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Tue, 25 Oct 2016|

Bill Keen, VP Mobile Solutions & Digital Guest Experience, IHG Mark Hollyhead, SVP - Americas, Egencia Scott Bacon, VP BD, Miles Hospitality


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So just common. Rates start well I think is that came from three very different points of year so there. That was really helpful. Argus lino is that I keep reminding of that but debt came due to those in the in the room here because you're gonna go emir. Today relative to our questions relevant to wait you do yourself paying fewer. Keep up their. So aren't going to doubt. You know particularly I'll open up with the at 930 core rate case with the thesis fine. Now the very sexy because of lobbying revenue until Bethel. I'm sad that our new milestone of coming up. Corporate has been quite brick from Dave while improving the customer experience. Certainly don't see. Having. Like anything goes disrupted in the industry due wa who just came out with here O'Neill. Upside. Rapid trip was there before we're down. With us if you will mean that knowing that it's rewarding. Quite a traveller is by giving them a piece of the savings are in various ways in various technologies. So how does and solve really done model to model forest application. It's incentivising. Then she do the right thing compliance are finding cheaper ways of doing things generator. When Jesse of the except that particularly now then it's so easy because of multiple people can make those choices. This kind of two clearest. Add you know wet attributed that that's a whole conference topic in those. Paying either their buddy has its so I think first as a few things in there the I think when you're committing to corporate travel just as you our any companies try to scale. You choose a culture about how you wanna work. I think the way we build agenda series making sure that you're building for the next 120 days. C put the resources in to make sure you've got the agility in the platform to follow what's gonna happen. Just your voices in various. Numerous things you could call threats opportunities. But and and we consider those in the same way. With rocky triple ABB a Hoover as how you can expand completely experience for corporate travel. Notoriously corporate travel made up of a very fragmented ecosystem. And then every now and then TM sees another company's will come out with earth shattering statements about part of the experience. But nobody join the dots. So way we look at is if if we're building an architecture. That appeals to customers them scaling it took localised content. Then add choices about whether we build or partner. Will be based at the time when we look at our priorities. A good example being Weaver. You know when Hoover came out. We went and have first conversation with over about how we integrate that into our. Mobile experience and we apply policy settings. And we linked to people's profiles. Because we gonna build a better. Taxi service right chair of the Hoover probably not maybe not ever that we might in the future but it's the best interviews partner with. With things like rocky trip or yap so anything otters coming in that could be seen as a director in fact it's just an experience that. Corporations want and want to have our view on as a consultant in the travel management space. But built on the nor the opportunities for us to preserve that. To work to him as an organisation. Can my final point is the biggest disruptive to a city to the U Brandt. There is there is no love lost between need to leave ramps. We are all competing against each other capital. And it's certainly when hope with hotels dot com comes out with innovation yes. Will have access code base but we're very much out there fighting for the same customer because we all know. A a business traveller that's working for company ABC. Could be going rogue on hotels dot com that's good for the group. Not a before Genesee and we have to report that into the corporations say you know we're not driving a level of compliance for you to we've got your top flight game we discussed how we approach our day. There was while your goals with the mobile solution in ended be able to know that the customer is she said only people to deliver the experience. And therefore like it here sultan now had a Reebok in the terra terra. Basically to make sure they don't go wrote them down keep your market Sharon and her that happen go up. It's that it's that careful combination we've got to deliver the best consumer experience we've we often talk about being at parity with the can best consumer brands actually think we've got to be better. Because naturally is a corporate travel Andean eight try to find something better that the solution my company's inflicting on the right that's that's a bit with how we tend to look at it unfortunately is a syndrome. So for us if we get a clarity of having great consumer experience events around that with the tools that corporation needs. It makes a corporations. Job easier to sell that to the important stakeholders of travel by. That's how we look at the world and and it's it seems to be working at the moment the same time just got a key. That sells out NASA's next thing come up comes up we're making good choice about whether you know bill by. Phil I have now begun how momentous dewar speaking which you know allow when I have as I have momentum. But it's my clients benefiting. Despite net. Source bilking. I will get a better get our prelate and France. Out Italy house search works in the Asia. In terms of white people. Do you. Where they are. Searching for something it's related to off line activity particularly comes hospitality of what you address how do we get there. You know it's kind of where this things we go you know. Bad you don't think about their when you're buying keywords were not think of bad when you're our demise in your a your model where. That's a net apps for the moment just not aware. Because Google so we have done demise of novel leopard when apple show up in search in the going to be terrible experience in we're not only get. Customer acquisition and the like will be terrible. But now that's how do you see which makes all the sense in the world. What do we do with our search that especially since. Summer two. Just a search and should we all we really spent a focus on email and other types of acquisition activities they act. And give up line after rising power spend. You know in this wire like having our clients' coverage into the of the fifth beyond even this career out of four of where we are. Because Allah you conference and patient that was part of directors did did you got people thinking rubble between nada about. Keywords dollar would pump tax rate M what are looking for an event in your role of group raw power cost is a Google. Her as a her by hiring a public revealing customer Rivera row. Customer had the company grades outside how well we do spending money with their annual home. Number they wrote another hot researchers want to model but they'd never explain what was going off rate. S research teams assured trader by the same terms and then in the same way. And which do you struggle reliance was now they're doing well also I do think of those things that are. You know what I would clock components are troubled Euro would take cost target for instance. I gave its you know we're that we sub breakfast we reached their student. Autonomy hungry homeless go join her as a but you know if I'm doing things closer to rice today. A memorable love the that's slowed but that's untaxed and in the hotel yeah I'd like about breakfast and so I think surgically plans. Things like destination your iPhone now want to know more about it now what actually. Tight normally when a lot of the reserve we storage for blood you know I'm just upwind we do rules. You know traders like keywords I would never type in a trickle Las Vegas or what's Vegas hotel struck. But do not want my what is new what is new about what actually more natural way in which available. So I think it's breaking up the stage as a trouble even more so that has its place I think Rick. Soccer more on their V so much. You're right offered by I don't know of its. A I would like you know by the end of buying something offers going to be choice which we're sure which killed. Year old are playing out. Now is what do. Hussein saying it is say I Avis by. It is natural language of the semantic. Powered cell but you know there's a lot. More here don't himself allegedly used. You like and sue quite summer rock a child you people that do desktop search. Just have to think different diamond recovered conversation for Europe for the individual teams are hard rock along route just you know order trail but. This and think different think content surely not pay out by keywords. Date. In aha moment of the day here. What I'd just you know we're funding for a break if you turn to the a charity because the sell many who out here if this were grappling with. Who should be doing this yet is marketing. You know we're supposed to do with marketing biking we're expecting very and we show this that we get really large us when we see out rate or none convergence in. You know we have to go ahead between a way to honour guard is something wrong maybe the keywords and buying it inaccurately anymore. Maybe Mulally also pranab are bad now would come up with a sort of recent threat. But given that he during periods. That he now it's not customer acquisition tool that that's not quite four. We need to do something potentially how your organiser. You don't have this issue between product and marketing. And. The only thing a breakthrough. Was interesting from my background of over time before you hospitality. And hospital within the market. If you're going to be different mile in that there was a list of most as a plan. And planning had reservations go drawing pricing. Sales marketing reservations there was one person. The handoff hall durable because you think about it. You've put up the scale draw your five year over a wage price and yield management your market year advertise your most things. Anywhere from our past us. The summit ends Melissa Vernon hotels that remain horror it was sales as Europe Rona is here. FM or do you give them out if any should do give out biko's. Different goals and different objectives. But I think it really feel rubbery and family that is the whole picture. And so would everyone China's I think that the research Centre where rich because these research unit graded. Divisions today during needs to be some figure that's just my. Opinion. You know I'll save top down definitely you know we've we average hourly structural organisations together the digital voice in more insinuate that. And as I've surrendered six Patricia rethink at all well a lot of our mark right. The girl analogy in Europe as a great fisheries I still in the nineties when. You know Hillary Camelot court on the economy as a diet is as titles webcast. On the U. Our thereabouts again I don't know what once you were to back up anyway even when guys in the basement where our yeah. N and there are certain Disney matured and anelka well well when growing gonna have a email team and Hollywood website team and in any research team and an old witness of the much virtually one DNA going to be a little. An end and I wholeheartedly Stoudamire oyster pilots. N which are getting back to those with thinking differently. And I'll give you one story that your straight it was kind of funny enemy. My head individual who has a relationship with Google sends me an email Arlen out just right frontal system. I don't know our staff of pacers most of the spas and bill sharp break is over supplied still retain a month ago again. So just so much so for your paper reviews say yet what abacus virtually. It's getting we could women covered I think doesn't know what search means. What is advertising mean. Covers voice now play the Costa Spain or wire about what consumers actually say on the so you kind of think differently but it's right that the basics you'll still say they just came just sell bias for which. I do feel it bills they think about with the look forward start. And those will unveil its pullback webcast today in which broke up undercover reassemble break up again. Interesting and out it gets really helpful in speaking about what's really innovation you mentioned always you know achieve that plan again it now I have no live. So I highly reliable syrup. So serious that affect the on the that. Right my I don't Caracas I'm overdrive. M I find it's better to ask forgiveness then you know just theory. Let's improve it. Some air tickets improving balance improving of the prior improving like. Fletcher rapid pace or rule tightened 27 T cell with multiple whether it's a brave where we show for a bleacher aha. Of the day are. How should we be paying attention to until then is just suffered a ability suggest played Stoppard the other area. You know yeah pay attention to abilities you know it's really poll. Question of how your surgeon interactive. If that can't. Yet our from a point I was the webmaster will vote. For so high yet and it was underground. But nobody did anything other website Mayhew said you can do something on the website and it really. Deicing system readers started earlier showed the Big Three are gonna wanna have a pretty much been. The that the earth I'm I'm going to revert that's my first ounce which is I think the the inevitability of innovation. That's happening. We'll talk about speech now this time actually will talk about something else. So the readiness. Of organisations is your important thing and organising for speed. Picks I think the previous conversation I'm are more akin to think of years if you have lines of business in your company. They need then you've got to be good that. And what I mean by goody is having product managers who think that everything I think searches slightly different be telling Google what always be ahead of everybody. Is not a bad way to think of it said it will be making about more than us. Otherwise they've lost so I think they're always going to be one step ahead and it's up to us to navigate how to search works to make the most relevant as Asian. In terms of the organising your company around getting things done they knew she got a masters of the lines of business you operating. Because Google provide for the opportunities whether its acquisition or retention. But inside the business but you're operating Eugene Caruso ready to adapt to with its speech search in testing to speech search verses. Responses that designated ups there's always something going on which is interesting comp conference topic of father. But the reality is huge could be ready to testimony to those things. I agree that out here on the resigned without relying words and bear no official tells us they've. If you study need to stop bite the dust. He has still take you know keywords China nada targets we Jerry Sanders I can be similar to reservations injured some. But I do think the way they interact with that will change over time if anyone has I don't I want on the bid farewell. It does OK. Pursuers off a solution the world plumber mentioned flowed through a system as a Steward as a critical and which why does a joining me challenge they would do so much yet. Listing and waddling financial had been more impatient. When you're looking for here through smart surface lots and I think back on the numbers which govern rather voice which I think about and just target governor mar boys into injuries on us build out of I don't think that that's well you're right argues push on a. It was so recent high finance we have a barrel out after rioting novel where now. And that's gonna fine iron everybody's got different uses for it. And they're still real different way S I liked her latest overture and the sale. Because you won't a lot of that heavy hotels now one step every victim like IQ possibly. Pastor without really genteel weary on the past. You know we're happy how compliance to work with the of but aggregate might have delivered. But their Seoul march in noble where you can open the door if you have. You know keyless entry you can do all this it's Dassault does a full line of Allen of commander sector they can do their did not ferocity of pre marketing things. You know that what you're bad out there with if I'm using. From going to a hotel not a lot of unhappy with a lively doing yet. What do we do about Motherwell quad away took out after rising nowhere. What should I be after Myers and now my weapon in exile of the information obviously their content in destination content. But we'd like LS as a hotelier of their. Were very against just for a smart collections and Fred have told perhaps. Biko's normally as a significant investment then secondly. If you mall experience was absolutely brewing. Which vary over the years. The last thing you should do Isabella now in favour of an out because what you're doing answering. If you really lucky. A small portion of your arguments. And what is probably gonna have been insured during the minuscule. Portion of little or it. In work. The number of times you're actually going to get somebody down thinking Palin in innovation with our on going basis spurred a run model development. Our that are really get we're just now know. So our sales I think we're really. Really well. Outside players will devil's advocate because they've been in. In import rooms were we have this discussion then happen listening. Garnet understood. That apple might weaken sensitive tweak things when they are not really an all my can't weaken due. Upgrades and weekend sell oil little wary you know Mike Barr de LB so happy because they can open their glorious without having to yield. Actually care debt heskey heaters and happiness give it away. So they can do harvester and any that the product in the marketing team is excited. About our happened that night position but I'm about ready usage and it goes back and forward. Clearly it's it's of great customer experience if you can offer a sort of things to dad customary you know a lot a lot of doubt them. Well you're saying that we expect. Here's hoping that flow of of the situation which I agree Ken you have good opportunities provide people with meaningful effect. I think even American Express will probably have the bash. The to be able to truly personal lives. Doesn't do occur with a Java personalising because it's extremely difficult to figure out how broad deliver personalised content anybody. And your ability to do that if you care Euro in particular who for an independent hotel. You may have a lot of did about most don't have our highly sophisticated Sera and with three this kind of the bill would lead to thunderous there have a doll global personalised messaging. And because of that. It's now that you don't have the data it's now that you don't necessarily gonna oversee around. Is it really hard to do edge really hard do right. And so again. If you have taken money. What we care. If you these guys I think you have opportunity and I absolutely. For you it's not him different scenario I'm talking for a small hotel groups and independent. Yeah I analyses Laura so low fifties as a I'd just say. Absent for oil worst where this Father's Day and you controller harvest food transaction in oil spurred. Rarely do we say dollar arapahoe. Very that's not the first collateral we market to a loyalist one around the hotel. Where as they give a confirmation email wall priority that will using owned media to drive for a download business not to say we need block. Very would have some orders do that but it's destroying when they want something similar fund help somewhere like so they want Swiss army knife edge. This dollar features errors about award recognition more than a buy again next. They do all our is well what do you drugs paid the bill Baywatch in the spring point. Brennan and yes I think continue the good news is. You give you contested two responsive to decide on out so you know if you look at the end to end experience you've got that choice have enough capital money into native app immediately. The other thing which is very seductive is the latest Vaio S language. Programming language you really nice so I think it's gonna push us increasingly into thinking cap or at least hybrid. Because it really sexy what you're heading the animation in the move higher swift is. Really cool and that if you get people into the gap then it might I have to experience. So for acquisitions. Aren't Hainan island where our cities are actually up a because I think people can happen address and directions again there. Should they be investing in my global email should I be investing in lending pages for our press preposition. Checking investing in cooked Carl aside contract. And get a better experience watching ideal in terms of the acquisition yes. The reason I'm doing this area should our where he made likely be different behaviour. Funny you guys who have particularly we have a different acquisition model sort of visible regular viewers will emerge from the sharpest. I must say yes coming up about email in house database coming. 68 push Motorola's to use even higher than now open. Preface that our demise that we saw a 617 months ago yes 68 yeah so it's huge it's huge. You know I do think waning pages or quickly important non violent mob well but Granada necessarily blocking them think about Internet what are they will actually looking for the twelve potatoes. Their intent words I want a lot of variable rates. All fifty contenders real a lot of hyper local straight. It's not mean let me start dreaming or chairwoman can put that chair bill may give his reformation of the offer but when they hear doesn't want. It hit its very first because so many hotels spend our. Her bathrobe a net how. How many viewer really gonna get any email. M really if there's gonna have. Five lines of Turks and a couple pretty pictures Pena say find an Australian of the booking engine for the micro partner that it just doesn't happen. You're number one lending pages at absolutely essential if you're not taking them to a landing page. And allowing them to engage and connect with view you've just wasting your money. And the second thing I think within hours. Truly I want to take our other arm screens. Instead of reckless just can't. M I C I won tenders of doubt whether designing things on the kind of physical screen that looks like there's the curve. We have I think that weighs 6168. Research Museveni process of the old twins are either kind of device you should work here and they. Three wide drive. Volume the on stronger than earth away your computer reminders from a renewed desire Liddell is. I own doctor Obama are high so we run dizziness prison hotels were actually click control model Wi fi networks and hotels. Emma so we're doing the desire for. The page also bring plenty where in the loyalty team where near where we're sitting here. Merrill can have a Dow starts here on Friday the via our down earlier or safety next you did reveal to them. Sharm marble and Sharma had 75% and giving a lot of Wi-Fi network with this view brain. And they said periphery get half but it is tightly censored view would we give his carpenters and we will get that were wrong more troublesome a lot of behind Google with a lot closer. We're really look at it. Doubt but you know we're just gonna mean by Donald personally just about anybody who really lives what they're. So. Sell out questions ads like those is with CPCs going up in class inside their people worried me quite dramatically sky. It is still effective for ivy the right rail has garden and Google its push it down anything better than that paid celebs we're. Compressing and buy casino where protect me. Which goes back to offer content that you're opening and therein did you which me getting really can't end until finally they said earlier but your average deal. Out so so we're should we be investing particularly with multiple serious. Search we see doesn't work is well. We're to of that question is. We keep leader Baidu search between multiple in the end. Their desks had any way self are we wasting our money. Since so much is being seen iron Mulholland is going which was marble. A though. Work I think of those in the extent to which and then you know more lavalas provided. What we won't go that classic good Expedia of commission rates. We see gold pour obviously driven adviser coming in at fifteen bush there. There's five we think there's going to be compression. We think that that's a with a straw profile instructor kind of personal words they be gets done twelve African push could stiff but probably putting pressure. Now sticker blocking that OK. Rapped I'm help turn quickly going to out. OK that's a million million million dollar ad campaign. There's a kind of expense behind that for a transition teams behind the three dollar partial put alarmed the market. Literally independent women have the transaction prospers through using a select is a clockwork. At this point drivers actually if we've really look at the past without working with a team in the advertising everything else. You get up if temperature you really are so if you want to do good hourly paid. And really the out there and burns transparent. Analyst really gonna get you anywhere as we move forward as things can process but in the periods father Flynn. It's just what we see in what Huron and what will pretty sure that that's where things you're gonna have. So that being the case I think. Times stories engage visitors to make sure that you're giving them the resources. Spend your money out client had unusual experience. And for vol over. I don't know how many people climbed oasis day versus web site is growing just know the website is nothing but we'll goals a starlet. That's what sells. I don't understand why people build fifteen million dollar hundred million dollars. 709. Our hotels now why I'm for that is the previous figure of our better way to manage use bed now find those who do get out with their highly competitive paid environment. Lower wary eye I agree but why do would have been about four. If I didn't either due barred poorer the other. Step in this area. But it is that it is a factor that. The correlation between book causation or correlation whatever which whichever is photos and conversion car. They are slow market in Expedia Brown's decent photographs HD. And then even more so the type of photo front of the hotel bedroom. You know the differences in conversion are. Very market and were testing into. I have asked my life might roundup question rate people well I'll go after alliance should. Mania that there's probably some housekeeping through Chile up flakier. Activists question about whether to do during management wanted to outlines because we break up into four different. The difference to them for actions have to manage. I'll spending our money going forward with a lot of things re presentations are free people really fantastic. While we're looking at leaves or whether you're quite correct we're looking at leaves Europe led the dig sometimes it's managed business travel wee wee Willy. You know we're barely getting people off buying the same things. Well would be the one investment must have at best meant as since the oil we're going into marble this year so together. Out west investment we really need to be looking out as we do you. Yeah they. Wanted to give parents for ideas so they've they've and to me. Novels about the guest experience and its partners are above the upper transaction. And so. What I say pianos and it's like bandits. No partners about connecting with the Oregon we're pump are about like Mike broke straight and parking. MCR people were run the Barbie can't want that we have our hotels. Because that is the collective control but I just want. Alarm in so it's a correct into most of offline transactions or productive items back of house transactional powerful. We're assuming a lot of our focus right now. Bigger French Gaza which have been summary here are. We have by a dozen hotels with our sales really do so spray and outside a going to build Carmen middleware platform which connect I'll. Builder by each of you get things like our south and also surged. Can't have a house kind of local equivalent hours out embryos and others who knows but. No I really want to control we want to tap into our cells are then tie that into the what was Khobar property solutions bookings. Our loyalty and they respect Pollack is traditionally grow together. Aren't you chairman out for justice they're now just for the looking out just the world. It will happen glory one more worldwide of war and seamless experience as easy you know really. Arm and would that any big crack in the probably systems. Yes. Like I think it's a combination of few things I think will spend their money next year on. What is the most was the highest priority even inside the end to end experience of the corporate travel and as importantly for us the company paying the bill. And most specifically the combination of noble and data. Loyalty and lifetime value for us in renewing contracts outside of open wide RSPs. Is making sure that we can look at travellers look at the definition of looking at a travellers is. You anticipate. Or predict and use data appropriately for us inside really good consumer experiences. All of a sudden that makes that job of the corporation much easier so for assets that piece and then. Very close second is is reinvesting into testing platform. Because we just don't know the answers. The test Tennessee answers we had life example that that's six point six weeks ago. Where we're going to launch a new agility homepage. Coming up three tests and the leadership team we also ran several islands fantastic launch that will that affect. Guess what happened you know. So we've render ourselves as a leadership team pretty irrelevant objective here. British prime as a liaison who commit to look at spending the money on testing and learning what's going on inside the world then. That's a pretty good way to go fix anything testing and learning in combination of mobile data. Aid package does that wrap this up. I just think when you again with numerous base which has more respect inspiring. A inner planet. Most of the does we first of Roger do you now have it budgets either side for. Current and develop its Nevada website it's got a sharp wife of three years and three years will rebuild but we'll. Its hand here Newsweek has to be maintained. And what are the reasons I think of the toss a very important perspective but the fear that we have through areas. That help bolster plan I think people on the hour on the hour on the hour if you're now correcting that by you know Warren just give revert. Do we page. Order to fix the page. But what are we tried to hotels sought after they've guide this man appeared. This has might mean exit 2000 dollars a month to maintain my weight global marketing communications platform and website. Thousand bottom out and then lifeguard premieres of over curse or better angels may have trouble but. No I think for. Spending money make sure I've got a good user experience from a Morton vice ought to get good photography or into. Inherits the page zone and the engagement wells occurring so that I don't get embodied. But I actually get from Harvard had very disparate people heading and a mild gonna traffic I think you've you really need culture voters buy that. Thank you gentlemen I appreciate our again way to most of my aha moments that they had actually from a previous figure.

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