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Champion Visualization to Read and Act upon your Data Insight - Wyndham Worldwide



  1. Dwight Eisenhower0:29
  2. James Ellis5:20
  3. John Spence1:15
  4. Amy Adams5:05
  5. PowerPoint7:16
  6. Bayer6:05
  7. Tesco5:10
  8. Nextel1:15
  9. Zurich6:58
  10. land mine4:05
Wed, 8 Mar 2017|

Preeti Modgil, Director, Data Science and Analytics, Wyndham Worldwide


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An open up. It like this presentation at night about because I was told adding it just began reservation now might you really call. In Jack there's. Trepidation like getting anything that's that they can get there so I have lightly they're very find utilisation last taken passive vehicles that. I would focus lie about how we use visualisation me and my period. When a direct. Dwight Eisenhower reservation and after just in the these Mac quickly. In my team have triggered a sign that we use visualisation as a means an analyst enacted delivers a decision isn't the end and it definitely felt that awaited tell the story about the right now. Am we find that if we are using digital vision paragraph that we really damaged ended am. The golden vision a vision and that may. Previous biggest factor will be about an knowing your customers. Ended. And as president. Kissinger's it's very very important to me. Nimble in the living here is a vision for the amount of time it takes to build the visualisation bases there again there is a vision yes. Now I voted John Spence who Nextel analytical utilities and I feel I can get nine. And you get a flattening of technology capabilities with the Euro regular season. Effect when he needs daddy again Emmy visualisation whether the fact needs to be accessible I'll I now find is our configuration video. How weak dollar helping image of this solicitation. And actor is a provisional vision basically you need to know clear eyed youngsters. N whose division of nation building. How we're better guarantee meant that. What I do my work added instantly anywhere from Jill staff rather earlier it fell heat. And their vision a vision builders with the might Bragman noted that the US average of upgrades and I think that it effective and that's. N in some cases we have done our client in jail and develop around is elevated in which it's clear that video providers. Am we volunteers if it. So. A wide Halle power visualisation plays a role within our work flow services Kenyan them. Have you added may yet how it appears and again dental clinics or flow plan and Debbie DN. So let's regulate imagine actively we have terrific share Messi Messi solicited at and what the authorities and they get behind as. We have an environmentally and one net ad line met Thursday against N. I'm gonna find you know we get it refining and supply during our service weaker than build disconnect at my god this get debt out right. Where ucits might gain answers out there for a deal assigns an ideology that predict or prospective mine jewels. An online ad outweighed those different use cases reservations using different technology and using different and tax. Am so out. You mentioned being MRI executions be nimble as whenever crow line is within global health eggs. N main embarked head then I'll pleasurable activity we doubt that we don't is any one try out any one solution we've. Use technology is done these guys basically data couple these cases. Very Arab had a does that palm brand read about debt have led excel based application ends and would provide incident. Gap outlet shattered the end user. Farrell when delegation and does spread we is fast visual analytics as something they licensed foreign. To build a use energy as bedie was abusing their breakout that we mileage so let me build a custom windows application. To date results and strategy analytics and produce a one page ad that. N early oversold and due on that and other sub brand and we ended a building's distinctive starting. I'd have to legislate go with 88 cars add that allows bladder using interaction land mine and the fly in that it will build an output PDF and then. Flexing however. And third just a little bit in that allowed here the use cases them. Back selectively Italy. So in this prestigious Disney interactive definitely recording using plastic Lionel I don't think allowed for a high level appointing an eye on the very same avoiding drill down delays details. Our primary identity that sub sea bed when they see date January is for this year it went yeah. Business in elaboration than the same report didn't get pat I'm Dan Jane and Douglas payment were illegal then doing hard add deduct the thing information about a TM. As bad visual analytics as a bad act we view as it allows for a newer ads but they he's actually diagrams and now. Ken mind than that elected them. This next Tuesday said that an email Eric said these are acting ma black L Barr. Let Amy Adams is visualisation Larry email aiding of wine so here we had scared of Tesco has led sent emails Deanna green. Any Leno faced persistent up my period minor gains here ID entities. And is very rarely and James Ellis and email its regular are buried in July data playing days and basically get out but standard analytical models. An irony deems it can do these ever been other technical another big have accessed at their systems that they enjoyed eleven. Array of and as I said all that earlier this sector have pled no real time analytics out but. So this is. Good enditalic miles for the Rand and the fine but get firemen in JPF specify the business plan. If this is about music business that. You. About where its upgrade of our resilient use Bayer business development teams and field. Pan. Misused its AdSense predictive analytics sad but. And this analysis as Dan as L one out analysis for a customer service teams based and Carmen correctly get some cumin and announced this morning. N down. Our customers here. Who received a bad day very very bad actor got alert level joint Angela going to go into any other system Albanians data we had presented ending about point back. Exactly when they whine again ending just love that they. The day especially calendar back and how the user by contacts with counter available to help them quickly understand how do different tactics. It's nine absolute ordering it they have overlapping back against various debt. Delisted why it doesn't matter that our growing. NN and about me those applied in Zurich where maybe a scientist says that is point out point that are quite intact but you decided he is. Biopsies to present much against the yen fell in love dad and now she got this thing back hand. Actually did very gap which is David authority decided today the PowerPoint coloured. Can't I vote but added Arista every live regular I had seen college schemer and double backing an upward looking. At play out his case which I sufferers systems at this point joke ever prescriptive analytics out but. Anyway that Alan. Well I think a designer and current system that we build in house and over night during the amazing graphics clearly showing it hasn't embraced and that offer good visual visually they need arises. And capabilities days ending care is down. In that big debate Friday dampening claimed he did. Deemed Johnny PO I did see these downgrade in five different times it every time representing a different standard than we knew from the previous experience by colleges have begun vandalise 11% higher than five years later known as advertised meaning. And then I here like ask somebody make due with over what influx. As I Z eight Algeria that the ended I think we like Eid Al Los Angeles yield. But the fight Alistair represent by different advisors innuendo and adding had been Dalia bastion attacked about. Minor Brown's do we debate this flatbed analysts. Predict closest M where that every status as a tug aligns up when we each father did the most important standards and what we've done a bulletin points added. And it either dividends instead it is an anagram it puts out what happens. Which is we're down that happened that. I think the power like this done and not bet upgrade barbarous didn't find it sitting back and add. And the consumer is fair and team I think like. Up just equipment used in. Out set to wrap up with their basic. Delayed yet really is out in Rio is serious English television yeah I have to but if you're using uncapped rather thank god. Nine actors who that was building the vision a vision and is condemning it as a nation. NBM on Everest is now one place far put them.

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