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GCH Hotels: How omnichannel Is Only Achievable by Leveraging Data



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Fri, 2 Dec 2016|

Daniel Wishnia, Digital Marketing Consultant, GCH Hotels


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Can make my name is done regional war king said the news now when GC eight a total. Where I and the digital marketing council can they now will explain a couple of minutes went when it means. Then. I am coming from the friend and coming from different fare from different markets what insists its fifteen digital. Then there. Working very much unless you're always say more. In would you hear my personal experience. Being duty at a fairly in my point of view but adding a B off their trends. So for civil GCA just a group. There. Is where I think is the second biggest Cheney in Germany we hear more than one handed into one your tails mortal danger meaning. Here we do franchise for a of some big here air. Big year where companies like clear win them most of what delta Wyndham branded wean them through today's scene. And then we have only deemed in need the same call themselves all we war with here would allow a there. Here brands. In this is a challenge. Challenging not only Nickels to each brand has he's on marketing objective in some banks methodologies. Fit it. Is because each one has a different way you're thinking to. Seoul. We have I. Very very action challenge. I will leave I would start. We live presentation with a real chance in numbers because eyesore in these days it. Many people talk about you know numbers in so I would try to of the same year and then for course more rain and then the speeches on foreign bit. We see in net you know is very key for us. Did in mosques battle did traffic coming for organic. Positive traffic soul we managed to clear analyses that up. In aired in ma'am. Do we know reseller share. Taking decisions on why else or what about permit us to do do is we use all. The BB CE end is social media. Then engaging every year agent trying to get then for sure what we live he ice figure. We're talking about German market mostly. So common thing that people use. Bid BC did desktop. Maybe we Shia Rolf every on most every tool Fremont where we analyse the number of devices which young Rauf. On mosaics on energy on the user more life so we are. You you've seen from the view here we are 48%. More users more weight visitor tape of the website. NNM. In our fifty bought into anyway. From the desktop bit piece is very interesting because we're talking about and what did you advice in multi channel. Saw some of them were stabbed you know more widely used in leases did. The buff it would start with a using a more right than they would they would cross to. To a BC may renamed office or maybe add on how to could be deceiving a big big screen. Mid anyway we ECB staff we see these strapping on more by. And then ending on some time to more volatile than sitting in row you know I allowed string. As I said before morsel rob or Mike English German so would force might reservation on my point of view when my experience. I see not only that the traffic is from Germany bid displacing Dell Dell as the as you can see Europe higher. Most of it in the air in most of the city's our domestic customers it's a big east big German and fifth think. I'm no different way as an American people going thing when they book a bit more who did or the behaviour exhibit different. Soul. We dominant side is door standard. Way off. Film iron. With the same thing is we are seen are much of more than museum and use all their digital devices dean German salt. Indeed is their three years last three years it was a big change in it did deejay Doug strategy of the company. To engage the users on the baucus. Him. Amid over I'm gonna be built up from our report from October 2006 senior focus on Germany in as you can see. Bear the vehicle called a publicity hair from 68%. In the Euro here we can see here I. Smaller role for a small change. In behaviour. And on numbers the same way we can see here hero Europe's may CD. Then their identity prize is. When non it people nonlinear Dresden taken by our you know I really are. Our regular or it glitzy three forced our Alltel winning older brides do change he's not be. End the same degree view does in remorse. It influenza. Are the same kind of seen this past three years. We Don not. Change Saul Meyer she did 10% 30%. Then what sent a gang bookings. Again 30% body it. What we said we change we all well you know. You can reach twelve ended 30 June interfaith rip week or as a near average injure many uses whether we've seen. We're doc about a chain. Managing chain with a more than 60000 rooms today. Sole wheat seeded traffic we see that the Ada. In pieces it challenge. Now. I'm talking to you today because some things happen. These you know something happening in 2016. Ended to something that we will remember that digital people would remember them well. We changed the course of what happened Eastern Europe which Angela. Way you're thinking. In we know. All Dick Whittington do you talk optimise the Mittal will chase we can continue thinking you then a well were looking at the same data coming. Entitled to optimise arguably more users more balls what that we remember that Y lift is temporary. 10% 30%. We need to change a bit the way of thinking and leases where we started doing the dozen six. In why. Because we see things ladies can you can you may have been one means of you know would pieces he sees it I think it's here a. Hockey mom. Is searching on April I think rate be. Well I mean after out rip off. Forward. Or in your. Sony PlayStation is of the year our Sony PlayStation now. In there we Siegel group. A there. We believe it's not heads even today people who is anyway. In would you schools become more classrooms. Reid is ultimately. Fall let us do for the last image as of the sixteen. It is something that happens in its work these you then will lead story is so tight driving piracy the first and there are. Ryan guy said then I am. Running into streets. In here we have the wall what attracts banging we hear you know within one rival didn't sleep meaning they back cycle detract. In near. I think two dozen sixteen Storey car in for trouble. I always think a pig what's he us have to do with trouble parking we. Change the way you're thinking. Ingrid outerwear I think people are using. In in net surviving pursue a 70%. Of big. If Paris rain from the airport and dog unpopular well taxes or borrow a point 21 on don't know. Or two while a Tijuana adamant there with the dup admin. What do you spot trouble what do we do you leases signed frame between the airport in delta. Maybe we can do things there as well. Things. Are changing in a year as after seen what is happening in 2016. I think next year. Would be a change keen not on the the way the people are looking in using. Veer more lives bid the way the people adapt themselves learn more by. You know a couple Euro Singtel we when you hear its head above more bites in how the children playing with it then using it then we sister had peaked at. We need to tune them you know mean maybe you know my boys all the time with a more like something is wrong maybe. And then today as icy icy are more while adaptation. Everyone Huron has more than one. Here in device connected to inkjet we year you know I have my iPhone here my of so we. While I said I've wanted to Biggs a former may augur a bit them here. In the people aria with iPad when I walked I have three devices connectivity dinner that same time. M south and to use these Sid 360. Come around with me you know we took a big should a couple of seconds. NN of and I think toward changing on him wave of people using daily basis. We see how the people I've isn't it end we see all the time in DC is a new way to why analysed up. We have did add that it's coming one website in we have more or. Bin 300 website so Louisiana is do you start up of people coming what a lot of people are not coming into the website. What I think what indeed Duane how can I approached him in VCs did change. DD changing the way you're thinking. Each star. For a trouble. You know. When we see today people. Witty upping the morning the first thing glitzy fireman email something you know first things down ironies mine by. And when I need you know my public is my year there what I could have played some thanks there I need to watch out when we drive we don't act of life we fixed. 74 cent a bid accidents in paying their USA you know easing will mean some kind of more like let dvd must've been texting people abducting even people. You know not a leaking Paris million it and more cycles in ice all these sites accidents as well. You know. You see people in bicycle sticks you know the same time. You know with what with our people born actor right they want to stay quite make it. Sinking year you know did did it end here or did the a war. Ability. NN AVC is pieces away these adaptation equities I quit more DJ Gallagher addition each done cents. In this is a couple minutes I would talk about that. Because if it again you know we are all. People if their early fifty. If ten years about what do your bit here I can. Connect with people you know distance. I can who thinks we the you know I get. Don't I'm Mike condition that are more Phoenix from the in ask questions get I don't know the answers to yet say elevated. In M intelligence. Or even making it hard. Our goal Biden experiencing would say well. He's our he's stocking religious maybe Laura M stocking up hold dear. You know air and did kind of different kind of things are not did not Egypt had not acted. In their home of the dishes happening today today we have with one small mom why I Ken Baird connect with people. In any you know it's our only faithful can snatch I think into. In air what I think. NA Nader would look like I mean fingers when I have a large Europe is did he watch beautiful. I put out software side when I go inside my office below maidstone song. Well you know you can view a drawn within with a watch. We are moving things in a decent what I'd call. It excess census we have. It M. For short. We talk with the one we talk. We've hit with a watch again asked my why chain on the way there or I have a flight to taking a couple are worse so again I can see in one gates I would be aware that come with. Top of my. In this is that they should we see it within. Remember 2006 senior staff that lets see what would happen and the end of the taxes 2007 being. When not already Amazon's in their even some song is gone is the leaning is some sort of assistance. Talking or an understandable voice. Here. Intelligent. Software saw the switch happen more and more the people would he engage on PG down. In eight bit C allowed a full attention on the hour brutal reality. Things. You know I I think I'd inclined it is something you know doing my. Then I think a year if I can busted do you liar will there be very happy yields due truly out. Use three Vienna sixty end the example. Is huge because we are talking about more empty devices in would be charged more due China in. Issue with it unique would be ready. We your website doesn't matter if you said Peter C is certainly made sure website all his our beatle C website you need to understand. Did the people can be reached you know deep friend waste you know different channels. In you need to do the Forbes and all the channels if we have docking mainly. Search worries seal. In this is why many things inherited a regarding air exceed EIM. People we know. Continue to broadly you're. But what it's happening today is that the people are cutting and pasting. In bringing a deal deal in August. In scene maybe I can see more images maybe a wink or improve their might say let's see beef pork it's surer. Do you how we still don't maybe he has a website. Here is our work or put to a new team of what I call dive walking or what I call lawyer. People are searching anyway we won them all we what Don why does. Noted that India comparing us in some mainly. Inform me this is why yeah might well think regarding a exported I have bear in mind all the good people our seemed images are cutting and pasting in name. Needs my responses. To be pressing the non channels and you'll be basis sordid people when they would search about mean they would fine. Joining us chain completely bare. In the musical set mainly because the devices. N am. I would do little examples now into what sites now are just explain the bank today aideed a couple minutes ago regarding. You know audio later in the day hawking. If they hope to normal again I think its experience with booking dot com in this business we saw Taylor hinders a double digit one doctors as we did. Did we manage. In pieces of the page in Expedia. In we're doing much in the Balkan dot console. It we're doing much if Ford still do well but still children 61. The second westside lie in the single website. Abuses. Go get a. You know 360. Emerge. When I can you appeals. Different kind of experience. In even. Are always a difficult to see in frost not already my website and I what I am doing. But to view them back confidence alright they would find in the website. Saw its a done too little here and here presentation. NN not already having got what we need now is without any heads we we just still can be sure we'd 300 Euro camera. In Egan editing and posting on what a street view and been on the website itself. Dual least afford do you down used to be present as who would it's possible in this change Wynn beating the quality and we will keep building people. They're searching us. In her again. This is why they think god. Year. Same thing we are we would see and we have seen more and more in and the use of clear rob what's answering questions. Regarding trouble. Some of them. Where they would huge very aware that specially the ones that we are using. NN I expect very much indeed strain to roll. Socially Wendy people Ireland and bring prices and looking for a less content in more about pricing. Whether people arrive. Eye doctor Bob surviving. Said I mean air air chorus. But anyway if I ticker cover I. Time I don't have to wait until I get a bit tilted toward chicken or tuned away. You know on my way because I don't already here so I can do in which it did you know reduce the time the same thing you know when amber rating to build up. Doctor knows that I'm arriving preparing the key. Prepare within teaches drug called. We there are many things in week in change leading be courses 99% of the visitors would come with more wailing away. Continue to lead is arriving here for short of the carnival where we spoke about. The experiencing stage four means one of the most important stages for digital up the people are already in the Alltel. We. Don't know how big idea. Maybe through the old GA maybe made him maybe they came they caused the users of the reason out sexually harassing our something they apparently might establishment. They carry my house. I need to find a way to interact DG Durkin the announcer. They interaction is for their inexperienced number one we dig into action. Is for their re use for rip Ford did it do what we view this with four at the polls say. More interactions. Is better experiencing. In delta. I'm not talking about four or five times still by the decline in began talking about. One or two times to engage them just to see that everything OK. Is OK. One for sure that it. After we leave here M veer they'll tell. Amazing. The way did we need to think. On events. In on locations around a deal. To think about what we call Sophie pointing inside out abuses or changes we started in 2016 has weathered the beginning in the V. It's amazing the the results are amazing find a spot inside Europe Tel. They give people we'd be very. Happy to do was sell feed. Fine and that action find something. If people will we clear and encouraging forest M sorry to two dead is the do so people. What will share their experience. And he's something again we airing the location. Think think with GM with a lock a person why did these things. The good people will come and which are OK this is what I would remember here. Do you train their different differentiation. Is key issue. Seemed defray you know weaker gold junior to optimise with king continue doing what we do. My experience the temple cent to 30% would remain. I mean the thing different file went dispute between two broadly could be more pointed out walking on the lawyers. Thank you very much.

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