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Increased Optimization of Hotel Performance with the Help of Advanced Algorithms



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Sun, 4 Dec 2016|

Fabrice Otano, Chief Data Officer, AccorHotels


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Well I think that you do to refuse or for ethical tone from. This is bourbon brand portfolio for accountant who amended law beholden. We have recently acquired are free China from twelve point two helps. Which divides are very reform proves on the luxury car segment but you've got period trenches different brands. Up three years ago all armed. Our president and C a and by the way I think voters and fuel is a slew of different. In terms of sponsorship. Arm. When you talk proper review or responsibility for did in the cotton ground. And which impose a digital care. The digital plan awards. Is in the twin half. And so to a different descriptions you've got one on markets. Whom we can build on its caviar I'll tell our. Different chart of comp originals and prices around now plant in blue on blue route weaves truces regression line on. So. Our Sorkin put him as a digital. Down change its executive commented Jim. Supports digital soul who have had. Five. Simple always regional response written a report on chain management. And in front of its operations. Uniquely. Jordan river bridge loan which is the student or do tune. The difference. Responsibilities of marketing. I'll Selz. Digital. I'd. And it. So puts the data. At a certain level. This is still pursue more of the snow. So my position today is in it is. Our indicative correction of a fifty showed a percent of a lot of ghosts or I can interact with them and and approach. Upon a bit problem. For every. Part of the company. Slightly odd position I've got is a team of approximately. Facility of 100 guides. Coming from the guy coming from the two Korean from a revenue management. And we've created a awful because sentenced to. And we we've made the buy votes. Who've seen you know round. The position to and I think. You've got. All people work or about analytics. By the distance revenue management. Our in the Bill Brock all the people bidding within their data and an inherently directly with. Business performance manager in the businesses and that's why tin mills reflection data pitcher Livan. Businesses and we've got. A corporate marketing and Serbs who comes to do so we're able to drug driven down by the business options now hold chrystia. The ones that. Arm and the guards Barbara wrote him because we've got a huge infrastructure to deliver which has centralise which is. Competitive advantage. If it becomes in the same or some. Data. Intrusive putting insurance. I've got the central global automotive group in the forum. Off for a food manager has all around the world saw we've got to hold thousands upon terms of an image with 100. 1000 Farooq a written evidence. 25 originals our real. Umbria and manages about eight billion euros. Of business volume. Told not what who would really gonna do. The vision is that icon most of the comp the data driven company. No knowledge of the to change the culture and the culture is its essential by the bitter but what sort of you laugh. The total customer value because we've been done we began our customer centric. Company. Much more than importers and we've got operations but in the digital camera want to do customer oriented. So hard to roll event you focus. To do so all three severance. To do is focus on the merger ferrovial. The metaphor for a blue ribbon. Are hard to a large or better capabilities. Insist not on move. Technical. Abilities. It's also hard to do well to secure its offer to fall. In the hope for a pot were in the businesses in the countries. To access the better to be able to. And allies delivered another volley on the verge on reports always has through the decision to through. Announced the sort Peru's armed with that to be more primitive because if your relative. Rewards will light years for a decision on the future. Over just wonder to smoke so is interpreted because times are changing very fast and marketers. Changing very fast but. We tried to do it almonds are. The raw bar. We try to minimise do more while. Just DoubleClick will go for a better environment well one. Don't want to bother and risk determined that. Regard everyday terms in order to merge. And the tolling distributes a predictor of sort individual agreeable to cross all the data from distribution from finance. From a presence. From the Brookings. Bestows. You're long. New challenge is to go or at all better. Which are useful. And is not so complicated to two together data from the two bids as quickly as. Saw which one hour boasts. Which one Arba and restore a more useful for us. Ensure they cut this quite complicated tool managed data problem. I'm one of my biggest issue today is hard to make sure that free Hooves. Come on referential wants all of the company. Partly made up I'll come on language. While preparing between different businesses. And this is changing the country. On. Just have a quick look at birth. On with something which has little problems Hart who handle. Regions we've gotten reviews from the hotels. Remote water lines or revisions in both sides like should provide some supply at Reagor a lot of things about what turns and customer. Risk with. Regard of course Altman auction problem we've got. Five merely on customer as. No through fifteen million customers in golden. Arm. Answer entrench a proven management of course we do although. They perform oral growth. Wrong because of the difference. Palm from. Or anything over veteran revolt from together belong in availability repressed. Which has not in the goodness that the evidence to that data about the Brooklyn. What issue of the data about the availability requests on all sides. Idiots did issue in the events. If you are convinced our entire agenda bridge. So we've this data what would review. And consider important. White tunics mixed between Redmond injuries. And determines the best interests we lose all the ditto on the company was Bhutto was different technologies. To excess. Problems warrant to sue who we've got so controller distribution. Rules or. Insurance or our. Advertisements language news service. For for a custom. Our and we lose my post footage and double productivity position. Much more of the move to resourceful witnesses amendment OK so what who want to do is. I'll Tribune poll. We took him. Some through. OK for a similar period. We want you as the armed. Already driven four guests first so rude you've got huge competence and but hot which can predict the demand. Losing control of the times. And is it picked up more bids. For example renewals. About one million what went well formerly known of events. Don't want we forum for numerous events in the vitamins and we're able to calculates what. Is in backed off huge events on demand for curse of niche products. Is that the sense. Or does not reflect. Both bidders. Reviewer who are a saw a vote. Really need to request Rugova restore. Some short amid a crude use. About a lot of us went from different tests. In front of that. Really lose events in the ticks. To enable. All the different steps. Operatives emerged. Just isn't true of the go. Reworked just we're just to focus on the third richer and the third royals for. 115. Or science. Bookings predict. Not oath refocus on the all consumer genetic it's about six in millions. New directions. The we were able claims. Every. To understand what happened with a consumer will along with just two. So always focused. That assailants. We're able to receive a clue what happened due to step. Up discussed in Madrid for example 400 steps. It's a big acquisition it's about this new position and Richard who determination before a report from our in the lives. What W expressive weren't sites. Really there's a lot for work this through this with such a good position Evans. With the forecast durable to research from glamorous modern digital marketing quickly where our partners. Who are that would tell us. Rhetoric. Why carbon time triggered the Brookings what time what I which has little time off lynch. Marketing digital component. To a few Indian terms what are we shipping markets. Put as components. Altogether. Reporter for clues on the right investment of rod and forward those wins a position towards. Are another one. Which has so interesting youths are. On proposals to. Are we try to interactive result customers tried to proposals. By control component. We conditions about what big deal. During investors not in the hotel but run into. So we have. Crunch. Though pointing futurist from job. And so what I'm Rhonda Mattel and cotton. Birch. Good customer preferences. Is the point. Found. What else customer satisfaction rodents. Are we've got our own. When Ford who is a project which is is to listen. Through quote likable project. It's oh cop killers of a digital car to a two products you've got on the for a confused when the customer rights. Report from afar. Inside what a customer. But. What we do is free in all. Something about him about what kind of preferences. Drift rounds in our growing roots in our forum what kind of friend who lives. We do on your or revisions were triple a sort of protrude Budweiser or booking that come reviews. For a Waterbury. Rebuttal. References. I do's. Sentiment. Fell on its performance. We we did we really do sentiment noses. To ensure that for a board to identify. Italy in the products. Were over three reverence. What interesting is the description of customer. And worked on through driver of rock is trying for this fiction. And women but it with three drain that is through red boxes. In the Germans. It is inefficient from different. And sort and sort of outsource some example footprint rumours that sends. The wrong road trips to. So wanted to present should try to use Jersey's. Driven pragmatic about what you're doing with adjustments one about the puts a lot of Berlin. And number one which has more. Which has a new project for us about the nature of a commencement. There's been demoted to a smaller than. I I've been working. With their TARP and the consumer market than. Forked removes I always tried to. During my clients do completion off what is the customer lifetime value later grew up know. Fractures of the first time restricted in depth. Food and it was a it is a quarter. Italy's arm. Butterball because we're in low so clients. Our management council of we're able to cope float which is we look forward revenue because a touch to the claims but also all the cars attached to its estimates. Our. We got from a revenue risk based on rule review notes total revenue code base and revenue. Well we've got through refiners and funds. Story you know what are returns here. Reports record third quarter of revenue for Rogers because the desk of the Brooklyn. We've got assignment revealed China's broke all we need to know about alternatives and generous. And Simmons and interest. Our. Still potential traditions and inventories because it's normal tools for a full all the costs because. Cost and restrictions please touch can replace AMOCO commissioner's. Quotas or not. Abuse with quotas so we're able to get our. Virgin America June. Do us from hold to prospective. Before all the commissions paid to which into such a rich and help. In the region proposed rule a total of for a spending. Is Houston approach rooted in non members and members often for the quarter. The value from maverick is there's 2.2 five. Times more important votes and remember. For respond. Items. That. So a home win that it's so reform the slowest of them Myers future. Is just the truth is real life. I realise this guy off of their time. Arm. I don't know if you see well both are already got fifteen pounds. And non cancerous. Drugs suits are. I was 615. Looms. Off working alliance. We've got rover Milan's one billion. First off from Britain's. All the calculation has been made by a nice France stock which is bitter or your pictures. And data management and adjustments will recommended for loses. If you document. So not accomplish and work went through ball from who stood out from. The experience. It. Once they own for a funding of the blue vote for literacy parades is immune you certainly do that. Nor closely will neutral. 35. Statements about our number stone which is driving revenue and so driving division of course. Can find out the best person. More. Our activities were risk more than twelve still is our print Euro I would Ruben Rivera who we've wrong. Four due time player runs the average. Refreshment drinks a keynote event right. But if you gore didn't look if you avoid. Deliberately riches that own. Or even went from a cheaper than from Anderson what's happens behind. And you're going to arguments. Cluster room. You killings of three is very simple our Oda resent the analysis is veteran Kelly presented by we circuit up. And yes it is fit my up. This is very heavy segment right almost absent but the turn into a different from your our. Segments. Where Africa letters and phone account. Presenter is so efficient growth segment. But more rain is tournament will I Vioxx. Driven by more weighted is the level of proof of information led to reconsider its leadership abilities. Paul Volcker visited a different number four tell us. Vastly different cities. Here so if it does not open up our bid did receive a lot a few else. Who drove an overall consolidated list due under assault. But every most of the Centre that can then there's that leverage bin. Reviewed sixteen different segments. And is not does for. Addition into doubt reward code words for what will score. Off are the customer. And then god of small item but OK. Just to avoid wrote yesterday that the market is changing faster and what's happened yesterday want want. To drive whether we happen. Tomorrow aren't really we're we're trying to do is go through shone on the short term just before prison. If their taxes includes some celebrity of the drug. We can take into account this kind of events of the real indulge the vision. Which is because less from the so older researchers here. You've got a difference our segments. And the soon. Publish you believe is the general offer broader. Referred to their room for a future loss. On which just. We've got a future of U. Europe. Book revoking fifty through a 54 Evans inventories to around 71 barrels you know. Ounce in the same time. We've got exactly the same profile of customer. They're kill bit excessive. Which curb the excessive is affected pigs can simplify. 52 thirds Euro. Different countries different iPod terms different brands. Our local announce opening a really notes at a relative activities and sold about ID number there. Attrition odorants. Are both minerals have no notes profits. Excessive sentiment you know we're gonna do what I refer McCain returns for concerned. Marks and you've got a problem right probably written vistas in the market there is investment of just. But the sub segments of excessive. Does more than twelve billion euros in their note to Michael Turner said. Segment so prof. What did happen and we women who went through Peru tour of the different. Overview our drivers to understand what did happen with those guys. And reduce the religious views beds. We hope that fans were remote able to reviewers that. That goes there are all best customers. With questions and while not for admission market emission. And loan mechanism of bringing a new bulletin remembering because we push a lot of free points. Because of problems bond grow as a WorldCcom bonds we provide a lot of kids and both guys. Understood what I'm tall. But a Lawrence. We don't believe in stone is a top talents and Edinburgh warrants warmer more than the current and bonds as a money. And the council. So does this Forrester precision. When a benefit on both go through runs through a good customer lifetime value. Delivers indication that cultural bargains is guys. Route was less onerous and from its. And forfeiture movement for rings we've got different perspectives. True true is because small item but. Saddam's case. And that for a bond documents that. Saw the no we took what for no regard. For Posen pointed out. Are we got brought flow through obscure Briscoe segment and the could. We don't car revenue management solution for withdrawing its do just of both solution market with an idea of a busy onerous. For obscure emerge. So we want shown a large golf improves to a off. Revenue managed. By a rudimentary and solutions so we're would have been in our solutions. Who asked. Not construe. Chen helped the group returns. I'll risk. Review management's I rooms. Announced to fill the removal in a note for a port chamorro's. What is letter of what. It's this argument to those of pressure rout was both price of course analysts have channelled through my position which has. For both real importance more than that because it is kind of returns. Told how review analysts. Announced. We provide them with for a conditions. And just to move to be sold conditions want to arm. Don't they confer. Saw off natural ritual that image among them have access to is for the militia original votes in the coming into the redemption. It was a computer change. Whatever. So this structural from the for a four optimise or are we regenerate a lot of their time had presented. Who do before from every hour and a lot of if toward data. Then regards. It was a told the Tokyo except on the different recognition. And down. We wish to pass a reversion system. OK saw really overall a difference. What then the term. Farm near term from our traditional. From the hotel for the division from the social motorist militants. We're putting it into our. Are. Our. Hot off of notre Procter rover a reporter rosary parochial attributable through to so wickedness of you know. And they're all over threw bricks and our continuous emission and demand for just. Are registered or down the strategic adviser at its measurement. Straw with rigorous of the the trilateral find out if this strategy are predominant. And we reduce rates as much as we live transmission. Then reports. The difference off the user to a supplement information repression. Were a Hong. Doctors or sell its. Also with the tribute not academic original. Our grant of simmer for which has really do part of the tourism. Renault sells for the forecast. Were tune re lose a lot of different. Uses for the reserves. Our written riveted to Europe commission that durable perform from Britain forecast of the as a strategy optimise or more as we define. The review this is the home constraint of two musician. Sufficient for the German management. So international for terrorism and restore the iPad or one routed through that birds are regrets through their suffered resigns. Pro store. True depth Europe across at a better and actual voter permission that is that are relevant our. Recorder data management around that restoration. Of just tradition but a protocol would have. The general services different growth. So. Are we cannot. 400 volt photos on different strategies so real blow that truly secure from simplifies the complexity. By Chris Liddell turns but we don't have to have been reversed by the solution not posters Richard Selby hotel wide usage. We'll turn around the airport a term of art on. Highway. A PO restore put on a bridge. That it's not all wrong. Business emerge within that the commission. We've we've tried to find out what other bottles of behaviour of the evidence. Then address the tradition. Arm for the revision I'll let you know if it's really mission money. And the fact is that talk validates. Because for us for a submission research and development wrote front but avoided project. Rigid home video man was just mission Maru two months. Reporting a role on one side and report a best revenue manager with his two room. Another sign and we build up our markets were down. Really knows really. As a can measure every every live its off market are there. Should we do surprises is over prices led to Leicester city and for the better. Of his. This originally as regulators were driven markets. Munger suspicion what is the results before we got a fair price. Dour review overall strategy. In the course of the June. Ounce though a chance to did you. Want to prices. Saw return or laid out and M a is a directive will verses blue through them OK. Now we're gonna throw more on the all too big to lose two to do better then who is like a clever about their own admission. As bitten and drug master of liberal game. Reforms before again were a reaction training mission with whom do. Bidders. Here and we do read through promoting the submission number that. And when the tone and better readers mission. The mission it works really evidence amassed about. What's more resilient against the average homes. Saw us permission to trim their horn. Off to use different games. To train on the visit schemes. But we really did. Mr. all would try permission I'd probably with the best reviewed management strategies but a small we've business. A market. I'm just notices big project. Saw off. Lot of people are now on board. But pleasantist. Guys from the data architectural under the Tokyo. Our huge project. Management run that. That said adjust to a tour and ridden region Putin strong. Resistance. This term offered reforms. Norbert LaSorda grooves or just presented before and we don't fall. Really show. The impacts of it is. Data strategy. Was in the for a so for those who works really Rios Chile we learn. We apply their principal flow for a four. Which has our road euros flu is most opportunity conditions. Let's look. My friends in the way around factories. I like the idea of of the objective to grow total customer lifetime value sticky hand up so people seen weathering the microphone you have to shut again. And urban. Are you looking customer lifetime value across the whole our core group or are you looking at lifetime value in the individual brands. So roll up across the across as a dancer but customers can draw. From sir Jim Rose for our business another. Prove a case YouTube checking back it's just a routers for account. Speaking. For Greece I am just wondering about that until a revenue items. In the reservation past. Where they eat you up demise. Of those items based on data is well what someone. Ravelling just moving the real price do you offer until the revenue is him a lot of credit year. Its total risk management we found. We review the president strategy and Andrew do we reduce flu crisis. So all along one to simplify watch forums including Lucas will remain fresh crude which has folks and votes. Will include reducing Britain's. And then. Incident binge a news ruins review became impressed. And I think bets are on on the basics approach in overall prices we kind of personal lines too much present different because. OK we've proven that depressing the share dividend for the next 405. Days. Deutsche to a point Sean types of the first rubber boat from the customers who were McKesson references. But. Really tried to the more correct term and Bristol-Myers. Addition along with jewels that Chris Maguire. As consumers remain under we've who consider performance review review but what we're kind of I don't can put forth in this position with us. Five and then there's a couple of quick question on slide though is. In your classification algorithms. For hotel ten for uses how do you define different clusters like aficionados. I think that means we're gonna fishing and are therefore one brand be defined as the same as aficionado. For another brand. You know stability quickly if measured as a multiple brands I'll watch it would literally you know hit number two official who was can visit different continents and different brands sort of problems brat real problems. Customer behaviour. OK and dispositions unions saw well. And we have to talk about our statistical models afterwards. OK and how how many people do you have working on on each project and for how long. Cathartic tackling different projects you hear us so we're we're we started to as a goal. By your position. And to align differently fall. Because of through the I was brand new that we as a going the company. Which was borrowed on one side was our basic video under the site. Finance form. In the studio through this so. Outside of the future. Sold for a six months of the tool. Put people to delivery and no one strategic but does turn around and my direction as the current route blood around a bit and citizens don't. Salt for a six must organise their own room energy for a quick rigs votes. And the fixed. While we try to listen hard to improve. Remove those financial loser in a room management solutions that we have no assumptions. And a real. Work about Spain presents. Etc. our. Own stock through one of the. OK fine. Ladies and gentlemen I think we ran out of time solar factories many thanks indeed thanks for great set.

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