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Panel Q&A: Champion Visualization to Read and Act upon your Data Insight



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Wed, 8 Mar 2017|

Alex Endert, Assistant Professor, Visual Analytics and Data Visualization, Georgia Tech Visualization Lab | Daniel Capizzi, Manager, Data Visualization, Choice Hotels | Preeti Modgil, Director, Data Science and Analytics, Wyndham Worldwide


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Now my aggressive yes the FD the earth do you assess their fishermen CBI until either time and billing days those because my impression is maybe pipeline Irish should be administering. My second question years. Words or pro any cards between there's a higher power and our programming language and B I taught particular. The I can start with. Think we'll have not. Part time that sophisticated user assessing current by China better at all sets of that particular you can distribute them on the cluster. Vied for instance are a position is still working on their so you're doing a star data set absolutely. Are your tiny machine iron buy DoubleClick. Yeah we really did sitting continue to query a dad going either need to work to distribute those talks that on the cut which has actually can do to warn that area. Additionally licensing wires just depends on the torso while these two will set out. Basis Ingmar holes we can set up web based servers for a report linked a lot of users. You know can have their you know revenue manager maybe you view well depending on position. Running oracle copyright time you're gonna need adequate customer application for a permanent pipeline. Freeze on these of between sensitive dispute developmental. Guided direct query databases and publisher. Without getting server licenses Christmas must physically Digital's. N a bit more user friendly so you might choke off. I a deal that egging it revolutions 8. Don't think any listed as menu tonight is apparently that they did this happen this does that necessarily doctor visit new generation of both coming in but ultimately it's the end user plane made its whenever you get adds to their output to the end user. Music doesn't need to know where palace guards using aviator Larry Page that about them. Earlier today a I think your first question was something to the effect of do we as academics use these tools. I'm in a way into that in two ways one is we use them when we teach how to do these sewing class we actually have a students learn how to use. Periods also which will mention your today others which one. I'm just as a way to have them have the skills like the workforce and beaded scientists think I've Versailles after. And a lot of their jar wrecks that come in. Request that they know things like our pipeline are JavaScript to build development and have something out a way. They'd billing old tab well on the you know roll business intelligence software. Because what's on the research side of what we do and academia would actually develop new. Things like what you heard. Either personally know one of the co founders of tableau really well. It came from the same research community that we participate and everyday woodsy triple revisits. I'm here and so I think that towards like out while we're now known more commercially. Actually do emerge from the research that we do which has funded by Europe and assessed barbers. Company is whatever. Do emerge from the need that we see from the research community. Driven by the need we see from users such as usability or interoperability a trust or whatever maybe. That's all well we we teach a crack staff but we also re surged sort of new things. You've got a microphone riven by. So far and my impression of tableau is a Barry clunky software side is seen out. Our move it's actually can give our thanks Bob for development as well. Well I mean again it depends on what it is you're trying to do said. I think if you want to just quickly chart your leader. I'm it's actually rather good that the some cutting edge research like how which we're doing well lit up which has if you give us today that cable will generate visuals Asians are automatically from the negative. Given what we in for about your user tests. Well we over about your prescriptions and characteristics of the day. So we've taken we would look at that continental that we just assay was immune to drag attribute to a shelf and what does differently at Tribune measurement and obviously it's up. Rate academics makes sense. Bratz users like to say well I want that on an access in this on this one. I'm rock still looking to speech driven interfaces so can just say how is attribute a related action UV and it shows me some things. Ourselves I think we're we're looking at that a lot of I'm no there Shaka tableau was perhaps now. We've a lot of conversations about integrating analytics into tableau. And that sure we're the correction is worth that going forward but it does have all those ties to. Public Oren at I have things like that in the back and I don't know what now well. I do think it's. Click here I think voting out also too much is really mean it doesn't matter which will say you're using visualise dinner the concept with the same. Some people find tableau wasted years deliveries to programming you're absolutely no economic if it does not have reproduced Dolly. A viral by dining dentistry produce Coke quite weak. So it really depends and these are betting the fundamentals visualisation of the same regardless of the torn away design and we use our because it's very fast and easy to tweak inventory people up. But there's no single tool they can mean poverty since I mean it's. Yes it's just. As you know it always comes station if their travellers. On year after straddling eat and graphic alpha. It's been a well I think that the Fed might think you know attacked tip to build an S. Is currently is in excess of the conversation at a time next year is a bit here in industry lately am. Experts say the emphasis in May scientist and a few days have occurred this am but it's something that allowed efforts advocating for a the fact et regulatory factors annual inflation down necessarily pan am ID is kind of background. Have while the if I have to Buick real. At its core inflation allows them to establish these relationships having red white collar work you know help us accuracy raising taxes you. You this kind of an environment where you're allowing folks. There's this other access and exploration enact one area. If the pair I think reaction actually given any facts you. Basically utilisation of a fact current macro tightening gain entry more. So regular people they scientists accurately position. Adding that. Actually have hope the next time that my proposals got an F that they use on the panel likely happen. I'd done do you think it's it's it's an important part of rate. I think Gerd deed in another sell the something that permeates aspect of life that you never part about years ago rate. And whether you quality that area of things that the proliferation of just. What we sense and capturing these days paid a murderer would mark a total we keeping that need around we keeping the state around. I think it just a more natural part of what it is that we do now. In our personal lives warning comes saving pictures from your iPhone. Are way to serve our professional wise words as well keep every transaction winning keep every. Wreck earlier we email the customer returned every break his view of the stuff because maybe one day. We want to on the topic mile across top complaint emails we get to figure out what the themes Oren whether we've addressed some of them haven't addressed others. Or whatever may be. Ensor I think that. The workforce there's a there's a gap of that the expertise that that that has been built up by people there that understand the domain and understand the phenomenon which it resides. But perhaps dawn hundreds and graphically predominately in topic marble and predominately in these things but the same can be said for the other way around praying. I can just blast off a bunch of our machine learning leader and final offer to correlations or whatever are. But then again perhaps lax of the of the domain expertise will. That resides within people that amnesty and industry Moorer the context in which they did was collected in. Ed it completely agree with their opening regulars might nuanced position Arnault is its it's great to give a replay access to your did asserts. Arm but access without knowledge Kimberly till lots of issues but that number has done makes sense. Lutz admits interpretations you know everyday set as a story. In without enactment issue which were moving more and more Cornwall where we just are reading in the database and go crazy. It has lots of risks sell we. We have the train people we having choice train speed bonded assessed before we give them access. And there are resource implications across your entire cluster freezing distributed these. The letting people here and a three billion query. Now whether doing at triple crossed join in and don't know what you're doing so. It's both the debt domain expertise is absolutely valuable rate you while those people see that in find those issues but it's a tough pounce -- We traders find have way point by. You know it's hit its one I had ASEAN and India Africa the phrase you know him like Izetbegovic about. You have to train deploy nuclear just him in the tall and ideas that Intel only go crazy is up off findings are nothing wrong things and someone will come you announced you. We just number pump for. So we have secured levels. Access. In its you don't get a corporate law. Media set group of go to your day but you're free to do so that's one of the strategies. 88 with I these Wednesday data dissemination. Back over the years beginning at Beringer are kind accessed on the ended. The biggest way to effect age I don't understand the president asking for recorded as an issue here right. Eddie is sadly can GM learn. An I Amin in big give them access to DNL ninety do it that they you know I. Giving them access to the bad result in more questions be deemed to have regular letter today they had once questions palladium. Get bigger just sit there simple queries then. I'm up. We have one more question of the microphone. Over. Time. This will Alexy rub against quest to make us a view area Liberia but united threats I'm Anna did this again a spender read it well. Ten will Grammy thing about the sector while the lira period experimenting with the natural language query system. And arsenal and I think Davis I think what will it requests. That you know you have a question one would quickly be next month what are what likely market. It's error in the news Davies sue you but grapple stop outpouring. And that obviously leads to some if you look on our dear they're looking at what the results my question is. Ardery present time that you see two main natural language Q win a tie next level by BI Davies to. You just ask a question and end users can what what what I like markets and its bitter text based extra based on data. Ardery present asset. Ourselves onto northern we're doing actually with. Tax her speech these innovators into visual station one of these argue point two as a say if we. In cases reenter with a tax base is simply a statistic raid fastow. What's the average temperature Norway 10 July it could just tell me. But if you compare that to showing a graph that shows the trends of temperature over the course of the year. You miss all the or that of the contact the essence of the into a break. I'm here so motors of the quarter the idea what surer we're. I think giving direct interesting questions at times is actually what you want. By you mentioned yourself proprietors of working with a visual stationed NIQ data is as much about the answering of questions as it is coming up with new questions that you didn't know you had only started off doing. Air and often times I think that the ladder is discarded as well quite get the system just how many further into for the two questions I had. We're actually question the recession and maybe. Turns out of the now we suffers like the question is the insight brain it's knowing what attitude they know we're there wanting higher as get what you wanna have a potentially bold. Let me just go last year. Buyer but it's hundreds innings having come receipt with the leader. Over time that allows you to understand exactly what at which is what we're advocating for a sombre speech and faces. Anything is well. Share price at their teens and ended analyst at. Tap about natural language question and seeing its stock Raney said and how good if it had been don't doubt will determine the basilica Angeli. But it's just an extension to their work that we're doing announcing. Those questions is indeed going to. I mean I just happen. Seen. Company owners to know it's gonna get anything could be at some point it's get away with innovative new. You have to have I don't. Now adjusted. Did indeed an underlying principles before anything can do that so sure what we'll get they've ever seen anything remotely close. Europe is right now. Well we're just right yeah there's a means that the as a space for a. I've got a job and a four part solution you know who knows maybe none of this struggle here what what instrument. Because what's in his able don't understand massively dessert find friends and them it's during personal lines soaring. Warren knows use an individual what you're probably after a natural language so that's a kind of part of an efficient market. Sought after use are deciding what do you use the machine that understands corporate form. I think that among a lot flattering thing will find it Madison now. In banking kitchen a lot of taxes so it's not a marketing at this was so up because people were talking about what's coming this is definitely coming. It's coming flattering enables thing. And local sector yeah no you won't. I repeat but I don't know whoever of the majority attack we'd actually use Watson as the key aide who want to work versus that's painful but veteran. Sorely make another Iraq fatwa analogy here. Unstructured day. In either 90% of the dealer partners on structure meaning it's not and so will walk wire dealer base amount that the portals today gonna can be structured in news. Massive massive amounts of the people want that you see these two coming together Ghana will rise that. That mark resolution of Dave Harrison has insured amount politics people we're gonna start building this. What's the analogy it wasn't long ago that togetherness your from a computer you perhaps a redwood door mirrors hell one on big box is very. In the river unfortunately I do from now on you know what our houllier was much computing power is your main frames so what's going to happen. And that analytics is gonna come down over what will people it'll be on Smartphones. We're in the near future vehicles. So I think all this is going to happen faster than we think in northern will still be jobs. For a view. It's mainly due ask a question didn't you get answers that is a cycle of lower rates go before you head of practical very which has great. Now tell blowing doing ten seconds the Nader in two cents a just as hard questions is so I think question you obviously have a more complex stuff yes. The machines characters and original point sealed.