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Wed, 8 Mar 2017|

Scot Hornick, Member, Board of Advisors, Professional Pricing Society Angela Wu, Director of Revenue Management, W Hotels"


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Minutemen to bogeys. Himself. Activity. Just follow because it may amp. And there is a itching to try to give dad African T up even if there doesn't mean total revenue will go well needed. Issues and that area. Which act well from absolutely am aware of Canada that its first mark. I think a lot of the tells these upset issues that are emea sick leave it dispassionately and you know. A lot of told Ari during the night the present at and T at an impact in a goal from 27 points. The absolutely only slightly during the problems more so that even at these levels or better not concede at all that I actually goes away. Am so there are hotels big bucks atop that are obsessed with its peaceful so again I think it's building the expectation rate and it's nonetheless set. Four African teaches growl in a period like there's. And if anything with new contracted areas and break get my specific situation actor had areas where pricing at 50% of my sign rig. And also their pricing although my cast ratified around her as somebody might know weaker class enacted here extremely high ams are operating costs extremely high. And so there actually going to a point that actually kept even dolby does I would even lose money by selling Averell. I'll which has a ridiculous situation. To GM Brinkley. I think. The thing is to double the expectation and also to communicate with average than finance if you know I think you're gonna decline in occupancy rate accent out in your forecasting. A decline in the revenue. And automation and staffing appropriately for the occupancy levels are meant any so that extra savings can have their own ad from inexpensive way. And you could sign now with the winning story. You know your percentage well aren't profitability being maybe even better. Your every year that's hanging maybe you're on receiving Greece situation like this. And also for my situation daily hour is gonna go up because iron. Losing. The total business and we're using as the price sensitive as the people that we're choosing the deal so I can no longer be the deal. Because so many other hotels back fill that gap. And sell maybe years actually if we did because of losing will we expect it not because I'm growing raids and individual we buy it looks. Yeah exactly. But Anders ending their. You know that's the new normal when you're doing some taste testing as well they're. You know our if you give us war resent years on that getting incremental business units and turnaround. And Walter had high end whether there's. Our hope yeah I'm coming to that it has lost one thank that you know all while what we traded doers teak of them yes. Ended gut feel away from the you know the commission was on my you know we should you know try to. Match competitor axe whatever that years and say OK well. What's was actually qualifier. NCE. You know from our Brooke Russell masters these same oil prices at least ten point has actually hot wheels car. So I think understanding that well nothing you can analytically to be able to to make a decision by the Iranian Vulcan Barack's wife Nancy. Is not important and you know fortunately there are techniques work very well where it got. Massive quantities of data that we're pleased we were collect it now. We worked for a life time pointing in there was sort of falling out the back end under the flooring giving you know washed away by. Do we said women at this has actually rolling over what's what's the board going to measure. Society saying is that in game. In the industries are gonna work somewhat minor points have succeeded in higher utilisation because you always fix that you know how many you really easy. In the roper reports. It yourself cards in the new year reviews current us some. You know new you know removed occurrence rate is obviously. Rhythm. In May so that's a three. You know tall. Ensor. You know well what happens. You know I see what happens rock businesses access to worry about management team over fixated the other where. They're giving fixes done you know. Revenue predate which has likely Yahoo!. Any news you give exceeded our. All while. By after hour while starts to become a problem that active you know you've been running close actually think Europe's might. Staked out previous market thing. Yeah. Is her value as entering into the hole river management picture of the spot. It could be anything but food breakfasts yeah I'll buy one get one as a working in revenue management so. I'll say psoriasis is important. For. You know discount brands actually. Yeah sorry sales as protesters cells of the current people buying insurance products. Any seeds whatever. It was a huge current the you know revenue equation so. We not acted dead end. Rahman our revenue management standpoint so we always consider what remarks as originally. Farmers export sales were actually a rubber mat offering up our models were made when we were looking at that situations. Very important. And something that's actually. Yeah within reason. Pretty easy to come moral. And informacion way I'd say. Forster hotels and the most is advantageous. Position from a value add standpoint we still charge for Wi-Fi. And practices now free. Can sell buyer at bring those things reservoir I paid 35 dollars retail true market pretty easy. And slavery should fresh write under. How for a back fare so well that is huge. Class my and that you know doesn't happen perhaps that's something controlling and quickly and that's difficult because. While customers expect that especially in. We do our value that's from the packaging standpoint Alan and adding I'm exceeded our estimate for many minor with my marketing teams. Discount the progress. So any time. We're putting our alone read a well promotion mixture that is aggressively visible and marketable and don't just come just to discount no longer afford. Just how just as the price has changed our G every just how we are actively marketing strategy. Am sell quite packages we're looking at doing now Corinne premiership with. Summer tie up with actually have recently that point of interest and partnering with well call and Wenger the one well tailored grey now just in the world patented power. And that has marketing clout indeed cases of their own and doing collaborative efforts that packages like. I was wondering about the then be time period that you avoid the product you're looking out you had other ways of estimating the artist of the year that ended utterance. Yeah I mean we're we're actually commercial car not a demeanour wobbles reacted. Opera you know were. Matters number deal points of the day's events of a pick up. End would have to see you know how each of the confederate spreads variations was correlated that. So we use you know Phillies as you know deal mining techniques to understand that. But it did too much detail but it's. It's doable. A. A lot of that presentations. That's a there's a bit about what personalisation and trying to attract individual customer is Intel. Any sort of that kind of like that is attracting young blood soared becoming wamu is more work give raises your rate now paid about what. One other banks that users don't legion does industry who were so little retail bookings are. DOC as did you know have a bureau of battery purity so genteel you know is good operators do well. Did you cab upwards through the years the all of our forecast an agreement poorer we're Toro power like cells per hour. The media so that we could work you know to them from. Various channels. And you know current merger how people respond we've tended to group pointed channels together well input of imminently get as opposed to looking at individual. Customers. That would have been an interesting thing to do. You know for sure we do mark a merger with respect to different way to keep pounds so it's becoming a salary. Cubic foot seven loses difficult for a summit coming and a Tuesday human interpreted this great story we did our wounded in that way but we don't look at individual wal. You know did show. Snares. I'm really behave onetime society view of another time because just maybe racecar to restrict ads. You know so you know we we we're worried just aggregate value of warrants warrant coverage customers. Just add individual customer tracking and a single probably love Ireland is not always is a factor because their weekly customers we have we. No there repeat customers under really. Siegfried repeat customers that we can. Free marketeers from Pepsi and right. Garde you slide suggested it still tracing. Was a bear thing. But what I wonder about is. We are white or avoid this campaign we wanted discounts with providers I've learned from our N ensor what does that actually mean well what we're deserted the most effective. Discount technique. Dead. They were key thing. Yeah I'm you you know certainly you fewer competitors. Are even you can get away was operating a while parents or its. It's it's out of question if you think that the year oversupply condition is only a plastic urine you think you've got. You know better artillery the new cup petition does and bail means that the big guns in you know reduced operating. Arm I sit there. Forum. My. Areas once you get that's up an industry. It's pernicious as sticks around Hawaii time and people property trying to innovate in any and ultimately are doing is keen you know so what's back to a consumer so. I think it's ultimately a bad habit. To the yen Ender or take. You know Europe knew that there. If you if you coming I'm relying on greater transparency your best furthers that view that as a short term tactic as a person as personal lines and strategy because they've. Worried term you gonna make. The shouting dangerous room hindsight truckloads a robbery wealthy you got into. Mexican Suva as the most money and you pointed. Decrease your brats he when you do stop press now. You know intra reserve. Just telling whether progress that's correct. You know create differentiated in of that product arena rock pop product that doesn't include three mile much like so many of them do today. So it's OK your average it frisbee catching press. Buyer area paid for miles. A gross number or are poorer. You know you wanna have. But a cheap price just why not give us your credit card numbering commit with a pre payment you know what unions do right. As opposed to of you know. Everybody gets actually right so sensitive prior right alarm. You know have a pass we targeted through certain channels do particularly process sort of customers. I'm raw opera companies have those partnerships orally debut that was still have to shut those partnerships to. But bill least bit. Nearly gates that the move aspects of this the sort of just scanning bracing. Just pick those up and a discount price. That occurs. That's when that guy gives up Spirit Airlines flight so that's for the ruling Tivo guy that's gonna come tonight our no one industry give image you present because. I don't think undergoes a market that spreads. I want give wine that. To vote for a start pricing now if I hope how long does that it's every week during the might get and that other hotels are following their pricing. I think that's the best defence mechanism. To list all Asia Europe Trace more competitive leave power. But also that you're not dragging down the rate of the market because everyone's fine just how. Some are very labour intensive to sell oil likes doing everything for some key hotels it's important third degree that release should. To do it channel specific staff already do a pretty tolerant. Over. Actually personally don't have them where to do stuff for not doing very rarely maybe initial claims Jewish. Jin is toy time in days shut heavily sell horror as a large cap so that the time do great things I'll have to manually process we Chris. It's past time to be done for labour do you know people that do protest the debt net. Preachy here. Commitment to the costs. The wait for me. There was a lot of talk about dot law you place. Bill wasn't that supply is wrong with the men just dropped. And we've professors from Cornell plumbing ensuring studies. And everyone was saying if your lawyer price normally get them back. What in your particular situation in the Lawrence Tommy a market start. I think the concern was a worry that the Obama understand why braces have blocked. In you just gonna be committing suicide by keeping your braces off their I'm having you understand well. Juliana palm alarm what your prospective there's. Chew. Meyer pressing for last he has been due. Major units yet not drop your re three have to face comparatively a yeah I am. Duhalde's higher end do nothing. It's more about an hour. Unnecessarily. Increasing aggressively. Gaps until whether that's only pressing aggressively for a short period of time from the time sales. And pushing products. From that wave poorer. Discounting you know maybe on the back and a lot of it more until area and am glory good reason why you normally when that will securing a sellout rather than. And potentially hefty having to discount last minute. When that happens it is common because booking trends change. That's so you know took a lot of the design your brand and what kind of a premium brand corporate tax and you know other Russia unite seem pretty stark differences between different brands as that I happen you know charger. You know I've seen. Staff or you can have a brand that wall that turned you know I think Eudora Dave gross premium. Now on the guiana and really reasonably cheap rain so that's something alright. There are other brands as just recently can sustain a premium. And it you know assess whether. You know since broken market ties to distribute primarily through you know tomatoes thirty channels. Which by away view it is a hostile either themselves or grass by. Changes in merchandising. Towards term. Moreover pure price war into my unpublished kind of backtrack on now and then start in things like customer reviews using that term. She offered the display sequence when winter fuel prices we're sequence and you know do away with. You know cyclical areas that were up to a full opera merchandising. I was actually pretty bad for a you know brands they had little recognition in a just complete commodity player which we you know we have to brands like that. We you know. I would those brands you you gotta be in the mix. Guardian makes you. Yeah you know expected same brown because you know. No. You know when when you name suggests certain cheap. Then. People expecting it to be cheap. And I know I know there's like all other. Means rock or bidders. As the subject to just keeping us. So if you over. If you know one of those names whom you probably need to actually be cheaper reward one business. Any ten point two Q and you just clients today. Well if you have. If you have a prior right no adjustment process defends their brand premium them. By army T shirt Indian reader credibly we didn't redeem a pro tolerance assay. Newcastle resulted. That's another avenue out of touch. I have a question about the hotel operating runner retail side we see hotels coming in with your do have a ten or 15% discount. And owls wonderfully good Loring brace 10% and the so there's going to be some spill over because everyone a figure now. There you proud buyback yes you have to improve Huron number of normally our occupancy knights buy like 15%. Ever even been ripped about the in the first place forget the work embarked. Do you know of their 15% as a real number. On what is really experienced a neck as it seems. Counter productive wiretaps. Alba ever backed may discounting with the providers and its lack. About. Dragging incremental mark the mentality is pursuant. So again you differences salvage. Pound for every can because now doing that discount Amazon are gonna get you the occupancy. It if England reach Euro requires some a lot of marketing to drive them. So are. I think that the discounted or when we're well liked and we apply those discounts are unfair for a away just need to cultural and eight. So it is incremental funds that sent me.

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