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Wed, 8 Mar 2017|

Heather Richer, Vice President Revenue Management and Distribution, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants | Donald O'Grady, VP Technology, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants


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Still a bit about having with Clinton for a twenty years now. I started their heirs did it was a very smart company NN stay with fears linger into mid sized company. Still entire about customer to begin about its high speed. I'm interns or wearing our revolutionary economic and how kids in the belt as a company and how that's have. That back Coltrane ended devil notion of Kim Jin has driven our approach to how we analyse and add collecting duly did. And give us at Intel Alabama content fifteen year resents sell. We get out quickly ran thriller about will contain hotels restaurants and is. And sale Albert back. OK so telesur I think is very 1981. Your kids are founder. M a couple of more about him by. Opened his first priority incentives go any one. And are at the time. It was really that the first boutique hotel company can't step in in in the Americas. I'm bill me is finding out what's speak and then one into something very different and the first hotel that we open it was a bit at a tail and the traditions and service Vienna into rate now is their evening wine our. Actually start area for a property separatist that we bill would give it sales in Quetta in the day in Malawi the hotel. I have a classic Jack. Activities and the guest could come July beans is happening in union by and join us in it became a great way to start making direct contact with the gas. Our N now it's it's something that we do not work probably do grieving. When our eye but it is still maintain that touch point and actually gather that information in the guest as did appoint. It was important US. I'm so about 65 hotel helping our end down fifteen more. And along the pipeline in mechanical heart out biko's in intended it points. What are the new priorities are and why our development teams are looking in the pipeline results were important to us drams up. As you're building stretches out a restructuring need assistance that they can scale becoming its growth. I'm allowed to keep making good decisions. Have article about the fact they were managing or simplify restaurant in these Iraq chef driven full service restaurants in our end borrowers. Our priorities and that's a really important player working in hotels does because. I think simply mentioning that yes you're looking to purchase. And experienced. NI laboratory restaurant a very big part of the experience that's being taken ten. And as federal point out big on the verdict Bernadie that we can gathering allies because as part of what temporary guest Deborah asses well. So we've put an emphasis on aren't retroactive how we met them you know what's gonna insights that drive us. And this is Bill Clinton and he's no longer with us but I pleasure working with bill now for a standard the company. My first term with intent. And S so does need is money in what it but he when he started the the boutique lodging industry now lifestyle lighting industry. It's almost two to really did not experience for guests in nature is it was very different. And the gonna be much change them know Pennsylvania who may have worked for a week for a it was a big bucks change. By enter always do things in very different ways that the guests' every time they stick it entirely new experience. It is consistent trends of the quite unique in the way it felt that every hotel attack marfa while hours every hotel tells the story. Al which is great for my guest respective terms of unique now Papua discovery when he stay with us. Difficult from an eighty perspective in terms of standardisation and organisation. Might we always try to strike a balance between making sure that each party is unique in your Stu dents and might need structures we've analysed it did as well but beg unique experience at the property level and many each. For the prior week teens. Analyse and make decisions abrupt global support for a culture. Something bill me two to make sure their key stakeholders to the guests. Alltel white apple is as the IT manager for the companies to Ryan here and medium connect high earners now we have thirteen -- recent times is at one point. And take get a group of thirteen orders get a for breakfast. Any numerous hotels. Destiny really interesting group of people. The as the bright line. Bite. Bill would come and join these breakfast with the sometimes in he would only -- and was. Because there are areas know everything is happening in new buildings and may not like about what the guest is doing in the overnight in bill really appreciate that insight now just run like it was like for their experience as employees blotter for what they can tell him. Another thing yes we're doing. Our properties and so that's just another way. And how it media experiences better. So bill does not really alive and well we do our first everything in the sand said it's like dog collar and alliance and the oppressed boundaries and give new at. And sold Riyadh white silk threads there's actually am NN shade higher when bad about website. Like so brain so we're gonna all the video that we've put together actually is for a national tells me happened back in November give a little bit about how we're keeping that you're alive in terms of how we communicate west at about what kingpins that. You know Buick. Really. Pleased the is abnormal and then there. As commander. Werner on the yuan com. Know it's all looking starlight. You know video is this cutter don't revolution and have been build very big and personal evolution as a person in as the company looks something now the set you can take Geary seriously. Your CNET is for a presentation is well there are always. Changing evolving and growing. Even in the way we look in analyzer indeed is important article we. Net toes back so what Kelly tact about zero and that. You think yeah I have one cup on Saab but there's there's going to always be more rain need to continue Tel is a vast. Great sell some how does that affect again. That bad men did always Bob Hauser affect how we how we embrace change in how we handle. En analyse the leader. Beckham was making resistance. So we're urban macro policies have Urbana strands. Worried tactics and that you can't read about C than industry news and just over are media. I'm so Darren think she's bringing creative K gas so if we're seeing is different cut rate here's an example of how wonderful work asses didn't get a rally. And N with Annie administrations teams there alloys Boeing beat and new things need consider only after violent change around. So the gulf were gassing is enacted predict the future but it's how you why you need to now to take meaningful action in the private in the president. So with that over the next credit kind of wealth holds back yards real quick any dad buying any handle. Channel that we were better understand a trend. And this of the got. So our risk alleges they may have here and a and again just macro level things that we're am looking out. You know. With this change where aren't asking attempted how tax cuts are infrastructure spending less regulation will impact our industry. And the answer and T trade protectionism spending cuts immigration adverse seasons were happening. Aren't you just had lens they'll take our time and the swine. Again these extra hours worked are aware of Oregon and is an attack about. How we think in these extent and while we're paying attention to. So we have there Prodi went gain in France that's an army Expedia booking and the bats are also open to people. A Red Sea in other channels a restaurant's inventory is distributed. And then disrupt business AirTran in his cell. This ties to we Ahmed then they keep our moral Wellington behave experiences. Then things there's this shift happening. And so that shows itself up and a couple different ways am and stay put a restaurant exam vast. And so we've seen. The breaking Mauna racecar petition is evolving rates alone we think about who it was the companion. Its ulcer that far up rats out. Were at eight leading were strangers so there's a sites around. And separate a scandal that that's a negative as being basis senators go we see can. Where is you know technology management revenue emerging and sharing academy miles our boring. And any inferences doubt there is Andy Tran in. The signing out as to do a kind of round rap then crown how about. Act people's arms so from my Saturday and that's using Saddam never rest framework and choosing to dying. And that at six different strangers towns where Ana spent thirty minutes and a six person out. And somewhat west that your understanding trainers and pouring by market that's happening everywhere. And that's kind of put that added Disney dad appointed necessarily about paying attention and in gathering that added to understand the trend by market is really credit our. And supply itself for the hotel space we now. That next year supply is outpacing demand for the first man that was seen in a way out. And acid down a point there is more meaningful rate depending on the mark get. In our space kicked in being have grabs the out at the big deal though one point 9% increase supply is happening in our space. So we don't understand how really need to. To have a good sense of Ali's dad appoints to make decisions that that at and make for a allowable. So there can't at landscape so what do we do so when this came in doing we have obvious axe around that back. And wheat have is we need to pay attention that deal where does that happen again so yeah say. It as important because. With a playable people regarding these ideas and the global head of terrorism. Either intellectually I. Yeah yeah that background in effect. Figures out. I don't know that there exists so example may now look great once again dinner where does the slight plague of rats in our act into around Dallas Dallas based. Eight X Sino gold will bring out. And type about the actual and a network we're discussing here now I start with that some of the channels. Some of the sources extra cost sources were report somebody frown and user pretty consistent grass. Probably not our top companies in in in some cases across those companies in terms of I'm human resources again into arrested yeah. Off two point up that are questionable loyalty dealer base is now by. Equities called Euro because there from separatist go. Men really east. And add that's the meaning we've given our credibility debate that a big part of we're appointments information front but that's where it started start with these actually hosted cloud based S forces. But let me bring in error is steps we have several different applications. Cerberus therein with you know give us an environment. There a point from these sources. And then from here there's different application databases. Applications servers partly ease different deal is its M and there are qwest connected together. In in various different ways as a pretty traditional mark on the sense that this is the deal which is falling your environments are ready that we can potentially. Gain some insight front. And the traditional way of gaining insect famine is begat a business double applications. That our users our. Using access either the applications you're a daily basis fairly directly. This is nut oil poured into a single Edie W were fairly small team header as one analyst and her team I have one DB and my team. Enzo. Our goal here is these people as much in say speaking and from these sources without. The resource deport them altogether interestingly W yet. About the same time this marble fits with kingpins culture and liberalisation not always because. This basic yet awhile control to the end users of the prior be liable who have direct access this do to make decisions. It was a really enough and given the panic inside get up make better deeper decisions especially in weaker political turmoil and I'm all the other things happening sold we've recently then added an additional layer I'm hoping for a like type that tab well what we're the only tabloids I think a lot of it. Given as well. We've. Given access to travel clients out in the field to a crappy double staph. I'm Deborah markets that is well tiger somebody bases that were already falling during summer sorcery falling through. Create some basic tablets and visualisation ten dashboards for. The staph but they're not sell enable them to go in and pull additional insights that are specific to their market in the prior pretty and there are a function. There's one. Precept report that many had assumed is created that we push out in the field. And are monthly direct as that there were. To allow them digging in takes the need for a specific to their market we tell like general managers were hotels that they are this CL of their enterprises. And this credit distributed. Myanmar Laos and generally and take control any impact like there and ways. We've also where are some additional. Sources that tab well can access directly in terms a cynic indeed that wasn't currently available from existing resources. Sell. Once again this mark kind of fits with dividends. Or Rahman will make insurer that's if every hotel tells a story. Ember generate unique experiences for users of the priory in the field have direct access to gears barges past possibly make decisions their specific to hear. Cleaning properties. So this is so nice rally Saturn Outlook earlier presentation. This is really only cancel I think premiership with technology in. I'm what we've been referred to as our performance must think everyone will work training get our arms around ala this gap down. And it's really the whole commercial division it needs analyst Ed had access to debt. Still as we container while the dad of these master bath and big weather this summer some slight dollar going a little deeper with this deal. So when we think well where our you know some of this is internal sources that some of this these our Arab partners rate. Partners that provide as dad that credit AFLAC standards and what kind of decisions they should make. Pound and any developing predictive analytics about where should spend marketing dollars as well. In addition certain making the rating changes and we're worried distributing inventory Anacin and profitability. So just acquired through the thought there well we've all wine cellar in. And dad. Provider is under any discipline is. Well you're following is you know just because a sale think hearings a stamp you can see is primarily owned by sales and catering. Doesn't mean that others didn't have access array needle lake area would need to wear this then empower any team to be a player again. The other thing here is being a lot of dial up or down debt Dow down we found we're spending more money and so star. And sell if we don't have access to that an austerity plan will find Sorrell Redknapp making it added every decision. So simple worrying that we continue to have that up over argue that enterprise deal. It's now about that simply going to have a hollow sleight of of the somewhere and you know commercial year old sell. Aren't we some of this dad is available you know Dili weekly but some may only be available I'll buy annually. But the imp group said being here answer put it into one can Sallie video. Is key. One had anything else find here. I'm must avert the dad that they use star I've been told there's five in this binary inquiry here relates to commercial. N when we think about performance and energy met from a tough minded perspective and driving commercial leaking out forget about the customer journey as well. And it you know that are enough rise together rake the success that the whole organisation ties together so Ed down her sister ratio kind of catalyst funds alive. Jena discussed with the races were loaded points was done they're N down in terms of an example of the making decisions based on real time access to ended. Part of my team on the feel the acting managers that support each of the properties in the responsible for the delivery in the performance of the Wi-Fi with the building which is very important. Facet of any hotel stays in its this year actually glad you're for first time a reading above the comparable bed as the most important in many. Nine hotel is is that quality in it so we ask that question on the customer surveys. We ask each guest your read that the quite innate unskilled. One before. If you give us just a wine for acquiring an edf and part upsetting but increased cost wide and Ed emea expectations. Well we've set up in terms of delivering their idea is in any time there's a survey gets filled out. Get we have a wonderful live Internet. In real time that survey is sent directly to the acting manager for that prior pretty. And so they're teaching basic col oral contact yes back directly in asthma questions about why they're in I didn't meet your expectations. Our receive week we could just give them access the portal right idea weekly basis thing a look at the stories of how their training we do that as well. Bite those important enough. Metric for us to be able to live without no real time directly to the people responsible for delivering that service that there. They can be wearing end ending take action to to correct that. At the same time we view as a I think for the proper level talks because if you're seeing whenever tells new apartment in debt you know net new poll are in support desk. The minute baggage in hangs up the phone. The details of Europe at issue and the solution on the hour email in real time to aid distribution list because the point best at whatever time so there. Isn't it you're finished with your cop the front desk employee back and say here noticed collar support does. Is there winning working your says that in the jury should it result in a weak outlook that uses because itself proactive. Back in help. Said forget to was in house who may have when they gutless really given us he poured scorn because they had initially known maker com. Gap teenagers service recovery and a debt yes me now give us in their high scorer because. Sometimes having a problem solving it correctly is almost better than I had in the promenade is they shelled out. I'm paying attention we hear and that's important as the fix it sells couple doubles how we can take some real time data. End any very quick decisions at a profit of what they can have a big impact. And just ten. So and to that that pretty well on Paramount is really get their real what we're trying to accomplish. So the ability go though we can expect Dallas scientists. Our and the field. We can empower them with that will late tableau said that they have access to their bouncing backs to be able to combine when they need to tell a story in do your research and the digging. So we'd have a Al Bashir in embracing these stars and ultimately I think this is a big ad and a quorum Maceda maybe that's what I'm friends. And can be distilled down a couple of things you know different disciplines months must act as wine commercial and marketing group. And again acting and sours there's no one any goaded gap getting the whole story. Define the problem either solution takes digging and it's a team havoc. This is where we see one banner why then I support the storage train its found that if we can consult early August the re air for a becomes much clear. And the decision making and becomes much more damage event. Now the asleep that just leaves a group success so ultimately. If the entire position hazard dad first mindset. This can continue gonna get a positive action immediately south of our great you know absent this he added they have real time access to their dad the need. And can leverage that NASA's today. That's becoming more and more amber and third the day ever you know the prince Howard to earth bound you know on just that exact summary. Is now get out in easily get a active in real time ahead Delhi access where he knew when you need debt. Now with bad. Things. It was think. Root reason if so. Not that nearly all shareholders really put us all work there on loans which. You block model of the box and we'll have seen its. But big build I think it's when he mentions CNET because I was gonna go a different way with the answer because interest and analytics culture. What we've been focusing allies is providing those talks out two to the proper level cell I'm not even pursue graduate level by. Thrust its it it's a guest driven culture end NN I think our staff et Al well wasn't the issue actually know that. Fretted be successful as a company. We need to make sure that they can be guest satisfaction or something we do better than anybody else. They embraced. Any tools we can provide for them they give them better in said in the customers and how to meet their needs and their requests. And so I'd say if we don't have a culture they would say yes for a would likely pro would need a pro analytics. The probe gas and there was a tools to help the guest experience. You know we. Yes figures sodas add to that the traditional role but we think about what's the responsibility revenue measure what's the responsibility over you know directors' sales and G and that's. That's really now that your work anymore because ultimately there's a commercial bulk of an entire asset. And so how is Europe had its performance management shell up. It you know interesting I think this has come up remedying housemate has the skills that. More than any other discipline to county Belle Meade and so is this kind of a next generation as of Bremen Indiana is men and really more of a performance management. Am you know Kerviel a. Of the four commercial. Got the ball through. The outcome might question what we start doing iron. Experience so I think stayed at a hotel in Madrid that really really committed troop original position. While the guest experience whether or didn't do that they knew how wide of the down from the guest. I'll for example they've taken are way down to more white type of music do you while playing in Euro will manage your arrived. White hype of welcome cocktail do you want. Arm but they have hurdles. To being able to deliver at that level of personalisation. And our from one channel of distribution to the there. I myself like to block Arnold GA is for their loyalty programs rather than booking directly because in that way I'm night I welcome Dem and wouldn't be stuck with one chain maybe you don't have again didn't in Geneva. I'll to a anyway answer how do you while all over calm what into I was told by this a priority in Madrid there downed. Your the OT able wachs their access to even. The email address of the gas to so they can he then you have way decline tac they guessed you get those data points. That they needed Norwich prepare for the arrival of the guest in the overall dollars bridge towards Asians that they would like Europe. Sunday's here at let's along strike but do you have similar hurdles. From wind channel to the gathering giving the deed that you needed knowledgeable with experience in. Heidi warlord could trade all over harm those blocks do believe that you. Neither one guess I want to clarify is and the difference between man's personal cliche. And something that's truly personal lines. And we make her greatest ever funny thing that financing man and buy it stood for is simply personal. It's more challenges and knowing facts about why you'll like that's certainly going to help. But what really that ridiculously person arm. Is when it's you know in the mamma our something that I'm learning Franjo as a wonder wonder one can action. And but do you employ about still whining to have as much daddy has pass on the customer. Yes that as a challenge for us to that with. Then you know having that direct relationship is always gonna be. The bad our most accurate way because they listed somewhere last week an F if we were able to update something about their profile rate we can capture that. Our maybe they've changed their you know diet and they're eating and so weak which can more accurately provide parade Melanie great things like that. Next big limited a technology charges around the as well because directors Don footage duties might what we have is a fairly low tech solution to bad because name active a personal experiences a cluster personalised. Now we ran a report out of guru everyday matchup against arouse appoint the private club and look for any names a running around was report. Do of their it may not match against what we know about you and grew database and then use that to me she get you the correct drink. In your around the credit many had crept magazine that you over that we've captured out baby it's you chose to share what does he feel your common profile. Aura because what course that no listed on the previous year that you like they'll they'll put that a proper level directly endured in Europe profile. In so bad if you stay with us at different property in different is it even begin full three need to boat here whenever channel. We're going Mano match against what we know our battle ready to make sure you get a truly personal expects. But as I feel. So. I was wondering it sounds like add tableau was an extremely useful tool we UN just could you are good advisers have decided that Europe yeah I tore ended you've laid out each of Euro could comment it's the same time I don't view. And train them in get buy in no company whether or just use that. Tool would yeah we a multi month our appeal of the twenty different solutions and where buyers dear Carl. And now we look we made seven point nine budget. To be honest. One headers analyst. Basically asking gated premise here I've you know high bit rate comes a little bit from cup is by I've heard about this to light pipes you know use it you know. N frankly it is getting funding bill for it really wasn't very expensive proposition get iron in the day was correct herself. There was an Iraqi process it was a till we target ads in the media guy so we didn't begin put a big process around rolling out we decided there was no way to aid and economic point and in. You can investing in late July although. Events training I don't think you know. That there is the beauty of tableau is you don't need to have you know have a very technical skills that it usurp bank freer and Cinemax. But we did so with the rebel MSN group. Recently we we wouldn't we intentionally services group that is daddy NN has ul wider use key service. And then fan fair. And it has been yachts expands. To a larger groups. A I think of revenue management shares improving revenue. Increasing. Our defence Ian ensign. But it sounds like. Which have focused an intrusive in analytics is the experience the customer experience. As opposed to can I get another fifty bucks from this guy. Both did well I think tab tableau and kind of well our climate today aren't bad air my intention was to speak about the gas journey you and that commercial strategy. And then add that hot birth and they gas prospective iron from the strategic. Pricing in for getting prospective. And these two calls can be used for about. Though they add up our overall philosophy is a company is that by generating. They're in intriguing is ridiculously personal experiences. That will lead to higher revenues mean this is building around rate now actually open is akin to hotel many years ago. Unfortunately where's. We lost along the way. But the design you see in a slightly. MB that this balance the hotel is very much in Munich it in style. But out of a bad debt the Indiana running now as night coupled to a Wiseman gipper was running it. Because of the personal experiences sell it certainly is a horror why I'm delivering that we dual focus and that is like a money. By do we believe that the way of getting their revenue here is to delivering experiences. And power. Each Bradbury has a town CE LC. EO of that crap really. Adult revenue measurement is that centralised aura and depravity is really men jet individually. We've come in Asia both out of their master Wilbur an cluster environment. And by for a larger assets worried that level Loudon NM you know individual media market. Where we have a dedicated uranium enrichment. Human tanker system. They keep. You're sol. What we had some vast has some of the day what the just came up this as an awful lot people cannot warrants. Revenue management has that double traditional way it's optimising profit for that they're that night. What I am storing at sea will some of the more forward thinking companies like balls flying off. The cost was not a target there was a lifetime value we would pop above it would still training and tactically. Soar forever no management were able to take a lifetime value of their customary own. And it's something we've done some staff where if we could also arrived in some cases with the orange systems saying because you're worth wording and tonight. Because your lifetime value in your recent behaviour. Word traditional warrior would look at you as a member remand on the suite of market segment mark. The way you where that gets in the war person was Asian then the bond territories in for the murdering someone revert lifetime value not just attractive value. Please see Europe. I speak about how the technology can help support that because one thing we're doing ended summer mentioned before about your it is now heading the their preferences will through. That lifetime guy is important we track literary database in one way we do it for exam were curious thing akin to prior pretty well arsenic into probably you'd dynamic in the rest right in use your credit card. To sell your check. Now we are doing here analysis or look up against their credit card number against climate give it to find out if you have restaurant revenue you spend with Kim Jin anything abrupt ease. We're adding that to give you additional common points with our loyalty program you don't know that this is something we can't have a surprise and alike will basically increase Europe. Loyalty guy you annual rubble with our system. Based iron behaviour is that we like for already tweed about us and passed away. That genes that generate points unlikely system if you diner restaurants that Jerry's points as why things we're doing tip to track. That whole value of the customer because that's that's a true value for us. Against again adds another layer where you're referred to is kind of like what we've been kind of biggest mentality. You know sort its back and saying happen either kasab and I'll say video. Keeping revenue within the ass act now ties back to create experiences. An analyst you know that they ran near that measured team and is panacea and that people are Boeing appeal he more act. When the gas seen a night and the experience sell. Based stand this transaction weekend and has hired a director of barriers director of music we have the character actor programming and make life. So bring Breen told why if an entire experience within each asset. And and that revenue housemate has a responsibility to understand that in making decisions about selling strategy. I think that it's and of the maturation of revenue management. Kenya several Vegas Mondavi as a errors your many years. I met seltzer from Vegas have stayed afloat. Can you explain further how you goes take Twitter into that head EU US and for the murder of wherein we don't know we have a social listening desk there itself era looking for any sort of continue to sort of media we several tools that Kuwait now lies that we actually give those tools to a prior global people as wells that did you know what's being said. But the source all the sync gets worse but whether loyalty team surveyed if we see positive tweaks. Our law or any social media hits I am akin to basis M weakened tiger back in again if I took our remember because they've identified informational letters. Cross reference that sometimes I've met some Benton annually then we award points to their common profile. Eight done there that the B heed years that we liked your reward because you know that they are you others parse it hits. Men it's something that the mean night that we don't care everyday we don't publish a chart at the Q do you this you get the years. By two we we'd like things to increase at the points that people were getting for doing their behaviour simply that we like report including such media. Regular Michael from acting. Not. Have you tell us that. Around though you know yes. You know their hat Eisenhower and surprise underway. Yeah of course crude is. Yeah. Yeah though it's very well very and that's said the surprise underway aspect of that but it's still it didn't mean you tighter though. You know coming up that system that rewarded deal was heard that the discussion go. If we listed I don't. Well. I said it's something weak hand where you now it's kind of like hints accept a cheque. And end that's fine Naira analyst Ambac is something that's now I would imagine. It's usually see how they and they know that the way that they market with of these beta here the clamour memories it's very different manner loyalty programs. So immediate stake in damages and that China lake and man up whenever the brain activity abet. Really very intensive that the way that haul flights if he is about experience and that's very different than whether their loyalty programs you know I'd argue he stays weak and give you 50000 extra points here at about. Immersing itself and kids experience in becoming like a friend of enough the Brennan they're. And N held by you know are badly ads during you know unit comes at which and a third kids it's. I think. You know good way to think about what the future of these programs or even really want attack customers to asses brains are coming to us directly need to think about. Time and the experience. If you get a cut by two point through into the wider Arab names won't ever they had a wider Arab Israeli finally newspaper that next and my youngest inexperience factor you know could have an. Earth on fuel and oil. It came just reached inner circles that sparked by higher as well. Offer a a question for Reebok camp in the U franchised at a resort company you know our company managed you know a growing disquiet idea of quiet. Well I'm were actually addresses in the so we recently acquired by 88 years helping us now we're expecting internationally were operating for a flattening out again later this year. And we're struggling with entering the question you images how do we maintain this level of connection. M personal services. When. It's not gonna be appropriate ads directly mention by. Kingpins out in space and it's something that we're still working through. My idol in enact sort of expansion is to make sure that from guest perspective this doesn't look any different that whenever we have to deal on the back into nature we're still make sure we again I can't remember testing and a deal what you're. Frankly because we're very US history now. But for our members that dual. Come into our properties that are going to be. Nine is directly made by Jim did not recedes and putting up prices in placed it. Able to identify them and still give them all the special attention. Rate. It's. Really. Wake of the week we've people ask that question Harry going to -- LA has the skill mark and I think as soon as you move into the franchise and there may have sort of different. The stealing of the minister stayed you know we've been doing everything effect here S. Sell where we feel crept back Yang and none at a bar one away. In even if it's not crossed Browne denied usery company had do some work with them if no one's you have franchisees. Even the tools with the Uruguay and they don't curious much dropped as long term customer loyalty if they wanna get the money for a moment and night. Som much kind of been negative two point probable all your overall these computing got. Well and we give that seen feedback from Aurora a wire. Compared to a great aerospace day in that what you're in this don't build your brand I'm Mike back BC saying. Don't spend mining and these things generate loyalty for keeping as a boy and it's now lament that this particular primaries before parameter we out. And sell back today yeah. What we have to those show them the Dow UN neck yes were spending money on special amenities M track and on this in need extra. A written late but that requires but here's a return inaccurate the our property that is meant in this way. Which is very similar product which is now as this way here's where guest receives about you in years and here's the numbers. And so that's why I think loaded that they're headed in January. Made their case we have to make your time we Tammy now worth you know we have might not Arby's you can borrow them any time into bill by 25 to grant or gels with raw well one Amsterdam here. Although there are ever announced I mean think like guy yet justified then that's what happens.