We'll get the people were paid out there will get you into that you spirit our British whether our OE we get about a pardon. Directly or outright buy right away but British weather. Editors white paper merchant azure at the first time you spark competition well yeah. And at a bit yeah had a rough on the I'm gonna help spur an Emmy have a that your butt hurt or help you well aerial look at our. I'd have yet are given a newly our. You know then you look here well in a bad Indonesia all part of what any duty. By both acute and look OK. Alina a I don't piracy harder at a brokerage Abra. Not only my belt growth. Ended that the panel will look in that we don't you think we can help you beat book. Leading quick we will work all right so what broader premature. Ed barrel on the capital that will mean go up I'll be your trip. Flight outline the production M got. At a new billion kilowatt hour television but the bill and that look. OK enact don't believe he ever was talking broke a bullet a bell. It is fully refundable. Novel law nonrefundable legal penalty waiver of the error is a competition between wildlife Wyndham. Look at eight straight for a you do that Obama won't bode well a well. You'd really careful look booking for a ball rebound while you're pretty. End yeah a barrel or your great imagination but what I. ID are now in the development I think ya head of US Europe stricter Barrera what does Brian banner day anyone let you right now. And again it he'd be period if you look here not so I hit men who do on the carpet or what I at all that. In cash and due agent or partner. I'm fresh harvest age with the year whether a questionnaire. What you're gonna that what you are back at. Or other bit low belt air a book Eric but cut out of the question. So that he did not dollar got a camera but make it a repeat Dell. I'm under at all paper dealer rock if it matter can't get worried about the speed. From Qualcomm what happened a partridge you know that. IPO or want to bring you spent Engle who really bundle they buy the privately helped Lelie pick up. They have another Obama button. I choose metallurgy yeah. End right away and not do Canadian gonna get about rhetoric that help you better if you know here we come back at about. So you know who murdered gamble they have where I bet belt right O way. Ambac M weekly figure out what the cut Cameron FM rallied for the ready you really care bill. Why do pressure which Bakley buried a deeper look at area it apparel that literally. Between the airline. What happened. After we look at total IPO bare Engel and we reviewed our. 31 back to get a rate cut. In the rate it. And then argument on bank right route right patient I'll make that change. And indeed changed after bank is an air B enabled him back at the bar. I'm gonna buy it OK would liken it a bet. Up when we UK here but quickly and direct the broker question of the political and media web question that are likely very recommend. And I wondered if we actually regard derision. Ed Uighur and Irina. And then through the back. Any big giveaway to look at it won't. Operating model back channel and our got a channel so meaning customarily when they wanna be met wet weather. What the trend are Indian usury is better already now. If you look at the related letter bomb plot. China felt OK but I don't do doctor Laura W if you were completely worried about a week and are made it. But you that they never happens our nominee yet. But it gonna hurt your way back and a you're looking like Egan a buyer here not backed a what can't play it absolutely have to repeat our. You know clearly we feel like Univision we added in the strip again. Were really getting so I don't get that right working out it both in general we are people like that that kind of high roller. The age without happen perhaps crash. In real time cut measurably image outlook. A report that we. We don't know email were 24 hour a bugler accurate if inaction. Are we track it can take it up on the issue are very Arab air bearing up well I'll. Evidently gamble where we're really you put Wagoner in at the show military might be quick question. M will get real bad signal that we in you keep them. I'm Angeline O back bay are better program plant where about spot. But evidently hit really about our. A probable link. Getting an absolutely brilliant when everything you backup in the area. MM assuming that ultimately it big or work out why not get cut the repurchase with year. If you issue under our care I could put every hour cut might add that day. You know your are at real I don't want in issue quickly not a ought bar where. NNY. And that way better buying a well haven't gotten the upper up. It albeit. All right thank a much Jerry am I got a question which have been coming through. And the client is a dollar and at minimum given a incorporating unique local experience than your hand eight. Maybe neither Dem like giving the board members of local experience and of the perk for being a lot of member. IE lack ABB. You can get. I don't know if a quick question if we have a Medicaid about a program that we have a poll dot Ayala remember while program. Which I would German what you get although they knew Bruce progress up Q goal. Outback and then diagnosed with a night. We widely used up my I'll get rid ad deal more convenient well you know member level expected. Ad I'll I'll get it better apparently around. Ballpark so we have a programme which it clot goal we. M I'll go free awarded Beckett you know what equal big night what did it get in the research UK. IA Carter did it story. Many customers. It let people get rid EBE. Green for a our work the occasion frequently and edit office colour. But every gadget play is most important mega the year. Edit exactly what is more important there. QE shed well not have a great experience when do we need witness hardly ever when they're a bit in the mail Libya will help a couple. Here and they're off all the accompli. -- worst drought. I mean reductions take it any ill line gap rather forget where rejection ticket on the up credible aura. You can get Nile but when doing catch you can't get captured by. Do we widely nation that every action experiment with off. Ed that we have experienced by the way. Anyway work it let each I'll I where membership. When you really keen eye toward wanna work cut white Knight detonation that represent off what Manhattan hotel. Huge number hotels. Let you get I've had put your screen right you get extra award. M Clark I remembered an actual or actually Q weekly get a right to a local attraction in the picket line between get you a hug our get. But here we'll that are. You get your vote will actively look park or go into I guarantee. You work it. Peter Watkins were you've got eight error got you agree all China Wednesday Beijing. That are. At all through our partner network a duet that Greece were back in members. Air Internet did cap or work or other everybody get their debt at local break it. Every week you know that people. Driven nature I think that they action include debt inaccurate. I produce. A release spending programme. We see artois I would uptick in Utah. OK great am another one pinot noir and with regard because the Windham new loyalty program do you think that point particularly making calculate your ill what gov Tuesday new market. If real will he not been okayed the paint a more I hadn't wait a little longer having a mistake happening without complaining directly to the manager. Topping a scored an effect action fed aid or even a lengthening of the competition and never coming back. That separate press is likely get get back. You know get better get worse between what you just heard Brian. A red dot premiere weekly menu idea I'll give you legally I'll get off line. Their loyalty programs which provide an after point copper experiential or operate like a critically check it may take you know that a a play that hotel property. M I'll I heard Ken really get Reggie goal. Rather for a deeper. M I'll you can give you CIO. The industry a trend can or bucket I'm inherently ruby. These problems when they can't really rich a pre Natal yet. We equally eat up 18. Absolutely a read it cable. Yes I am. Absolutely apple you have during rumour about yes already well. It actually is absolutely fabulous opt. I think that out why well he can help make it. Each week. Already getting that done we're due for a airlines ultimately it argue even publish a huge glut I think what you point. Give me a great when you work your best cut a low IQ had. Make up for the back that your wrong what would you back away QM you reduce eaten one US. Air people understand that had accurately had your value. Back a great way. Kate gets dark at a relationship you went in Dhaka exactly one minute. Am jaded at 1 PU am complement to Expedia travelocity by making artificial intelligence think with real interaction whenever needed. And do you think the end PS is still relevant. Do you think album really recommend I just say I would. Would it not be more interesting get out something that can give you a reeled in light of conflict mine in get a something that overarching. Everything we buy without all the time immune now. We have a La rigueur around a year or at the company though I'll. If you're like at least Burke introduced muse or they can you share well. We've been able to develop separately that question but I. By the Yahoo! network really put it we're watching questions are out I think you know while they shoulder are absolutely. An added our. You're really put I'm. Yeah I'm Debra did you have spent by you know he's liberal leader if it only paper ballot accurate bar. Ahead it's a bit deeper division got a whole. Ending on the enacted Benedict down upon but if they are and they along the way that I got any goods or another. At ad buyer people lose quite a deal are off mail are up and play a monopoly added maybe get back in when you beat. So you're really here. M yeah you'll like it or they run at but were looking at what are the other wire questions we inaccurately. Albert got me. You know if you buy that people here are. IL wondered when or how people whether they would be opportunity that really group. Kate and another one due. Other cold weather channel you have evaluated. Too weak capital men that might not have been book. By that network or. Might not mean. Oh yeah we. I know I'd. But the we we time. Channel partners that we collar work well actually quite a bird in the back cut back but it show with other options by. Our amid a coming soon just the that they not that they want to cut a bit earlier. Ardently rate. The Google network and an Indian markets wine talk feature. How are our we included any picture. After that well every year we expect cash at an upbeat kind of bureaucratic. Old ma during a chat room where British hit dry. NF IBI machine at what them by. A record expiring. That marks that again I we only want to share need a way to get your market you'll likely put that where I can he then. Adage read a lot into reality the unit back about Iraq. He's been greatly agent had inspired. That we might have gotten done there we get it now. Iranian anywhere on already did you bet what our camera or any other region of the war. We would put for a Reynard voice channel sell without a look get started with with it either going to be the only option implied. Should that you're likely put it a look. Publication had an image thing you know nature but doesn't require a big part of what happened that rap sheet. Well you know stay tuned we have more troubling deliberately year. Any bank that and neither one year. What technology that OPEC non EU all the loyalty practically Wyndham. If jet plane could pick L enable fact program Burkina. Yeah. Yes. They baker. PM expert connected up Q that we diarra. Yen give that priority. The keep ability he was checking what trouble they are bought our wire Portman technology. Is trading. Air added that. Trading iron published in the programme work that took our eye on the level. How to tie up about it. Ed how to make sure they get are engaging with it well abruptly. So while I haven't while we certainly have a track I technology in currently coming up with. Map jeopardy will take a haven't yet connected. But we barely knew all about an early August entry I'd get a yet let they really haven't yet the program aired generic unit. Excellently we get. And this fund be. I'm a weekly with new approach of the Expedia and I encountered them that they plan I want deliver. You informed can men clashed members about. About them. By email by crumple. We do independent paper features O we look we learn much higher than expected patient got a period of the white. IM friar. What render a tri white and did what. While we talk absolutely not what we're gonna really. It our were battered so rightly. Our that the featured a bail. Well what a battle that's. A brilliant blue can't back up and showing our and we know what I would do the end as a once we have. A better channel. I've the right better channel like the previous question about the shadow email whatever that it. Along with a boy. NN we have a delta are within member of the brain should have a Regan. Tawana at a press admit it you know little bit harder buying power factor. I'd look not a repeat of the but the matter did it book new rallied to a buyer did you while you get your web doctorate. And our so breakout work in that particular Peter Loescher. We're doing a lot of work through travel guard unit run you out by the we. I'll buy it kind of money it likely be how much we which. About the murders by oil ready and we feel a brightly. Ready for a brighter. A partition. I'll I would likely be aggressive on how we got up at the ballot but did actually. Great. Now am the one abide know like I'm Jamie at looking at where we're headed at an industry OPEC now like that I keep it then. Hence let the polite fiction. How you reckon organisation keeping a communication we did get their life if either. Apart from algorithmic pattern of name and valley kitchen. O. I don't think there gridlock closures we dig about that had to provide an online and offline on it. I do that when the bigger differences you're here between GM back edges that you know we're really bulked. Equally adept accurately worked OK equally I. These are mining a battery could be connection that we have we get about. I obviously any better reputation had driven Prescott didn't where they make acted moderately work. And we are we on the black experience. Air and you know the best personally union yet at a hotel it when you wake up in the morning release second bed every night like coffee. Aired doctorate. Certainly did not back. Are important that we want to get right or offer really pocket aren't delivering great period everyday on property. Archuleta had better closure or intentional error. Yeah we're working Alibaba umbrella of the Asia unit a lot of it staff or eight I call the market or were rather due. Yeah I never get it. OK if you are. We think the bigger bank for the buck I got it agreed on our priority play went under. It really about. We've done now in the bid alive we have credible billionaire Allen is buyer here you know we're within M Shuster has. Our Barley crop Brian. It really do you believe we have hit. Acquire a majority in where. You know I can look company where RN. Ended at eight ever let me interrupt a hold big net ad bulking up. Voters are can't get it monument there well in that it owner had got put on a monument older or are down. Well because I would look. Like they did I buy it back with you all EU level oracle that they did acknowledge. Nine were part of what we're about oracle global. Held a news is that I have a number on what else. Then don't publish Dominique I'm about how he unit by my god I. Admire a feature that could be Illinois but we're gonna have a way. So who do you oracle. How can we we do look around for the experience they're well you know I think I'll get we. From the Irish Ramallah where happening at our analyst. What we're going to write Hillary when they book their travel trip out deliberately communique where. It character we have weighed the goal but back we're really big gorilla going to be providers whether it articulated. A plan out by. On the page and a well. We did not everything in I'll know all our eight. Look you get our that that were repaid and any other loyalty that when Stewart area Berra. That nominal liberal page they make in your group. I would we we gonna be you know that. We were a look at holy day what are we know what you're trying to change pulling out. When you can't really get a high. Ya in when you get any debt or equity if you talk it we'd bet Copley PR. Q who really gonna buy Dubya phone number we get along injury of IPO market or we're. You we we keep I don't wanna will help change our why did it go in that you are backing a bell. And we get away and I respect I get ray player and we'd seen backup camera onto June reading of I diario. Together in question by yeah. A partner pack up you know it nearly completely change higher Berkeley or other combat about added back came out L have a no change it may. By or that the kind of like you're rich or indeed a big majority knock out. What the Menino late mamma Maya nut. Again and with good time further a couple more questions and that at no wonder one the year and do you offer rewards while the failed booking. Example food racial caring for chat if there have they been tracking system. There operator do we have brought a well well look into which durable blocking. The bearable. I a booking our goal. We gilt. We don't have Cano. Clarkin I don't forget you get a drop probably a weaker do we do we didn't see. Travel agent again or put professional travel manager industry we're we have. EB referral. What Gardner group travel within. Eight. No we don't have won the typically poorer individual look at Richard might have a a friend Jane with them. And bet yes you know I think does a great opportunity. You keep your you blackberries are a lot. It get those were all work out how we operate reward. OK. And that and we'll get him a question and one for breaking views and you've talked about creating. A great user experience whether on property a line. How important if customer identity in how we lead the gaelic Palin do user experience. Not work. Or get. How much a question we we have many different Mecca or try to figure out yet you look at Merck are seeing a number they call it I'm. I'm Sharon email. I'll work building idea bid which a little people who come back I'm look do you get. Dot we can be in reply to a reading marked. You know I don't buy or else they'll. Our week we have the company the there were many good credit either by curtly we get Peter where you can create you can create a dynamic Europe fell back car with your. Our or Uruguay. Out a network ink so again you very much good work what we view him. M. On the back right you that much at odds are up double up my experience is like without any end of the do we get. I might want our back. I think that. Aren't better experience a package aka a much higher. That are ahead. Picking their way and ended EU as a final question and it is but 1 gain am. How often do you run into the gas that will. They were calling the hotel been scared if calling Expedia or by that there and how can hotel together with hotel brand. Am 88 Acre get the hotel brand do a better job sharing baker and the get quick. While amateur Saturday against it really it a real challenge I opt not to model there actually night. Page I would travel in due Arizona. End date the windows creme west remarked our hotel. I may gambling regulation. And who can't gauge it how to book directly with the can't get away again equity. I integrate poorer educational nature of the job. I think. Audit Jeremy Bennett a hotel backhand valuation. But it added I'm talking about without legally get Engelhard are not the M I'll I O directly and a hot topic. Dot likely guarded why many you have all our people guess we'd like understanding. Did get. Each week into your booking which you know it. If your real accounted I guess Quinn went ought to look in my backyard operate in regulations that our future party's treatment you opaque state. I am yeah accurately. We get on the Adobe rely question what about polls. Air we get it every year are today where people aren't on the GM is fully booked regulation where it work I'll. And that snaps just looked up that whole Carl Icahn. You cut back off blow a hole aggregate hotel under a markup. Not a big challenge and I think they will add an industry. Rather keep getting better uneducated customers look at the map appointed. Any point. Read that that doomsday echo. Yeah I don't believe in Raleigh we're happy about that out. Our well I am a but I don't I'm gonna net about our or. Our. Now I'll I can we mood I think what I. You look. Way is if evolved opera bit were more likely ever larger rival opinion I would broke they no end apparel. You don't hear like the electorate issue like. I don't hear it windows I'll in the rival Merck Weber picture. So alert a who we're really that liberal people who are directly error inaccurately of the well. There'll if the challenge Tuesday. You know in Indonesia and that no weapons like electric vehicle you really got our Ian mill net add and shouted well. But I'm sure reap what you I know we put pressure via. I'm a wire like windows and accurate our look back. With a well interaction wanna cut her what we're. Well our view a challenge it really a pullback. We show here that we hit our peak. You know other that we're gonna look you know travel likely put out that our run by update or did he did shared. There are no great I broke the very least I think look the bicker like anything we are up between the acquirer not. Our bottom rearm by a quarter in cherica. Are we have to be really careful look at the privately were propped up up up I think people around the question kind of big dollar loan. I don't think we are well acted but I'm sure know why I bet that I is. Grade and well I think we've come due the end of the weather now thank everyone for a living a question. And look and while many of the critical issue that we have discussed today will also be that the bad Beckett at actor travelled. North American summit happening on the nineteenth and twentieth of October at Mandalay bay Las Vegas. And no endgame will both be part of I expect big lineup and will be presenting a lucky net vision that the debt. For now under cover I've travel thanks once again away gaping apparently big thank you to all of you who live within that morning. We hope you've enjoyed a love Allah and have a great left the day.

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