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How to maintain High Revenues and Profitability when Supply outstrips Demand



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Wed, 8 Mar 2017|

Scot Hornick, Member, Board of Advisors, Professional Pricing Society


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Room one year of three very key messages I think are really important. Four when European keying you know the supply market but posters know the real competitive pricing environment. You may think you know what but he sure you know it occurs there's a wild crazy stuff that people do when supply. As a binder in customers this year so be sure you know the real competitive pricing environment in don't think there. Arm. Everybody's going if you unite. I can tell you that some companies sort of think about it like that the British forces are vulnerable missionary war hero nuance and America's. You know the far it was a cricket robbers. Grubby collars to be hiding around in the look Forrester in taking part charter of wallets that there are nice people roles. There is so competitive pricing dynamics victories sort of an awful lot like parole or for a either second thing is no way to do competitors actually matter. In win de mare in the bookings to Europe and how much they matter relative to the other competitors. And then finally know how to play the game and our toppled but more about what I mean and that enemy at so we're gonna put page. Of one time to think that Trace trends currency has pretty much given in the travel industry. Are predicting the really a mere. If you could see the numbers on a duck UK and but if you see the numbers in Dag rid. This are our operators. Are different. Configurations. Curve keep being. You know renting some bank OK. And if you'll look at the numbers indeed you would see their you know may be if I was around something Rahm. Temporary dip temporarily appeal to a 49 dollars or by rented it from alive until eleven I 57 dollars. A for a relative from tended to hear and I Akayev 57 dollars but that in very determined early. That's a 110 dollars cheaper roughly right. Now you can actually soccer's makes sense emea was probably now. Buy it makes sense if you reward the still sure there's way. In caps for us first Amir and in her book supplied market. So don't presume price transparency is there just because Europe you're fighting white cotton and you know way year. White gave average imperial sort. OK next me who worked. Even if you have a relatively simple pricing structuring and pricing you rooms either have power or things like that. Arm you can find their that a tall wire of activity going iron with in the day. Within the day of sharp. This as an illustration shows very dramatic fluctuation of prices. Across very short time scales if you look at the axis aerosol right forget I think people like seven days some bank. And in each day there's something on Europe thirteen or fourteen different sharp's. Ian you can see how dramatically appraisers are swinging all over the place has people are playing games where it up or shut times of day and sell. Those Banja stock risk like real consumer dominion. OK because clearly consider the men doesn't vary dad dramatic way with and a couple hours. But what did you reflecting stirred years. Upwards to quit slow pulp prices into the market in a conceal and prime your competitors so where. That you know. It's not wait as transparent as you might say if you the next button police. The that Bob I'm wine hero is that you've done imagery havoc a robust competitive intelligence function. And that you're a competitive intelligence is now presuming too much are well. I'll point finding other primary competitors because if you don't really understand. How they're finding you could be getting crushed. As the old saying if you don't know who the fissures that the proper table. It's probably year. So that's what's in the Berra might net beach police. The other thing is that. We what's really understand pricing environment we've gut to use. That the massive amounts of data that I control while big idea I'm sure it's been mentioned quite a few times Europe. Our coupled with machine worrying techniques to actually measure our customers react. To operate seeing N how how accurate clients a competitive pricing of the emea page button Europe. Yea you know these numbers Urich about a process that is kind of tell us which competitor most important indifferent booking regimes for. That the guys were the big Europe absolute value numbers are more important you know by the again though what's the guy's alerts important. And then ultimately work there's does as a Kana allows us to come up work better active competitive price of the bottom again. And then that writers say into nickel racked. And this was minus eight Caracas as something you can do with big day then machinery techniques you can type the word now and more competitive price spikes. OK and that's what comes out of that. So. Building nurse actually quite as a continuous cycle of measuring about optimisation innocently crow call. In terms monitoring and monetising Europe customers' willingness to pay. In the current tax that differ competitive pricing environments so personally credible. And a couple. Companies in the past dice this was doing things like their us what a lot of times there that using shimmering techniques figure out that that. Dad you know customer willingness to pay in in price last askew with respected by competitors. Next. So arm it turns out though even if you had sort of speak up more pricing. You have to concern for what the competitors next Moussaoui Kurds. What we've found is that merely competitive tactics are based on straightforward 11 matters of competitive brace themselves. Actually lead you into silver. Spiral upward spiral down till chasing the new era is over in the market. The other thing assert you alive until you're buying there. Sometimes your competitors lose something really crazy or just tanker rates and unit and into that everybody then jumps up bridge together because a lot rob Bakley buying into other operating here grew that's. Anyone unlucky at Boeing. I don't like India the kind of build business Rawls and to prevent that behaviour. But the rules themselves can oftentimes have unintended consequences things where you put in a raw that's does OK while going up. You know tracks us compared over almost daily do something that's so extremist could be deemed a crazy move they jump up opera which. So this beacon and a wide job of bridge just as my brain dead. So role I don't ignore them. But then. When they re said the pricing to a more reasonable well according to my business rules now points doubling that ignoring them anymore they find them so they come operator I got that. Rate because suddenly I decide that the right crazy. The just a great point limits of that that can lead to some kind of corporate be here is the buyer whiners there. If you get one again. You ruling garlic and have you done apply interactive viewer revenue management to of Warwick. Natural bad outcomes that can happen do with the iroquois between. Euro now and in Europe can categories re tactics so. But seems a rolling important I've seen a maverick Kossuth henin has been very same talk much. But Ross Roy charging so I year gonna chest about.