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Too much Data, not Enough Insight! - Jerry Joyce, SVP - New Business Development, Wiland



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Wed, 8 Mar 2017|

Jerry Joyce, SVP - New Business Development, Wiland


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The money is jury Joyce now what we're coming col why when. And like to introduce myself that way because I don't think many view if any view of bird of Y one before. We are twelve year old organisation. I've been with Y 147 euros in my background as per bring down imminently retail so I can remember. Sitting in eni won out 24. And thinking I was crafting of the marketing we award from home shopping network the time. Now as the marketing we Ferrara and Q pain management tool so we develop him and actually get away and a sequel queries rather fun stuff. And accuracy of this mean going. A crap I'm sitting in needing thinking about the yeah. Why is it's important I don't really like this this is today it's super boring and try and act fast weight I doubt we'll do we might change but. And how funny the world works rates sell come full circle I've been in the daily industry every sense. I ended up logging yet brain itself that build the marketing campaign platform help large the internal work with experience in a request. Now space marketing now while in the and a manager sales team that was given the forcing out in the Europe Africa so were fairly new this space and am a case saying that because. This is the fifth space their company has done into we started in cap larger retail. In we began the Downey gets decent light in the publishing after their. Damage that's based much and now craft after their out ownership from on the personal services so. We're excited about the deal that we bring to you as couple themes that I heard throughout this week. Want to make sure I caught faults correctly. Sell and gone old score here and like. I think it was Emery who said shear indeed a crisis companies which don't always have the right treated do you sell. Themselves I think that's a really. Great kind of description for a wipe out all we I would just acquire credit doubt based acquire a database structure started in 1990. Wine. With experience at sunrise level its current drawn in different reiteration zinc lead underwriter said for twelve years. PGA from our CI tucked in the first session about how Upton is Asian. Was accounted apex. Of Dili usage rates so was predictive analytics as number two on his big chart and after the station was at the tie up. We start in cab white. They have to be the most sophisticated people listed because their advertising means is the most expensive the second most expensive advertising advertising medium. Direct to consumer is print first has telemarketing. So prep pasta beat you -- know your numbers that it's amazing airborne Hauser certainly engineer reason to request pushed back half penny. That cast need had a 97000 dollars and profit. So I'd just find that. It's somewhere so definite we have to mean those numbers very quickly. So what we do while ending how does that work wonder why keep through kind of a little bit of that calibre of the key certainly have a worst case study infrared view. And essentially. I love this slight get my marketing help me put together because this discount like arrow on personal. Jury rate sell. Arab feel like me but my greatest strength asked that doubles as my greatest weakness I happen to be my boss tells me there Stanley genuine person. So which is great if I like you. Kazan and genuine eager to help you and me you were given a fight go away huge bets Philly heard from the sale stamp white. If it's hard indeed rate sell out somebody else can't that person company. And just came out I do that. Sell so I'm skip some slides for a specific time. As we started in the travel space we really kind of understood. Didn't detail were rob misses the outside deeper rob this isn't necessary that do that you're cure yourselves. This day that's available on the marketplace freedom where average in multiple capacities you know overlay at building miles or. Some sort of progression in Norwich help you you can balloon. We break them up in the three levels. Capacity. Interest in purchase intent. Into gas he would appoint you in the right direction fuhrer a tore our traders selling 10000 our tourist. You want to make sure you touch people were wealthy enough to afford Europe Taurus your attention or compass a Spanish debt. 50% plus of women's revenue was from time ships. I was fascinated me. Because we actually does the first place we started in travelled traction with doubts did start. But dead this off self report it's been around for fifty plus years it's been used to down from Madeleine Stowe point 430 plus years great. Just computers need to come around. And then there's interest love audit which has. Well agreed here. After cop in the channel space intended of people raising Europeans used to Lisa baby here would take your leaving -- I'm interested in golf things like that. And then there is purchase intended now while we're interested in clues click stream sought from the account ten that's a staff. And then there is purchase intent in this is actually what you spend your money good using a pause go off our sense cameras issue with. And someone in the room. Who owns a golf course got resort innocence so you and I both weight off works well as the same age we've actually as a local sustainably to me how we. Pre course has seen among money. What's different what's different is that he spent 7000 hours and cost categories last year over. Between magazines and buying clubs in shoes and greens fees and members and so what and I spent 700. Who is more likely convert to a golf offer. He does that mean. Does that always just Yassin L it's really kind of a level set of Coors most likely to purchase for a meal was most likely come back a who was best in my company I'm man for the sake of offending a lot of people like apologise and the dot Dimon that member steel out of Hilton's. So they know they don't have to market to me I feel we're five's near the end so it's brown it's easy for immediate liking must make our money travel. And so ultimately. You know they don't they they're going to one more dime members for what kind of transactional characteristics July exhibit in order for them to go back to their. Fill in -- down members and scored at Fallon said he visa people and I needed I need to really focus in and I need to projected future value. And I need to help honesty and collided investing or for that matter who I don't have to invest rate to sometimes the out a sedan of that equation is true. Do waist line marketing spend and talks it really don't. In you know could double our going to be loyal to your brain. There's a quick see apple kind of how we work we bring listed in. And the skip all this slide pretty quick. We trends we've added we normalise Bette Davis stokkie I IO global services this is. 4680. Strode UK rate debt down. So actually met dress. Again in so my transactions error tight dead in an hour minute and an analyst nature we will bring brains in the brand name we we can now analyse the brain. But we bring information from across the consumer spectrum publishing now traffic cap or large retail. Saw direct mail. Consumer services home services personal services so everything front. By windows inside them your home too shabby for a golf Braddock said Dick's Sporting Goods. We break those down in its views so the merchandise is broken down skew so we can be quite the picture. So little bit of indeed it's like we have about eighteen billion transactions and added this. N if any you are embers and prior members you know looking Amazon does this in turn away and error on studio eight retaining make a purchase every ten new built through their web state. We're building out there using machine learning an artificial intelligence in order to generate. Who what they're gonna recommends you next what does what those display ads are gonna show up within the Amazon's here. While gets to do that outside consultants or by pointing that did this but this is the around by the way. From mount from must now practised and points is some Stanley one day said. So the question so hearts of the planned relating it sued the bank case study infrared view. This is this is how it works and this will reduce Ford Taurus which isn't in front view and we we get specific we. Because my marketing departments a good market environment they picked. Their adventure travel to cap profile on the CZ apple buy it can be used for a lot of different experiences. You'll see that were C and they give the reasons why people travel. I think it was. PJ that Asa type about. Our CI has a difficult time understanding. Which resort somebody's gonna go to next. And now we're at around their what are they want to do here. Why why are people going to Europe facilities why the engaging with what experience are looking for. They spend their money in their personal lives to get that experience. To generate that my boss of avid hiker and climber. I kind one man had been at do again. I like to fish he doesn't Columbia need to sell jacket seen Jack get the needed Titus very differently. We get charming images of people climbing and time hybrids for protect me get pretty at 15000 you know 40000 C I don't hear. Picked yet put down him into new fish in. You know against him the information so we version eight is Jack has been protecting. The same holds true for travel. At the family of three children we take family vacations. We're very into their can have been together add each. That's the kind of be spent my money out a lot of athletic equipment while outdoor activities allowed things like that so I have a specific unique transactional foot. So this is just an exempt all this is. This is chicken in QM and they've purchased an adventure travel to a from dairies company Yuri. Sense that did FF BN resilience is C around system. Two YO and if it's digital that's already tag and we are did get out. As ever Texas depends on how idea about how Kim energy for us bad we can bring half white and winded into their. In the debt marketing Internet digital loop so that we can capture whether somebody's calling in and and must give their slide is as boring. Self say. So anyway these services were what we do this yes we bring in. Jim in. Sell they have purchased recently. M hightower received trips out a peril they literally purchase outdoor apparel and our database from a 333300. Customers of urgency that before. 3300 marketers. That contributes to a year. They've recently we purchase from hiking climbing categorically subscribe to magazines that. Tend to focus our high end travel that maybe they don't need to see here club organisations are environmentally friendly. Big US and demographics we do bring demographics of interest and sort of me into their. The F up for high frequency of orders were financed pouring its category so what does that mean. Dell actually builds and mathematical algorithm. Net outgrow the predicts response is find out transaction footprint you know goes scores of people who now get their customers sisters and acquisition example. So we can find the primary target the secondary target in the tertiary targets for for an this for a Geary. So he can go out and do digital display can do direct mail campaign you can take guard against. He can stories dealer base a lot of use cases I run down physically get carried crazy. Cerberus. All page special items had myself one quick slide was there need Dennis horror giving doesn't have to be everybody. Turning can now be Geary individualised. To the person you wire two involved. Which maximises your marketing spend maximises Uruguay minimises your waist. Idiot is you keep yeah it's. There's a lot of different experiences. That can be built into this program so things like experience. Golf romance. Adopts cruises I think if things like club member of beaches at places like dad but. I get because I'm talking. Gag you know wire advertising for various packages some of which completely irrelevant. And some which are really really go ahead. So just depends. And what period how they're using my information. But that's just kind of how can be used. Again going through the use case anywhere starve them but experiential travel customer segmentation we type like about this week about lifetime value. Gas are rumoured lifetime died twenty years ago to card companies. Some summer changes the summit things stay the same. Rate. Boiled tea experience in so people who want to find more oil to customers customer acquisition prediction of future value. After as a nation are for a segmentation into my favourites you know. What are offering and give to people what do what they need to be spire in order to be done enough before we mile basin that are for a I needed to are the smart people on this forum. That a mile reflects what you build up as a better might just a matter that my team goes back. You know if you wire ex customers in you have white customers to going to be hard get X customers. Because why doesn't look like acts. But if you had some acts customers one more X customers. And you can golden mile they can find is the behaviour of those customers are creating a refine more than. Additional therapy for a bolstering the tore out rigorous beast lead optimisation. And for those for an I consumption hotel space win back. So re activation as which has Cobb and other markets. So really what we're doing Huron travel is bringing ardery industry or other industry efforts that they've been doing for many many years and success what those and bring airman of the travels.