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Utilising Data Science and Advanced Analytics to Drive Product



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Sun, 4 Dec 2016|

Charles Verstegen, Senior Revenue Development Manager, Transavia


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Sorin with an interaction off myself in the somewhere bitterness we. Where yes ferry airline oriented in the Netherlands both Rogers media and their background Caleb. As well so some years in the media answering of questions. But one of the block busters. In their virus like the voice of the dollar also going to ask questions for dinner that's not what is about today. This about how we use advanced analytics that. Data science. Do do bearer what you want the cost. I'm a bit airline bitter pill when you see that this is how Europe looks like right now business mother live feed but. If particular go to a flight trainer. You'll see something mobius and this has helped grow our. S basis of this moment by. Deserve something that there is service ruled a lot of movements and continuous pressure robots assess aliases or whose movements. Yes it was something special to bring the people on board offshore blame. Entity of 25 with competition commission ordered Google not to not a one. And dispose shortage of and through a college or for. Your glance travelling from Paris Amsterdam. I think from a B. And show on the call to Amsterdam or benevolence I think just on May twenty opportunities today with people out there from UK you're probably. I think between mailers among them I think every half an hour you can order so. Price only is not enough to bring people on board a flawed claim there's more need of firfer depth. The vale do. I'm merely shown some very concrete. Examples of things we're doing. Today and tomorrow of these if you'll see you tomorrow and the day after so provide the white bitch regardless of which look like troop increase. Hopefully inspirational for triggering now. Figures are down for people wells from people from the UK you might. Not motors over the twelve because the hardly fly bear remain you're flying from. Netherlands south Lawrence however. As a flex some or all subscribers who Helsinki. To a stock form. Do Eastern Europe. From various historical stock glossier could Dublin M among them so. Arrest fortunate that regional Europe is getting bigger. But there mainly in their Spain Italy to a serving both numbers and from various and we stopped last year in Munich before planes and a sister from Munich a lot of routes. Michael Canadians want for the north arrest or consult a fewer. We tribal skater suitors bidders which you are familiar with. Because that our flights. That it gamble every day. When you're just on the website for more on. One of the traffic size or whatever. We only have something like 5% of production left foot drop for business and adds. Flight production revival tour operator severed just request us. This fly on their day to depth estimation. Reseller for you. MPs to Europe specified there wouldn't fly limiting ourselves just for a referenced was two years ago. 3035%. What is what's the model with to a ruthless about how we. Rub together and going to join a bit more about that later on federal qualify about 220 routes more or less. Throughout I think said the are important. For you to know all. In contrary for the full reserve for the network area likely alarm we are local scarier. Which also means one pricing. Four people were the questions about that one. And city's bonus shares ferry port authority. Of our. Of our product Beasley. Rick gets a lot of attention M umbrella surely something's about that later on. Strongly represented in our markets our strawberry presented in the Netherlands from Amsterdam April Rotterdam. Where we're at about thirty if planes. Also own various for a French markets. Big but not the biggest and now France and restart of the extension outside urban markets in Germany. Does a role by the looks like we keep both offer Dell right now. And for the ones being curious about twelve million passengers a year before flying from age to be. This morning already Europe. The board should bring more of the demise registered to do burst were been known. As we talk about analytics and might have heard a lot of on the words today. We talk about artificial intelligence about. AI above machines remain deeply and in all the things we can do with fears about the rework award for Agile. Do we report product on the Cisco Marcellus although also thinks do we make something predict if or prescriptive or as a business descriptive. And we just continues to four things triggering. Of course we also a user to be reflective at etc. Etienne. You have to deliver something so opium fought today introduced. The skill from month to den. Not seen in years to do work very idea Agile a reviewer mark with bitter science but in some areas this year that the combination of August these things. Brings to the point we are. And it's not the manner of started from day one Purdue do stockbroker as well known all things aren't going. Alone river in the weather in the obstacles or whenever that. You need to find the right balance between all of them some will go fell so much about. What they can do applying what broken method do we apply it's always a combination of which proceed yeah. Wanna try to reflect who is. I introduce afford of his specifically saw its what I call and live call please feel do you referring to. Product price place etc. the financial later on on the left side. Imagine rewards were on one then it's OK we're Euro analysis very traditional. Company. A still small bidder sets very descriptive etc. On the other side you are a company that maybe you all want to be very. Did the seven year high tech. Prescriptive predictive ferry and charter club. It's not an objective at all the com the right side it's not it's not the objective August objective defiance. To make progress on the right moment with the right investment. With the right results. The balance of the other elements sort of for a this permanent situation around. If at all. I think we are somewhere between six and seven just just as a reference and you were coming reusable from. 34 and hopefully with the example when I'm sure you. You see the things that we're doing that where you see vain you are really a and has also show us just a lot to do. In the coming years which is very objective the the other piece that you sign a production. Their third that I thought. Referred to a product or anybody going to show you some results about more offer. Marking its key elements just make it. Very. Greg creed to position what the book and about. For all of them I a given number number skill that of course that often about sulphur product I think reasonably started with some initiatives but it's really startling remark there we're want to be. For a prize I think we're a much further on the scale. And though we done much better death than insure your fuel resource on. Pricing. We're. We're still this was written with pricing everyday just as a reference. Great depth. Pricing. For an. A very short production and pricing. As an airline we have something like twenty booking classes and in the long bond demands and markets and capacity we have available. We determine. What Steve do we make available for what price for. The better your post game better or you were able to date of departure of the they'll bring closes the door. And you saw the flights for the maximum revenues were up more revenues. We never know what off moyers but what we do know is. We have PF information on how did the five perform. Last year I'll. The receivable from that that phone and continuing how good to go we predict that falls within a specific growth as a truck. What we did this we. Made strong progress on three elements the first one is the recalls keep a new pricing. This year let's Crossair amid us. Well looks like a nice problems but what. Happens dare is. We have resettled. Tolling appear instead. Previously. We there were fewer homes a year better to re issued a bottle metro conserve OK I see on the specific routes. I have prices in the market from fifty year old to to a mature and headed by quadrupling. I side of ideas and sell the to a furor at all why it held that I have a price and market. So what we now this re created a very simple model for an people work with it which is quite far advanced in background. Predicting a great note if you recruiting new low against the chance that you rolled market able to sell the 21 durable is quite big. Down model for steering mechanisms Bianca flights that our region like death but at yeah we all warned. On every routes and overflights notes. You will never be able. To reduce the pricing grid queue of place for this market so take action now that enables you. Their fuel circle peak demand in the market now you don't have to wait until five disclosed and has gone to conviction now. Leaving a yen through. Massive amount offer. Often as a club smaller less for a twelve. And receive that at the end you whatever specific distribution around the price points the distribution of buyers once you have. There's much healthier Ben biz forum and onerous you're able. Do. Who do get the margin before all the fires and for over the brochure distribution holders of classes we use. A similar pricing does so very interesting one. What feared a Brazilian bond prices were cities then and where we don't run airline revolt about the luggage. We talk about the seat reservation Soderberg. Your URL above two if you want to choose a sees a urine favourites. We're at a frequency of fob off they'll claim is more expensive than in the back of course. And the bond also in the bond role. We already pre pre Beck is the number of products with a specific price. At the end in the the we're the ones who at the end of third Simon Cooper. Real shop next aura. The psychology of offering model products for a stiff price for reserves. By the separately for prizes seem to be less attractive as something that's written by the GM's agenda conflict with job. So does the logic we rilya replace our which really are able to find the right balance all the time which even more interesting is if you are. One of the first in the market for start with. Dynamic pricing not really come to advanced analytics data science uses real Rio are. Stretching the board or say what happens there appears. We pick bid luggage for example and we already know that does put you might know as well if you own holiday. When Iran. Quarrel with the primarily golf for a weekend's two from Amsterdam to buried so whenever. Then you don't need luggage because right away we tune media sue Decker and manage a deficit this year gold from Amsterdam to bizarre for a two weeks with family withdrew its. Them because no joy is that you don't buy luggage. And the prices anyway high. There into summer sell when you're willing to be one way you're more for a bigger if there's also a high chance that you would have to bid into the 234. Five fewer more for a back. What true Blue Nile from this step the committee last year or so from from Steffi prices flew down to judicial should've pricing. We now Vista. Tool. A way of pricing we're said OK we throw. Relative rivals then moral and attentive rails can be how big is the group of people that are travelling. What are stirred murdered the composition of the bee in March as a adults and kids or adults. When do you will go forward what to what what what time do you sell that hominid is Ford barge or rent rent future for. I want to save all those kind of things be thrown model. Based on machining techniques there's decision tree from announcing Palin when when this is composition. Of the booking. Then fed chair status process willing to be more then we self not a price. If we steel paid just first and will only quadra through building where we provide them a price. They receive of the staff saw how we do get. Yes we start with experience so we percent. Lesser 2030% of the people do. Two moral Rory Reid trainer model assay. The other 70% gets more mall. Officially the price dip already aired in the market arugula stretched aboard a protein sue optimising what has surprised people really fit for a now. At the end offices all foreigners and some Oracle's fairy very successful so. We see you re mix up for rivals Garmin with the conversion that you don't think off before. And anything OK does with Josef bid yes but no rerun in two. Winter season. We see a bid was very knows how driven model and summer now isn't looking so busy start over again but the principle remains. So in mid August up from. If shows that there'll gonna pricing. And the next might do something about. Personalised pricing Renault saw much of the customer don't be. Nor what price of serfdom and knowledge make him corporate. And I think that's going to happen from Europe this year. But who quite close still having. Debray pricing does not one. There's permission for one of our customers Marie dealing with and assist not really be decisive and was never really. Them. Ma'am. Fairy vary extremely advanced. But there's more a psychological role will free media Mary initiatives served to brokers and market with a price that was based on. A prosperous model. And vicious of them still. A model that looks like scotus voters still really all a verbal on. We need to do more by the if you were alive but this really. It's that big is elvis' rumours do have become more apparent. Price so far. Then go to where. On the and a terrific story delta peerless. Early start smaller rogue Agile and guests. Just if you do as well so you don't buy their job or something good lawyer. What should we dares hope the interesting and I think we made a bit more from Rory rural area are now so what we do is following in the graph. This is something that looks like. A very Wayne customers during the short stories this morning. Growth looked much lesser but this one is as lead citizens Meisner said this morning because. I think a lot of who might recognises URL when viewers are about who will. A flight. A holiday for say a rare finds far off then you go to the several stages Esquire if the complicated product plus one should start. With beside yourself. Where am I wanna go to. Door I fly beyond this in the loans from Amsterdam Rotterdam in Guilford who I've tried to. Barcelona or maybe she'll know who I. The way bigger package from the beginning on a global only afloat and rope and balls because myself or them questions and if the ratio should put through in the beginning. There the bonds are in agreement in depth stage at which steel. The reason ways Green Zone at the end. It's ferry did as a very important stage in your group process. That yesterday good spot on. If you were disappointed in that model Jamie. By disorders such as the provider tuned. There's a big chance that your and buy Europe experience is better than a digestive fewer com Becker's bear where solve difficult. On the airport comes V or not website have gone fewer flights to do better facilities took out personal details etc. And GMT of the bill Beckham in investors and does by probably other video experiences through better you real. Suffer from earth. For the rest of office versions relationship with third attacker. Then as a Mormon. Rare your book the flights and maybe you were earlier ever year of complex about adding a silver as a profane or whenever. But that doesn't have so much they of the five. Do destination in the TriBeCa has also very extremely important while. But again do you propose best in the beginning insure our onboard the flight. M the stewardesses. Is served not Myers borrowers must reveal where. That has very high impact when your personal experience. So on the green Lawrence VF to make sure that we do our utmost best. Tool surf the cost more and make sure that further experience good. We lift the barbecue on board. For an hour or so it is not so much you can do from a commerce point of view but on the M beginning really start. Your exploration. Your inspiration and you'll make the decision to baulk at Google include a funnel that's an important part what room bid down last year history starting with. Authors recommend assaults us and we are about the large mixed perceptions of us were three do. There is which see on the right side. We have an architectural place we're reads save the Vicki licks off that will gradually recede. A mountain we see. This someone was looking to go to fairness. There's also operate the Iowa someone looking to lord enables for example and some of them or watched over. And again issue Euro some of them are not much for off to a result of the very simple. Especially images you on the right side. If someone is looking for a destination once you've got back into the fun role. You gets serve the few recommendations if you interests in one demy possibly address and want to three look at next face then general area during. We're once you are looking for flights. For a survival boss Laurent. You'll be helps. You'll be assistance real time in OK if you really future overall this day from eight of the Barcelona for prize of one Jerome. Then it might also be interested freedom. Still consider Rotterdam Barcelona because said this is not that further plant which buys only fifteen year old so in that way we help the best in Europe. In creating journey that is not a foreign wasn't looking for an beginning. We don't check a PRU willing who corporate for a price that Laura Dern. Surely now. And that enables us to add more services offered as later on the same goes for. And next section you hear a lot of our of the vowed I'll uplift Oilers how. Our cords can be etc. What we try to do is make gives concrete make it work and make sure. We have something of those who can prove appeared this has really helping the customer and outsells. What happened between. The moment off. Booking the flights on the say the around you know. And we start flying them we have a list of Vioxx. Fourteen hours and I think it's Moran at risk fifty questions you again or have to do. The game elections like. Yes who buys something additional or you can consider buying something but Debbie election like. Please provide us with Europe. Your your details a lot of to complete the baulking. The took inject him if game be depth earlier travel with a bid for the first time sold. Specific travel details when travelling with the baby should be familiar somewhat further ado. Is. Based on the composition. Offer that of the booking understand we're in the stages as pressure on what as the next best that began offer disperse them. We serve him and to a system produced very exciting moment of goal and on the plane. Before a lot fewer might be a very nice. Energising dime to go to skip for people not to and therefore going on board. I can assure you afford biggest market for our people on board is really exciting and richer overall. Good year for three or four hours before because they want to. Reduce all the risk that something's gone wrong the inflow that often and what made sure that got us assistant to that's very important moment. Next. Products saw. Where am what are we while we're working on number one and do you see a lot of thinks we notice a lot of things things that are. Functionality. Or things you're doing already for ten year us because we do. That things that we do because we always far there's good attribute this. Where we now see the more. Data driven only become and the more things we see that it's not going that well for example you'll. Chair fall from Amsterdam who. Want to serve my service solution to listen one ended comeback from final blue Angel for example there's a recall an open job. This product that has served as board very often we see a trip on the upside if to look for a but. The bidders here. But what we saw as people get completely lost in the way how we offer at. But now we come in the Monaco would come in the situation district yen. Roof. It's an affair reads simple things very simple Fisher do you rare a lot of creative simply promised people think. This as a very good user experience disarray I would sure. We announced the yeah ads didn't think that serve for a fifth and where it's addresses etc. Appearing now see in the data known as mark depth. Well at all we should improve. There are few things in their agreement. Showing only talk about products that are gone well for maybe it's recognisable feel so we have so what's good so the now identified. Improvements that we did in voters before. The data driven attitude is improving but still. They have sold off convincing people that are responsible for user experience for an designs etc. Embed that the effect ensured them. What is roughly what this market is really. It's really good challenging it's not that money is a one. Every Oren doing quite well him ripon referred Rowe I'm a what kind of analytics and how can we. Improve their version child who had re steering it. What does not gone well this. In the speed of developing redo them. Do dating. Everywhere everyday and doable ways which so chasing very simple things in additional generals about what's gone on real people. Clicking on the road today's start with the audit and as a logical handset up. Her sometimes restrictive because before people thought. We go skippered Nawaz on the border and now we feel the -- so now you're being Venus beans. It gives it being because announces year of the silver with and once you do reconsidered its bring. Lot of benefits. We'll see you create an F and have a figure looks like a very simple products you view by a summary of picket. In your entering rival medical tool word your for people fly however the background of all the dependence is Joe from commerce with operations. Do you about what's people so Gigi thinks. That the birth of the product holy sir Fred I want to make or sell cerberus has really complicated itself. If I sound a bit. Group chloride a subject that few good about our yes we do but it's really have pursued profit. If you testing something. We are experimenting. With we are doing. Also dare. We see that once we direct Defoe who is really high but really gonna do with the way we want to do with which has. Every week all the blame auto thinks a bottom that left the bottom to derive the collar green collar blue well over. We want to do with a very high base for the next time and onto who can build up the capability. To rode with on the at a high speed. And their relevance. Stop at Europe about to be viewed spoke about today a lot of for a lot of times a lot of those stations there's a very. Important then there crypt a a strategy for the future. Readjust about starting with its. Jeff just just difficult and then in business to start with Vodafone relevance. Another important one. Personnel. Reactors similar thing about tiger's third data sciences look like. We are obviously looking from the motivated to approach them due. The first five lift shoot. It's. Better expression. While a look at up on Google and tips view international expression right viewers then everyone knows what the five fishy business. Got a bit. Its ability to serve as a person with a lot of conflicting her skills for the everyone can do what are want. It's. This view that principal fossil one was and and political and social. MT by nearing its combining all came off capabilities then make director of six. That normally releases you say you grant from minus 1%. But basically we are looking for putting my death. Bush like. We are in about the Loron re rotation now. M about. Do. Tool to refresh your organisation the reason why do others because. Third third Thursday. Workforce dealing with. Diet or science class analytics a song is. Rolling withdrawing her enormously for says something about the industry area region and if things we just showed. Obviously and accelerate our off. Investing in these games capabilities and not the speed up. What's happening is we. We go from. Copy of the problems. Before self steering teams. There are names with the themes but. Welfare route through quickly chorus about how do proposing their program how do we would do risk management on the directors about how do we deal with our direct channel and upset Atlanta that there are a direct relationship. Foreigners or in direct traffic with the operators with equities etc. And the best euros by the customer care across surface so was a Nora. It's a very dodge itself steering we don't have boss anymore they know everyone ourselves doing and the reworked yesterday. Now we have three fleets going through August into one of these fleets are we call them. A lot of companies have called drives this call that our fleet. In about a fifth we real position our twelfth. After liftoff for the company's. We have for a so we have Rio. Through time as mature people Linda's a feed report on. Advance and it said it signs. M burned so picking you know smallest 15% of the total. Total workforce within goma so that's quite a lot. Term we also started to OP core I doubt that Agile registry. For the once not being familiar with them and job reform. Last week we received an award by the way how we. Have implemented. And a job for a work. I must say I'm not always several with it both of those apparently good enough to to Rogen award for a and what visit do restrict creates. Of the train consists of two teams and those two teams. A build up by multidisciplinary. Skill space clean so not only people with analytical skills what are. A person others. Guiding on process. The high end little still slow and analytical skills people that commit to link. To a development teams of the drawdown of the absurd to get a and replace prince of two weeks and at the end of the year for forty prince adding up to a dollar incremental and then you have to deliver something. The reason why we have this trained esteem as a with all of services I just showed you you could regain speed up the dust. Once you start with relevant services once we start with. Dynamic pricing was the start of a turnoff searchers to make it more relevant. More competitive. In whatever channel wonderful place for the customer we need to combine. That the deal we want to would develop something on the website are whenever budge find. We want to have developed something from. Bid for people in terms of Granada redundant sensitive message to an email or stiffness issuer recommend our whenever. But they have to rope in the same rhythm in the same base if they don't then. You creates well does balance between both of them and then there you know opera really want to be so in order to speed up. We made the team consisting of four of its kind people. And third the last winners in the your profile then and four. The rise of the did say this also read about at about what kind of before we look for an office. It's it's someone everyone's looking for. However we are now creating a sort of a position in the market we're yes you're looking at Ford's version combining. This social skills with analytical skills and a the solution driven skills that that they can think about something but also make something. And we look for or opposition for the market of people killed for almost 4 or symphony a work for. Difficult maintenance where they start making models and how how do we have to maintain our office for example so we make very. Easy you pursue every corner of the company bring your horrendous position. Coming up fairly. Well I what I European there the market is that the way how we sell off. The way how. Additional glamorous and I deal work together. There's something. That people think how I would do deal with that and I must admit. I've known who I would generally differently it's very much for industry results talking about. There's a fair reason with OEUB artifice in the year before difficulties death. What murderous years. Does the all we are organising the realise this this year differs very easy to. Who who create fell you to come up with a tender offer initiatives in the quite short period of time for. Relevancy years. This it's. It's sticking often results but we're not there yet embarked with these kind of services are expected you can be reluctant coming out period. What I just said into science from onerous to a operations I was really match people that are now working on the glamorous kind of products on on. Dynamic pricing more on Gardner recommend a serves on the upside. They are very easy. Transmittal form was due operations with the growth we've got a complex could be a lot of people. But attempts they understand what we're bidders doing and how they again there was something India. Russert a closer look pretty different role but they year they can do with them so ridiculous fifth. And I expect them hold that also asked her to Dave again. Large multiple services where everyone as a customer gem benefit from in their data driven products and services. Any questions. What while you while everyone thinking Charles what one thing you mentioned. I think it was when you're talking about data driven attitudes improving. You said that. I think you said what telling people telling people what needs to be done better is challenging. Yeah it can you tell us a bit about that. So. When you talk about the. Really really good fit of the director website until all of the people reviewing on the on the does not website people must perform there a lot of things you can do. Third which you receive from our copper off early years ago when we start up deserve. People with. Considered do very good source kill off. How should look like Ford does more harm should've. Were functionally. Something very simple life. Or don't a surge or something we provide on the website so is that there should the should help people in profit I want to go somewhere. I have one on the Euro just suspense and withdrew before and I want to children in this period please provide me Richard Kemp. Certainly great example something which from. When you think about it internally with people. Award. E-commerce goals etc. without a data driven attitudes. Then this of browser proposition for the once you've life I want you again physically measure. Not only how often has Jews but do people understand that the people blogger the end. Are they finding what they're looking for all those kind of things those questions are not being asked by. People that come up with that from the beginning so I would Robert Ryan try to do as also to make these kind of people. Thinking from a from a usability when if you. Who do bird Erika Moran is with people that a bid to deliver no bid very good how you came up with earth and our who invented it. But also. The open minded though thinks there bid are telling you if it's good bits of bear than alchemy improve. So watchers say news of the data driven people might Dasa and AB testing the up for example you've got a clear data driven results. Anew tailored to the UX people user experience people who designed a website. And they say that copyright. Gap the difference. They can't do that can. Said the Citigroup wrestler has decided what do you say to them a look at his evidence you know likely get lots store. A sub asunder by com right. But this. If it is just said it's it's not so easy us Q describe. OK. OK. If so which can you imagine are we which waited not so easy as that is a depth that. At the same like well may killing two. Two with a mural was for example where doesn't just as an example we're really also do aloft with. Creative. Creative people and people thinking from thinking him in front show the hell should grow because they've been a lot of benchmarking etc. Once you lounge a specific. Problems of reform ads can be so call the most in the beginning but at the end. Ray you don't have a lot of fewer. People blown comeback to watch then you might have a problem. No investment Q&A switches solvency. OK OK that that that would like to ask a question. What 111 thing Billick hurting actually in your presentation. Charles is. Is you know that's a lovely sort of data signs tight. Presentation you gave you you've actually got the job title senior revenue development manager now is that right it is a is is that. Surely you're more than that now aren't you. Period in this. That it is is revenue development. Under selling yourself because you're you're going much further read in. In data and analytics. As a true whether you should give yourself a new job title they would do see I think Euro where would reduce do you look to today is of people from. Erosion management or whether regimens can experience a spot question people with yes was starting a review management. Will. Develop tools more an advance on the fixed fifth science side when you see in the slide off. We've got a pricing process they are already management. But the big media by dared of people who work with from from bed department describes. Brian burns easy but the step tool. More big science is. As this quite small I would say soda assorted of last year. Asleep reared its assault fridge will deem off. Dot mainly did decide this office took people off mighty river development. Took place in the dean today at Bayer doesn't economic you can imagine background. For them a loss well quite easy to make the first steps in their bid process fifties. So it's. Over the revenue mentioned people that you see they maybe have that right combination of understanding the business. And ability to handle data that's needed in in this new world. Yeah they and their mother of 55 Alicia if I was so funny about that in the face during his pseudo. That's who really was sorry point yeah OK fine that yes I wasn't where the filing did see there. Ahead explain to mean outside. I thought peak summer this tripping over the whole time rather big something is versatile and Google who knew doing the show five achieved through there we will think we're English equivalent sometimes in a note in English equivalent. Anyone got any other questions at all. The hunter just another question from me then you showed a short piece scale. Where you were on the three stroke for a new feel Chad's aid use moved to a six strokes seven how far are you going to go do you think price for a purpose him. 41. I really never be on the tenth I think. I think criminals who were. Let's say a good faith in two years from now. I think has served us very good. Do you think other organisations. Not necessarily airlines might go to get beyond their torches investors files. One can get I think some examples European markets regarding well I think I think I. I understand how my booking for example was reviewing our Oren Burma Los baubles core models there refer. Offer hive digital data driven retailers they are quite closely the Dem I think just from just from the as a reference. Doesn't have the thing that's the real gonna be in into the year its not. OK fine. And it is that because you're not just a date organisation that mean we we did have represented from sky scanner. Not up on stage porn and and one from John Fargo which really just information organisations they don't have a product act. Or that that they own at all do you think they have an advantage in the marketplace and that might help. That kind of intermediary. Organisations. That maintain or a better market foothold in new could do. Absolutely absolutely we importantly we have something like. In the balance Ford into airplanes in. Parents. Something like thirteen I think welcome summer. Bit at those companies don't have these assets. Through simple amend a famous not for free we don't make that big margins. So. When we have to invest we'd be estimated joins do we invest in airplanes the Rio first Tim. There in improved for example in new new new customs of the crew and all those kind of trade offs people like go competence that's gonna be don't have to think about. The only thing day. Have to think about to put the variable that is. This is is an office and its. How can I invest in though even better serve customer across more than out for an out of austerity legendary. So do you think M I'll I'm just their eyes away statistic I don't it's true or not there was someone projecting that by year the year 20/20. Priceline. Eight cable king. And Expedia. Will actually command about 94%. Of the accommodation market in Europe up so you know that it they actually running the show. Did you think that these intermediaries or maybe the folk who believe Amazon is the trees welcomed as an information. Business do you think they're actually driving the profit out of real businesses like airlines and hotel chains have actual assets. I think is. I'm not sure of the thread is his biggest U. Through soon but that I am sure don't third that they might change their back five or not that happy note lacy gentleman had a let's say Charles very much indeed for Great Recession.